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  2. MAC Bowl Games

    I'm with you guys. The Akron/ISU game holds way more interest for me than the national championship game. I still can't believe the major networks don't get into a bidding war to televise the Zips/Twisty Winders contest, while wasting all kinds of resources on the national title game.
  3. Finish The Climb

    Kobie Booker has quit school and football. Nine out of ten times that would be terrible news, but it makes room for Maverick Wolfley to get immediate playing time. Maverick rules. Travonte Junius has hung up the cleats. Injuries played a big part in the decision. There is a good chance that Jonah Morris will be immediately eligible to play due to the medical hardship affecting his family. The NCAA has become increasingly more player-friendly in their eligibility rulings. Morris’s 6’ 4” 205 lb frame and experience are expected to be a huge addition to an otherwise very small and inexperienced WR corp. Beautiful day for golf, and a blast as always. More fans should take advantage of the event. It never disappoints!
  4. I see where Louisville under first year HC Chris Mack will host both Kent St & Robert Morris. Just wondering what our non-conference schedule will look like other than the Cayman trip.
  5. Finish The Climb

    I'll start this with a few notes, and hopefully CK can add a few more things that we learned at Friday's golf outing. This Monday all the players will receive their new wristbands with this years motto "Finish The Climb," meaning win the MAC. You may see coaches and seniors wearing these pins. Three Wagon Wheel pins, two bowl pins, and an east champion pin. One missing, the Mac Championship. These signify the accomplishments of the seniors so far. Charlie Frye has returned to Akron as a special assistant. The staff is still waiting on some sort of paperwork to make a full coaching announcement. I'm sorry I can give more details. Brian Bell has moved inside to the mike linebacker, Ulysees has moved outside to sam. Speaking with coach Stroud "I wanted to take advantage of Gilbert's speed and athleticism." When I asked coach Bowden about it, he listed both their size and weight as one of the reasons for the change. I'll try to get comments from both when summer camp starts. With the emphasis on versatility at this position in the NFL, I think this is a great move for Ulysses. Coach Bowden seemed excited about what is to come in the running game this year. "I would like to average closer to 175 yards per game this year." If you are going to play wide receiver this year for the Zips, you better be prepared to do some blocking. The staff is looking for a couple of the younger guys to step it up this summer. I keep hearing Van Edwards has really had a great off season. If you remember in a earlier thread Deltron told me in the spring he was eight-five percent healthy, he is expected to be full go for summer. That's all I can remember for now...
  6. Will We Always Have Football

    Greg Ploetz dies at 65 and suffered from frontal lobe dementia and Alzheimer's.
  7. MAC Bowl Games

    I agree...I was mocking, ironically, the previous statement about "participation trophies" by Kreed. Same!
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  9. 2018 Zips Mens Soccer

    I heard that Alex Mapp and Reggie Laryea are leaving. Many thanks and best wishes Alex and Reggie! That brings the current roster as we know it to 28... 1. GK Ben Lundt 2. GK Tor Saunders 3. D Daniel Strachan 4. D Morgan Hackworth 5. D Joe Korb 6. D Declan Watters 7. D Leonard Sohn 8. D Nick McCausland Akron, Ohio (Internationals Academy) 9. D Marco Milanese (center back), Isernia, Italy (Isernia) 10. D Carlo Ritaccio (center back), Westbury, N.Y. (BW Gottschee Club) 11. D Daniel Oliveira Lisbon, Portugal (Sporting SP) 12. MF Sam Tojaga, Erie, Pa. (Real Salt Lake) 13. MF Skye Harter 14. MF Christian Lue Young 15. MF Faisal Ghaffur 16. MF Kotaro Umeda 17. MF Cristian Gennaro, Biella, Italy 18. MF Abdi Mohamed (transfer from tOSU) 19. MF M Marco Micalletto (transfer from Young Harris College) 20. MF/F Dennis Cole 21. MF/F Marcel Zajac 22. F David Egbo 23. F Ezana Kahsay 24. F Braden Petno 25. F Dion Akhigbe (winger/forward), Copley, Ohio (Internationals Academy) 26. F Colin Biros (winger/forward), Canton, Ohio (Crew SC Academy) 27. F Diogo Pacheco (winger/forward), Lisbon, Portugal (G.S. Loures/A.C.CACEM) 28. F Ivan Nikolic, Toronto, Ontario (Sigma FC)
  10. MAC Bowl Games

    Nope. I don't care about the national championship. I care much more about the Akron/Iowa State game!
  11. MAC Bowl Games

    I don’t think so, I think it’s about the experience, last year must have increased this year’s budget, 1 million for Penn State, MACC & Boca Bowl, the kids are getting a lot of gear this year, should be another good payout year with Nebraska & Northwestern this year, be sweet to make MACC & another Bowl this year, help with recruiting, specially if we compete & keep this thing rolling
  12. MAC Bowl Games

    Isn't anything other than the National Championship game is a participation trophy?
  13. MAC Bowl Games

    Meh who cares. People obviously are watching, kids like the trips, fans have an extra game to watch their team in. Whatever
  14. Ranking Football Coaches

    T. B. comes out pretty good in this Sporting News exercise. To focus on MAC coaches, look between #129 and #48. http://www.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football/list/college-football-coach-rankings-2018-nick-saban-dabo-swinney-urban-meyer-kirby-smart-jim-harbaugh/pw0dkzocij0ozd5nodvbnlj8
  15. 2018 Preseason

    Had a nice conversation with a couple coaches I ran into at a local establishment two weeks ago...they said they felt the coaching staff is the closest they've been in the last five seasons, and the energy in the room is very good. They are cautiously optimistic, and said they were just a little concerned at the RB slot, but they were in a good, positive mood.
  16. 2018 Preseason

    Athlon Sports Akron Preview I think they did a pretty good job summarizing the challenges the Zips face this coming season although I disagree with their prediction on our place in the MAC East standings.
  17. 2018 Preseason

    I share in your agony, @LZIp I think they men report to fall camp August 1st or 2nd; less than 50 days now!!
  18. MAC Bowl Games

    Why stop at 43? Let's expand to 65 bowls so all 130 FBS schools can make it. Also, instead of calling them bowls, let's change the name to participation trophies.
  19. Nyles Evans drops a bomb

    Yes, I don't think that would make him necessarily lose credibility, though. What I do think probably makes him lose credibility is the fact that he wasn't here during the alleged incident. Whether it did or didn't happen, I think this will all amount to nothing. NCAA seems to have a lot bigger fish to fry.
  20. 2018 Preseason

    When is fall camp supposed to start?! Im jonesin' over here!
  21. MAC Bowl Games

    Couldn't think of another place to post this, so why not in this thread.  CFB looks to add 3 new bowls by 2020. Myrtle Beach Bowl would look to possibly have tie-in with C-USA or MAC.
  22. 24/7 LeBron

    LeBron Executive Producer of documentary on NCAA student exploitation.
  23. Nyles Evans drops a bomb

    Wasn't Treadwell kicked off the team for missteps of his own?
  24. Will We Always Have Football

    OL dies after being hospitalized following a workout. Sad to read articles like this. Most likely an previously unknown issue.
  25. Football Roster

    This roster was from over a year ago... I will probably update it as we get closer to fall
  26. Chad Barson

    A few years ago, Zips' Athletic Department deemed it wise to eliminate the position of Director Of Operations, Soccer. Chiselers. Amateurs. They seemingly cannot recognize real quality, right in their own Athletic Department. So, it is not as though Chad Barson could have been hired by U of Akron. Not at that position, anyway. Buckeyes are poised to dramatically change the trajectory of that program. This will not be your fathers' OSU Soccer. Be advised, Zips' fan. Congratulations, Chad!
  27. Zips Offer Austrian OL?

    Per the site: American football has a long and successful history in Innsbruck. On September 15, 1992, the birthday of the Raiders, a group of “greenhorns” met for the first time to discuss the founding of an American Football team in Innsbruck. After months of preparations, Gerwinn Wichmann along with other people founded the Raiders. In 1997 the Raiders made their way up to the Austrian Football League, the highest division in the country. In their third season in the AFL the Raiders advanced to their first Austrian Bowl, losing 28-34 to Vienna in the final. The following year they participated in the European Football League (EFL) for the very first time. After another 2nd place finish in 2001 the Tyroleans finally won the national championship in 2004. They also won the EFAF Cup that year. The Raiders repeated that success in 2006, again winning both the Austrian Bowl. It was the first season the team went under the name SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol. They played two more times in the Austrian Bowl (2008, 2010), but had their finest hours in the 2008 Eurobowl, winning the European crown for the very first time. The Tyroleans repeated as Eurobowl champions in 2009. In 2011 they celebrated the team’s best season ever, winning the Austrian Bowl and the Eurobowl. It was the first year under head coach Shuan Fatah, who led the Tyroleans to three more championship finals in 2012 and 2013. In the spring of 2008 The Oakland Raiders and the SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol started a partnership unlike any other in the world of American Football. Never before has an NFL franchise worked together with a European team. Both sides share experiences and information on and off the field. The team’s homepages feature articles and game previews and recaps on a regular basis. Every summer The Oakland Raiders invite two to three Austrian coaches to training camp as part of the International Guest Coach Program.
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