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    Congrats to Shawn!
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    Akron has won the Wagon Wheel Challenge again this year, as they have every year since dropping baseball. After eight years of the 'all sports' challenge, Kent won the first four, and Akron has won the most recent four. Has this promotion now run its course? In every year except 2013-2014, the team that won the football game won the all sports challenge. Most of the sports are not competitive at all, with one school winning 7 or 8 of the last eight years. Kent domination : Baseball (before 2015-16), Men's Golf, Women's Golf, Women's Soccer, Softball Akron domination : Men's Cross-Country, Men's Indoor Track and Field, Men's Outdoor Track and Field It was a nice idea to get other sports involved in the wagon wheel rivalry, but ultimately it comes down to the football game anyways. If Akron had not dropped baseball (and you assume a Kent win in every season), the two schools would have been tied the past four years, with Kent retaining possession of the challenge trophy.
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    Mike Davis is solid but it sounds like he has a teeny weensy bit of Marv Marinovich in him. I think the kid was probably the most ball dominant player we saw all year. I suspect that Mike benefited a little from Antoine being his son in getting the job and Antoine benefited from Mike being the coach with no limitations placed on his game.
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    Interesting article on Detroit Mercy's Antoine Davis who took approximately 900 shots (really only 26) at the JAR this past season. Daddy-ball at the D1 level. https://www.si.com/college-basketball/2019/06/03/antoine-davis-detroit-mercy-mike-davis-nba
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    Worth noting CMU was the team that sent the 'Canes to the loser's bracket in the first place where they later met up again. The MAC champs splitting with one of the most prestigious programs in the nation isn't too shabby. Difference here is pitching depth. When G5 teams are throwing thier #1 pitchers they have a legit shot most of the time but when a G5 third man in the rotation comes up against a P5 lineup, especially from the south, it usually doesn't go well for the G5 team. Still better than it was a couple decades ago. The trend is getting better but a long way to go to get near equal footing.
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