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  2. ZipsNation.org Spotlights Josh Ward

    I can second every positive things said about Josh on this thread. I do one day visits in the College of Business Administration to discuss some cases studies I had published that deal with sales management. Josh was in my class in the fall semester and I bumped into him this week when I returned for this semester. What a great guy. He is the kind of person who makes your day better because you saw him. In the classroom he was very talented He was a leader and and an insightful student who was very involved in our discussions. His critical thinking was what you want in a successful sales representative. Akron has an outstanding sales program that at one time was ranked #3 in the country. It has slipped as other big money schools poured resources into their programs to catch up, but with men and women like Josh we have reason to be very proud of how they represent UA.
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  4. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    It's a "Kitten Attack" meme for a coach leaving. Think it stands for" Tim O'shea"
  5. twitter

    Are any of you guys on twitter? If you are, will you do me a favor and follow my dorky little new twitter handle? @AkronEcho. I'm pro everything Greater Akron, so I thought I'd start a little portal just to retweet 330 stuff. Somehow I have several hundred followers of my personal twitter account & all I do is retweet stupid cat videos & what-not. So I'm hoping maybe this will eventually get a few more followers than that & I can (re)tweet about area restaurants, microbreweries, shows, high school sports and, of course, the Zips! It's just gonna be a little hobby. But I'd appreciate you guys with twitter giving me a few followers off the bat so I don't feel stupid having zero followers. Lol. Thanks, fellas!
  6. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    What's TOS mean?
  7. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    TOS to Vanderbilt?
  8. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    It felt weird seeing a MAC team favored in a tourney game. Normally I'd be excited to see a MAC team get a win, but this just felt expected.
  9. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    For anyone interested, Liberty plays Mississippi State at 7:30
  10. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    I would think ASU's associates are responsible for taking away Bobby's neckties and shoelaces for the foreseeable future.
  11. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    Buffalo kicking Hurley's ass. Wow.
  12. 2019 Zips Representing the USA

    I agree that WT was best Yank . But overall this squad need to be more offensive.
  13. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    Are they using MAC refs for this Buffalo game? Or did I miss it and someone called prison rules? I also forgot how annoying Hurley is.
  14. Big Buyouts at U of Akron

    I thank all of you for this discussion. I am/have learned a lot, and it is being discussed in a very civil discourse. Thanks to all posters so far....
  15. Wil Trapp = Man of the Match ???? https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/03/21/usmnt-player-ratings-tyler-adams-hybrid-right-back-role-pays-dividends
  16. He might not be in a pro league...right now.....but Zips nation will never forget his winning goal against Michigan in the college cup semis in 2010 Also one of the smartest student athletes ever at Akron. Have a great day, Mr. Sarkodie
  17. UCLA

    Salcedo resigns
  18. Big Buyouts at U of Akron

    Or just let them expand further and take over one or more of the NEO universities since they have the brand and the bucks. If they ever wanted to solidify their hold on Cleveland/Akron, the opportunity is before them now.
  19. ZipsNation.org Spotlights Josh Ward

    Thanks CK (& Dr Z). I've said it before; that 80%(attitude) is what will make the difference in the fall. With that kind of senior leadership, MAC, you better look out!
  20. ZipsNation.org Spotlights Josh Ward

    Great article as always Captain!
  21. Big Buyouts at U of Akron

    One aspect of instituting such a system relative to many campuses' enrollment issues, is that you could negotiate with OSU to--in exchange for their recognized flagship role and separate funding model--to put a cap on enrollment. I looked at their numbers for last Fall, and they enrolled 7900! freshman with an average ACT score of 30. On top of that, they're stockpiling hundreds of kids in the 24-27 range at their branch campuses. If they capped that at 6500, that's 1400 very well qualified students who would be looking elsewhere. Some would go out of state, but most I think would end up at another Ohio public. OSU probably doesn't want to do it voluntarily because the 1400 kids at the bottom of their class profile are probably paying full tuition as well as taking up a dorm bed for two years. There'd need to be some kind of incentive to make it work on their end. So they get their clearly designated flagship status and funding model, they get to ramp their selectivity up to Michigan levels, and the rest of the system gets an infusion of over a thousand well qualified kids.
  22. 2019 Preseason

  23. 2018- 2019 Season Post-mortem

    I just don't like watching all these other teams playing after Selection Sunday and the Zips sitting at home. I think in most cases teams should play when invited if they can. I realize that the finances can deter a program from participating and that is sad. I don't think this was the case with the Zips though since the women's team did participate in the WBI. It probably had to do more with the lack of depth. Not saying I disagree with the decision. I get it but I am disappointed because the argument a few years ago seemed to be that it was already a veteran team so not that much would be gained by accepting a CBI ot CiT berth. This year we had one senior so I feel the added experience, barring serious injury, could only have been a benefit if there were enough depth.
  24. 2019 Preseason

  25. 20018-19 Women's Bball

    Zips lose in first round of WBI at Tennessee Tech, 73-59. That's a wrap.
  26. ZipsNation.org Spotlights Josh Ward

    Yeah, I guess that wasn't the right word. Lol. Cashier.
  27. ZipsNation.org Spotlights Josh Ward

    They have a bank inside Speedway? More Drollery.....
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