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    Listening to the Bowling Green student color analyst, I can't help but think the Spirit of Jon "BOOM goes the dynamite!" Jankowski is near!
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    That's been the plan all season long. This team shoots very few mid-range shots (which are the lowest percentage shots you can take). They don't get much going to the rim from the guards, but that's because Antino and Noah are small and usually looking to kick to the open shooter (and both are more shooters anyway). But when you have 6-10, 300 (dog), 6-11, 250 (Pat) and even 6-10, 235 (Kwan, now that he playing of the distributer role out of the block), why wouldn't you play like that? The way they are playing right now is exactly how the people who saw the potential (and, of course the coaching staff) envisioned. We knew the 3 point shooters were there. We knew the size in the block was there. It was about meshing it. That is happening. And when this team is clicking, call me a homer, but it is a team that can beat anybody in the country. It's part of why I absolutely hated watching this team from about mid-December to mid-January. You saw the talent, but they played like absolute crap. They luckily out talented everybody but CMU and Toledo in that stretch. But now that they are putting it back together, its a thing of beauty when its clicking. Of course Big Dog has been the biggest key. If he's out any time, this team may have to go back to finding a way to out talent opponents. Luckily, part of Big Dog's emergence was due to Pat being hobbled. Now that Big Dog is hobbled, it appears like Pat is finally back to near 100 percent. He's the one who will have to carry this team (as far as what they are doing offensively) if Dog misses time. Luckily, he's a fifth year senior who has a track record of being able to carry that load (and tonight was the most confident he looked all year). I think everybody on this team has figured out their role. The key now, is getting everybody healthy for when it matters (in Cleveland and the tourney). Of course, this is Akron, nothing is ever that easy. In fact, this team has not been 100 percent all year, but is still sitting at 20-4. That's the bright side. The even brighter side is getting the full potential in March. If they can do that, I don't think it will be a wild ride, but a special ride. I'll hear anybody out, but nobody can convince me that this team, at 100 percent with players buying into their roles, is anything less than a Sweet 16 (or better) type team. Yes, they are that talented, and more importantly, built as that type of team. That's not saying they are a lock to make a run like that (because how many times have you seen a top tier team lose in a one-game scenario). I'm just saying, if they do get to that level, it won't be because of a fluke (if this team is at full strength).
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    The B Team???? You are a very kind man, 71.
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    The camera is awful. I love Big Dog, but I have seen enough close up shots of his butt to last a lifetime already.
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    ESPN3. Did ya catch a look at "the third member of our crew"? Wow! Internet photogenic!
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    A source tells 7 Eyewitness Sports Anchor Shawn Stepner Bearden has been banned after testing positive for marijuana. Bearden is the Bulls leading scorer, averaging 13.5 points per game.
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    I don't see the double standard. Those P5 conference schools played and beat really good teams in other conferences. Does the MAC as an entire conference even have a win over an RPI top 50 team in OOC play this year? Schools like Butler and Gonzaga made a name for themselves despite playing in small conferences by proving that they could hang with and beat other power schools. Every few years the MAC will have a team put together a decent postseason run, but most years they are 1 and done in both March Madness and the NIT. If the MAC starts winning marque OOC games and they perform better in post season play, the selection committee will take notice. Edit: Looking back I see Ball State has a win over Valparaiso whose RPI is at exactly #50. That is 1 marque win for a conference that has 12 teams. That isn't good.
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    I think this is the time KD needs to sit down with the team and say: "I don't wanna see anyone in the police blotter ever...but especially between now and April. If your girlfriend freaks out on you, walk away. If you have the opportunity to sell 5 pounds of anything...walk away. If you think snowboarding might be fun this weekend...walk away."
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    Good question. I've been looking and haven't seen anything about Kofi other than being out of contract with Houston. Also, I know that Perry Kitchen and DCU couldn't agree on terms, and he is looking to potentially go to Europe. However, he has not found a team. Great picture of Wil, Darlington and Perry at USMNT Camp:
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    Some of you guys are buzzkills. It'll never happen so don't even talk about it.. Blah blah blah. I think we're all in agreement that we'd rather win the MAC tourney and not worry about it, but what's the harm in speculating?
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    Tough to predict winning 2 games before you know who you're playing. Could always get that nightmare matchup. Hopefully we keep winning and come up with a 10 or 11 seed.
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    So you're telling me that there's a time limit on these polls. Imagine that.
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    Bearden suspended 3 games and will miss the UB @ Akron game. Cupcake city is alive and well.
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    And they really put the A-team broadcasters on this one. :-) Not worried if Williams misses the game - he's a terrific player but the Zips have won two games recently where he didn't even score. Plenty of depth
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    Josh's shots hit the center of the twine better than about anyone else I've seen at UA. He's a pure shooter. There's a lot of variables that go into assembling a MAC team that can make an NCAA tourney run. One of those is having three guards that can kill you from behind the arc. Kent had Mitchell, Shaw and Huffman. Maybe even Gates at times. OU had some combination of Taylor, Bassett, Kellogg and Cooper that shot the ball at an elite level. Josh's emergence gives us that X-factor guard that can out-shoot a Power 5 team in the tourney, and Jackson and Robotham are deadly too. Big Dog, Kwan and Pat (can he get at least 85% healthy?) inside gives us the beef to match up with the big boys. And Reggie and Jake give us deadly perimeter scoring and defensive length. I watch a lot of Wichita State basketball, and they are running roughshod over the MVC. It's time the Zips do the same in the MAC. If the Zips are as good as I think they are, tonight is a double-digit win. Maybe even a 20-pointer. It's time to start flexing our muscles against the weaker programs. With Josh getting 20+ minutes, all things are possible!
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    Not that it helps much with our RPI, but Villanova is the new #1 in the AP poll. It's nice to have them on our schedule. The ultimate goal is to win the MAC. I don't want to play 2nd fiddle to anyone in the MAC, but regardless of winning the MAC or not, if we get into the tournament I want as high a seed as possible. EDIT: Correction. According to Real Time RPI, Villanova is #1 in RPI, too. So that does affect us.
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    You are probably right. My bad. Apologies to BuckZip.Sometimes at 1 am you should just go to bed rather than hit the submit button.
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    ‏@alexmarvez Source tells @NFLonFOX that ex- @Panthers & @Giants LB Chase Blackburn interviewing to become @Chargers assistant special teams coach.
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