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    No. Absolutely not. The very last thing you should want as a Zips fan is Larry Williams making another head coaching decision.
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    The offensive line is detrimental to the play of anyone lining up at quarterback. The right side needs help. If there is not a capable player to consistently perform, I think we need to lineup a tight end next to right tackle on every snap. A consistent snap to quarterback’s chest would be beneficial to the outcome of each play as well. It’s hard to evaluate others until this unit starts to perform at an average level.
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    Probably the most sensible post I've read today. Art will be here for awhile. he should use that time to show he is capable of winning a championship. When we get in a better financial boat there needs to be a decision based on results. If Arth has turned it around he can stay, if not cut your losses and find a new coach.
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    Haters gonna hate. Your next positive post will be your first.
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    Well, the Zips WSOC are in! A 1-0 win at Central Michigan Sunday made for a weekend sweep over EMU and CMU and moves the Zips to 5-4-1 with Thursday's match against Buffalo at 3 pm at FES. But the win cinches a berth in the MAC tourney....well done WSOC! Bailee Bowers netted the match winner in the first half and the D played stingy like they have all season. It's a different team than last season's.
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    I agree we need a punter , a kicker and some O lineman. Every weekend I sit in the stands and see all these lineman sitting doing nothing, I see players in nothing but jerseys. Dont understand why.Its now week 9 unload the bench ,all those boys should be dressed and ready. Play the freshman its not going to get any worse . It will only help for the future.Dr Z is dead on suggesting we line up a TE who can block and an extra back in the backfield. I dont feel we are good enough upfront to run the spread. As far as Arth & Staff, I feel they are good. Remember, they came in just before signing day and really had no chance. Though everyone might disagree, I feel he has the ship going in the right direction. He is recruiting a different type of player and is making these young men accountable. I know everyone wants instant gratification but be patient.
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    Larry Williams has little if anything to do with the success of volleyball, swimming, or the upswing of Women's Soccer. The coaches of those programs were already in place when Larry arrived. Williams’ tenure has also produced six new head coaches, including Tom Arth (football), John Groce (men’s basketball), Melissa Jackson (women’s basketball), Chris Sabo (baseball), Christy Mitchell (women’s lacrosse), and Meaggan Pettipiece (softball). Source: GoZips.com, https://gozips.com/staff.aspx?staff=1 We're all waiting for this great step forward in football, the sport which Larry played and about which he should know the most and have the most connections. To date, we've not seen an inkling that it will happen any time soon. I will also say that I've seen student athletes cut from our teams for less transgressions than that which our Men's Basketball coach allegedly allowed to transpire earlier this year and which is back in the news. Larry is a nice guy, but this is business. He has not made any progress with the 2 teams on which the UA Athletics Department is most reliant for revenue generation. In fact, both have gone significantly backward and look to be worsening. When contracts expire, and results aren't there, it's time to look for new leadership.
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    We have scored 3 points in the last three games 🤮 A couple years ago we had Jim Tressel, Jim Dennison, Keith Dambrot and Terry Bowden (and Bobby sometimes) on campus. F%$king moronic to have let them all go. Imagine where we would be if; Jim Tressel - UoA President Jim Dennison - Athletic Director (if he would have accepted) Keith Dambrot - Mens Basketball Coach Terry Bowden - Football Coach On a side note, if Coach D was our AD, I bet he could have persuaded Paul Winters to come back.
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    One positive way to look at this is that sometimes you truly have to bottom out in order to make the meteoric rise. When putting together a staff your first staff would logically be your best effort, as it would be fresh, new, and full of hope. How many people are going to jump on board an 0-12 team and put their careers on the line? What you are criticizing here with the makeup of Arth's staff was literally a harbinger of what we are around to see in terms of player recruitment. If you cannot get a staff of qualified people to surround you as a head coach what does that forecast for the future? Nice guys, sure, but also proving to be unqualified for the task at hand. Arth has now gone a full calendar year without a win as a head coach. Someone thought it was a good idea to buy him out of his Chattanooga contract to launch this pain train. Who are the people who made these decisions? That's rhetorical. Last year was a once in a decade opportunity to right the course of the Zip football program, and all signs at the present are that there were some major flaws in the financial and search aspects of this process. It's always darkest before the dawn. Keeping it real, we all know this personnel make-up is not changing any time soon. We bought out Bowden, and paid Chattanooga to get Arth, the athletics department has no revenue coming in off football and so this is our reality for the next 3-4 years. Our new President, Gary Miller, shared that "We need a strategic horizon about three to five years where we really make some hard choices, go with our strengths and move the university through the current proximate difficulties," he said., Miller's last two schools did not even have football, so there is no precedent in his past which points to investing more money in football when the rest of the university is struggling with fiscal matters. The University of Akron saw an overall 6.5% decline in enrollment this fall Someone wrote above "Good money after bad", perhaps, but there has never been a steady stream of revenue coming in off Akron Football to look back on and say we are missing out on anything, so it's truly hopeful conjecture to assume that it could ever materialize. The next two home games are on Tuesday nights in November and will have less than 1,000 butts in Infocision Stadium, and a winless 2019 season hanging over the program. That's the reality of what our coaching staff will be armed with when they go out and recruit over the next 3 months. You could have Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, John Heisman and Vince Lombardi on the sideline and that is a pretty tall mountain to scale. All we can do now is hope for the best. Dr Z - The ESPN crew, yeah, they made the game funny at times. I appreciate your positive take. Every little bit of light helps. As for AJ Watts, it would be nice if his twitter bio correctly listed the name of the school he attends and plays for https://twitter.com/anthonyajwatts?lang=en We cheer the Akron Blue and Gold, We cheer as the colors unfold. We pledge anew, we're all for you, As the team goes crashing through, Fight! Fight! We cheer the Akron warriors bold, For a fight that's a sight to behold, So we stand up, and cheer and shout, For the Akron Blue and Gold!
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    I hear you @72Roo However, Arth like RI1.0 may not be capable. As soon as contracts expire, those who squandered $650k+ to create this mess and who continue to make colossal hiring mistakes need to go. UA cannot afford to keep paying for these blunders. Students, who have no choice but to pay for this, and dedicated Akron Football alumni, fans, supporters do not deserve this nor does the university or community as a whole. This failure is a drag on the university and all of its great programs, academic and athletic.
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    Akron best Xavier is a scrimmage. Both teams did not play all their key players (I don’t know who).
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    Great win by the Zips. We are really gaining some nice momentum playing our brand of soccer and finally putting the ball in the back of the net.
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    Please don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.
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    Can we please fire this "coach"? Not at the end of the season. NOW. It is clear that he is clueless.
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    A 3-2 road win at EMU yesterday evens the women's record to 4-4-1 and in 7th place with 13 points, a point ahead of #8 Can't State. Toledo sits in the 9th slot 4 points behind the Zips. WSOC take on Central Michigan Sunday, then come home for the regular season finale against Buffalo at 3:00 pm (all schools in the MAC play at 3 the final match, as some schools do not have lights for soccer, and all matches must be simultaneously played). A win in Mt. Pleasant or at FES and the Zips are through to MAC tournament play. A Toledo loss on Sunday or Thursday puts Akron in. The Zips beat Toledo 2-0 earlier in the season and hold the tie-breaker if the two teams are tied at the end of the season. Way to go Zips!
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    Groce dismissed as a party as he is not a state agent or instrumentality- https://ohcourtportal.tylerhost.net/Portal/DocumentViewer/Index/VfOmq1UgUtYMYckZMz3Zh8yNGJlfHyssUuYPBS6e1BxVfUgdF7fFjUkIl-VwgVXfbMu_XcUZ0lkLtJOaGVEkZI31TOSgnsyqn4qskwyXvoBPZtkYxb91_ooR2iZt1RmM0?p=0
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    I by no means bury my head in the sand. It takes a village not an individual for success. Become part of the village and not the villain whose negativity is trying to tear something down that hasn't even started yet. Give em a chance !
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    As the father of a college diver, I appreciate your point about keeping the entire program in view, not just football.
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    I don't disagree. But, 'follow the money'. Unfortunately a lot more going out than coming in.
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    THAT DAMN LARRY WILLIAMS! Look what he's done! That damn volleyball team screwed up again, and WON AGAIN! They're not following the script, winning after a big loss Friday night, they were supposed to fold and continue Williams' diabolical plan to kill Akron Athletics! And those damn Swimmers!!! and those awful women's soccer players!!! Don't they understand what Larry wants! Total demise of all things Zippy!!! We need to fire Herlihy and Peresie and Hanna for mutiny! 😂😁😄😅
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    The discrimination aspect of this case is BS and the kid will need a prayer to prove that in court. But for Groce and his staff to allow a kid to leave the scene with his extent of injuries is gross negligence that puts the program and university in a bad light and will greatly negatively effect recruiting. No way in hell I'm sending my son in that environment. Clean House
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    Brookhart upsetting NC State on a last second TD run by Kennedy also warranting a live interview on ESPN that Monday is a unforgettable moment
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    Restructure his staff? Lol. He arranged it to begin with, I have little hope that restructuring will yield the results needed.
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    We didn't have the resources to fire Bowden so we definitely don't have the resources to buy out two more large contracts. This dumpster fire needs to burn itself out over time. It's the only responsible way to proceed.
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    Unfortunately, it can. What a disaster. I hope Arth has the guts to restructure his staff in the off-season. This team is poorly prepared and has zero confidence it can win.
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    Why not fire them both. Both have been colossal disasters. The longer we hold on them, the more our legacy of failure grows.
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    More, More, More I'm almost there.
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    Groce should be fired. Negligence
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    Agreed. We have four more games of this sh$tshow and Arth is going to coach them. On the plus side, I like Arth as the person and he doesn't wear his laminated play call sheet inside his pants.
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    I was a born and bred tOSU fan until I went to Akron at 41 years old. I took the bait and became a Zips fan. That was 12 years ago. I feel like somebody should have warned me...
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    I will go to the games and support the players and the school and wait for a reckoning for all those involved in this hiring. I know there were some on the selection committee who had absolutely no football knowledge. The soccer team is playing like a champion again, and basketball starts in a week. Also, want to give a special shout out to Kato Nelson for getting himself suspended for 3 games at the most vulnerable moment of the season for this team.
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    Hixon catch. I can watch that over and over again. And it got him a ticket to the NFL and a Superbowl ring.
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    Long pass play on third and 1? The announcers are calling Arth one of the brightest minds in college football. Please hire someone dumb that can win.
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    Hey MP! Yeah, the team started play in 2001 under Coach Catherine Byrne, and improved each of the first three seasons with a 8-9-1 2003 year. Things went South the next two seasons, but the 2006 team posted the first winning season at 11-7-0, but still 4-7-0 in the MAC. The beat New Mexico and Kent State that year and won their first 6 matches. .Chris Pfau took over the Head Coach position in 2009 and promptly posted a 9-7-2 record and went 7-3-1 in the MAC to win their only East Championship. They played some great teams that year in non-conference matches - Kentucky, Creighton, Nebraska, Cincinnati. After an 0-2-1 start to MAC play they won 7 of their next 8 and 6 in a row to clinch the title. Britni Back was a huge part of that, as was Rachel Phillip and Jordan Baranowski. Katie Wise had 3 or 4 match winners that year as a freshman, I believe. The team went to 5-5-1 in MAC play the following season and 4-5-2 the next before Pfau left, and Vernon Croft took over for 3 disastrous seasons, with poor recruiting and style of play. Noreen Herlihy took over in 2015. It's always been a puzzle to me and several fans I know as to how a school with a storied program like Akron on the men's side, can't produce the same on the women's side. We always thought that they should have promoted Caleb to "Director of Soccer Operations in 2010 after the first star on our kits and promote Jared and have Caleb oversee both Men's and Women's programs....pipe dreams!
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    Don Ursetti (sounded like a garbage disposal) and Whitey Wall (sounded like a grandmother-big contributor to UA though) were the previous announcers. They were terrible - French was a huge upgrade (Touchdown Akron! - wish we could hear more fo that this season)
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    Groce and the training staff are negligent for not taking him directly to the hospital. Then letting him drive home in inexcusable. They wanted to push it under the rug and hope no media got the story. He never refused transport - they never called transport. It’s on video with UA police. I hope this gets rid of Groce . He’s a > 500 piece of garbage.
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