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  2. 2018-2019

    Putting everything I'm reading together, it seems like Terry really wants the job and the interest isn't mutual, at least as of yet. Reports of him emerging as a strong candidate seems to be a bit misleading.
  3. 2018-2019

    Terry Weigand is a great coach, great recruiter and loves the University of Akron. I think he is a wonderful candidate. This program deserves a talented coach like Terry Weigand. UA can't let this opportunity slip away. I heard about two or three weeks ago that Larry Williams will not begin interviewing until sometime after June 10.
  4. 2018-2019

    Z.I.P. said " I can imagine they're feeling homesick by now. " is not possible. They have never moved from their Ohio home.
  5. 2018-2019

    Side note. I know scheduling is a big topic around here, and it looks like Saul is going to give himself every opportunity to save his job in Athens. Highlights for OU... - At Xavier this upcoming season - Possibly a tournament in Jamaica with Georgetown as a confirmed opponent (field yet to be announced) - At Purdue this upcoming season - Purdue AT THE CONVO the following season?! Who do we have confirmed outside of the Cayman Islands tourney? P.S. Sorry for plugging Kitty Attack. I frequent as a non-registered guest often, though, as they are the second best fan board in the MAC and typically have some good nuggets. Plus, I especially like to see their fan base in disarray over the state of their program currently.
  6. 2018-2019

    It makes a lot of sense for him both career wise and location wise. It's just a bit out of left field to consider him, a guy as you said with zero women's basketball coaching experience (minus the summer camps).
  7. 2018 Preseason All MAC

    And now it begins...... http://gozips.com/news/2018/5/21/football-six-akron-zips-named-to-athlons-preseason-all-mac-list.aspx
  8. 2018-2019

    Terry and family were very strongly rooted in the Marlington School District, so I saw him as being the most difficult "leave" when the staff escaped to Pittsburgh. I can imagine they're feeling homesick by now. For reasons that are internal to Terry, he never felt the desire to apply for head coaching jobs while at Akron. Maybe this is his last chance at either a HC job or returning to the area (He's a Barberton native). I'm just not sure its a good idea to hire a man who's never coached womens' basketball for his first HC job at a D1 university.
  9. 2018-2019

    They haven't even started the interview process yet.
  10. 2018-2019

  11. 2018-2019

  12. 2018 Offers

    Amen. I'd rather see the impact than have a similar experience to some of the other MAC schools that are perpetually mediocre while hanging onto the same coach who never does well enough to move on.
  13. Yesterday
  14. We should expect a very productive season from #11 Marcel Zajac in 2018!
  15. Duquesne Basketball Coach Keith Dambrot

    He is a 2018 graduate from Paint Valley. Not sure where you got the idea it was 2017.
  16. Future OOC Schedule

    The players will love the chance to play in the Shoe.
  17. 2018 Offers

    That's why there are only a dozen or so of you left on here, tbh ;-)
  18. Last week
  19. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what was the situation with Dylan Swingle last year -- he graduated from Paint Valley in 2017, yet he never appeared on Duquesne's roster...now he's listed as an incoming freshman. Was he a basketball greyshirt? Did he attend a prep school...?
  20. Scholarship Chart

    He missed the 1st half of season do to injury, I’m not defending him at all, i’ve seen him play a lot, his knock is he has always been skinny & soft & needs to get in weight room, with that said i have seen him play on a AAU team with Kyle Young at Ohio State, Derek Koch that was at Bowling Green last year & Dustin Burkhart who plays WR at Akron. They beat the King James team in the King James tourney in semifinals here in Akron & lost to a team by a couple points from Oregon, Washington & Canada area in Championship Anyway, he worked nice on that team as a stretch 4 bringing a big out of key & could shoot the 3, but they had Young & Koch who cleaned up the glass, I believe at the time they was the #1 team in State according to a spectator I guess since they beat All Ohio Red the week before beating King James
  21. Why is this a position?

    I wonder how much Akron's makes, assuming we have one.
  22. Scholarship Chart

    Kid was not ever a D-1 player. Too soft and immature.
  23. 2018-2019

    Nick Goddard 2.0?
  24. Scholarship Chart

    I doubt it. Appearing in only 10 games for an OU squad that was bitten by the injury bug and flat out blew last year isn't exactly enticing. Only shot 22% from the field, too. With Walsh, he'll still be getting his education paid for, and Walsh has fine academics.
  25. Scholarship Chart

    If he's going D2 after only a year at OU, I wouldn't think there is a spot for him here, at least from a scholly standpoint.
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