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    That game was crazy. Two immediate thoughts when watching are: 1) How does Hawkins keep his job? 2) Too bad Virshon was such a damn head case.
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    Cotton won at least 2 games for us on clutch plays. We have lost several close games when we have not had a player who can make a game winning shot. Who will finally be the player this year to step forward and win us a game. I am banking on Banks. My pick to take the game winning shot.
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    The last time these two teams met was one of the most effed up Zips games I've ever experienced. Was absolutely soul crushing for the Broncos. I hear some boos in the crowd. Wow, KLac, Malcolm, Parrish, Patton on the floor at the end.
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    That was mostly sarcasm on my part. We can use all the input we can get on this forum. Happy New Year.
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    This year is the best the MAC has been in two decades. Buffalo barring a MAC regular season letdown is already an at-large team and Toledo is currently on the edge of being a bubble team. Toledo would probably need to beat Buffalo to have any real chance of sneaking in with an at-large. Outside of those that MAC is filled with a lot of good to mediocre teams with really no cupcakes.
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    Illinois has always been a mess in football. The only time I can remember them being relevant was when they had Juice Williams. They're a basketball school and always have been. It makes their fall to the bottom of B10 surprising.
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    I too appreciate you being on this board. Your posts are very insightful. FWIW, I liked your Illini avatar. I think it is classy and by no means disrespectful to the Zip faithful. A diversity of perspective is valuable and welcome. Happy New Year!
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    E-man seems to have regressed. They'll need him in league play.
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    late last weekend, there was a story posted from the crunch zone... Here is their followup story http://thecrunchzone.com/mens-soccer-taps-assistant-john-michael-hayden-as-head-coach/
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    Abdi #9 on this list I hope that their #5 player on their list is not drafted..... https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2018/12/19/ranking-top-12-2019-mls-superdraft-senior-prospects
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    Chargers LB Jatavis Brown will miss the remainder of the season
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