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    Chargers Linebacker's Expectations (lots of video examples in the article) ...I don't blame you if you're not familiar with Brown, he did play at Akron. A lot of the guys that I share ideas with back and forth on Twitter that watch a ton of draft players were enamored with Brown. Loved him. "He's what Myles Jack was supposed to be." "A steal." "I would've taken him in the 3rd round." Tom Telesco echoed that when Brown was drafted and said he received multiple texts from friends around the league saying it was a great pick... ...The reason he was available this late is because of his missed tackles and his size. He is 5'11 and 227 pounds. I don't get the big deal with his size considering he had 20 tackles for loss and 12 sacks. It's not like the 2015 MAC player of the year wasn't productive. Watching him, sure he got ate up when he was 1-on-1 with an offensive lineman at times, but that happens to guys 20 pounds heavier than him as well... ...Adding an above average athlete is one thing. Adding an above average athlete and football player is another. The Chargers did that. I imagine of all the draft picks he'll take the longest to adjust, but he might have the highest ceiling after Bosa. Some of the big draft media have mentioned if you have a plan for Brown, this could be the steal of the draft... SIGNED
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    This article article explains it pretty simply.
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    I don't know how well his havoc defense will translate to the NBA game when an increasing number of teams have 4+ ball handlers on the court at any given time. I certainly can't see him succeeding in Houston where the star player won't buy into his defense 1st mentality.
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    These said "Ohio Polytechnic Institute" on the back.
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    Wil Trapp is Michael Bradley's successor. Bradley has some tread left. USMNT do not need Wil just yet, not this time. Trapp will get plenty opportunity going forward. Perry Kitchen is a holding midfielder, a "destroyer". Kitchen will succeed Kyle Beckerman and Jermaine Jones, who are both long in the tooth. It is entirely possible that neither Beckerman nor Jones sees another World Cup. If Kitchen's time is not quite now, it is very soon (if ever). I would give Kitchen a chance in the first 11, but Jurgen Klinsmann rarely, OK never, consults me.
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    That's not a Zips hat. That's a Zildjian hat.
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    Awesome! Just in time for our Fiesta Bowl game!
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    FULL story found here. Bell Glades, Florida has a population just shy of 18,000. Located in the southeastern portion of the Sunshine State, Travis Benjamin grew up just two houses down from the Chargers fifth round draft pick, Jatavis Brown. The two played in the same little league system as Brown looked up to Benjamin, who is four years his elder. In high school, Benjamin was a gridiron star as a senior when Brown was just getting started on the JV squad. Going to college in nearby Miami, the wide receiver kept tabs on the outside linebacker while the rising high school star watched his hometown hero make his mark with the Hurricanes. In 2012, the Cleveland Browns selected Benjamin in the fourth round of the NFL Draft. That same year, Brown began his collegiate career at nearby Akron. Less than an hour apart, the pair continued to keep tabs on each other.
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    Got my fingers crossed for this kid though. We need him.
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