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  2. We are ridiculously stacked at WR.
  3. 2019 roster is up 37 freshman, and unlike recent years, a picture for all
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  6. Too bad. He always looked good in a bikini.
  7. Link to see Tor Saunders, Daniel Strachan, Chris Lue Young and Tormenta FC 2 in their playoff match tonight: https://mycujoo.tv/video/sc-united-bantams?id=70094
  8. Maishe Dailey & Bryan Trimble must be paying for their own schooling this year, no? We would have known by now if anyone else was transferring out.
  9. 6-8, 245, PF, Overland HS, Aurora, CO.
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  11. Great announcers on ESPN. Instead of Nick Harney they called him Nick Haney. i think Cooper has put on a post college 50 lbs!
  12. If there's one position Coach Arth should be qualified to evaluate, it's QB.
  13. +1. Cooper looked like he could stand to lose a few lbs. Lol He was turning the ball over & hoisting shots from 30-feet. But unlike against the Zippers, he couldn't buy a bucket (today, nor yesterday).
  14. I watched most of the 2nd game on ESPN today. Unity could have easily won. Cooper sucked the big one and both teams were awful in the whatever they call the last part of the game.
  15. I think if Tree didn't get himself into trouble he could have been the best Zip I've seen since getting to campus in 07
  16. Did anyone else watch any of "The Basketball Tournament," on ESPN+? Rome, Dru, Wood & Harney were on the Mid-American Unity team. They won their first game against a team named Kohl Blooded (sp?) composed of mostly Wisconsin b-ball alumni. It was considered an upset (?) but they controlled the game. They lost the second game (by 2) to a team named Red Scare made up of mostly Dayton alumni. The Magnificent Mr. Cooper was also on team Mid-American Unity and he pretty much shot Mid-American Unity out of the game. He's definitely not the same Magnificent Mr. Cooper who still haunts my dreams. Lol. Anyway, it was pretty awesome just getting to watch Romeo, Dru & Jeremiah play ball again. Love those guys. Yeah, it was nice seeing Harney again too. Man, has any Zip ever had as much potential as Harney? That is, of course, both a compliment and a critique.
  17. I'm sure you have seen the post on GoZips.com, but Paulina Nogaj is competing at the World Swimming Championships in Korea this weekend for Poland. She is a great kid and obviously a great swimmer. Drove up to Cleveland State yesterday and saw Brook Lamoureaux, Andrea Fischer, Jackie Pash, Ellie Nebraska, Morgan Waggoner, Ally Whaton and Sarah Watson compete at the USA Swimming Speedos, competing for Firestone Akron Swim Team (or FAST!)...lots of hard work put in this off-season, it seems like. USA Swimming Futures meet is at SPIRE next weekend, don't know if we'll have any entries, but good to see the 6-time MAC Champs spending time in the pool. Also, lots of swimmers we see in the MAC from BG, Eastern, Toledo, Ohio, and a few from Miami.
  18. I hope that Jonathan has a great game for the Rapids https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/07/18/facing-nycfc-first-time-colorados-jonathan-lewis-focused-future
  19. I don't read the ABJ/Ohio.com articles because I'm too cheap to pay for the articles once I hit my 6 or 8 bull...limit they set, so I don't know if this was mentioned in Michael's article, but in talking to some of the North Royalton coaches, they think he might also be going to U of A because of...baseball!
  20. Not any P5 offers which many of you are impressed by, but we did beat out Ashland, Ohio Dominican, Sacred Heart and Valparaiso.
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