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  2. Just looking at the depth chart on verbal commits and wow, we are going to see pretty much a completely different team next year. And one that is super young. If I'm seeing things correctly, we are made up of mostly freshman and sophomores. It's going to be a long summer waiting for this team to take the court. I don't remember the last time I was this interested in Zips basketball this early before the next season.
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  4. Skip, thanks for the correction on Potter. Knew it was a prep school in Florida. Though in his case, I remember reading that he was a good student at Mentor, so him going to a prep school wasn't simply for college qualification reasons. As for Kostalec, I won't claim to know what his situation was, but will just add that just because he went to prep school as a "fifth-year" senior, also doesn't automatically mean he had academic issues out of high school, especially coming from Cathedral-Latin. Kind of like JUCOs, there is a stigma around prep schools (especially for the fifth-year guys) that they only go there to get a basic college qualifying mark. For Kostalec, I'm guessing it was for more exposure than not being able to qualify. If that's the case, it was better for him to come to UA as a "freshman" and still has five to play four, instead of going to a JUCO and using a year of eligibility to get noticed.
  5. Wadzip...that was exactly what I was looking for...the IMG stuff great too. I'm kinda a novice about this route to Collegiate level. I just always assumed H.S. To NCAA was one step.
  6. Just to keep the names, schools, and situations straight, since some of them have been talked about at length: Potter was 1st team all-state at Mentor as a Jr., and decided to spend his Sr. year at Montverde Academy, not IMG. Kostelac went to IMG after high school, and skipped his would-be freshman year of college. Valentin shows he went down to IMG Acedemy when he would have been about 15 yrs. old. Can't see if he went there in lieu of a year in traditional high school, or possibly for a summer, etc.? That is correct. Actually, my earliest memory of IMG was when I was in college in the 80's and read the now-legendary business book "What They Don't Teach At Harvard Business School", which was written by Mark McCormack, the founder of IMG. Their first sports client was actually Arnold Palmer. Nothing like starting at the top, I guess.
  7. So...all the stuff with the girl off Craigs List at the Canadian Trials and the cocaine was what then?
  8. And now for the really big question: Can he hit a foul shot once in a while?
  9. I deserve to be killed for my post and the reason I was so cryptic was because I really couldn't believe it. But, actually, the info I got was "good." The person who knew couldn't exactly tell the person who told me the specific name of the player in question (to cover his own ass), so he tried to give him a softball-sized hint ... It just so happens there are too many first-round picks floating around NE Ohio to keep track of, lol.
  10. And to add a little more, IMG, the sports agency law firm that purchased IMG Academy, was founded in downtown Cleveland. ... For a LeBron angle, when Rich Paul (LeBron's agent) branched off on his own, he kept his headquarters at the IMG building in Cleveland. IMG Academy (and agency) got their starts in the country club sports but have definitely branched out to be powers overall in athletics (baseball, basketball and most recently football). On a similar note, somebody (sorry I didn't go back to look to see who) asked about Spire Institue and how it and IMG operates. Essentially in the same way, Spire is just emulating what IMG Academy has established in Florida. Both offer world class athletic facilities (IMG originated in tennis/golf and Spire in track and field) now both offer wide-ranging sports, college-prep education (both pre and post HS graduate) and cater to students who want to pursue college/pro athletics. ... Though I believe the academics at IMG are far above what Spire offers since it is way more established (I believe Spire just started offering college prep courses within the past 5-6 years)... and probably why guys like Micah Potter (Mentor) and Kostelac (Chardon Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin) opted to go there to finish high school instead of Spire, which is like 20 minutes up the road from either. Really, from what I understand, neither are different than most other prep schools outside of the fact they started as athletic first and branched into academics, where as other started as academic first and branched to athletics.
  11. Sounds like you get your information the same way I get mine to post on ZNO i.e. from a guy in a bar who knew someone who was the second cousin of a girl who dated a guy who hung out with the guy in question.
  12. Actually I was, which is why I was cryptic. I'm also glad it wasn't Trubisky, because I've been a big advocate of the Browns drafting him (though preferably not at No. 1, because I think they can land both Garrett and Trubisky). Long story short, the person who told me was told by somebody who knew the ID of the person (now confirmed as Gareon Conley) "was a local guy, but not from Cleveland." He didn't know Conley was from Massillon, so thought the person who told him meant Trubisky (Mentor) since the other first round local guy is Marshon Lattimore, who is from Cleveland (Glenville). The person who knew was trying to tell him without telling him and was assuming Mentor=Cleveland ... and Glenville obviously=Cleveland. lol, on another note, I've been pretty adamant about Northeast Ohio still producing enough talent where a program up here (be it Akron or Kent) could do some serious damage if it was ever able to elevate itself to the point where it could be a destination for top local talent. I guess this, in a way, is proof. In all but maybe 3-4 other areas, as soon as you said "it was a local guy," it would make it obvious. In this case, it just narrowed it down to three.
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  14. Thanks for chiming in. I was actually just trying to define what it was, but certainly could have added more about the accommodations. I actually saw some pricing That's why I commented earlier that the money may not have been an issue for a private school kid.
  15. Just to let those who aren't familiar with the history, IMG Academy is far more than the "Findlay Prep of Florida". It was founded in the 70s as the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, where Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert were trained before their legendary careers. Take a look at the wiki site, and see that the school offers luxury class accommodations to potential phenoms in many sports. The locale has been the home for the US Soccer U-16/U17 National teams residential academy. and among those who attended were several Zips, including this one:
  16. Vote Darlington Nagbe Goal of the Week...
  17. Just to continue the Twitter rumor/speculation train, Mark Kostelac (recent Akron commit) followed Torrey Patton and David Collins on Twitter - a couple days ago if I'm not mistaken.
  18. Kostelac followed Torrey Patton and David Collins - a couple days ago I believe.
  19. Or a slightly more recent one on Kostelac. Take the sources for what they're worth but this looks reasonably reliable.
  20. Apparently Kostelac is coming too.
  21. Western Michigan WR Corey Davis visited the Ravens, Titans, Eagles, Browns, and Cardinals. It is usually foolish to put much stock into where a prospect visits, but Davis' list could be important considering he was not able to work out at the Combine or his Pro Day because of ankle surgery. Davis did post a video showing him running routes, and he expects to be at full health in a few weeks. Of the visits, Davis noted the "feel" with the Ravens was "a lot different" than the others. Owners of the No. 16 pick, Baltimore could certainly use a receiver with Davis' skill set. Source: Rotoworld.
  22. Sorry. Did we get Kostelac? (And I thought Groce would recruit athletes and not just to fill positions like Dambrot?)
  23. Just so I understand... We got a 6-11 center and a 6-4 guard! We're bacccckkk. Don't count out 2017 just yet.
  24. Without being able to put pressure on the QB we can be picked apart, even by MAC QB's. If our returning DLine players and incoming frosh can do that then we will be much better than last year. I'm doubtful the improved LB's and DB's can compensate for a DLine that gives the QB too much time though. I desperately want to have the optimism that many posters on this subject have. But for me I don't see us having an offense that can score at will which can also compensate for a D that struggles to shut down opponents. Recent seasons have me skeptical that this is a turnaround year for us. I like TB and I am rooting for him to prove me wrong.
  25. I'm glad you picked up on that "clean slate" idea. That's why I brought that up as something that could be helping us, a few posts before the one you replied to. Of course, having so many spots available is probably never really a good thing in the short term, but it surely could have its pluses when you are retooling (that's right...I still hate the idea of using "rebuilding") And I've been saying all along that Keith might be hurting himself by filling up some of those spots on his roster so quickly. Unfortunately for us, the way he sees it is the only one that counts.
  26. Good point about the Ohio game. I thought of that game too, but Venkus and Pittman stood out in Athens on the Zips Dline and they are gone. I am in agreement with your post that we will have to hope that Akron puts together competitive MAC Dline and then the LB's and secondary clean up.
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