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  2. Baseball's Coming Back

    .245 it is; YEAH!!! I think my all red outfit today was what provided the needed incentive to get this gigantic win.
  3. Baseball's Coming Back

    Today is the last day of the regular season for the guins and the turnaround continues. It is likely, however, that they will need to win the HL tourney to get into the NCAA playoffs as their 6 league wins have them solidly in last place in the league standings and 14 games out of first. But, today's game is not meaningless. A loss to the Panthers will drop their overall win percentage to .226, but a win will boost it all the way up to .245!!! Go guins, keep the turnaround rolling.
  4. Last week
  5. Wagon Wheel Challenge

    I've always wondered how they promote this for other sports other than football and build spirit on campus and in the department. Just having a website to look at the standings doesn't do it. Are there prominent standings boards in the athletic department and student center? Do the teams get to change the tally at an event or shortly after? I always thought the biggest accomplishment was getting PNC to sponsor it when there was like one PNC branch anywhere near KSU in Stow.
  6. 2019 Offers

    Committed to Portland St.
  7. Ulysees Gilbert [NFL Steelers]

    I would think the writer should be well aware of MAC players having better stats in the NFL versus their college stats. The Steelers have probably had more of them on their team over the past 15 years than most.
  8. Ulysees Gilbert [NFL Steelers]

    Spotlight: Akron LB Ulysees Gilbert The writer probably knows less about Gilbert than most ZN members, but I like his intent. I think the writer misses, work ethic, and film study in his list. This comment is uninformed for many reasons, "Yeah, those are MAC stats, but at least he proved he can dominate lesser competition" If I were motivated to respond to him, I could come up with a list of players from the MAC that had better stats in the NFL than they did in college, and come up with players that had better stats in college from the SEC than they did in the NFL. I'm hoping Ulysees proves the writer to be off course with his comment.
  9. 2019 Preseason

    Although he may play CB this year ---
  10. Zips in the NFL

    Jets 2019 UDFA --- Kyron Brown CB, Akron ----- Size and tenacity in an area of need
  11. Illinois - August 31st

    Good feedback, after reviewing the inventory, we booked a hotel in Bloomington, IL.
  12. Illinois - August 31st

    I've never been there for a game, but have attended a few events over the years. Perhaps the most helpful (if not obvious) thing I would say is that The University of Illinois is in Champaign, downstate and nowhere near Chicago. The population of the "metro" is only 200,000. This means that you should book hotels early because they don't have the inventory like Chicago (for which Northwestern that can host a home game and hardly make a dent on the local hotel availability). Fortunately, they have little hope for their football team, so that should keep after-market ticket prices low.
  13. NCAA Outdoor Championships

    No announcements yet on the field for the 2019 Outdoor T & F Championships, but the odds are that Noah Williams (400), Curtis Richardson and Nuh Andu (High Jump), Jordan Latimer (Long Jump), Matt Ludwig and possibly Cole Wigal and Matt Keim (Pole Vault), Patrick Kimball (110H Hurdles)Hesham Eldesouky (Triple Jump) and Ian Behm (Javelin) will get regional berths in Florida. On the Women's side it looks like Mackenzie Andrews (1500 maybe and Steeplechase for sure), Dara Perry (100H Hurdles), Lucy Bryan (Pole Vault), and Abby Wilson (discus and maybe shot) should be in as well. Those totals will all be more than the rest of the MAC sends in total. Go Zips!
  14. Illinois - August 31st

    Its unlikely i'll make it considering its Labor Day weekend.
  15. Illinois - August 31st

    Speaking of this game, I know it is only May, but are any of you thinking of making the trip over for this one? And from IlliniZip and Cykron, any ins and outs ahead of time we should know about? I've got two buddies and the three of us are 85% sure we're going to this game....
  16. 2019 Preseason

    Are you ever off the phone? I'm starting to think you're a player agent or something!
  17. positive words about JLew https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/05/13/newcomers-lewis-abubakar-give-us-lot-says-rapids-casey-after-debuts
  18. not sure if this is a summer league or a pro league... but I look at summer topic...as being for current zips congrats to Ezana
  19. Wagon Wheel Challenge

    I feel it was done in an effort to draw more interest to the non-revenue sports. It was a good idea, but really hasn't achieved what it was set out to do. Most fans still really only get excited about the football and men's basketball match-ups (particularly when they meet in Cleveland), which is no different than before.
  20. Illinois - August 31st

    On the bright side, 50% of the new system will be better than 100% of Milwee's
  21. Wagon Wheel Challenge

    Neither do I. Honestly, shhh, don't tell any of the non-football athletes, but I don't think anyone pays attention to it anyway. Frankly, I don't think most people even really understand what it is. Everyone, rightly, associates the "real" Wagon Wheel with the football game.
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