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  2. I knew of them giving players extra eligibility, but missed them raising the scholarship cap temporary. I kind of tuned out of college athletics during covid so I haven't stayed current on the rule changes. I really only started getting back into it the last few weeks. About when I started posting here again.
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  4. I don't think there are Dambrot haters outside of maybe 1-2 trolls. Anything that might have been perceived as Dambrot hate was mostly Akron fans retaliating against posters who masqueraded as Akron fans for a dozen years, but in reality were Dambrot fans who immediately abandoned the program and crapped on the university the second he left.
  5. I didn't expect Grandma to understand, but you - come on. An exception allowed because the NCAA granted everyone a redshirt year due to COVID.
  6. Sports commentary is as worthless as political commentary. Gee, how about having some control over one's life as a reason to go to a smaller school without a crazy, entitled fan base.
  7. There are 117 players on this year's roster. Sixty percent (60%) would be roughly 70 new players in year 1. Explain to me how that can happen within the recruiting and transfer portal rules, please.
  8. No point to make other than 27 guys were committed to the sucky program for reasons other than scholarship money. I commend them for not quitting. Obviously, they're really anxious to play football. Sometimes desire trumps ability. 90 and not 85 as the rule states?
  9. Personally, I think even if the HC job becomes open at Oregon he would still come to Akron. I think he was looking for a good reason to get closer to home. Not just any reason, but one that he was happy with. Plus, I think the less pressure at Akron than a P5 would seem appealing to him. That is all an assumption, of course, but I'm trying to piece info together.
  10. Tweets from random fans that are in actuality fringe college football fans just don’t get it. You wonder why he’s taking a “step down” or saying he “could do so much better”? Read his quotes from the other day. They say it all. End of discussion. He’s not the first coach to make a move like this, and he certainly won’t be the last.
  11. Ah yes, the national media. No excitement to see a bottom team hopefully become relevant. No, they just want to continue reporting on Alabama winning the title every year. Or Ohio State, whomever. All the boring storylines year after year.
  12. Hopefully this doesn't throw a last minute wrench into the plans.
  13. I love response on twitter. So many "Why Akron?" "Akron sucks, he can do better!" "Should have waited for a better job!" "Am I missing something?!" Yeah you are missing something. Akron is a nice f'n school. We have a great stadium and fans that deserve to watch winning football. Even one Oregon fan chimed in with: If Moorhead was that bad shouldn't he be taking a "step down"? There are just so many angry people on social media that rant to their 30 followers, while hiding behind a keyboard. Just because a school's football team has been bad, doesn't mean they deserve to suck forever. There's always been an arrogance to fans of "big" schools. They love to make fun of schools like Akron and when something goes well for the underdogs, they get mad.
  14. How is that possible? FBS caps scholarships at 85. Anytime there is a coaching change, especially one that brings in a new scheme, there is going to be some turnover. You see it everywhere and not just at the college level. When a new defensive coordinator switches from a 4-3 base defense to a 3-4 they need plyers with a different skillset to fit needs. Not all 4-3 DE can make the switch to a 3-4 LB. I'd expect 30 new faces on next years roster and an additional 30 new faces the year thereafter. That equates to about a 51% roster turnover
  15. Awful article title. There's a consensus on both sides... - Moorhead is a darn good coach who was expected to go P5 - Akron has sucked
  16. 247 Sports: Mixed Reviews from National Media "Opinions on the move were divided, to say the least. Most think Akron did a great job of reeling in Moorhead, who has several years of high-level coaching experience. "
  17. There are 117 payers on the 2021 roster and 90 on scholarship; so the answer to your question is 27. What's your point?
  18. Curious...how many players on the 2021 roster were not given a scholarship or a damn dime for their commitment to the team, encompassing; practices, team meetings, personal time sacrifices, summer camp, weight training, mandatory study time, ....? I haven't found the number anywhere I've looked.
  19. Enrique is such an awesome guy, this semester he worked for intramurals being one of the coordinators for Sunday afternoon soccer, never seen another student-athlete do that. I also love the question about his grades lol
  20. As part of NCAA rules, teams can add one player to their incoming recruiting class for every departure to the transfer portal, up to a maximum of 32 players via incoming freshmen and transfers so long as it doesn't push them over the maximum scholarship allotment of 85.
  21. Who says so? Arth and company? We've already seen that they were poor judges of talent as I've mentioned before. I don't think you'll see the roster turned over completely. Dismiss the whole team and start over? Not likely.
  22. The Falcons have a nice little winning streak going against KD. Who would've thought that would ever be possible?
  23. Well duh. But I'm talking Thomas Hammock kind of stuff. I'm expecting/hoping for at least 60% of the roster to be brand new. By year two, 90%. Somewhere in that ballpark.
  24. Who says so? Arth and company? We've already seen that they were poor judges of talent as I've mentioned before. I don't think you'll see the roster turned over completely. Dismiss the whole team and start over? Not likely.
  25. As if we needed any more evidence that we live in strange times, who would have predicted Duquesne football would defeat OU in Athens and Duquesne hoops (with Falcon kryptonite Dambrot no less) would lose at home to BG in the same year?
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