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  2. I never thought Michael Jackson was much of a player. Now Prince, he was a different story.
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  4. Awesome part is we may even get LCJ for an additional year beyond this one. However, I unfortunately struggle to find a reason where it would make sense for him to do so. He's a fifth year senior, so should have his grad degree at the end of this school year, if not already. I also don't think another season would change his pro opportunities, assuming his goal is to pursue those initially. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/30116895/ncaa-grants-extra-year-eligibility-all-winter-sport-athletes
  5. My Initial thoughts: 1) Would the CFP Administration LLC be willing to give up that revenue/control, or would they even have a choice? 2) Maybe i missed it, but I still don't understand how we got here to being with. Meaning, why was there never a FBS championship regulated by the NCAA? 3) My interpretations of the solutions being suggested are either drop to FCS, which we can already do in current state, or join the new NCFA (if we meet criteria) and maybe get a little more of the CFP money and potentially look at limiting the out of control spending. I don't see the top 20 or so programs voting to give the G5 teams more money or "leveling the playing field", so we would really be counting on all the regular members of the P5 to vote in our interest I'd think. I was doing some reading on Reddit the other day and even many P5 fans are fed up with the current format as they also don't see themselves as having a legitimate chance of making the playoff in most years or have their season "matter" if they aren't playing in it. Here is a more recent thread regurgitating the same thoughts: https://old.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/k6l35d/stanz_kirk_herbstreit_says_hes_worried_about_the/ If we can get to a solution where we financially benefit and at least have the G5 with us, i'm okay with it. If we get to a solution where maybe the top 30 programs do their own thing and everyone else is together, i'm okay with it assuming we financially benefit. If we drop down to FCS/are in a similar or worse spot financially, then it just doesn't make sense.
  6. I can’t imagine how much better he could possibly get. I’m expecting him to perhaps be slightly better this year, but I’m not expecting another exponential leap. He took the leap his junior year which Jimmy Conyers took his senior year.
  7. I just got done watching the last dance and it was great getting insight into the competitiveness of Michael Jordan. The man was driven to be a great basketball player and had the tools to get there. Although LCJ is not Michael Jackson, I see that same drive to get better and willingness to put the time into the gym to get to your goals. I have been watching Akron basketball for a long time and I cannot remember a player who improved as much as LCJ in one year. Our biggest complaint on this board was that we never had a dominant point guard, a guy who could control the game. I think LCJ was that player last year. Unfortunately, we never got to see him in the tournament. I just wonder whether this year we will see even more improvement and whether he spent another off season in the gym improving his game.
  8. I agree with everything you said. In addition, schools like ours can do even better. We can make college athletics something that binds students, alumni, fans and the greater community to the school.
  9. I am picking Akron. But, I wonder if this could turn into a track meet by accident. We know Zips' defense is bad. Can't imagine BGSU defense is better. Neither team has anything to lose. Both looking at this as its only possible win this season. Might have been fun to watch in person.
  10. Early this AM heard Phil Steele talking about this on one of the local sports talk shows. On the football side sounds like what most people already knew. The P5 schools call the shots in football. They haven't needed the NCAA for a long time. If those schools go off on their own it may help the Akron's of the world. They can play at their own level. Reorganize conferences. Maybe set up a legitimate playoff system amongst conferences of similar competitive levels. Lets see what the big boys do. Lets see what schools survive the current situation.
  11. National Office The National Collegiate Athletic Association 700 W. Washington Street P.O. Box 6222 Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222 Phone: 317-917-6222 Fax: 317-917-6888
  12. Thanks for posting this Sergeant Zip. I would have never found the article without your post. I had no idea the NCAA was taking advice from ZipsNation.org....but whatever it takes. For once, the NCAA may be on the verge of something that makes complete sense. I would hope that those of us who are G5 fans wouldn't look at this as a negative. The reality of the current situation is too great to pretend that we can just continue on as is with the dream of one day having all of the resources of the P5 conferences. That ship has sailed. We can be great in our own way. Let's do that. The first step on the journey for the NCAA should be firing Mark Emmert. He is a paper pushing fool stuck in an era long past. BTW, does anyone know where I can send a bill for my advice to the NCAA?
  13. The Knight Commission report recommends NCAA Division I governance be reorganized around men’s basketball and provide a reset opportunity for FBS programs that can no longer afford to compete in football.
  14. Kwad left the CFL for the Spring League
  15. Looking for names and rumors of who will be added to the transfer portal. As of now, the transfer portal shows: RB - Hayes Patrick WR - Morris DL - Meeks TE/ILB - Wolfley The portal currently shows that all 4 do not have a new school. Please comment if you have information that is different.
  16. Whose next in the transfer portal. Seems like we losing a lot of young men.
  17. Matt Cherry is now directing an episode of The Unicorn! https://tv.avclub.com/let-s-check-in-on-the-unicorn-with-an-episode-directed-1845794984/amp
  18. FYI, for each previous Akron game this year, I picked the Zips to lose by greater than 20. So, it is not like I pick the Zips to win each game. However, looking at the various scores of the MAC games, I have a mix of optimism and confidence in a solid victory. Also, at some point, the football gods need to step in and help out Akron. I hope I am correct, but if BGSU wins big, we are in deep trouble and should be rated 127th.
  19. Good Lord! I love this description of the game. If this happens Big Jim I owe you a beer ..... or three, four, five, whatever. We will have a lot to celebrate. A win would feel real good.
  20. From your mouth to the ears of the football gods...
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  22. I really hope you are right. It's certainly possible. My expectations for the upcoming years are also very similar to yours.
  23. Zips will win soundly in this game by at least14 points. It will be a total team effort with solid running by Dollard and Knight. I am hoping the freshmen Childs and Norells get a handoff or two to get some experience. I expect a group receiving effort by Stewart, Grimes, Mathison and Qualls, and hopefully others that will catch balls from Gibson. The young OL will rebound with a solid effort. I am looking for the DL to play neutral, not great, but not as bad as they have been playing. And, Bubba will have a career day of 20 tackles. The DBs will also have a neutral day, making some plays and getting beat on some plays. Smigel and Romenick will be clutch. This game will set the stage for 4-5 wins next year and 9 wins in 2022.
  24. UB has a distinct financial advantage over other MAC schools in terms of how intercollegiate athletics are funded and accounted for. I read somewhere that under state law they can fund and operate athletic facilities using state capital funds, whereas we cannot do so in Ohio. Results in about a $3M advantage than can go into recruiting and frills.
  25. Yes we definitely have a better stadium and field house but lets not act like Akron's weather is any better than Buffalo. Both cities have shitty weather and Akron is literally surrounded by orange construction cones and a condemned expressway (MLK).
  26. Offsetting Buffalo's worse weather is the fact that the area is much more sophisticated than here; every one there speaks both American and Canadian.
  27. OK Dre, UB's facilities are better than us in their locker room, players lounge and weight room. They are awesome. I wish we had them. I like our indoor field house and stadium better. Now, not even you, with all your fantastic powers, can make their weather better than ours!☔🌧️🌬️🌨️
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