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    Did he actually attend and watch the movies? Or at least do a little research on them? ?
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    Merry Christmas to all on this board, to those who agree with me and those who make me think with different views. This an enjoyable place to go when you are just looking for Zip information or entertainment. In a year that has made us try to find the best version of ourselves just to get through I am grateful for this board. Thanks to the intrepid group that brought ZNO to life. Be well and Go Zips! The best is yet to come.
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    I just took a look and GT has written at least a couple of movie reviews since Ashley Bastock came along. Hmmmmmmm...
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    Congrats to Terry. I think he has a unique ability to rebuild programs so ULM may be a great fit for him. I always liked Terry. The one thing about him that stood out to me was that he genuinely wanted to be in Akron. Unfortunately another thing also stood out to me which was he could not make necessary changes in his staff that would have kept the program growing. Milwee was obviously out of his depth, but so were others. I supported releaving him of his duties as HC, but I'll always like the guy.
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