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    Well that's not a very good Social Distancing policy... (insert the vintage tomato-hitting-the-face emoji) Laugh, people. It's good for the soul. Go Zips!
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    If I left you with the impression that I want this staff gone I apologize. I do not want to see change. I am comfortable with the situation we are in, namely we go with who we have during the length of their contract. It is my fervant hope that during that contract we see substantial proof that the staff can coach. I was just lamenting the fact that at present we have no evidence of that. I hope it comes, sooner rather than later would be preferred.
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    Hey, I'm just hoping we don't kick off to start both halves of a game this year.
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    I admire your patience and optimism. You are keeping your expectations reasonable and that's a good thing. But while we are talking about expectations I have them of this coaching staff. Namely can they positively influence the outcome of a game. 0-12 was my answer. Last year I watched the staff closely to see if they could make strategic changes as the game went on. Could they outcoach the other team? Could they get the players to rise to their potential or even above it? Did they make our position groups better as the season wore on? I did not find a positive answer to any of those questions. Arth and his staff are our coaches. I want them to succeed. I have yet to see that they have the ability. Please prove me wrong and give us hope for the future. To me that boils down to winning a few games. Not a lot to ask.
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    Well, that would be one way to increase attendance 😆
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    Keep an eye on Sam Williams-Dixon 6-0 180... RB/WR-CB... Freshman at small school Loudonville... Class of 2024... Underdogs no more: Loudonville rallies for win over Centerburg in second round of playoffs "Freshman running back Sam Williams-Dixon ran for a game-high 236 yards on 27 carries, including TD runs of 15, 75 and 14 yards. Williams-Dixon has now gone over 200 yards on the ground in back-to-back games. "
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