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  2. Anybody know how many sacks the Zips had today? I'm pretty sure we have a winner @zippyfan34 and @blueandgold both guessed neither QB would throw for 290+ and the score difference. @blueandgold guessed no sacks, and @blueandgold guessed 1-2, but I don't see a box score that indicates the total. I remember Jest jumping on the QB, not sure they counted it as a sack?
  3. Brandon and Deltron both had runs of 16 yards today.
  4. Declan Watters and Daniel Strachan are the 2 center backs Carlo and Marco as the 2 outside backs Mani in the middle....in place of Egbo Pacheco still battling an injury...so Jaden Wright gets the start on the right side Skye also not in lineup
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  6. Not going to be competitive with ZERO scholarships playing in a scholarship league. This will be a D3 program.
  7. Look fans. This will be no worse than a Bowden or Ianello first season. Was at the game early. Nothing has changed with the O-line,the run game or the pass rush. All garbage. my guess is but only a guess is that Arth will let Kelley start at QB sometime real soon. Had him in early today. Nelson is not the QB of the future here. Neither is Kelley but Arth is not likely to burn a red shirt on a QB he recruited this season. That said, there are way too many 'coaching' issues rearing their ugly heads for the 4th game of the season. Until they come up with a big RB,a consistent pass rush and some people who can actually play the O-line, as Mountain once said,'travellin' in the dark,can't see a thing'. Who do they beat this year? Any fearless forecasts?
  8. On the plus side, UMASS is 0-4 and has given up 207 pts, but I'm getting ahead.
  9. This #Ourway and #heretodevelop is embarrassing. How about #fireCoachArth instead?
  10. Oh look We are getting our ass kicked again Garbage overhyped coach
  11. What was that sequence? Stop, TD, good kickoff. I don't recognize that type of positive sequence.
  12. Looks like it will be $6.95 to watch the game rather than just following live stats, it looks like you might be able to listen to the game via your computer he Thundering Herd enters the match with a 4-1-1 record and the Zips come in at 0-5. Match Details Live Stats: SIDEARM Live Video: HERDVISION/CUSAtv with Jake Griffith on the call Marshall Radio: 88.1 WMUL-FM and online www.marshall.edu/wmul Series History: 11th all-time meeting – Akron leads 7-1-2 Last Meeting: Nov. 1, 2017 in Akron – No. 5 Akron won 2-0
  13. Thanks couldn't remember who played middle/outside between Matjakevich and Chickillo
  14. Ulysees is a Tyler Matakevich injury away from getting some defensive stats. Tyler is ahead of Ulysees on the depth chart. Chickillo’s injury will effect another MAC player, Adeniyi Olasunkanmi from Toledo. He will rotate in with Dupree and Watt on the outside.
  15. Chickillo and Vince Williams are out Sunday which means Ulysees should be #3 at MLB behind Barron and Bush if I'm remembering the roster correctly. Matjakevich might be a factor as well
  16. Poll closed. Good luck to @Blue & Gold @Ham @feetg10 @zzx @Zipmlady and @roopride 💪
  17. "10:30 a.m. ET: The biggest decision of the day for Circa sportsbook in Vegas, believe it or not, is on Troy vs. Akron thanks to a “mid five-figures” bet on Troy -17."
  18. Too often, those seats are political rewards. As a result, you end up with people with agendas other than what's best for the school.
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