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  2. He had some decent minutes last year. I was surprised that he got no time at West Virginia. Another bites the dust. It amazes me how many kids have transferred out of this program in a little over 2 years
  3. If this kid Freeman is any good (High School: Led St. Martin De Porres High School ... earned First-Team All-Lake Effect Conference as a senior and runner-up conference Player of the Year ... averaged a double-double as a senior with 12 points and 10 rebounds per game ... dished out 4.6 assists per game) We should immediately give him this scholly and burn his redshirt. Else he may be in the wind. Apparently we suddenly have some extra money, may as well spend it. Can always take it back if he does not work out.
  4. Was really impressed with WR Nick Kilbride of Perrysburg High School this weekend. He clearly stood out as a very talented receiver with great hands and at 6’3” and 185 pounds he seems to fit the D1 profile for size.. I was told he has MAC schools showing interest. This may very well be a guy that the Zips would benefit from going after if they are not already.
  5. Blount dropped 16 pts and grabbed 19 boards as NC Central got a W tonight vs SC Upstate. Noteworthy is that they also had 28 TOs. Yikes, that's 59 turnovers now in just two games. Seems just a bit excessive. I'd press the pants off of them early and often.
  6. Really, Tunisia? What do these leagues pay?
  7. Don't make an Ohio joke. Don't make an Ohio joke. Don't make an Ohio joke. It is so hard not to do so.
  8. He seemed to be the odd man out not really connecting with the other players
  9. Naaaaaaaaaaah, lots of incomplete passes and running out of bounds!
  10. Good luck to him. I always thought he could be a decent player off of the bench. Met him this summer and seemed like a nice kid, but he was out of the rotation last week.
  11. Do you think our Army ROTC students will skip bringing any ordnance to fire at the game after a score?
  12. Yesterday
  13. Hopefully they leave every last flake cover the field for the game. It may be the great equalizer.
  14. I will be there. Would be nice if we had a running game on a cold and snowy night in Akron.
  15. FF- the Zips point total will edge out the number of inches of snow we get before game time.
  16. If Freeman is any good they should give him the newly open scholly and burn that redshirt. Else he may be in the wind.
  17. Unfortunately, not a big surprise here. From Uplift HS in Chicago to Victory Rock Prep to Southern Illinois to Panola JC to Akron to... Recruiting like this is one of the reasons I'm having trouble warming up to Groce's program. Hope the kid finds a place he is content.
  18. Since we haven't tasted the end zone since Sept I'm guessing 2 FGs and 2 safeties ?
  19. This should leave the Zippers with 11 players on roster next season; 2 available scholarships remaining. 1. Sr. - LCJ 2. Sr. - Maishe Dailey 3. Sr. - Camron Reese 4. Sr. - Jayden Sayles 5. Jr. - Bryan Trimble 6. So. - Ali Ali 7. So. - Greg Tribble 8. So. - Taylor Currie 9. So. - Mikal Dawson (I'm still crossing my fingers on him getting himself eligible. His twitter profile is still all UA & his sister is on the women's team.) 10. Fr. - Tre Edwards 11. Fr. - Garvin Clarke 12. ??? 13. ???
  20. Jeremy wasn't going to get much PT. Good luck, Jeremy! We're left with 9 regulars in the rotation. It was noted on here by those who were able to watch the WVU game that Sayles looks like he's running in sand compared to the rest of our players. So, I guess we're really left with 8 players who will see the majority of our available minutes: PG - LCJ PG - Tribble W - Cheese W - Banks W - Ali P - Reece P - Riak P - X P - Sayles
  21. Aw man I can smell them from here. Jealous
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