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  2. Hell even Ryan Day at OSU took a pay cut. I'm pretty sure it was universal a cross all levels throughout the sport.
  3. It is listed on ESPN's website as being on ESPN+.
  4. Prior to the BG game, the schedule had only radio listed, but the game was on ESPN+. I'm hoping that's he case here.
  5. Looks like this will only be on the radio.
  6. Today
  7. It's amazing how much data gets misused in a data driven society. Every coach in the MAC, with the exception of Buffalo's, took a pay cut last fall. There is no correlation between pay cuts and the transfer portal.
  8. The only MAC team with more kids in the portal is NIU, where the coach and AD both took 10% paycuts this year.
  9. Beacon article on Trimble- https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/sports/college/zips/2021/01/22/university-akron-mens-basketball-trimble-making-presence-known/6664359002/
  10. Game is at 5 p.m. Another odd one.
  11. I thought Slate did a nice job on the last Zips game he called. He obviously knows the players and coaches in today’s MAC really well. And I liked his coach point of view. He’s no Michael Reghi, but who is?😜
  12. Pretty sure that this guy will be doing the color commentary on their home ESPN 3 broadcast.
  13. Catching up on all my comments: EMU and NIU traditionally give the Zips trouble, especially on the road.
  14. As Jackie Windon says: and the ability to go arms straight up like a volleyball player.
  15. pacing themselves for WMU and another game on Tuesday. Great warm up for tournament play
  16. Not sure what his stats were today, but I think Ali is developing nicely.
  17. TCB = Take Care of Business. We haven't seen too many LCJ games like that! Trimble is amazing. More good minutes from Marshall, OK minutes from Wynn. Dawson's production has really dwindled lately which surprises me, but that's not the end of the world. Another solid Ali game and nice bounce back from Maishe. CMU is a hodge podge group of guys. They don't play as a team at all, while I would've liked a game that the Zips control more, I'll take this one all day long. On to WMU!
  18. Freeman another double-double and 4 blocks. Who's your Daddy? If only Zeke would have had his hops and hands!
  19. I'm sure Groce knows who he needs for Saturday. Important that 10 players got time.
  20. Great win for the Zips. They looked very balanced out there. Good 3 point shooting, lots of assists, good rebounding, and a lot of layups on the and dunks on the give and go. I think we went 10 deep tonight and everyone contributed. I like that we are not just relying on the 3 ball. Trimble is just a streak shooter. We have our second scorer. LCJ was very happy to dish the ball tonight. Really enjoyed the game and started to figure out the skill set of the payers on the team.
  21. I'm not sure why, but it looks like Preston missed a few games.
  22. I submitted a bunch but I guess they didn’t want of bunch of my family and the Griswolds!
  23. I know the MAC East is tough, but OU's been a disappointment.
  24. That's some old school basketball.
  25. So LCJ gets a double double on the night he becomes a dad.
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