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    Pay Cuts

    If football season happens then nothing will change
  4. I wonder if this is the what bursts the bubble on athletic coach spending? Schools like tOSU, Alabama, Clemson, etc. can afford to pay their coaches millions of dollars as those athletic programs print their schools money. At the G5 level and below, coaching salaries have far outpaced revenue growth. The only reason they have been able to stay afloat is because of how heavily athletics gets subsidized by the schools. I'm not talking about just the revenue sports either. You see some non-revenue coaches making ~150k even though the sport they coach generates next to no revenue nor provides the school much notoriety.
  5. Ham

    Pay Cuts

    NCAA reducing pay outs by $375 M. Iowa State has announced $3 - $4M pay cut for coaches and staff. Our pay roll can't support such a cut. Where will we be able to cover our losses? Of course both sides of our budget are not on that same level, but cuts will need to be made.
  6. Wow, talk about a lateral move. He must love playing zone. I thought height, not skill or scoring ability, was EMU's recruiting focus.
  7. Pol Hernandez and Marco Milanese were interviewed on the 6 pm broadcast of News Channel 5 (WEWS) yesterday, talking about their returns to Spain and Italy, respectively, and the uncertainty of any issues they may face coming back into the USA at some point. Afterward, I exchanged messages with Pol through Instagram. He's doing well and taking his classes on line. I told him he was on the news; he was surprised it aired that soon and was happy for me to confirm that he came across well. I miss our team and the Spring matches. We have an exceptional team of very talented players, coaches, and staff. They are all incredible people and great friends. I hope all of them and their families are well and staying healthy and safe. Can't wait to see them again.
  8. Only two players that scared me from that squad. Well done WMU. Hope The Rona was a good enough excuse to submarine your program even more.
  9. I think he has a bad back & his days of playing competitive ball are prematurely behind him
  10. Any insight you can provide on his medical condition?
  11. Sorry about the poor wording of my post. I didn't mean to say he'd be playing next season. I just meant that LePear will be a positive upperclassman & be cheering from the bench. Watching LePear on the bench is a lot of fun - I think he'd make a great coach one day. Love that guy.
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  13. The link is in the April 1 edition of the Toledo Blade.
  14. Wishful thinking you April fool.🤪
  15. B&G - Do you have info that Toles is even going to be playing next season? Fill us in on how his medical condition improved so much in the last 4 weeks.
  16. From the Onion. Had to be a Zips fan. 🙂
  17. Just read NCAA opening investigations into recruiting at the I 75 schools Toledo and BGSU. Was only a matter of time. BG surprises me.
  18. Players on teams from the following conferences are eligible for the Henson award: America East, Atlantic Sun, Big Sky, Big South, Big West, Colonial, Horizon, Ivy, Metro Atlantic, Mid-American, Mid-Eastern, Missouri Valley, Northeast, Ohio Valley, Patriot, Southern, Southland, Southwestern, Summit, Sun Belt, West Coast. Here's an article about the Lou Henson team and the honorees- http://www.louhenson.com/
  19. Another award for LCJ. Here's the article- https://gozips.com/news/2020/3/25/mens-basketball-jackson-named-to-lou-henson-all-america-team.aspx?camefrom=EMCL_3266058_156442140
  20. There's trembling trouble with Tribble and Trimble.
  21. Whoops! I did. Thank you! (Since edited.)
  22. I will/have no problem hating Boals or any other MAC coach on any given Tuesday night in January. What's Toledo's situation? They are one of the final monkeys to remove from Akron's proverbial back?
  23. 100% agree with all of this. LCJ definitely isn't going anywhere, and this team is going to be just fine from a leadership standpoint. Completely forgot we have Garvin coming in. By the way, did you mean Tribble? Trimble and Tribble will be confusing for the next couple of seasons haha. I'm looking for Tribble to make a massive leap, and hope he focuses on his shot & free throws. Trimble, coming from the St. John's program, should be able to step in right away and produce. Any word on what Buffalo's recruiting is like this year with the newish coach and a disappointing year? Akron has to be the pre-season favorite with LCJ returning (nobody is going to dig deep enough into the MAC to look past LCJ), but OU will be VERY formidable. Boals & Groce are building something special at their respective schools, and that's going to be a fun rivalry all the way around - coaching (although I can't hate Boals), players, and school.
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  25. Very negative? Did you read the first 9 words and last sentence of my post? The rest is just (unpleasant) facts.
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