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  2. 9100 Attendance

    If I were the AD, I would approach attendance with a design think8bg (Human Centered Design) approach. They are trying to solclve this from an athlete's point of view. We have t9 go a different route and be a little more systematic than the piece-meal approach we have taken. I think the Texas AD is taking things in the right direction, for his program. Texas AD Chris Del Conte explains plan to improve football game-day experience
  3. Shane Gatling Offered 2018

    CBB is weird. You look at is his stats at Niagara and think "I don't get it". Then you look at his offer list.... http://verbalcommits.com/players/shane-gatling
  4. Update to OOC scheduling on website

    If Sept 7 and Sept 21 can draw decent crowds. Otherwise, we may as well go BIG on the road and take the cash.
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  6. Shane Gatling Offered 2018

    I like him already.
  7. Update to OOC scheduling on website

    2019 schedule looks perfect.
  8. Damn. There's more than I even recall off the top of my head anymore. And I was even at that awesome road game in Pittsburgh. Maybe it's that home game against Pitt the following year that I want to forget ? It actually always amazed me that Pitt gave us a 1 for 1.
  9. JUCO SG Shane Gatling offered by Akron. Transfer from Niagara. 6'2 170# 4.7ppg looking at his stats, his best games were against YSU & Can't ST
  10. Update to OOC scheduling on website

    Since the realistic season objective is to go to a bowl, we need the gimme W.
  11. President Matthew Wilson

    UPDATE: UA board chair says trustees want President Matt Wilson to ‘stay on the job’ https://www.ohio.com/akron/news/breaking-news-news/ua-board-chair-trustees-want-president-matt-wilson-semifinalist-for-top-job-at-florida-school-to-stay-on-the-job
  12. Game 26- @ PCCC

    That's what she said..
  13. Update to OOC scheduling on website

    There isn't a lowly DI FBS team we can whoop on instead of FCS?
  14. Game 27- @ BGSU

    This has to be our first road win, right here. I am feeling it. Go Zips!!
  15. Yesterday
  16. Update to OOC scheduling on website

    Wish we could have opened with Morgan State at home before travelling to Nebraska.
  17. Update to OOC scheduling on website

    I have zero issues scheduling a gimme every season, especially when you look at the rest of it. @ Scott Frost-led Nebraska, @ probable ranked Northwestern (with a potential 1st round draft pick at QB) and @ much improved Iowa State that we became familiar with this season. Every other program does it. P5 programs generally have 2-3 in their OOC.
  18. Update to OOC scheduling on website

    Morgan State...?
  19. Don't forget Pitt recently.
  20. Thanks to TennZip for finding this (pointing it out)...Former Zip, Cameron Knowles named head coach of USL's Timbers FC 2... https://www.timbers.com/club/cameron-knowles
  21. Game 27- @ BGSU

    Big Game Tomorrow Night!!!
  22. You have a great memory! After we played at their place about 10 years ago (I was there, but can't remember the year), we had a return game scheduled. I believe that would have been around 2011 or 2012. Anyway, they ended up cancelling and buying us out. I don't recall any more of the details. I'll take these games however we need to get them. Same with the Illinois game. But, I give serious props to Indiana and Syracuse who gave us return games in exchange, just like Kentucky is committing to right now.
  23. Game 26- @ PCCC

    I generally agree with you. That's why I originally responded to the "tall players are the only thing that's going to help us" post, which is what started this entire debate. And that's also why I pointed out some players we've had over the years that were not very tall, but were great post players for us.
  24. 2018-2019

    Really? That's odd...he is listed on Twitter as Loren Jackson - his ID is even @Little_Loren3 Thanks for clarifying!
  25. 2018-2019

    I've never seen Riak play personally. My guess on him starting was because of his size and Groce raving about his defensive ability when he initially signed on.
  26. 2018-2019

    I'd love to see Neftali Alvarez get that final scholarship. True PG, highly touted, seems like he'd fit perfectly.
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