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    1st place in make east at the end of October. Go Zips.
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    Sands is now officially the man
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    So it swung by 4 points this week. Seems excessive.....and baseless.
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    The beard may have indicated a bit as well. You never really know these days. Great job ZipsVoice! Keep up the strong work. Just yanking your chain a bit. (Those Arsenal boxing gloves are hanging from my rear view mirror.) Bring on Marshall.
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    errrr....you're right.....sorry about that.....forgot your profile listing....okay Z.I.P and zipsrule.....you didn't read that...ignore the above.....
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    Liepold blew it by not going for 2 on the Q4 TD. They also poorly managed the clock in their last posession. That being said, we have learned how to win and it makes a big difference in close games.
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    This definitely looked like the Western Michigan game all over again. One team piled up a ton of yards, but didn't find enough points. Both games also included a drive-stopping interception in the end zone. Akron's defense does just enough to win. Whew. That missed Buffalo field goal at the end now becomes the highlight of the year thus far. Looked good part of the way, and then drifted. The football Gods must like the Zips this year.
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    current top 16 RPI shown below... top 4 are ACC teams 6,9 and 11 are ACC teams WMU is 7... Akron is 10... Akron needs to go one game at a time.. with the ultimate goal of beating WMU on their own field in the conference title game. 4 straight wins........and Akron has possibility of top 8 seed and 2 home NCAA games... akron really needs Notre Dame and virginia both to lose early in the ACC tourney Ben is back healthy...Sam is back healthy...Joao and Strachan continue to get better and better.... This team has come a long way from the UVU and Denver trip. RankSCHOOLWLDRPISOSOSS 1North Carolina1421.675039 2Wake Forest1511.6577503 3Duke1232.653424 4Louisville1123.6379138 5Indiana1303.6331622 6Clemson1140.6289613 7Western Michigan1421.62862440 8Michigan State1122.62632315 9Notre Dame952.621011 10Akron1231.61412619 11Virginia1033.6114145 12New Hampshire1113.60465630 13FIU1103.60349042 14Maryland1033.59813110 15Stanford1221.59689728 16Butler1041.59611156
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    This season has been amazing. I'm convinced now that God loves Terry Bowden and God loves the Zips.
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    Defense has to win the game for us. Tighten up.
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    You mean you aren’t completely confident in this defense holding the lead?
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    Exactly why I'm not as excited as I should be right now...
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    Nah they will score too fast. Lol
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    Buffalo is looking like they can run out the clock.
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    Is Lurch the new PA announcer?
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    I think if Buffalo scores on this drive, the games over. Zips offense isn't being aggressive enough and no sense of urgency.
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    No. Our DB's maybe need special glasses that highlight where the first down marker is.
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    Buffalo can probably get 5 yards per play if they wanted.
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    We up by 20+ yet? Captain?
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    Did anyone think we would hold them on 4th?Lol
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    Thought the same thing. Easy pass and he had an open guy for a first down.
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    Might be time to throw in Kato, at least for a drive to switch it up. Woody is missing some throws that are inexcusable and costing us.
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    Receivers are open on every play. We need to stop with the huge cushions.
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    Defense really needs to tighten up in the 2nd half.Buffalo is dinking and dunking us at will.
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    Good thing they called the blatant hold.
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    Interception turned into 6. Good job D, good job Offense. That Austin Wolf matchup they've been trying to get for weeks now finally pays off. Someone mentioned on here that would happen...kudos whoever you are!
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    It reminds me of the time Then-Saints Coach Jim Mora had that sound bite about running the ball.....
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    Desperately needed. Great play, Jordan!
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    Holy cow I totally forgot iCoach was on the Buffalo staff. Even a glimpse of that guy is too much.
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    Nope, but absolute lack of discipline on Akron's part might.
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    DenZel Butler getting burnt. In other news, water is wet. Gonna be a long one fellas
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    Here's a picture of K92. You can't miss him
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    RPI rules...not wins. Who were the 13 wins against?
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    ^^Concerning Kobie Booker, I'm not sure if we were or not. He verballed early, so if we were his only offer that may have had something to do with it (I saw him play a few times in hs & thought he should be getting interest). Physically, I just thought he was a beast, so I was glad when he verballed. But I really thought we'd use him at DE. He's only 6'0" tall, so that's pretty short for a TE. But what do I know?... seems to be working out.
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    If the Zips win out, they should easily be a top-16 seeded team in the NCAAs.
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    Last time the Zips were not the regular-season Mac Champs was in 2004. WMU was the regular-season champion that year as the Zips also lost a 1-0 game to them (but beat them 6 to 1 in the championship game at Kalamazoo we can only hope history repeats itself). Zips could still win the MAC but we'll have to beat NIU and have WMU lose and tie at best against SIU tomorrow and BGSU next week. If WMU beats SIU tomorrow the regular-season championship goes to WMU no matter what.
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    Only witnessed half our goals tonight, but what I HAVE seen looks like possibly our most complete game of the year -- maybe except MSU. We're learning to play on the road! Hurray!
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    WOWWWW! Not Joao...but WOWWWWW! Cordeiro!!!!! Great, feed just locked up, now back...
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    Oh My...can you say TRICK!
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    Announcers are very impressed....say that Zips best team to play at WVU this year...
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    PK......Stu-eeeeeeee! Goal #5 against the 'eers....1 for 1 on PKs, now Zips 2-0
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    15-15, 20-10, 13-17...IDK what to expect and to me that's exciting.
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    After looking at the prediction not sure about the Akron defense 'bouncing back'. I think the offense is going to have to put up some higher numbers than it has been averaging in the conference so far(see above stats). I realize that UB's stats got skewed during the WMU multi overtime game but if the passing game doesn't step up tomorrow its still looks hard for the Zips to run the ball. They are #9 out of 12 conference teams. UB hasn't been any better in that category though. But,Akron has been gashed all season on the ground. Chuck needs to dial up some heavy pressure early on their QB to see how he reacts. Make him throw into the strength of the Zips D,the corners. And, Bowden needs to figure out how to get Woodson off early and score early. The longer UB hangs around,well we know. And,they are certainly not intimidated playing here. The weather looks like it could be a factor especially if it becomes windy. Biggest November game in quite a while. They have a real chance to win the division IF they beat Buffalo.
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    Yeah, I voted Zips 5 or less, I would like to change that to Zips 5 or more...actually, I think Zips 10 or more....Kyle can say hello to a reign of terror, courtesy of Chuck Amato. I presume, Kyle will be up close and personal with the D and that Kyron Brown will be introducing himself to Kyle, as well.
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