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    Nobody here has to 'try' to get a coach fired. If anyone thinks that what is written here will get a football coach fired,please get back on your meds. The numbers at the end of this season will determine if Bowden stays or heads back home.
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    While you always have to temper the excitement against an overmatched, lower division opponent. This was the game we all expected to see from this team. Not anything you can point to and say, "they really struggled in (blank) aspect". Even the FT shooting was solid, especially with guys who struggled last year (or guys being unknown) knocking some down. We'll see how it translates against Cleveland State, but so far, so good. And I will say this about Malone. They are a D2 GLIAC school (solid D2 conference) that won 11 games last year, who returned a lot, including the Christian Graves kid, who I believe missed all of last year. He was the GLIAC frosh of the year two years ago. They also had a senior transfer from D1 UIC. So, beating them by 40-something points is far different than what, say Miami did in their exhibition. Miami beat a school I never heard of before, Ohio Midwestern 90-24. Looking at the Ohio Midwestern roster it is all 6-5 and under freshmen and sophomores from Cincinnati (who I never heard of). I'm guessing it's the equivalent to a good D1 HS team. Malone is at least a semi-decent D2 college school. BTW, if Akron plays this well against Hiram (which is more of a Ohio Midwest caliber school), the Zips could win that by 80-plus... Not that game is any sort of measuring stick, just wanted to add some perspective to the difference between Malone and some of these other schools MAC teams will be playing.
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    Lost 1-0 to Miami(OH) in the MAC Semifinals. Good building blocks put down this season. I expect big things from this young squad next season.
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    So people bash him at times so give him credit - nice job George.
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    My first half impressions against a terrible team.... 1. Not sure why Big Dig started over Pat. Also not sure where all these reports came that he lost weight. He looks as overweight and slow as ever. 2. Antino looks just as small and skinny as ever. Not sure where these reports came from that he turned into hulk hogan. 2. Pat looks really good. His footwork and touch leads me to believe he will be very successful. 3. Josh Williams has a lot of potential. I'm not sure if he will ever be a dominate player, but he will be very solid. I don't get the same wow that I did from Noah last year. Hard to tell from 1 game. 4. Ivey will be able to score. He is extremely quick and showed nice range hitting a 3 about 4 feet behind the line. Didn't get to see his skills taking it to the hole off the dribble. 5. Kretzer looked like he stepped back into 1996 with his haircut. I was worried about him being able to see, but his set shot looked great. All in all....we look much better than this time last year.
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    Players cannot afford to lament the loss to UCLA any more they they can afford to read this forum. This here is nothing but fan talk.
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    Thomas Woodson isn't the answer....we don't have the answer. This team is an absolute disaster and terry bowden does not have the solution after 4 years. The problem is that things are just going to get worse. Now you see why old "tater tot" didnt get a job after auburn.
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