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  2. 2019 Recruiting

    I'm getting excited for signing day again. I pray we get some players capable of filling needs and not just taking scholies. There are so many of us on this board who are dying to be relevant in the MAC championship again.
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  4. 2019 Recruiting

    Agreed. It looks like they're having fun with the snow. I thought it might have been a disaster. Especially considering one of our recruits, whom I believe visited last week, had an OV to USF this weekend. Lol.
  5. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    No, they'll turn into DB Cooper and Angela Bassett.
  6. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    So any day now LCJ will turn into DJ Cooper and Tyler Cheese will become Armon Bassett (minus the post college life as a career criminal)?
  7. 2019 Recruiting

    Looks like everyone made the best of it! Agreed with LZIp...kewl pics!
  8. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    Thanks for the compliment, but ahhh no. I admitted to being a bit of a homer long ago. I just want to see this offense take flight. Remember Ohio had mostly 2 star and NR recruits. Baltic was a 3 star and Offutt maybe a 4 star. I want to see Akron landing 4 and 5 star recruits to apply to this offense. I have a dream... Edit: Cooper was a 3 star as well.
  9. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    Illini Zip...are you actually Fulford? Or Are you Dustin Ford?
  10. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    You guys are all hitting on the right questions. NWAkron points out that stiff defense is our only route to victory, especially on the road. Last game we produced 6 points total from the center position. The rest of the MAC can read box scores too and that just adds more stress on our guards. When the Zips are on the same page defensively they are actually quite good and their Kenpom ranking (#57) bares that out. But they do have mental lapses and it's very frustrating to watch the opponent drive the lane untouched. But not only do I see "Angry Groce" flare up, but LCJ is starting to take over this team and holding teammates accountable. They know what needs to be done, but they are lacking consistency. If we are locking down so tightly on defense then we can not afford to take chances. I love the transition game, but most of it comes from steals from jumping the passing lanes. I am not seeing the guys gambling out there at all which is likely a coaching decision. It is very much like a defense in football ball-hawking when they are up by a comfortable margin. We do need to do a better job blocking out and everyone needs to put their body on their guy, but with this offensive style there is not going to be someone staying home under the rim to rebound. Our center on offense should be all over the court. For example, when Ohio had their run in the Tourney their starting center was 6'-8", Ivo Baltic, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alFzurcDB0E and you will see a similar skill set in Luka Eller, https://www.hudl.com/video/3/6276902/5aa83507478e590ee078ac4d a recruit who Groce is pursuing as part of his 2020 class. I will now go and give myself 1,000 lashings for linking to anything Ohio related. Please forgive me. Edit: I should add that our approach on defense, both attacking passing lanes and hitting the boards will have a lot to do with the opponent. If we are playing a team that likes to run themselves then you have to choose your battles and it often means prioritizing getting our butts back on defense asap.
  11. 2019 Recruiting

    Those are some sweet pics
  12. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    You aren't the only one. It is an unfortunate coincidence. I have no doubt the basketball staff is seeing and thinking everything we are. (We weren't so sure with football and Milwee.) The coach can't make the ball go thru the basket. My guess is that they are trying to compensate for the problems on the offensive end by focusing on defense and trying to keep the score low. That's not working either. Im sure the coaches can't keep on telling the players not to take 3s and think the players will keep confidence in their stroke.
  13. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    Am I the only one that feels that way. I watched the football struggle to score and ranked last in offense. Now I am watching another Zips team that cannot score and will probably rank last in offense in the MAC.
  14. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    My concern is that this team is fundamentally bad in many areas. They don't block out, they watch to see if the ball goes in or they fall back on D. After 15 minutes in the game they stop moving when on offense. They settle for the 3 too early in the shot clock and don't seem to want to work the ball for a better shot. They constantly shoot with no one under to rebound. Their decision making is poor. With all that being said I am wondering if Groce and staff are getting thru to them. I have always believed in the saying "You are either coaching it or allowing it" when it comes to flaws in your game. At some time the coaching staff needs to change the way this team plays. It's not too early to expect better play. The talent is there even if the centers are not.
  15. Tom Brady still the Goat!

  16. 2019 Recruiting

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  18. Zips in the NFL

    With the LA Rams upset win over the Saints in the NFC Championship Game JoJo Natson is going to play in Super Bowl LIII.
  19. Game 4—UT Chattannoga

    We still have the best apparel deal of any MAC basketball program and we have one of the largest basketball budgets of any MAC program. As long as the program retains its funding, it will remain an attractive job relative to other MAC schools.
  20. Game 4—UT Chattannoga

    I'm just musing after depressing loss.
  21. Game 4—UT Chattannoga

    The dude went 10-23 last year and is .500 this year. What exactly has he done to make it seem like he was what we needed? I also see no reason we couldn't poach him if it shows to be the case.
  22. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    I'd like to see them get out and run a little, but they seem content to play on offense the same slow deliberate pace they try to get other teams to play through their defense. Jackson, Cheese, Banks, Ivey and Sayles are all very good in transition. Unfortunately, the offense now seems to focus on passing it around the perimeter until they get a three point opportunity.
  23. Game 4—UT Chattannoga

    My cousin who works at UTC said the same thing. He may have been what we needed. In a few years, Zips may not be the attractive landing point for a coach that we were two years ago.
  24. Game 23- PCCC Golden Flushes

    Considering recent events, not sure if we have any room to talk.
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