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  2. Enrique is now on a full ride scholarship.
  3. This is monumental. Can anyone name the last time the Zip football team was involved in back-to-back 1 point games?
  4. Game day..let’s get this dub 😎
  5. What do we know about Pat Mayfield? Walk on? I see a 6'-5" shooting guard from a D3 school. Also, according to the GoZips website the following players appear to be taking advantage of the free year due to Covid; Tribble, Trimble, Bandaogo, Dawson, Ali and Wilson (walk on). Can anyone confirm that before I go back in and make a lot of changes?
  6. I am making changes assuming that is the case. I am willing to go back again if we add someone new.
  7. Is anyone able to confirm that Freeman is using up the final "athletic" scholarship? My chart shows one available?
  8. I'm here @Blue & Gold and on the job. Sorry to keep you all hanging. I see we picked up PG Tavari Johnson. Any other changes I need to make?
  9. Rutgers improves to 6-0-1 wake forest improves to 3-2-0 with a 3-1 win over Pitt Bowling Green moves up to number 15 in RPI with a 2-0 win over Fla international Fla intl was 4-0-1 before tonight fla intl is number 21 in RPI after their first loss
  10. Rutgers travels to Bloomington and dumps the Hoosiers 2-1
  11. Mountaineers and Thundering Herd going to O.T. tied at 2
  12. West Virginia leads 2-1 over defending national champion Marshall on the road, at the half
  13. Yesterday
  14. What happened to Dailey the Iowa transfer from beechwood?
  15. Don't laugh too hard... at one time Akron was in the Northeast Conference for about 1 week-- until the MAC took us in. Long timers will remember: We were moving from Independent status --- for all other sports mainly-- Huggins was livid that basketball had no conference with access to the NCAA Tournament-- and NEC was the only conference willing to take us at the time.
  16. Difficult game to handicap. Zips are terrible. Bryant is a bad FCS program. Zips pull away late and win 31-16. I don't care how bad the rest of the MAC appears to be, I still don't see a second win on the horizon. Mathison is the only Arth recruit that is proven to be worth the price of admission. Offense or defense. That's not enough. Hope I'm wrong.
  17. Wow, an 85% chance against a team from the NEC.. The Bulldogs are in the same conference as the bobcat-slayers of Duquesne. While Bryant is not as good as the Dukes, they routinely go up against powerhouses like the bobcat slayers.
  18. Miami has played Cinci and Minnesota..I’m not going to put them down yet. I think Buffalo is down some, with OU and BG for sure. Kent should run away with the East title this year. I predict Kent vs Toledo in the MAC-C with Kent winning, their coach moving on, then the program rejoining the basement.
  19. They ended divisions for basketball. Odd they keep them for football.
  20. I haven't seen a line on this game but FWIW the ESPN app gives us an 85% chance of beginning a new winning streak..
  21. Akron, Ohio, Miami, and Bowling Green are a combined 0-9 heading into the third Saturday of the season. Kent's route to a MAC East title will never be easier than it is this year. Meanwhile, there are more winnable games on the schedule for the Zips, but I have a bad feeling not only about Saturday, but the first couple of MAC games.
  22. This is tremendous!!! Well done!! 😂
  23. Z4P's Bryant+ Prediction: Bulldogs Take a Bite out of Buchtel Much to the shock and horror of Akron Zips fans everywhere across the globe, THE Bryant University Bulldogs rescue victory from the jaws of defeat with a 1 point victory off of a sausage calved true Freshman Andrew Daragjati 64 yard field goal. When asked post game about the decision to give Andrew the go ahead for the 64 yarder over the proven upper classmen kickers on the roster, Head Coach Chris Merrit explained he had no other choice, as the other kickers were nowhere to be found after a bus stop in Boardman off of Route 224 at Primanti Bros. Not to worry, the players' families notified the university that the men returned home, full to the point of nausea by french fry, but in extremely good spirits. Buckeyes Bite the Bullet: Upon arrival in Columbus, the massive nation of Akron Zips faithful had lost all faith in the genius of the "Master of Deception", Thomas Edward Arth, when Andrew Daragjati proved his super human status in Bryant's stunning defeat of the sad and hapless Akron Zips at Infocision Stadium. However, Big Time Thomas sure had other ideas for Ohio's favorite footballers in Akron's 3-2 upset of the one thing rurals and urbans can agree on in this insanely mind boggling, ridiculous, absurdly undervaccinated state. Whenever coach Ryan called for Ohio's most precious resource to dive, Thomas had the Zippers duck. It's almost as if Coach Thomas's every move was completely illogical to the point of insane, irrational, idiocy, but it certainly surprised our good ol' beloved Bucks. When asked postgame about the Akron surprise of the century, Coach Day responded that, the Akron play calling was so erratic and unpredictable, it seemed as if no one on their sideline had ever even held a football before, nor had any awareness of time, place, or reality. Talk about catching our beloved Buckeye boys by surprise! In his postgame presser, Cleveland-ish native Thomas Edward Arth responded that just like every other faithful, decent Clevelander, he was worse than heartbroken to see his favorite college team fall to Oregon two weeks before. He wasn't sure what day it was, but he pledged his faithful and undying love for "the shoe" and did have some passionate thoughts about Ohio University's 14-49 loss to Louisiana last Wednesday.
  24. Last week
  25. JCU was pretty successful with him. Maybe the kid was just a late bloomer. Or, maybe there were some kids in front of him who were just better. There are tons of late bloomers in D3.
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