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  2. The Pirates still exist? I kinda purposefully left out the Crew and the Jackets. The Blue Jackets IMHO, are a Columbus thing for the most part. Though I guess we should add them to the list. 8 Pro Teams (Browns, Indians, Pirates, Crew, Blue Jackets, Steelers, Cavs, Penguins).
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  4. You're gonna have to do better than that. My BS Meter is off the charts with this one. It seems to be in sync with our toxicity level. Or is Duquesne the toxic team now?
  5. We should have I believe 3 tough games in the Maui Invitational and play what should be an okay Marshall team. Have any other games been announced?
  6. The Mid-American Conference announced on Monday, June 26, the Distinguished Scholar Athletes from the eight spring sports during this 2016-17 academic season as 186 students were voted by faculty athletic representatives at MAC institutions representing the 'best of the best' from each sports Academic All-MAC Teams. View the full article here
  7. ---Article about Logan Hawkins
  8. Agreed. Kentucky seems like a better option.
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  10. Louisville? Somehow I don't think this is the year we want to play Louisville.
  11. Now that it's on the internet, it must be true!
  12. Butler, OSU. Duke, Lipscomb, Coppin St., West Texas St-San Antonio, Maui University, all are coming to JAR marshall, maryland, UIC, UCLA, Lamar, Louisville, Uni Alaska-Fairbanks all on the road
  13. Cool. I hope he comes. It is shaping up to be a very fun day!
  14. This is no joke. Have you paid attention to the North Dakota State football fans? They are incredible and they travel amazingly well. I think they issue tailgate rigs with their diplomas at graduation! Here is my personal favorite!
  15. Any updates at all on the schedule?
  16. Brief but informative article from the Canton Rep concerning the indoor football field / 5,500-seat basketball arena
  17. Terrible schedule only because almost every game is away, however I like that they challenge themselves by playing Jackson, Hoover and Dover.
  18. Ok that's it, we move the entire Akron campus to Williston, ND. Lots of oil workers again and no competing interests. That should solve the attendance problem.
  19. Also the Blue Jackets and the Crew. Although I saw The Crew the other day and they appeared to be running in mud, they looked so slow. I moved out of the Akron area in 1982. I can say that I've been to Thistledown as many times as I've been to a Zips sporting event since. So that competes too.
  20. As are the Columbus Crew and Blue Jackets.
  21. Very minor point but I think the Pirates are still considered a pro team. :-)
  22. Excellent summary, Cykron. I've mentioned this site to the folks at; I expect some will make their way here over the summer -- I encourage you to check that place out. Be prepared for wild tangents, such as debates of bacon vs. scrapple, Sheetz vs. WaWa's, etc. but hopefully the football discussions are of value.
  23. I did not know where best to put it, so I choose here.
  24. Another excellent point! I totally overlooked the media/sponsor bit. It's easy to get behind something, if it's the only thing in town...but when there's limited advertising $$ who are you going to focus in on, the Pro team, or 1/12 local colleges? Totally agree with the "Big-Yawn-10"...I don't understand why so many people watch OSU games? I mean I get it, they want to be a part of something that wins...and wins a lot. But there's no stake in the game at all. You expect them to win, and win big. If they don't win big, you're upset. If they lose, you're even more upset. Like where is the fun in that? When you already know the outcome... Of course we're a bit biased, but watching games that have a level of parity is far more enjoyable.
  25. Former University of Akron men's soccer standout Richie Laryea reached the first of many milestones in his professional career this past Saturday, June 24, making his Major League Soccer debut for Orlando City. View the full article here
  26. Or two 315 pounders!
  27. Thanks for the links and thoughts. Sounds like he is good for a freshman, but still is a freshman. Looking forward to watching him over the next several years.
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