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    LCJ is the best player to ever wear an Akron uniform. None of those dudes from the 60s, not Romeo, not Dru, not Zeke Marshall, none of those dudes. The guy is 5'7 155lb., has every team game plan against him for the better part of a year now, and he's as masterful as can be every single game. It's mind-blowing. It's the kind of stuff you tell your grandkids about. I'll miss him tremendously when he's no longer here. A quality person and incredible baller. He is Akron! Aside from LCJ, my favorite Zip this year is either Freeman or Dawson. Both are "glue guys" that play with fire and make plays when they are needed to step up. Dawson is going to be a star, as is Freeman. When Reece turned it over after missing two open shooters on that offensive rebound with about 4 minutes to go up 10, my heart sank. That was nearly the difference maker if you ask me. Thank goodness for Groce defense down the stretch! I think Marshall took Wynn's minutes in the second half which needed to happen. Also without Tribble his toughness and hustle was HUGE! Wish he would've buried one of those open threes. Nuga is a great player, and Pippen whos like 45 years old and has no legs won't go down in Kent State history as he should, but man that dude is a baller and I respect the hell out of him. I loved to see Marshall get under his skin, that was a key. The energy wasn't there early on and I think a lot of that has to do with the missed shots early. Trimble only forced one of them, but the rest were fine takes. Fire away brother. Dailey was getting abused all first half by Nuga but stepped up to have an okay defensive performance. I don't understand his value on offense yet. Another nice game by Ali, I'd like to see him take more shots when driving though, he's long and can handle the ball, but seemed to just look to pass. That's all fine and good, but put one up there! Clarke will be a nice player, I wish that half court would've counted!!! That wide open top of the key three will fall with time, I really like him. All in all, that game should never be that close. Akron is so much better than Kent for the first time in a while if you ask me. But a win is a win is a win. On to the next one, Go Zips!
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    You’re right. We don’t really have a #2 right now. I also thought it would be Maishe; now I think it may become Dawson before the season’s over. Idk. But the situation was forcing LCJ to try to do too much at certain points in last night’s game. Not a recipe for continued success.
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    I agree EXCEPT that the greatest player to wear the Blue and Gold was Len Paul. He played in a era with no shot clock, no three point shots, and no dunking! Think how great he could have been if he played later. And he WAS drafted, back in a time when there were more rounds.
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    Hey Clark, did a walk-on have more production then Trimble&Dailey again?
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    Just like LCJ does now. 31 points?
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    Freeman - playing straight up - changing this game. He has to be the most coachable kid aside from LCJ, because no way did he not get looks if he had these types of fundamentals down.
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    this would have been a fun one to be at
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    Every win is needed and important but with COVID delays and cancelations and only 8 teams making the tourney, its so critical to be banking these wins early. Who knows what the tiebreaker will look like.
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    LCJ is definitely an elite PG, and would have been an added plus on a number of past Akron teams. However, to date he has not had much consistent backcourt help and playing such huge minutes takes its toll by Feb/March. As for "so much better than ..." I think it's a little early in the season to make that claim. Historically, both of these teams get better as the season wears on. Freeman is a HUGE plus and will only get better. Also agree at least a couple of the power conference transfers have to start playing their part ... agree about Nuga and Pippen.
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    So here is my stupid question of the day: Freeman is on an academic scholarship, Do athletic scholarships pay more or give more benefits. In other words, is he earning less starting than the scholarship guys sitting on the bench? Because IF that is the case and coach does not fix that, we stand to lose him. By the time this season is over if he continues to develop he could get an offer to play anywhere.
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    Freeman went straight up when Pippin drove to the basket. So good not to draw a foul.
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    Impressive come from behind win. We are so lucky to have LCJ and to be getting the production we are out of Freeman, because in general I am still very disappointed from what we are getting from our major conference transfers (Wynn, Trimble, Dailey, and Currie). Everyone else is playing about how I'd think they would. Dawson needs more minutes. His shot was scary last year, but he seems to have found it and plays with a bunch of effort. Currie's body language looks pee poor on the bench. He might be a one and done with the program unless there is something we don't know. We need more from those 4 if we want to win the conference. Go Zips and Kent State still sucks!
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    Kudos to JG for having these guys ready!! he could have easily dodged this game
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    You all knew we'd end up here.
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    Reese, if you rebound the ball in the lane take it up strong to the basket. Killed the Akron momentum with a very stupid play.
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    LCJ has NBA skills. And he has been playing with the big boys his entire life. He will get a look. Wait and see.
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    OK, time to step on their necks.
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    Freeman is such a pleasant surprise.
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    Dawson’s built.
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    He must be in the doghouse
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    I was wondering how we had a shot clock violation when we didn’t have the ball for that long after the Kent kid passed the ball out of bounds in the backcourt. I learned something new, shot clock is set to 20 seconds if you inbound on your side of half court.
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    yeah what's Curries deal? I thought he was a baller, at least give him a chance.....
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    We can still win, ten points is nothing!!!
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    Really got screwed by the Central cancellation. Weren't ready for this team.
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    Can’t rebound, can’t shoot, can’t create, can’t defend the paint. Not a recipe for success right now
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    Where's the team that played OU? They're getting out-hustled and out-worked.
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    This game is on CBSSN right!? I took advantage of the FuboTV pass; thanks @RowdyZip btw!!
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    Can't State wears MAGA hats!! Beat Flascism!! ? ??
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    Gibson was a freshman this year and will be a freshman next year. I can't agree with writing him off for the future. He showed some positives and some negatives and I believe the negatives are correctable. With that said, I don't care who the QB is next year. I'm looking forward the competition over a full offseason and the cream rising to the top.
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    I just found one positive of the COVID. This would suck more in person.
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