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    JoJo to the Browns
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    Just cancel it and give the bid to the regular season champ imo
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    In hindsight, the decision to cancel the tournament was the right decision and probably saved lives. I am healthy sitting at the computer and thankful for my health and the health of my family. I hope all Zip fans stay healthy to cheer for the Zips next year.
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    How about all you all nay sayers and disbelievers go crawl under a rock with all your negative outlooks and refrain from posting as your opinion is really discouraging especially during this time . Say something positive or just keep it to yourself. Enough said !
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    I'm just looking forward to the 30 for 30 that they will be releasing in 2045 for this "One Silent Moment"
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    If the MAC decides to play the tournament without fans, that would be a huge advantage to NIU if we face them. Their players are use to playing in empty arenas 🤣
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    25 of 28 from the free throw line, including making their last twelve. That's clutch.
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    Folks I appreciate the comments and feedback you’ve provided thus far ...from an outsider ( who is also very disappointed today ) I wanted to offer my condolences on the lost post season ...I thought you guys had a great team and a shot to get in and make noise ...I was looking forward to watching. Sorry for your seniors. if any of you , while it’s not a replacement and it’s certainly not a near equal consolation, have a basketball itch the IHSAA high school tournament is just about the only basketball still being played ( closed venues limited to 75 fans per team ). You can watch Luke brown and Blackford in regional action (they won sectional championship ) this Saturday at 12 and then if they win in the championship game at 8 pm ....the games will be broadcast and streamed on the Ihsaa network premium broadcast service www.Ihsaatv.org The replay of the game costs money but if you watch live it’s free. Good opportunity to see him play and still see some basketball ! sorry again to you fans
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    part 1 of a 4 part interview with Jake Fenlason https://www.soccernation.com/alumni-corner-jake-fenlason-the-recruiting-years/ https://www.soccernation.com/alumni-corner-meet-sd-loyals-jake-fenlason/
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    Experts on this site? 🙂 I picked CMU because of the the 8/9 matchup.
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    Win the whole F&@*ing thing.....
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    I don't know if this is the right thread for this, but it needs to be said. Thank you to Groce, the coaching staff, and the team for a special season. Thank you for the incredible effort all year, never giving up, and giving us a lot to cheer for. Thank you to Groce & his staff for focusing on the fundamentals - defense, free throws, rebounding - that propelled this team all year. There's only one thing left to do...
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    Fifth foul on Xeyrius was 💯% PHANTOM! NO TOUCH!!!
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    Groce mentioned last night how he got a supersoaker to make sure he was ready for these occasions. LOL. Dunn mentioned on the post-game that the kids on the team seemed to enjoy Groce cutting down the nets more than anyone. I think that says something.
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    We're NEO sports fans. What else would anyone expect?
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    Since we're stuck at home and watching a lot of stuff streaming; I found this guy on youtube who talks about different unique histories of plane engineering. Its a fun little educational diversion. This episode has a little segment about the USS Akron and the Akron-Class flying aircraft carriers that were made by the US Navy. Fun little Random reference
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    Brown to the Eagles
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    I can't answer any questions, but my suspicion is that the staff making a conscious effort to get high-character student athletes on the team is going to keep us in a better position than some other programs.
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    According to Lunardi, we would have been 8 pt. underdogs to Maryland.
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    Sorry, but I don't share your confidence in the people making these "calls". IMHO they're not considering big picture. We're all complaining because we don't get to see our sports, but what about all of the lost jobs? Not just in sports but in everything that's being and will be affected? COVID 19 has a higher death rate than the flu they say. But, for 80%, they say it is merely a cold or less. How will death rates and sickness from global recession / depression compare? We all face risk everyday at home and when we step outside our homes. Is the current reaction really warranted for the risk?
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    I'm so thankful YouTube TV automatically records sporting events for favorite teams and leagues. Seems like I'll be watching a lot of this season's Zips, Cavs, XFL and NHL games.
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    Were we ever a nation of not being dimwits, idiots, and numbskulls?
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    Enter Rudy Gobert...
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    I'm on self quarantine until the 23rd. I'm not showing symptoms, but my company told everyone to work from home for the next two weeks and I just want a break from people. Get off my lawn
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    Cowardice. What a horrible decision. Whoever wins can play in an empty arena somewhere else in the country if they are allowed to be on planes. Absolute over-reaction.
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    Me too, but I'd get over it once a well rested Zips team won an NCAA tournament game!
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    You wouldn't see re-seeding for the semi's because of the quick turnaround. The last quarterfinal game may end at near midnight. They aren't going to turn around and make that team play again 17 hours later. That's why the winner of the noon game plays the winner of the ~2:30 game. Both teams get 24+ hours of rest between games.
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    Linked on other thread is press release that Tourney going on as planned. Ok...everyone...no hugs, no high 5s, no handshaking...keep it real and be responsible. If you see someone not washing their hands or appears to be sick...don't get too close...but call them out on it.
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    I think Zips fan block is in 107/108. On the Rocket Mortgage map for the MAC tournament the "Home" bench is in front of that section. Zips, god willing, would always be the home team. I went through Travel Zoo for my tickets. @clarkwgriswold can be found camping out in front of the Verizon in Macedonia waiting to get his. I prefer to pick out my own seats as opposed to the athletic dept doing it for me. i saw ticket range from $13 up to $42. $42 gets you in 108 or 106 and near the floor.
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    I have it on my extra monitor at the office - you may have me beat
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    I checked out at about 2:30 myself. Taking my oldest (6) to his first sold out rivalry game. He can't wait to scream his lungs out. LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!
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    This team has proven they can win without Cheese and without LCJ (for the most part). They need to prove they can run a team out of the gym again.
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    I would offer to also give up YOUR right nut. GT has been passionate about anything since Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
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    That's all well and good, but at the end of the day it's a state university with an already strapped budget. As such, they can't afford him if he's that successful. Also, a great majority of people will take a job with what is viewed as a more prestigious company at a much higher rate of pay. I wouldn't expect Groce, as much as I like him, to do anything different. There are the Larry Kehreses of the world that have found the life they want and are content with remaining in a place regardless of other opportunities placed in front of them, but they are pretty damned rare. Maybe the OU-->Illinois experience will help to give Groce that perspective, but it's unlikely given simple human nature and UA's budget restraints. P.S. I'd be surprised if he went anywhere after this year.
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    In honor of the hell is real rivalry (great name)
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    Please do 100 free throws every day 🤞
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    What a win, and what a TEAM!!! They love playing with and for each other, and they love playing for their coaches. A recipe for success. BEAT KENT!!!!!
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    Hoping the games this week have a "good ol' days" feel at the JAR with high energy, butts in seats, and quality basketball. It's long overdue, but I think the hype may finally be escalating. GO ZIPS!!!
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    He is the best 5'8" player in the entire Country. There should be a separate stat sheet for players under 5'9" - it would only have a few lines. Seriously, he "could" be our ticket to an at large if we lose out by a hair. The Selection Committee can decide to put a team in because they want to show off a player. Of course, later on I will wake up and realize I must have said that in my sleep.
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    We didn't let him get away. He ran away. Did you forget we were 0-12? That explains everything. Why stay for a rebuilding program that will be thrilled to win 4-5 games when he can use his limited eligibility to play for a P5 program that is used to wining and putting 10's of thousands of butts in the stands. Seems simple to me. He might have loved the team but he also deserves to enjoy big time football if he can. Good luck Brandon.
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    Against a D1 school too. A nice surprise. They have clinched a better record than the 2019 Zips football program.
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