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  2. https://www.on3.com/news/alabama-crimson-tide-football-texas-am-aggies-steve-spurrier-comments-on-nick-saban-jimbo-fisher-debacle/ I miss Spurrier coaching college football.
  3. Northern Colorado is FCS. Morris played in 5 games last year. 20 receptions, 143 yards, 1 TD. He apparently was limited due to concussion issues.
  4. Believe Northern Colorado is FBS and I think he has stats.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Must be half-brother through his mom? Proof the "hair gene" runs through the mother's side.
  7. Neat. Never would have known (obviously). Thanks for sharing.
  8. Interesting fact. The first time brothers are head coaches in the same conference. https://miamiredhawks.com/staff-directory/travis-steele/513 Steele, the brother of current University of Akron head coach John Groce, was born Nov. 12, 1981 in Danville, Indiana. He and his wife Amanda reside in Cincinnati with their sons, Winston and Anderson.
  9. Last week
  10. He might be, but I doubt it. Illinois was well under the 85 scholarship limit and had no way of getting to that limit outside of blueshirting guys like crazy. They were one of the schools pushing hard for the 25 yearly scholarship rule being suspended.
  11. Bret Bielema tries to even out his roster between the classes, so I’m sure Morris being a senior played a role in Illinois’ interest. He has the physical ability to help, but he’s missed so much football in the past few years due to injuries and COVID. He’ll have a chance to get on the field due to the lack of experience on Illinois’ roster at the receiver position, but I'm still skeptical about how much production Morris will be able to provide.
  12. Wow, he had basically no stats at a D2 school & he is gonna go to Illinois, his 4th school, why? Good luck to him I guess
  13. Not a commitment to us, but Akron related - Jonah Morris committed to Illinois as a grad transfer.
  14. Not sure what level 4A is for Illinois, but being on a State team in Illinois for basketball is no joke I'd imagine.
  15. From February 22, 2022... https://www.rblandmark.com/2022/02/22/lths-boys-look-to-snatch-first-sectional-title-since-2001/ From March 23, 2022... https://www.rblandmark.com/2022/03/23/local-high-school-basketball-players-named-all-state/ Lyons Township senior Tavari Johnson was named to the second team and Riverside-Brookfield senior J.P. Hanley to the third team of the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association boys basketball Class 4A All-State Team. Johnson also received honorable mention on the Associated Press 4A All-State Team.
  16. How did he do in his senior season? Anyone know off the top of their head?
  17. Basketball - Excellent to hear we have pre-commitment, commitments. Can't wait to see who they are. Do we know if they are Transfer Portal commitments or Frosh commitments? Football - Same question as basketball regarding Portal or true freshman commitments. - Do the practices end with a F Kent diss track? No? That's just for classless PCCC? Awesome. Soccer - Glad to hear about the scoring but disappointed with how empty the Embick portion seemed to be. Was hoping for more enthusiasm about one of our most successful programs. In recent decades. The Rest - Pretty incredible what we offer for athletics across the board.
  18. Here's what I learned Groce says we have 2 more players that will be committing in the next 2 weeks. Once they clear the compliance process announcements will be made. That will bring us to 13 players on scholarship. 4 more football players will be added through the transfer portal in the next few weeks. JoMo is very optimistic about seeing real improvement this season but is realistic about how far the program needs to grow to be a consistent force in the MAC. He totally understands how important it is to beat Kent! Every practice ends with a drill focused on making that happen. Embick says we should see improved scoring this season but we have a young backfield that will need to improve. The rifle team signed 2 freshmen that placed in the top 10 at the junior Olympics recently. Womens golf had their best ever MAC finish this season taking 3rd overall. Track and Field is getting ready for the regionals next week. They feel confident the Zips will be represented at the NCAA meet in Oregon.
  19. How was it? I wasn't able to make it due to other obligations (bummer!)
  20. Players getting paid turns this into amateur sports? Interesting take
  21. Well. In HS it might be on the parents a bit too
  22. Cmon fellows we don't need this. Lets get a healthy one.
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