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  2. I do not believe so - at least none reported on here (outside of the Marshall TE transfer and the St. Eds TE).
  3. Im guessing a lot of these young men are walk ons?
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  5. +1. A ton of DB’s. We gonna run a 1-1-9?
  6. Another one. A LOT of DBs brought in this recruiting cycle. https://247sports.com/player/tobias-thomas-46083510/
  7. With Jankowski committed, I wonder if there is room for Brown at the position. I am a bit surprised Arth brought in another true freshman QB with Marousek already signed. However, the more competition at that position, the better. I just would have preferred a transfer who would be more likely ready to contribute immediately and challenge Kato. Another player I forgot about is George Qualls. There was mention of him signing on his side after our early signing period class was announced. So we may only have 2 spots left after Jankowski's commitment. A true freshman WR (we haven't signed any yet) and a transfer OL to get me excited about would be a nice close to the class.
  8. Apparently didn't start till his senior year. Maybe should have started as a junior, but the senior in front of him was entrenched, plus ended up setting a bunch of area passing records. Janikowski is the coaches kid & apparently grew quite a bit between his junior & senior years. Just piecing together info from various articles online. Ryan Janikowski article Vero Beach coach Lenny Jankowski: “Ryan’s made steady progress. I think what’s unique in his situation is that he doesn’t have a ton of game film. He’s a different creature. His body went through a transformation and he’s different looking than he was in the fall. The ball is jumping out of his hand better and he did well for himself this spring.”
  9. We might look at the O line .. Remember the QB & WRs are only as good as the O line .
  10. I thought the same thing. Lots of yards-after-catch. Balance...speed
  11. I agree with this more at home than on the road. On the road in the MAC, I will take a win any way it comes. High scoring, low scoring, close game, blow out, great defense, soft defense, on the road you play the game the refs give you. And too often one half is officiated different from the other. At home, in theory, the Zips should be able to dictate more of what they want to do. And breaking the opponent's spirit early and getting playing time for the bench is a good goal.
  12. Stats are great. His highlights are good. However, I could not find him in 247 or Rivals database. I would like to get more information on him. Watching his highlights, I hope Arth considers signing his receivers. They looked fantastic.
  13. Their similarities include their size, quickness, quick shot, and competitiveness. Not sure I've seen players in a Zips uni that wanted/want to win as much as Antino and LCJ. The main difference is I think LCJ is overall more intelligent on the basketball court. That kid knows how to be a floor general AND a scorer. Antino was a bit more raw in that department, but part of that might have been the offense he played in.
  14. I think Antino had a little LCJ in him. LCJ is obviously on another level but there were similarities. I wonder if he watches LCJ at all and wonders what he could have done in the Groce offense.
  15. Have the Zips ever had a PG like LCJ? I loved the McNees and Darryl Roberts duo. Side note, i thought the espn announcers were pretty good until the lady said the refs were checking to see if there was a foul on that play when Preston stole the inbounds and stepped out of bounds. Don't think they can review for that type of foul. Also, Boals wasn't contesting any of that. I remember the Kittens stealing an inbounds pass from the Zips in a MAC Championship game and sending game into OT (?).
  16. Mid-American - East Akron Zips 6-1 Bowling Green Falcons 6-1 Kent State Golden Flashes 4-3 Buffalo Bulls 4-3 Ohio Bobcats 2-4 Miami (OH) RedHawks 2-4 Mid-American - West Central Michigan Chippewas 4-2 Ball State Cardinals 4-2 Northern Illinois Huskies 4-3 Toledo Rockets 3-4 Western Michigan Broncos 2-5 Eastern Michigan Eagles 0-7 My utter speculation is that the coaching staff can look at the above #s and know that while this team is hot they have to run up the number of wins and tiebreaker points. With the lack of bench, owning one of the top 4 seeds will be more critical than other years. When BG played Akron at home last year in the second to the last game of the season, Akron blew them out. However, I thought that night that once Akron had a decent lead the Falcons benched some of their starters and let the Zips have it. BG already had a top 4 seed, and their final game was at Buffalo. There may be a time when the coaching staff will give the bench more play, but while this is working and the wins are racking up, I don't see it happening. Again, utter speculation.
  17. I'd like to see that when they get up big they don't have those slides, but rather keep stepping on the necks of their opponents to the point where the game is over earlier. Then they could get those bench kids some much needed court experience and give them the base to become more valuable contributors down the line. Giving up double digit leads does not promote this.
  18. In the post game interview Frenchy did with Groce, they talked about the bench usage. Groce said he would look at it, but thought he would have to get the bench more minutes as he thought the starters looked a little gassed at times against Toledo and Ohio. I think he realizes that 3 games in 3 days is tough and you are going need quality bench minutes. Right now it seems that wants them out there more, but doesn't yet have the trust in them for heavier minutes. I agree that we need to work them more in games where we have large leads.
  19. As long as Akron is winning, I won't be too concerned about the bench. Especially when you can actually depend on getting 20 on the night from either one or a couple between X, LCJ, or Cheese. As for postseason play, they need to have a bench that contributes more. Far too often during these droughts in games or stretches where the opponent gets back into it do you look at the lineup and notice that X isn't in the game. Then he almost needs to be rushed back in. Again, not a problem right now, but in March that could mean an early exit. I'd like to see Groce take more of a chance in games that are already pretty much decided or in games against weaker opponents, maybe by throwing the bench mob out there for a full 4 minute stretch between media breaks. After all, I firmly believe the only reason he is burning Dawson's redshirt is so he has another contributor come tournament time. My concern with the bench, though still relatively small, grows with every passing game.
  20. Here is another very promising QB prospect Ryan Jankowski, 6'3", 180 of Vero Beach, FL. His senior year he threw for a 73% completion percentage, 2337 yards, 22TD's to only 4 Int's. He also has an offer from Indiana.
  21. This is not a verbal commit, but I'd be excited about landing this guy 6'6", 225 dual threat QB Stephon Brown of Independence C.C. Brown is originally from Kernersville, NC. He was rated a 3-star prospect coming out of high school & signed with Appalachian State. He also has an offer from Southern Miss.
  22. The Zips got 5 points from the bench yesterday. This will need to be corrected throughout the season, or winning 3 games in 3 days in Cleveland will be a tall order. That was an exciting game that shouldn't have been that exciting. Credit where credit is due: I still wish Akron students were 1/4 as passionate as the OU student section. The Athens crowd really gives them an advantage in close/rivalry games. Edit: Oops, wrong thread. Feel free to move.
  23. Sayles, Dawson, and Ali have combined to only shoot the ball 56 times all season. Tribble seems like the only guy looking to score and has done it well when he actually decides to shoot. He's making nearly 48% of his shots. I think part of it might just be that LCJ, Xeyrius, Cheese, and Banks are just shooting the ball so well that the goal is to get those guys to shoot the rock as much as possible. There was a lot of hype about Dawson, but he looks a long ways away from becoming a meaningful contributor this season.
  24. Watched replay last night and noticed two things: Vander Plas should be "Vander FLOP" Twice he exaggerated the minimal contact. And also looks like LCJ stopped doing that head jerk anytime an opposing player touches him. https://www.thepostathens.com/article/2020/01/ohio-bobcats-mens-basketball-akron-zips-mid-american-conference-john-groce-jeff-boals
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