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  2. There are always "reports" about dropping down. Are these credible reports? That would be a huge move.
  3. Better draw? You think if we played Robert Morris we would have more fans in the stands than if we played Howard or Morgan State?
  4. Not viable? Of course it's viable! The whole point of bringing up Youngstown and Dayton (which I was corrected by other members isn't the type of FCS team that would get us our one game towards eligiblity...so stop focusing on Dayton it's frankly irrelevant) was to float the idea that there has to be perhaps either CHEAPER or BETTER DRAW opponents that would at least have some sort of meaning for the one FCS game every year. The whole point was 1 FCS team to guarantee a win, with two pay-day games. Stop focusing on Dayton and focus on the point. If that's "not viable" how would YOU propose we make more revenue/cut costs in football? I mean we might as well scrap football and be done with it. End this madness right now. The University HAS to find a way to be more fiscally solvent that isn't raising tuition on students; which would further discourage students from enrolling at Akron.
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  6. You suggested two options that aren't viable. What's the difference if we beat Dayton by 30 or Howard by 30 anyway? I don't think the 1-AA team we schedule is going to have any difference on the bottom line of the football program
  7. I don't care if the conversation doesn't go the direction I want it to go; I care that your first inclination is to insult someone's intelligence, and then go on to only addressing the minutia and not the heart of the argument. THAT is what I have a problem with.
  8. Bio Triple-Double Prospects dot com presently has him ranked as the #1 SF in Ohio for '21. As an aside, TDP.com has two more Zips' targets - STVM's Malaki Branham & Cleveland Heights' E.J. Farmer ranked as the #1 & #2 SG's in Ohio, respectively.
  9. His stats are poor, but SJU is a big time program so he could be a very good player in the MAC
  10. Here is Trimble's bio from St. John's He's a stocky 6'3" guard. Before I clicked his bio I was crossing my fingers that he was a big. I'm sure he's a player, but do we really need another guard?
  11. ^^That was supposed to read "St. John's transfer Bryan Trimble is visiting Akron tomorrow, per source." Via Jeff Borzello.
  12. https://twitter.com/jeffborzello/status/1140406503255498752
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  14. Rain cancelled the event, but Arth and the staff will still be at Lake Forest CC at 11am for a meet and greet.
  15. Dang hopefully your weekend has been going better. Sorry my thoughts didn't agree with where you wanted the conversation to go. Have a good day!
  16. I'll make you a friendly side bet AyYo....there will be no GAs or interns hired for calendar 2019-20 in Marketing.....an adult beverage of your choice.
  17. It would reduce expenses some, but the revenue loss would probably meet or exceed the expense savings. Akron is going to have to continue paying ~$4.3 million for Infocision per year for the next 20 years regardless of if they stay FBS, drop down to FCS, or disband football altogether. Dropping out of FBS means we're likely to be booted out of the MAC. That means we'd see an increase, not decrease in travel costs as the MAC is a pretty compact conference. We'd lose out on ~$800k in annual tv revenue. We'd miss out on ~$1.5 million per year from the college football playoff G5 distribution. P5 schools pay G5 schools ~$1.3-$1.5 for buy games. Many P5 don't schedule FCS opponents and the ones that do only pay $300k-$600k so that's another loss or reduction to a revenue source. You can also add in reduced advertising and ticket sales. I'm sure there are other things as well that I'm not accounting for. Excluding the cost of Infocision, which is a sunk cost, the football program is most likely breaking even given all the revenue sources that I mentioned above. Men's basketball and men's soccer are probably both slight money losers as well, but mostly pay for themselves. Literally every other sport plus administrative overhead costs is where the athletic program is bleeding money.
  18. I've heard that there are two more in the pipeline as well....just waiting for them to post online
  19. Happy Fathers Day Zipnation
  20. Someone brought up dropping back to FCS awhile back, would they save a lot of money with 22 less scholarships, figuring in the higher travel costs?
  21. I bet Tom Arth and Chris Sabo are having second thoughts now. And if you think Jim Groce is having trouble keeping players now... Well, someone has to pay for the crimes of the previous generation.
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