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  2. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    Yeah, we have a number of kids who have made appearances in OOC games and then were redshirted. I think you have to apply for an exception but Tom O'Leary is a good example. Everyone remembers his less than impressive appearance as a true freshman at PSU. He was redshirted that year. He is listed a R-Jr. If he had not redshirted, he would be a senior.
  3. 2017 Race To Detroit

    The Bahamas!? Really. Seeing the Crowd for the EMU Game last year(maybe 5k) I have no desire, Hawai'i on the other hand.........
  4. Bowling Green

    The ESPN3 replay: http://www.espn.com/watch/player?id=3175681
  5. Bowling Green

    This is absolutely unbe-fricking-lievable! I turned off the stream after 97 minutes!!! Just seconds before the Brennan red card -- still not sure how the OTHER BG player got red carded! And we give up the most inept goal I have ever seen an Akron team allow. That could have -- I mean the whole end of this one could have made #SCTopTen. THANK YOU Ezana and friends for providing a heart-stopping ending. Now DON'T do that again!!!
  6. Bowling Green

    Shades of Michael Green, aka the Dark Knight of --was it St Ed's? -- who Caleb did not recruit, instead recruiting the more unknown kid named Darlington Nagaway or something like that.
  7. Toledo Game Story

    "Woodside takes Woodson to the Woodshed" much better My shorter version would never make it to copy...but still it's Excellent Write-up Captain!
  8. Bowling Green

    Chris Brennan is my kind of player, tough and physical. I have watched him play youth/HS soccer dozens of times. He is quality. The reasons why he is not playing for Akron continue to elude me. But his conduct Saturday was at best irresponsible, and was at worst malicious. Chris Brennan deserved a straight red card for his assault on Joao Moutinho, nevermind that he already was riding a yellow for swinging an elbow at Moutinho previously. I do not want to see Brennan as a dirty player, but a man is defined by his deeds.
  9. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    I wish I knew for sure & we had a true beat reporter who kept up on the team. I have heard Corner & Jordan is around working out & look good but honestly I don’t know that to be true, it’s happy hour talk
  10. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    Yeah, for sure. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Kidd & Jordan because we're really gonna need them as interior D linemen next year after losing Camara, Copeland & Brennan Williams.
  11. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    I was hoping to hear Corner and Bridges are myself. I see Bridges still has Zips football in his twitter bio.
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  13. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    @94zipgrad do you know if Marcus Kidd & Tracy Jordan are still enrolled & on track to be eligible next year?
  14. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    You sure about that? I thought the redshirt was burned the moment they played one snap.
  15. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    I get that Bowden was left an immense pile of dung for a program, but he was hired on December 22, 2011.
  16. Toledo Game Story

    Thanks, Captain.
  17. 2017 Race To Detroit

    Zips currently projected to be in the Bahamas Bowl according to ESPN. I'd take that. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/21110727/week-8-college-football-bowl-projections-2017
  18. Toledo Game Story

    Still appreciate the effort. Tough to write those
  19. UA in the news

    The Jean Howard Taber School of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, probably.
  20. Women's Soccer Thread

    A great week for the WSOC....followed up their 1-0 win Thursday night with a brilliant nil-nil draw against the best women's team in the MAC, Ball State. Ball State was 8-1-1 coming in to the match. Amani was great in goal, and the defense really stepped up and frustrated the Cardinal strikers. We had several scoring opportunities as well, but their keeper was also solid. This was as entertaining as a nil-nil game can be, and Akron did not back down once. I'd guess BSU possessed 55% vs. Akron's 45%. Zuk was again solid off the bench early and never came back out. Abigail Brown, Rachel Eck, Rachel Bachman and Shea O'Brien all troubled the Cardinal defense. Sydney Schipani honored before the match as the ONLY senior on this team. With just Thursday's 3 p.m. match remaining, things are improving, a lot, but a little too late.
  21. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    And I bet we see players like Jacobs and Williams are red shirted. If you only play kids a very limited amount in OOC play, you can generally red shirt them, but getting them in the game early let's them know you are interested in them.
  22. 2017 Race To Detroit

    WTH? Feel free to go back to your Iowa State board with crap like this.
  23. Bowling Green

    Thanks for the explanation TennZip...thought that was the case. You saw my posts about Brennan, and I too am glad for team and Skye. Maybe. Brennan meant Powerhouse...as in Powerhouse BOXING gym....
  24. 2017 Bowl Watch

    We've lost to a probable playoff team in PSU, now ranked Iowa State (who has beaten Oklahoma), 5-2 probably Sun-belt champ with a W over LSU in Troy, and 6-1, probable MAC champ, whose only loss is to undefeated Miami. These are top P5 and G5 teams we've lost to. Who really cares about the score yesterday. Last year WMU beat us 41-0. Didn't mean crap this year. Things got out of hand quick and we don't exactly have a high powered offense to keep up. A few bounces our way and yesterday can look a lot different. Not a W, but a lot more respectable. Smith holds onto the ball at the 1, Woody doesn't overthrow Bickley, etc. If we lose like we did yesterday to an OU, or lose to a Miami, Buffalo with their 3rd string QB, or Kent, I can understand the bitching. IIRC, we were picked to finish 4th in the MAC East this season. Not the MAC overall. The MAC East.
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