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    Top Drawer Soccer(TDS) seems pretty confident about their "source" I had been very much looking forward to seeing Jason Shokalook on the pitch in the fall of 2021. TDS is now saying that Jason will join the zips in the fall of 2020. Tremendous news. Welcome, Jason. https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college-soccer-articles/recruiting-views:-transfers-on-the-move_aid47695 Shokalook reclassifies to 2020 While Akron recently unveiled four additions to the 2020 roster, a source confirmed to TopDrawerSoccer that Jason Shokalook has reclassified and will also join this year. A prolific goal-scorer for Internationals SC during the past two seasons – Shokalook scored 31 goals in 24 games for the Ohio side in 2018-19, and has eight from just four games played during the current campaign. There’s no guarantee of first-year success, and Shokalook won’t have to be the guy right away. With both David Egbo and Will Jackson back up front for Akron, it means that he can ease his way into the picture. But finishing enough was an issue for the Zips, so the more he can add as a freshman, the better.
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    LCJ unsurprisingly named MAC East Player of the Week. https://gozips.com/news/2020/2/17/mens-basketball-jackson-earns-third-mac-weekly-honor.aspx?fbclid=IwAR12-RRqFkfmeXgGH3gUa2A8i7ZI5hqCDJEzXKxSm1lK89urlyjObgCOHbM
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    ESPN is showing all games, not just MAC games.
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    Game two Oakland 1 Akron 0 Next stop, sunny California. Still looking for a video feed, but it's a long work week anyhow.
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    We would have lost to EMU had EMU shot their season average.
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    Sayles has been a good teammate thus far by not showing his displeasure of falling out of the rotation, but I'd be surprised to see him in a Zips uniform next season. As a freshmen he was playing 14.6 m/g. Last season he played 12.4 m/g. This season he's down to 5.4 and hasn't even appeared in the Zips last 2 games. Unlike some other Zips transfers who really weren't good enough to play D1 basketball, I could see Sayles being a meaningful contributor on an America East caliber team.
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    So cool for a great Zip! Don't forget that former Zip DB Rich Reliford is a pretty successful actor, which is odd for a mechanical polymer engineering grad.
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    The A10 has 2-3 teams that could potentially get an at-large. Dayton currently being the only lock. Duquesne has a ZERO percent chance of being one of those other 1-2 teams.
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    I’m not familiar with the mentioned comparison so I’m gonna take your word but when they were moving to Blackford I tempered any hype that I had heard until 1. I saw the video you just described which REALLY intrigued me and then 2. Went to the first summer clinic they put on ( I was coaching 8th grade at the time ) and they had him demo a shooting drill ....hit 48 of 50 3’s shooting them at close to the speed you would see in a 3pt contest as an incoming freshman. I’ve been blessed to see many prep players multiple times who have gone on to have stellar or even above stellar D1 careers and this kids basketball IQ is different than any player I’ve seen also ...not sure which bsu site you mean but if they have videos compiled in one spot you should link them here ...I tried to do several separately without luck and another poster tried to help condense them
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