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  2. UA in the news

    Morning 'Mugshot' shout out to the University of Akron
  3. MAC 2017-2018

    Full slate of games in the MAC tonight. Other than Buffalo's likely massive destruction of the Huskies, it's tough to predict the outcomes. I'm going to take Ball State, Toledo, Western and Miami for the wins. As for the Zips, well, it all depends.
  4. Steve Zakuani

    I love that Zak tweeted that he and LeBron are the only number one draft picks in Akron's history! That's the kind of history people might not be aware of -- and sure doesn't hurt his credibility in his position with the media! I would love to hear him call a game! Wonder who the play-by-play guy is for SSFC. I remember hearing the almost over-done British accent on the PA announcer at QWest/Century Link and now I wonder if their TV voice is a Brit too... Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  5. Game 17—@ Eastern Michigan

    It will be interesting to see if we are any better against the zone tonight. I think frosh have a tough time playing against a zone and we are loaded with frosh. I think we will see a lot of 3 point shots if we cannot penetrate. It would be great if Utomi can find his range from the 3 point range. With Duvivier, Cotton, Jimond and Utomi we have guys can shoot the 3. I would love to see Cotton have 3 great games in a row, especially a great game on the road. Let us hope that his confidence continues to grow.
  6. Steve Zakuani

    From Steve’s Instagram story
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  8. Happy New Year

    Posted on the Other Sports thread, but Kwadarrius was back on the track this past weekend at the Kentucky Invitational, running the 60 for the Zips in a time of 6.72 seconds, third fastest in program history....keep those wheels turning Kwads, should be a fun football season to look forward to.
  9. 2018 T & F

    Zippys do well at U of Kentucky Invitational on weekend, with Matt Ludwig winning the pole vault, Lucy Bryan taking second in the PV, Mackenzie Andrews in 2nd in the 3K. Kwadarius Smith was at 6.72 in the 60, 3rd fastest Zip time ever. Andrews time was 2nd fastest in the nation this season, and Ludwig's vault 2nd best in nation as well. Dual with Portage Community College this Friday at Kant State, Wagon Wheel points achievable.
  10. Duquesne Basketball Coach Keith Dambrot

    Yeah...I know....but I was bored and there wasn't a lot on the other Forums and I got sucked in to going to the highlighted one...off topic and jokes. Man, can't help myself sometimes.
  11. Duquesne Basketball Coach Keith Dambrot

    Are we still talking about this?
  12. New Uniforms Coming

    No, I'm not a fan either.
  13. New Uniforms Coming

    I'm much more than just a part-time Zips fan. I'm probably just a few hours per week (or a few weeks per year) short of being full-time!
  14. Duquesne Basketball Coach Keith Dambrot

    So you are saying that a measley 10 to 20 guys/girls who post things on a forum made a coach leave a DI basketball program? K92, what the heck? If that's the case this guy was a real wack job....
  15. Game 17—@ Eastern Michigan

    He leans forward. Watch his hips. His legs are straight, but his upper body is bent at the hips, towards the man he is guarding. Many big guys develop that lean in high school, so it becomes problematic with college refs (even Larry, Moe and Curly from Sat). He will learn, he's a smart guy.
  16. Rec Center Smith

    We use his likeness on game advertisements but still isn't listed on the online roster!
  17. E-man

    From what I gather, he's expected to still be around. He'll apply for an extension but it's unlikely given that he played half of the season.
  18. Zips in the Pros

  19. Rec Center Smith

    Love RC. Always brings energy to the floor!
  20. Yesterday
  21. 2018 MLS Combine / Draft

    updated version of the TDS Big Board, extending to the Top 75 players available. 7. D Joao Moutinho 28. M Manel Cordeiro 33. F Sam Gainford 39. D Nate Shultz 43. F Stuart Holthusen 52. D Niko De Vera 62. M Pau Belana It still makes no sense to me to have not invited Stuart to the Combine to show what he could do.
  22. 2018 MLS Combine / Draft

    https://www.socceramerica.com/publications/article/76368/2018-mls-superdraft-ranking-the-top-23-pre-combin.html another publication raving about Joao...the best technically...and the best tactically and I love the phrase....Akron's "beautiful game" 3. DF/MF Joao Moutinho (Akron, Portugal) FR-GA The most technically and tactically gifted player in the class. His left foot is so smooth and was a master at starting the attack in Akron's "beautiful game" scheme as a center back. When called upon to challenge for aerial duels and make plays defensively, he was always up to task. Can play anywhere on the field -- literally -- and be very effective. Will fit in well for teams that thrive in possession and switching the point of attack as his ability make creative plays against the grain with pin point pass or savvy dribble is extraordinary.
  23. 2018 MLS Combine / Draft

    Could Joao end up with the LA Galaxy? https://www.lagalaxy.com/post/2018/01/12/la-galaxy-insiders-five-players-watch-2018-mls-combine
  24. 2018 MLS Combine / Draft

    Sam earned a penalty in the game today for Team Predator. He took the penalty, but it was saved. 22nd minute for anyone that wants to go and look at the replay.
  25. Game 17—@ Eastern Michigan

    Does anyone know the status of Sayles for the EMU game?
  26. Rec Center Smith

    Yep, funny that he's not on GoZips.com yet. Show you just how much of a surprise he's been.
  27. Game 15—Buffalo Bulls

    They make it natural with their masked fans. It's creepy. Buffalo is definitely a rivalry, but I don't loathe them like I loathe OU & Can't. #BuffaloIsInCanada
  28. Game 17—@ Eastern Michigan

    https://www.ohio.com/akron/sports/university-of-akron/university-of-akron-basketball-freshman-virshon-cotton-hopes-to-build-upon-recent-success Decent article on Cotton.
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