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    Harvard Medical and John Hopkins have projected that intermittent social-distancing might be necessary until 2022. Everyone always focuses on the bats...but it's the damn Pangolins everyone needs to jump on! Those damned devilish mammals that look like lizards are freaking weird and surprisingly cute at the same time! Just look at him...totally planning world domination: (For those who don't get the reference; SARS-CoV-2...aka Covid-19...has Bat AND Pangolin RNA. So it appears that two separate wild coronaviruses had the opportunity to interact and have...a version of weird virus sex...aka recombination. The running theory has been the virus made the jump from Pangolins to Humans, and the evidence is slowly mounting that this was the case. And it would be some sort of divine justice because the Chinese hunt the cute little Pangolins for everything from "Ancient Chinese Medicine" to other "Luxury" products...much like the Ivory trade). And sorry I couldn't help it...I'm a science teacher I had to post a picture of a Pangolin! : )
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    The ignore feature is your friend
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    https://www.hudl.com/video/2/79205/5eb729c12ab1270b0c073701 its a shame none of these highlight comps ever show much passing which is probably the best part of his game but this one does show his range and quick release pretty well if you guys want to get a look
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    Greetings, all. Nice to look back through this thread and see someone talk crap about Groce being a bad hire still because the man cares about his career more than UA. Do everyone here a favor and stay the hell away from this program. Go cheer for Kent like you want to, if you're dying to cheer for complacency. Jackass.
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    Football is dead. Long live football!
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    You're right. I can't give a good business reason why. But then again, it isn't a business. It's a university.
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    There was a nice sense of irony there. Thanks for noticing.
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    I'm a soccer fan too, from the days of the Cleveland Cobras of the old ASL, to the Cleveland Force, Canton Invaders, and Cleveland Crunch from indoor pinball, the Cleveland Caps (I know the team owner), the Columbus Crew and CLE SC. I'm not abdicating shutting down the soccer program. I have no idea where you got that idea. This isn't us vs. them.
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    Facts aren't reasons. I would like to see what MAC schools could do if they put a compelling, more enjoyable product on the field at a time and day of the week when it was reasonable for fans to attend. It wasn't that long ago that they did and attendance was good.
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    This is a really good point and central to what I have been concerned about as it relates to schools like ours for a few years. I would bet a lot of money your lack of interest didn't happen overnight. All of us have been given two scenarios by the morons who run our athletic departments. Fans can pick one or the other or both. Both are bad. The experiment has run it's course and the results are in and the current state of MAC football proves how disastrous things have become. Scenario one: Set up a schedule designed for early season failure and hope things turn around and you get to .500. Given the standings, this is a 50/50 bet. Heck, the highest number of wins by a MAC school last year was an uninspiring 8. The results drive fans away because of early season failure and little to hope for down the road positive possibilities. I don't blame a fan for losing focus. Scenario two: Enter into television contracts that make it almost impossible for some fans to attend games because of travel restrictions and those who are close enough can't go because of work restrictions, late season weather problems in the midwest or any number of reasonable excuses not to attend a college football game on a Tuesday/Wednesday night. Even the games at the good schools are not well attended on weeknight games so I'm not buying the argument anymore that winning will solve branding problems. The only conclusion any sane person can make is the athletic departments of these schools could care less about the average fan, enjoy making the schools they work for look like a joke on national television and could care less about winning or losing football games. The erosion of fan support has happened slowly, but it is no accident. There is a really good book called "The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*$k". The book isn't about indifference or not caring about things. It is about accepting that life is a series of problems you have to solve daily and then basically you die. Dropping down a division isn't going to solve the problem of horrifically bad decision making on the part of schools like ours. Some just think our problems will be solved if we drop down. Some problems may be solved, but others are created at that point and they could be far worse than what we are currently experiencing. The best thing we can do is accept our failures and chart a new course that will surely bring different problems, but in fact may make the average fan of schools like ours more positive about supporting sports teams. We really need better long term thinking and the current crop of athletic directors being produced in this country simply are not capable of solving our problems and may in fact be the central problem. The best example I can give of problems never being solved is Warren Buffett. Are all of his problems solved because he has a pile of cash? Heck no. He has so many problems he has to have a team of executives he pays millions of dollars each to take some of the problem solving burden off of his shoulders so he can focus on 3-4 problems he can deal with.
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    It's not ideal, but at some point we have to be adults about it. I'm a Zips fan. But you're going to cut a National Championship team that has continued to compete for National Championships; and is far cheaper to maintain over a team that has surpassed over .500 once or twice in the last two decades? That doesn't even qualify as stupid. Let alone futile. Your last point is on the mark. I've always been a loyal Zips Football supporter, but even I stopped watching it. First stopped attending games, then stopped watching it....hell not even looking at the score of the game last year. I've been to more soccer games than Football games in the last 3 years. I consider my Alumni Season Ticket package to all sports as a donation, so if I miss a game I'm not worried about it.
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    A couple years ago, I argued the other side. But since then the bottom has fallen out. Performance wise and money wise. Yes it's possible for the Zips to rebuild, but with the budget cuts we know are coming? Accelereated by the Cononavirus? When you have these Zips fans calling for its end? I want football to win as much as anybody here. And a hell of a lot more than the "fans" who want football gone to protect the budget of their favorite programs. If it's a realist MAC with programs playing within their means, that's great. If it means playing Division 1 FCS with other regional rivals, I'm in. TBH, I went to a lot more Canton Charge games this season than Cleveland Cavaliers. I had equal access to be paid the same to go to both, it wasn't because of cheap tickets. I get to a point where watching a team lose 3/4 of their games just isn't fun anymore.
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    If Akron cuts football over soccer I’m done with the university. And I’m not the only one. Even last year going 0-fer, I’d put football’s attendance average up against any other program in the school. I’ll go a step further. I would put attendance of the Acme Zip games (43,171 in 1971) against any home games in the FBS era. Winning football sells here in football country. It doesn’t matter what level it is. Cathedral Latin hosted Massillon at Municiple Stadium and drew 51,000 fans. Two High school teams drew more fans than the Bengals averaged. Put the program on a level they can compete, and watch attendance climb. We have high schools with more butts in the seats than many Zips games. And it’ll be a lot more fun. More fun than watching this crap, and listening to fans with delusions of grandeur complaining.
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    Coach D final year was 1985, 2nd in OVC with an 8-3 record. We we're in 1-AA playoffs not D-2. Ranked 10th in the nation at 1-AA that year.
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    There have certainly been far more opportunities for fond memories with soccer than football. As I said pages ago, if the standard for cuts is historical success, football is in trouble while soccer and basketball should be safe.
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    Is that when we finally do something about Wuhan, China? The worlds bat eating disease factory?
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    Dude. Stop trolling me already. You are tiresome. time to block you.
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