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  2. Congratulations to Abdi
  3. I missed this one yesterday Congratulations to Zac Portillos...first team USL team of the week https://www.uslsoccer.com/news_article/show/951044
  4. Game 4—@Iowa State Cyclones

    Nice article on last week's cyclone game.
  5. Game 3—@Northwestern

    Pretty powerful article.
  6. Game 3—@Northwestern

    Marla Jumping on the Bandwagon
  7. Bryce Petersen Article

    Most of us were introduced to new Zip Bryce Petersen by the referees on Saturday. But here is a nice story that perhaps explains why the coaches had faith in him to right the ship in the second half at Evanston. Seems like he'll be a solid lineman for the next three years.
  8. Game 3—@Northwestern

    I don’t have a number but school hadn’t started yet & I’m sure that didn’t help the numbers
  9. Game 3—@Northwestern

    What would you estimate the actual attendance was for the game? It seems maybe NW would be better off going on the road for a payday themselves.
  10. Game 4—@Iowa State Cyclones

    This is how I feel. How many times have the Zips started 2-0? Never? At least not since I have been a fan. Can't be disappointed in 2-1, but the Zips need to seize this moment. Just once I want to see us make a run like UCF, FAU, NIU, or even Toledo.
  11. Cleveland State got their first win of the year with a 2-0 win over Bowling Green Pittsburgh 2 Detroit Mercy 0 Northern Illinois improved to 5-2-0 with an impressive 1-0 win over Illinois Chicago (UIC was 6-1 coming into the game) West Virginia 2 Cincinnati 0
  12. Game 3—@Northwestern

    2.1 million? InfoCision will be paid off in no time flat! Looks like the ABJ editors are moonlighting for WKSU? Can't read, can't write, can't add.
  13. Game 3—@Northwestern

    Terry Pluto simply oozes condescension.
  14. Caleb Porter

  15. Game 3—@Northwestern

    Shawn broke his fibula, and had a cast and was on crutches at the end of the game. He was supposed to have surgery this week. He will miss the remainder of the season, but wants to try to come back next season if possible.
  16. Game 3—@Northwestern

  17. Game 3—@Northwestern

    ABJ (George Thomas): Captain Kyron Brown provided Zips lift needed to overcome Northwestern This is a great article. GT collected quotes from Bowden, Kyle Ritz, Ulysees Gilbert III, Kato & even Gerry Faust. GT addressed the QB-OL problems in the first half & gives injury updates on DeMarcus Lloyd (out for season) and Shawn Featherstone (TBD).
  18. Game 3—@Northwestern

    ABJ (Marla Ridenour): Program-defining football victory affirms belief, fuels Zips' climb to next level
  19. Game 4—@Iowa State Cyclones

    ... and unfortunately they did not win yet this season so there should be no level of overconfidence. The way I see it the Zips are playing with house money at this point. Everybody and their mother said the Zips would be 1-3 before the start of MAC play and we currently sit in a 2-1 worst case scenario.
  20. Game 4—@Iowa State Cyclones

    He did not actually body slam him. The call seemed reactive because Bell really manhandled the guy.
  21. Game 4—@Iowa State Cyclones

    Ironically, I'm going to Evanston (actually Skokie) on Thursday. Hopefully, they have cleaned up the mess that you left there. Look forward to seeing some of you back in Ames (or on I-88, 80, or 35 along the way). My vanity plates say ISUPL8S.
  22. Game 4—@Iowa State Cyclones

    Great press conference. Really enjoyed listening to him. Impressed with Bowden. He must come from good stock! Lots of coaching perspective, but very little vacuous coach-speak. Surprisingly open and honest ("I don't want to be the sixth coach to be fired.") ("I don't want to throw anyone under the bus after such a great win, but our Center missed the snap signal several times.") Loved hearing him talk about his "good group of guys," seniors graduating, and not having to worry about the guys who don't travel. Clever of him to act like he doesn't know what the point spread is ("It will be 17, 14, . . ."). Since when is it a penalty for a linebacker to give a receiver a "souffle?" I love a coach who is focused on football.
  23. Game 4—@Iowa State Cyclones

    Bowden talks a lot about Butler (never by name), our 6'6" receiver and focuses only on his height. However, his big gains this year have come from Butler shedding, running over, and dragging tacklers. He is a beast! Also, Deshante Jones (#8), from Cincinnati, had 9 receptions against Oklahoma.
  24. Game 4—@Iowa State Cyclones

    Here is a podcast of Matt Campbell being interviewed by Chris Williams of CycloneFanatic.com. Lots of respect given to Terry Bowden. First part of the podcast is Campbell talking about yesterday's tragedy. https://cyclonefanatic.com/podcasts/podcast-matt-campbell-talks-tragedy-loss-to-ou-and-the-akron-zips/
  25. Game 1—@Nebraska Cornhuskers

    As Ernie Banks used to say, "Let's play two!"
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