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  2. Perhaps redshirting. He is in street cloths on game day.
  3. I hear you and maybe I am overthinking it. But let me try again because we are not far off. I am suggesting that each player's role in games is determined by how well they perform in practice and that there is little room for freelancing on game day. That said, those practice performance metrics are fluid throughout the season and off-season. If Sayles practices a ton on the basketball shooting gun and improves his proficiency at mid-range, the coaching staff is going to green-light Sayles taking some of those shots in scrimmages. And if he hits them consistently in scrimmages he will be green-lighted in games. I have seen Ali wide open beyond the arc in the natural flow of the offense and he doesn't even look to shoot. And he is actually a decent shooter from range. Taking those open threes will be part of his role soon enough. So my thought is that it's more than a confidence issue. He is likely not grading high enough in practice to take them yet. There are only so many shots in a game and it's my opinion that Groce plays the odds/statistics not only with quality of shot within the offense, but with the quality of the shooter as well.
  4. How come we have not seen Tre Edwards play?
  5. I agree. I will wait for the official announcement, but that's awesome news.
  6. Davis. Laco. Arslanian. They are all very good and have a real shot IMHO.
  7. Spin


    When they made the announcement, they said they would become a member of the MAC in 2021. That's the last I heard.
  8. Not that the scholarship chart should be updated until it's officially announced, but FWIW, I was watching the women's team on ESPN+ tonight & Jackie Windon was commenting on Jordyn Dawson (Mikal Dawson's sister who plays on the women's team) and said that "her brother is going to be playing for the men's team next year." So I was glad to hear that.
  9. There is progress. Who the three you think are headed to the league?
  10. Best game of the season. We just lost, no blowout. Progress! Seriously, we look to have three defenders who could be headed to the NFL. The others just have to do better. At one point it appeared that Davis was yelling at a defender for a missed tackle.
  11. You just witnessed a lose by our Dline. How did we do this? You know its coming right up the middle. Needed Jest !!
  12. No member answered all three questions correctly this week.
  13. We beat the spread...wooo! If I were a betting man, Gibson starts next game and we've seen the last of Kato.
  14. Miami driving. Need to hold them to a FG attempt.
  15. Good things happen when you blitz...what do you know??!! Where has this been all year. Late 3Q and its a one score game..who woulda thunk?
  16. Is 3rd and 1 any different than 3rd and 21 for the Zips offense?
  17. You're overthinking it. If somebody is open and has a good look they need to take the shot if it is within their role. Probably not going to see Reece firing up 3 pointers. Nor will you see LCJ trying to post up a defender.
  18. Terry Bowden > Tom Arth. That's for damn sure...
  19. Soooooo true. Yeah...I really miss those days. One of the most fun games I've been at:
  20. Yet another thing he is not doing very well this season....
  21. All I want for Christmas is an Oline and Dline.
  22. Just realized there's no game thread. I don't know about you guys, but I'll look back fondly on that one time we were tied in the 2nd quarter. Those were the days.
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