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    You aren't the only one. It is an unfortunate coincidence. I have no doubt the basketball staff is seeing and thinking everything we are. (We weren't so sure with football and Milwee.) The coach can't make the ball go thru the basket. My guess is that they are trying to compensate for the problems on the offensive end by focusing on defense and trying to keep the score low. That's not working either. Im sure the coaches can't keep on telling the players not to take 3s and think the players will keep confidence in their stroke.
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    My concern is that this team is fundamentally bad in many areas. They don't block out, they watch to see if the ball goes in or they fall back on D. After 15 minutes in the game they stop moving when on offense. They settle for the 3 too early in the shot clock and don't seem to want to work the ball for a better shot. They constantly shoot with no one under to rebound. Their decision making is poor. With all that being said I am wondering if Groce and staff are getting thru to them. I have always believed in the saying "You are either coaching it or allowing it" when it comes to flaws in your game. At some time the coaching staff needs to change the way this team plays. It's not too early to expect better play. The talent is there even if the centers are not.
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    Those are some sweet pics
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    Considering recent events, not sure if we have any room to talk.
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    Last year’s Indoor season was rather sucky to start but then finished with MAC titles. 2019 got off to a huge start when Mackenzie Andrews broke a school record, Curtis Richardson shone in the high jump and WOW! Matt Ludwig records the 2nd best pole vault IN THE WORLD so far in 2019. And next Friday is the annual Wagon Wheel Challenge dual meet with the Golden Flushes, and we’re the hosts! If you want a fun 3 hours (at most) Friday, come down and support two (M & W) of the most successful teams we’ve got!
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    No, they'll turn into DB Cooper and Angela Bassett.
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    Am I the only one that feels that way. I watched the football struggle to score and ranked last in offense. Now I am watching another Zips team that cannot score and will probably rank last in offense in the MAC.