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  2. a sincere question. This is what big time programs (like UCLA) do. they turn it on when it counts. If it's going to be a knock down, dog fight under the basket, the blue blood teams will win unless the underdog is hot from 3. l looking at play by play. Kent goes up by 4 with a 3 by Thomas. Pinky calls time out and then its the under 4 TV time out. They didn't score after that. WTF??
  3. Has Sincere Carry ever shot >35% in a big game? Genuine question.
  4. Ravenna A & M up 66-62 with 3:41 secs left. They lose 73-66. Sad state of affairs.
  5. Disaster avoided and sanity prevails. Zags remembered they were the Zags. Carry isn’t very good in these big time games.
  6. this is beyond depressing. may not take that week off in March like I usually do
  7. Flashes up 4 at the final media. 68-game Zags home win streak on the line. Yeah, they’re for real. Zips have a big hill to climb this year.
  8. IMO the US will always be at a disadvantage in the sport, where the best athletes (and any American athletes who weighs more than 160 lbs) (most of them) will go for the big money in football or basketball. But we can always dream of another miracle like the 1980 olympic hockey team...
  9. Garvin has the ability to be a solid D1 PG. He can penetrate well, handles the rock well, and dishes well. He just needs to throw up 1000 shots a day until he's making 500 consistently, and an additional 1000 layups until he's making 999 consistently.
  10. Sort of like the women's nail biter the other night. Imagine getting Point Park and 54 points. And losing.
  11. Kent is hanging around with Gonzaga at the break. Zags shoot like the Zips from the perimeter and free throw line.
  12. "Liked" tweets by our coaching staff from newly entered Portal members...
  13. https://www.fccincinnati.com/news/fc-cincinnati-academy-holds-signing-event-at-mercy-health-training-center Matt Dreas and Alen Kapic are set to play for the University of Akron and link up with former FCC Academy player, Ashton Kamdem, adding depth to a strong Zips team coming off the program’s 35th all-time appearance in the NCAA Tournament. Dreas and Kamden shared the field in 2022 with FC Cincinnati 2 during MLS NEXT Pro’s inaugural season.
  14. I think Tavari's ascension up the depth chart pushes Garvin down the depth chart. We'll see how he responds. I think we all hope he responds in a way that earns back the minutes but today's athletes are just as likely or more likely to jump into the transfer portal than work harder.
  15. After Googling that, I see Dexter Jackson also had 2 picks. Oakland's QB threw 4 picks that game?! Dwight returned his 2 picks for scores. How is it that Jackson was named MVP? What else did he do to alter the outcome of the game?
  16. Why do you say that? He has not played great thus far but last year he came on strong at the end of the season. I think Tamari has earned some of his minutes but he has the capability to raise his game and compete to earn the minutes back.
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