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  2. thanks for asking. I'm in the bargaining stage right now. However, the dread is beginning to wash over me. as for head in hands, I will be the one sitting (and not standing) as we await the first basket. you may also find me cowering in the lobby by the Zippy statue.
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  4. Where’s the @NWAkron official Dread Meter sitting right now? Little over 2.5 hours to go.
  5. I heard that the t-shirt cannon is coming out for this one. In part to rally the fans, in part to keep @NWAkron's attention on the floor at all times rather than burying his head in his hands.
  6. After all the fun and game, incidents and allegations, this game will depend on how the refs handle things. are they looking to get guys in foul trouble or will they call it like the MAC championship game. Freeman picks up a quick 2...long night.
  7. And his uncle is a current assistant coach! You can’t make this s*** up 😂😂😂😂
  8. Chris Singletary. Nate is who he punched. .13 is what he blew, so if you round up, Sullinger matched him. Proud moment in the history of KSUcks basketball I'm sure.
  9. Can someone explain to me why Disney has VCU/St Louis on ESPN2 at 7p and follows that up with UCLA/Utah men's gymnastics at 9p, relegating Kent/Akron to ESPNU at 9p (following Fairfield/Quinnipiac)? Why would they not lead one of those into the other for an ESPN2 doubleheader?
  10. People don't talk about this enough
  11. I just watched this game on replay and it was the best shooting from the Zips in a long time. If we can shoot like that against Kent this will be a great game. That had to be the best game by X. However, the whole team played well offensively.
  12. Wow. Just read that Sullinger’s BAC was .126 when he got his OVI back in March before the tournament (in which they lost to Akron 75-55 in the title game). That’s approaching Kent State great Nate Singletary territory.
  13. Carry ... Life will slap the crap out of him and that ego one of these days. Can't come soon enough. GO ZIPS !!!!!!!!
  14. I’m not too sold on C. Thomas staying on the two deep at S tbh. I just wasn’t sure where to slot him and where he fits in. DE would be the natural answer, but he hasn’t put on the needed weight and was moved back to the secondary. A freshman may take over that spot sooner than expected. I’d also like to see T. Williams and K. Davis push for starting positions along the OL sooner rather than later. I left Behm out at LB, but I’m sure he’ll have first crack. I don’t think he’ll be able to hold it down though, since Fish was already hot on his tail by the end of 2022. Griffin was active on special teams and it’s time for him to make a leap. It’ll be interesting to see if Darnell can challenge Clark for the backup TE spot. That DE position makes me cringe. If those guys don’t develop/take the next step forward quickly, I feel like we are one injury away from our pass rush being on life support.
  15. Go ZIPS. Rivalries at their pinnacle!
  16. I didn't know Brank was in the portal either. Bummer there, but we have a lot of capable guys at TE. Outside of small toss ups here and there (like Jones and Thomas at DT),I think you are spot on @catdaddyp. I think we are in agreement on wanting another DE to challenge starting spot or least add depth (a true freshman and tweener listed in the top 2 isn't ideal IMO), another OL to challenge the guys on the interior, and another CB for good measure.
  17. It's moments like this that make a rivalry great. It's unfortunate we were on the wrong end of it that game, but we won the game that mattered
  18. I can already feel the tension in the arena tonight. Can't wait to be there!!! GO ZIPS!!!
  19. I know some freshmen will work their way onto the two deep, especially at the skill positions. I’m just not sure how long it will take for that to happen. Below is my best guess of how things will start out. What does everyone else think? OFFENSE QB: Irons Undercuffler RB: Wiley Lingard WR: Adams Golden WR: George Anderson WR: Thomas Gathings TE: Banks Clark LT: Landers Chambers LG: Banes Robarge C Georges T Williams RG: Kilbane K Davis RT: N Williams Frank DEFENSE DE: R Johnson Cheatom DT: Holt Murphy DT: Thomas T Jones DE: Rabah Richardson LB: Arslanian Griffin LB: McCoy Fish Nickel: Tallandier Lewis CB: Hunter Threatt SS: Thompson Woods FS: Martin C. Thomas CB: Golden-Nelson Durant
  20. fixed it. that's right. that term was fresh in my mind from somewhere.
  21. Easy there. That's not very nice. We need to create a positive environment. Also, anti-zip used this word the other day when referring to Akron/its fans. Therefore, I think we should take note that "mouth breathers" is a kindergarten-level term and we should try to be more advanced in our vocabulary by using other terminology. I find it hilarious that the Sesame Street Lightning Chicken fans throw out baseless claims that accuse Akron of being classless, fail to produce any proof, and then have countless videos and articles thrown back at them of the Sesame Street Lightning Chickens being the classless bunch. Give em hell tonight, ZipsNation.
  22. how is that a best moment? classless, low-rent, bottom-shelf.
  23. Zips MBB official Twitter account liked this tweet. Fans the flames.
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