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    Don't blame Groce for Mark's lack of ability to compete at the D1 level....disingenuous to suggest it was on Coach's back, if you ever watched him play at UA. No disagreement on Mark being a great kid, etc. but just wasn't a D1 baller. Walsh and mark will compliment each other.
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    On the bright side, 50% of the new system will be better than 100% of Milwee's
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    Here are some images from this mornings practice. Notes to follow.
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    Not sure that's a fair statement. The landscape of college basketball and recruiting is changing. Groce has been tasked with stopping the bleeding, and 4 year players don't exactly do that at this level, especially when some of your initial 4 year players aren't locker room fits. Get me a winning product. I don't care if that's 10 4 year players, 10 1 year players, 10 JUCOs, or a concoction of everything. Win.
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    KD once explained to me the plight of the mid-majors. If you want to field a team that has a chance to make some noise comprimises have to be made when recruiting players. The P5 schools gobble up all the sure bet players. Some of them may never see the floor, but hey they played for Duke, NC, etc... That leaves guys who have talent but also some baggage that scared away the big schools. Guys like Tree(bad temper), BigDog(weight issues), Harney(weed, attitude), etc... For a mid-major coach to be successful he has to juggle all these guys with problems and find enough other role players to put together a winning team. Sometimes those combinations just don't work out. With the advent of the transfer rules it has made it easy for players and coaches to get a divorce.
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    A couple weeks ago Zips redshirt sophomore receiver Jeremiah Knight was nice enough to answer a few questions from me and Dr. Z after practice. Here's his story - Catching On As always, thanks to Dr. Z for the great supporting photography and layout!
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    WVU released their non-conf schedule. Zips play at WVU on 11/8. WVU will play in Youngstown at the Covelli Center against the Penguins on 12/21. Mountaineers will be at the Fieldhouse in CLE on 12/29 to face the Buckeyes. https://bluegoldnews.com/west-virginia-mountaineers/wvu-announces-non-conference-mens-basketball-schedule/
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    ...and his mommy didn't have to pretend he was on the crew team and pay half a mill to get him in!
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    It was tough to get to my keyboard this weekend. Here are some belated practice notes - As per usual, there were group practice drills, interspersed with a few scrimmage periods. Lots of work in the red zone. We are going to have a lot of red zone options this upcoming season. It will be tough for anyone to cover Dre, Boogie, Nate and Jonah when we go 4-wide. Someone's going to be open. It doesn't seem like there's any doubt that this is Kato's team. In comparison to last season, he seems much more mature and poised. An Achilles heel of his has been letting his emotions get the best of him. Maybe Arth's calm demeanor is rubbing off on Kato a little? Speaking of Arth, he's definitely coaching "harder" in week 4 of the spring. In the first two Saturday practices there weren't very many critical assessments. Everything was positive. Today you heard a little barking at guys that lined up in the wrong spot, or who didn't know the play. Expectations are higher than one month ago. Reggie Corner was on the sidelines. Apparently injured. Ditto Dre Williams. Sampson and Keyondre White also didn't play. If the number of practice reps has anything to do with the QB pecking order, it looks like it's Kato, then Kelley, then TJ Deshields and then Ramart. Deltron is definitely bigger. Hopefully that helps his durability...staying healthy has always been a struggle for him. He had a really nice 35 yard TD run in one of the scrimmage sessions where he made a couple inside juke moves, then broke it outside and outran everyone to the endzone. Jonah Morris looked very good yesterday. Made some nice catches in the endzone. Nate Stewart continues to impress. He's had an excellent spring. There's no way diminutive RB Brandon Lee isn't seeing meaningful snaps on offense this season. He has the height of Franshon Bickley, but the comparisons end there. Tough runner with great speed. Jerry Fitschen got a couple opportunities to kick the ball through the uprights instead of just kicking off, and acquitted himself very well. He hit a 37 yarder to end the practice. Kato hit Dustin Burkhart on a long 50+ yard TD bomb late in the day. It was fun seeing Shawn Featherstone back in action. That's all I've got. It was more drills than scrimmaging today, so there weren't a lot of "sexy" happenings to report on. The biggest positive I walked away thinking about is - A more mature, improved Kato, plus 4 high level WR's in Josh Boogie, Nate and Dre means our offense is going to be a lot of fun to watch next year. We have a nice jab and punch combo in the backfield, where we can go small/fast with Sands and Lee, and power/big with White and Alce. Floyd has looked good too. And, I think Arth will find a way to feature Wolfley. He was underutilized last season.
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    I'll start some notes, but I know @Captain Kangaroo has more. It's difficult to photograph, and be very attentive while keeping an eye on multiple footballs and players, but here are a few. ◙ The most positive thing I witnessed, in my opinion, is to see our quarterbacks go through progressions. I saw Kato look off receivers and go to his second option multiple times. ◙ Speaking of "options" I like to see the the team practicing red zone offense for good amount of time. Lots of options for the QB in the red zone passing game. ◙ I think it's unfair to judge an offensive line right now. I would have to watch individuals multiple times. As coach mentioned to Joe Dunn yesterday after practice, I think our run game is behind some. But there were multiple good runs by Deltron. I didn't get to speak with him after, if I did, I would have asked if he put on some weight. He looks bigger to me, but maybe thats because he was wearing #41 with a lot of space between the four and the one. ◙ Coach Arth, and staff, are constantly teaching, he will either tell someone what they did right, or what they did wrong after ever snap. He seems to really enjoy it, and every player and parent that I talk to says the same. ◙ Coach Arth held a breakfast with University faculty and staff before practice, going around to each table for a meet and greet. I think the phrase "he just gets it" is overused, but I wouldn't argue with anyone that said that about him. ◙ Referees attended the practice. There were also refs that were in training. Once in awhile they would throw a flag. Kind of interesting to hear some of the teaching, I hesitate to write what I heard. I'll just say it confirms a lot of what I thought about particular calls. The refs also mentioned a few things to the group after practice. ◙ Nate Stewart made a great case for himself seeing the ball often. He fights hard in one on one situations, and was very successful yesterday. If I'm the QB, and he has one on one coverage, he has my attention. ◙ I wish I could give you more detail about the defense, but I'm only coming up with a few things. Dylan Meeks stood out on a few short yardage plays. I noticed Michael Scott with multiple successful stunt blitzes. Alvin was at corner, and playing well. ◙ Lots of area recruits there. Many from Canton McKinley. ◙ I'll be interested to read other valued ZipNation member's notes next week at the spring game. I will be out of town, so please post something, even if it's just one thing you noticed. If you question something you saw, post it, I'll try to get an answer if there is one. I was told there will be no score or stats at the spring game. I think you will be entertained by this team, because they seem to enjoy practicing with this staff. I'm thinking it will translate on the field this fall.
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    Way too early predictions have UG3 making the 53 man roster Inside Linebacker (5) Dave: Vince Williams, Mark Barron, Devin Bush, Tyler Matakevich, Ulysses Gilbert III Analysis: They carry five players with Gilbert because of special teams value. He’ll battle with Matakevich for a game-day helmet. Jeff: Analysis: If there is a shock here it would be Matakevich getting cut if Gilbert shows out. But for what Matakevich lacks in talent, he makes up for in awareness and brains. I don’t see him getting cut. ------------------------------------ Dr Z: Analysis: I've watched more of Matakevich in a Steeler uniform, and Gilbert in a Zips uniform than most. I'll be shocked if Gilbert doesn't provide more value to the Steelers from day one, than Matakevich every did. Tomlin craves, what he calls "splash" plays, this is exactly what Gilbert will bring when he steps on the field. The speed between the two is not comparable, and will favor Gilbert.
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    If Groce had not insisted on moving screens, he might not have fouled out.
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    This post is highly inflammatory. There is no way I would ever wear purple slippers. Gotta go, I need to yell at the neighbors kids to keep off my lawn.
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    For those who wants us to recruit Cbus more
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    Bob has been officially hired by Chris Sabo as part of his recruiting staff.
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    I thought we could compete for a MAC title next year had Utomi returned. Watching Cheese and LCJ progress along with knowing we'd be adding Williams gave me hope we could make strides to improving our offense enough to win in a very weakened MAC. We already had the best defense in the MAC. Fast forward to now and I don't see a real plan. We have 4 graduating seniors on next years team and an additional 5 the year after. The goal should have been to try to win this upcoming season while the MAC is down and before he have to rebuild. Instead of going out and adding a grad transfer that could help replace Utomi's production, our prized off-season acquisition can't even play this season and we now have to spend 2 years worth of scholarships to get 1 year of eligibility. Looking at the scholarship chart @Illini Zip kindly tracks I just don't see where in the next 4 years that we'll be a serious contender for a MAC title. I'm expecting us to hover around mediocrity. I'm not ready to call for Groce head, but I'm certainly losing faith in him.
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    It is so hard to separate the good news from the bad news in Iowa City. For the record, Dailey is a very good player. Very underutilized in Iowa City, partly because Mad Fran would try to use 10-man rotations. I don't think he ever got a fair shot. He doesn't seem like a disgruntled kid, even though he has good reasons to be. He is very articulate and thoughtful. I think he will bring maturity, not baggage.
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    I'm getting extremely itchy for recruiting news. The 1st day of the signing period is next Wednesday, but lasts for a month.
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    I've never been there for a game, but have attended a few events over the years. Perhaps the most helpful (if not obvious) thing I would say is that The University of Illinois is in Champaign, downstate and nowhere near Chicago. The population of the "metro" is only 200,000. This means that you should book hotels early because they don't have the inventory like Chicago (for which Northwestern that can host a home game and hardly make a dent on the local hotel availability). Fortunately, they have little hope for their football team, so that should keep after-market ticket prices low.
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    And still learning new systems.
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    Zips win both Men's and Women's Championship!!
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    Those amenities could be shared with the ball parks and soccer field. Having everything clustered on campus opens a lot of opportunities to make the events a destination, where they would be in place for track, softball, soccer, and baseball. Decent rest rooms. What about a place for food trucks? Maybe place things to do near the entrance of the Team Shop. Draw more people into there. Most minor league baseball fans don't care whether the team is AA, A, independent league. Or what those mean. They go for an affordable day outside at a decent facility with a choice of foods. And maybe one day being able to say "I saw them play back when...". Schedule several games/events at once to make it worthwhile. Charge admission to ball games. IMO that would help attendance. Make it more "something to do" than going to watch a game or event.
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    K Brown article https://dawindycity.com/2019/04/23/chicago-bears-nfl-draft-kyron-brown/ Zips haven't had 2 players drafted in the same draft. Let alone 3 right?!
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    I checked out a few short clips I could find of him. He seems to be able to move the court well and has good athleticism. Not sure if he can shoot or not as all the clips I came a crossed were short clips of him dunking. Here is a video of him taking off from the free throw line and dunking.
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    Zips T & F soldiers on...out west at Mt. St. Mary's Tevin Brown breaks school record in the 10,000 meter and Mackenzie Andrews sets new school record in the steeplechase! It's been a while since we've had strength in the long distances....way to go Tev and Mack!
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    Couldn't agree more with GJ. I left the Akron area in 1989 and love living in Columbus, but no one here has a clue about the Zips. They think we are lucky to be in the MAC and are like a YSU w/o the winning football tradition. They know nothing of Soccer, Basketball, W. Swimming or Track and Field. Most think we have a Cleveland State-type campus = no grass or trees. The news on Akron is mostly negative, that is, losing teams, financial crisis, rust belt economy, axed programs, poor leadership (Scarborough). We would do well to recruit this area. The population base will soon be the biggest in the state and the athletic programs are outstanding, like NE Ohio in the 70's and 80's. We will never, ever pass OSU, but we can build a better rep by getting athletes to go to Akron and have them play on winning teams like Will Trapp, Abdul Salaam, Christie Smith and many more, all from Columbus.
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    ...he's also not 6'11".
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    HA! Found my old media guide and...December 1993, 3rd game of the season. lost 71-43....
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    Wow. Would be rough to have to deal with a max exodus of players this late in the game huh? Sounds familiar for some reason..
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    https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/04/sports/ncaa-final-four-graduate-transfers.html NCAA considering a rule where if a school receives a grad transfer and the player does not earn his masters degree within 1 year, the school is docked a hoops scholarship the following year (which seems to ignore many grad programs take 2 years to complete) Just putting it on the radar since the Zips seem like a team who could use a grad transfer to fill out next year's roster
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    I feel it was done in an effort to draw more interest to the non-revenue sports. It was a good idea, but really hasn't achieved what it was set out to do. Most fans still really only get excited about the football and men's basketball match-ups (particularly when they meet in Cleveland), which is no different than before.
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    Looks like we've got another addition to the 2019 class. DL with what should be 2 years to play. Also had offers from Kent, Kansas, and Charlotte in this recruiting cycle. https://247sports.com/Player/JaQuize-Cross-83046/high-school-143915/
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    If Kostelac was a D1 talent another D1 school would have snatched him up. He was destined to a career on the bench at any reasonable D1 school. Walsh is a good fit.
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    Good for Mark. That's a well-coached (by Akron Ellet's own Jeff Young) and a level of play where he can excel.
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    TRibble was our last scholarship. In hindsight, I would rather Dos Anjos than Maishe. We would get a player who can play next year and then develop hopefully over 4 years. I just don't think our needs were to have someone sit for a year then play for one year. WE need to build a team, not rent a player.
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    I want the entire team!
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    This video is pretty good also. It shows more of Jonathon Dos Anjos game. He is wearing #23 Blue/White. There looks to be a bunch of talent in blue/white, but Dos Anjos is definitely a warrior with a high motor. Me likey.
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    One of my students recently told me that they were offered by UA to play baseball. He was bummed because he said he'd much rather play D-I MAC baseball; but already made the commitment to another school (not D-I MAC). Apparently there is a significant $-fee to pay in order to decommit from a program...who would have known? Based on his home situation/background decommiting is not in the cards. At any rate, I wanted to mention this because I talked to him for awhile and it kinda blew my mind a little bit how knowledgable he was about Akron's baseball situation and it showed me that local kids do pay attention to our baseball program. Kinda got me a little excited about Akron Baseball for the first time...like ever. Just thought I'd pass that good vibe along.
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    I'm just happy someone found him.
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    Simply couldn't have asked for better weather today. Michael Scott stood out to me right away. He's a little bigger than Josh Ward & seems to move just as well. Josh also looks good as always. Jeffrey Lubin & Rich Hall really pass the eyeball test as DB's. Lubin's a big corner at 6'2". Being that tall I thought he might get moved to safety, but no, he's at CB. Gavin Blunt looked good at WR. Big, tall, pretty fast & has nice moves. But Gavin won't see the field much this year. We're stacked at WR. Jonah Morris, Boogie Knight & Nate Stewart are 3 legit WR's. Add Andre Williams to that corps & it's quite loaded. Timothy Scipio is also a big, athletic WR who adds depth. Our offense is going to be quite multiple. It looks like Arth likes RB's who can catch the ball out of the backfield. We often had either Deltron Sands or that new walk-on from MUU line up in the backfield but go into motion out wide. This gave us a spread offense with Deltron, Jonah, Boogie & Nate out wide & Maverick Wolfey at TE. Bad news: Jonah Morris looked like he hurt his knee & had to be carted off the field. I pray it's not too serious. Abraham Alce is a tank. I didn't notice Devanier Floyd today. Did he practice? There were a lot of this year's signees at the game. At least I think that's who they were. There may have been some recruits at the game as well. I could only recognize OL Xavier Gray from Jackson. So I just assumed they were signees who will be freshmen next season.
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    Too bad there is no one to blame but our own university for the deterioration at the track!
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    I mean they already announced the coach
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    From your keyboard to the ears of the basketball gods.
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    Just saw this. Go with the Cyclones. They are on a roll after winning the Big 12 Tournament. Second shortest travel distance to the Final Four (to Tulsa, then KC, then Minneapolis). And our fans will travel with them and dominate the arenas. No way will they stumble against the Buckwheats.