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  2. https://gozips.com/news/2022/10/6/mens-soccer-no-19-akron-earns-1-1-draw-at-bowling-green "I thought our intensity was very good from start to finish," Akron head coach Jared Embick commented. "We had a bad moment for their goal not making a strong play in the box. That cost us, but we had many good moments in final third, we just didn't execute the final pass. We will take a point on the road as a good result. We wanted to win and played well enough to win; we just have to execute better. We now move on quickly and need to get ready for Chicago State on another road trip
  3. Remember for a moment the reason for playing the FBS powerhouses. To bankroll a big part of the athletics department. This year we’re playing TWO top 25 teams, for what other reason than to keep the other programs competitive in Division 1. I would be crazy happy if the Zips could be competitive in the MAC, maybe sniff a MAC Championship and play in a bowl game. Football is my favorite sport by far. To me it’s either the athletics department is using payday games (at least 2 this year) to keep soccer and basketball and others competitive, or they were completely inept in hiring football staff before this one (the jury is still out).
  4. https://www.facebook.com/AkronZips/videos/447346677262932 Good info from Moorhead in this on recruiting. Says he looks to keep half the class high school and half transfers (at least right now). He expects 25 total openings, while mentioning up to 32. This tells me to expect very few additional HS commits and to expect another 10+ players to transfer out, considering we only have something like 12 scholarship seniors. I think that's a smart move for this year. There are some scholly guys who aren't contributing multiple years into their career, so likely won't ever, and I don't see a ton in the way of younger guys who are ready to step up and fill spots of those seniors graduating.
  5. BUGS plays old OSUcks soccer, which has always given us problems. Bad tie.
  6. The play this evening was uninspired. We didn't possess the ball and we struggled with the 50/50 balls.
  7. BG came into the game with a 2-4-3 recrod. They scored 6 goals in one game against Oakland. In their other 8 games,. they scored 4 goals in total. They are not a good team. BG had a better game plan....and their players won the 50/50 balls. This is a bad result.
  8. Not a bad result, really. But we did have them and let them slip away.
  9. Crap result, but BG is not a bad team. They muck up the game with physicality and play good defense.
  10. the tie at home against OSU, the tie at Pitt, the tie at BG: all feel like losses
  11. Control the ball, be patient, and see if we get score another goal.
  12. Akron has been sucked into playing BG soccer. (balls in the air and physical soccer). Changes have to be made a halftime. Zips need to keep possession and win more 50/50 balls. In the last 30 minutes, the ball was probably in BG half of the field....70% to 75% of the time. Great step in interception by Ashton Kamdem led to the Clapier goal. Kamdem has really improved the zips quality at left back.
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  14. We gotta take control of the ball more. Kinda just letting them hold on to it for extended periods of time
  15. 1-0 Akron at the half. Had to defend WAY too much on BUGS' side of the pitch, but we defended well to keep a clean sheet thus far. Clapier chipped the goalie from the left size. Incredibly cheeky goal.
  16. Captain Sammy, Lead the zips to victory !!!
  17. It’d be great to have him back as it seems the staff has found a solid combination in the middle with Harper and Thomas, but it doesn’t seem likely.
  18. Unless they can convince the NCAA that his 2018 season was one game because of injury.
  19. Ahh I was looking at his stats and thought 2018 was his redshirt year with 1 game played. Gotcha
  20. If only Shaq were from Akron and not LeBum. Maybe we'd actually have affordable merchandise.
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