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    According to the 247Sports page that @NWAkron(?) previously shared, we only have 1 outstanding offer left, which is Neftali Alvarez. We'll see what he does (he'd be one helluva get), but look at who we've lost out to. Rutgers, South Carolina, Xavier, Northwestern, Bucknell, and Colorado (I don't count Duquesne because I'm assuming those "offers" by Akron were made under Dambrot). All P5 schools and a Bucknell program with quite a bit of tournament notoriety in the last decade. The recent exodus of Akron players (Patton, Cotton, Parrish) is not a fluke/accident. They are re-tooling/upgrading, and I'm sure they have players in the pipeline that we don't know about. The sky is not falling.
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    I hadn't gotten to put my thoughts down yet, but my take is that these scrimmages are microcosms of football in general. Sometimes things don't work as planned; sometimes they work better than expected. I thought that the offenses (they primarily had a 1's and a 2's team with some guys mixing into both groups off and on) weren't as efficient as they had been the previous week. I'm not sure whether that means the offenses were worse or the defense was better this go-round, but it mimics the ebb and flow of football in general. In both last week's scrimmage and the one held this past Saturday, there were times that the offenses looked great; good runs on early downs keeping them ahead of the chains and passing game hitting key big chunks to move the ball effectively. Then there were miscues and turnovers that wiped out several drives. I thought both QBs were more effective on April 7th than they were on the 14th but I don't know the "why". TB mentions that they were running some plays that they hadn't worked on much in practice so maybe their comfort level with the plays and the timing for the offense as a whole was affected by the lack of practice with these plays. As TB stated, we have to eliminate the turnovers and I'm sure ball security will be a heavily weighted criteria determining who gets playing time and who does not going forward. The good news is that we've got an offseason and Fall camp to work out the kinks (I know they are working on it as there was a group of offensive players that went in to watch film together over the weekend). As TB stated in the video, during the Red Zone portion of the scrimmage, the offenses scored on every possession (he's taking some liberties with a couple of scoring plays that were not called as such by the refs, but I agree with TB that they were indeed scores despite what the refs saw). One specifically was on a seam route by Wolfley into the back of the end zone that the refs ruled out of bounds but it sure looked like he got a foot (maybe both) down before being pushed out by the defender. Overall, I've been really pleased with the efforts on both sides of the ball. The defense does appear to be outpacing the offense at this point but I expect that for every team early in the season. This is especially true because our offense (more so than the D) is looking to find the guys to step in and step up; they are having to replace more starters on that side of the ball. I didn't take notes this week but overall I am very excited for this year's version of the Zips.
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    Even OHSAA is seeing a decline in attendance for all sports. http://www.cantonrep.com/sports/20180416/canton-still-waiting-on-status-of-2018-high-school-football-state-finals “The overall trend — not just in high school sports, but in college and pro sports — is the number of people buying tickets is going down,” said Stried, who said Ohio’s attendance numbers are still among the best in the country. “I don’t think there’s just one reason for that. It’s a combination of several factors and we’re trying to identify things that we can do to help attendance. It’s still up to the consumer about where to go out that night, but we’re asking ourselves, ‘What are the things we can do to make it easier for them?’” Digging deeper, there are two really troubling trends from the OHSAA’s perspective. One, high school attendance in central Ohio is down in every sport, not just football. This is a bad sign considering it’s also the part of Ohio that is growing the most. (In general, northeast Ohio and southwest Ohio typically draw the largest crowds, Stried said.) The second troubling trend is that student sections are getting smaller. “There are exceptions — like (Cincinnati) Moeller at this year’s state basketball tournament — but overall, it’s kind of a trend that mirrors the overall attendance,” Stried said. The 2017 state cross country tournament actually posted the second-highest attendance in history at 12,054, but the OHSAA’s two biggest revenue sources are ticket sales from football and boys basketball — and both are trending down.
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    From what I heard there was 2 pick six’s on fairly simple bubble type passes & a WR fumbled after a catch the defense picked up & returned for a score, the positive was they worked on the running game after that & it seemed to work pretty well / the negative would be our defense had trouble stopping the run game Excited for Spring Game & Surplus Sale Go Zips
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    If programs like Colorado and Rutgers are still picking up meaningful players as of yesterday, I'm pretty confident Akron's remaining scholarships will be used on decent talent too.
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    BTW, to avoid misconceptions, as I recall DeA did not leave Sunderland by his own choice. He was on loan to Sunderland from Tottenham. It was Tottenham that made the deal with NUFC.
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    Entire list of D1 Football rule changes for 2018 http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/alteration-football-kickoff-rule-approved
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    In the meantime...http://www.crainscleveland.com/article/20171207/news/144916/youngstown-state-extends-president-jim-tressels-contract
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    C'mon 'Castle....beat buflobo's (and my previous fave) Gunners!