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    For some perspective, Last time I was at Infocision Stadium (not the spring game), it was a pretty nice November Saturday, on Senior Day for one of the more decorated senior classes in out history. Against a much worse team (than UAB) in Bowling Green that had fired its coach in the middle of the season, I saw the Zips players AND coaches quit while one player fell asleep on the bench as the Zips failed to reach the end zone against statistically one of the worst defenses in FBS, as the coaching staff decided to take a couple of time outs home down only two scores against, again, one of the worst defenses in FBS. Today, I saw a very young and inexperienced team play their asses off and play like idiots a lot. I saw a young coaching staff that isn't used to FBS ball. I saw a kicker leave 4 huge and easy points on the board in the first half. I saw a head coach screaming at the referee to reset the playclock quicker with just seconds to go because he wanted to give his boys a chance. And I didn't see any players or coaches quitting. How refreshing. Everyone knew we wouldn't be worth a damn this year, and shoot the run game stuff is probably going to drive me up a wall this year. As is the young DBs getting toasted. It felt like we ran as many positive plays today as we did the entire second half of last season, but there's still a very long way to go. Trust the process. Hopefully the boys are still doing well in the classroom as well. By the way, rooting for Charlie Frye to fail miserably next week feels weird, but you've gotta do what you've gotta do. GO ZIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Bowden had only 1 winning season in his entire tenure here. You guys are making it sound like we fired Bobby Bowden. He needed to go. Arth may or may not end up doing worse, time will tell, but I'd rather the program strive to try to be great (even if it fails at achieving it) than just settling for 5-7 seasons.
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    We should have kept the guy that won a bowl game and beat a big ten team.
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    The Ice Cream Social was a nice event. The attendance wasn't great but OK. About 10 of the players were there. Some were in class. Spoke a little to Xeyrius, Dailey, Walter, Sayles and Roscoe. All very nice kids. Told Jayden it was nice to see him without a cast to which he responded with an emphatic "me too!" Maishe Dailey makes a great impression. Eloquent, makes eye contact and couldn't be friendlier. Coach Groce did a great job of working the room while not rushing anyone. From what I heard, Dawson is not a part of the team at this point and another potential contributor will not play this year. I don't want to openly air their laundry on here but feel free to message me for any details. The schedule is finalized but the MAC won't let them release it until after Labor Day as it is ironing out TV details.
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    Dr. Z and I were able to take-in our first practice since the beginning of summer camp today. It was difficult to make any profound observations, as the day was split into roughly 80 % drills, and 20% scrimmage situations. Nate Stewart was the star of the day. One-handed catches, sideline catches while heavily covered, TD's...he did it all. Coach Arth singled him out after the practice as and example of a player who competed on every play with maximum effort. He stated "Nate hasn't taken off a play, he hasn't asked to get a breather, he hasn't done anything but work hard the entire camp." Look for a huge year from Nate in 2019. It is interesting to see six quarterbacks practicing. Kato is the obvious #1. Robbie Kelly looks to be the #2. But the kid getting the next highest amount of reps was true freshman Zach Gibson. He made some nice throws, and acquitted himself well today. Some bizarre jersey numbers today, as Zach Gibson wore #50, RB Michiah Burton wore #59, RB Peter Hayes-Patrick wore # 67 and QB Nick Demchuk work #55. On the injury front - Hayes Patrick looks to have hurt his finger shortly after making a nice, 15 yard scrimmage run. Maverick Wolfley's day was over after he hurt his elbow on a crossing route. Julian Hicks was on the sideline wearing a tank top, with an ice pack on his shoulder. Deltron Sands and Keyondre White wore red shirts, and were relegated to drills on the sidelines. One player who seemed to take advantage of Jonah Morris and Julian Hicks' absence was Dustin Burkhart. He pulled in a nice 40-yard TD catch from Kato while being covered fairly well. Has a TD in a short yardage slant over the middle, and made multiple other nice plays over the course of the day. The Zips will be anything but predictable when inside the opponent's 5 yard line this season. The offense showed multiple looks, with slants to both sides, QB keepers, flea-flickers...this ain't the old "hand it four times to Cody Grice up the middle" Zips. On a several occasions the InfoCision speakers would blare rock music to simulate crown noise. We saw Nick Johns split out as a WR a few times. Former OL's John Neeley and Eric Bentley round out what Coach Arth feels is a solid 9-man rotation on the defensive line. Much better than the 5 DL's we had in the spring. At the end of practice Arth stated the defense won yesterdays practice, and the offense won today. So tomorrow is the rubber match. Boogie, Dre and Alvin rotated returning kick-offs. Each one of those guys can take it the distance. Per Coach Arth, Dre Williams is rounding into form after missing the spring with an injury. Landon Forman was also singled out as someone who missed the spring with an injury, but who's having a solid summer. Lots of parents in the stands, as this is Parents Weekend. They had a seemingly well-attended tailgate prior to the practice in Lot 9. More to come later. I know Dr. Z got some nice photos. Arth spoke to us after the practice. I'll transcribe it tomorrow.
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    UGIII secured a spot on the 53 man roster!
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    I think there is some truth to that...but it isn't black and white. You don't win the MAC East title, and beat Northwestern, with 85 guys that are sloughing off. But you probably don't go from a 2.4 to a 2.9 overall team GPA in one semester without some players being held accountable for their classwork, who weren't in the past. I think all you need to know regarding the buy-in of the incumbent players to the new staff is seen in the lack of transfers.
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    Four years ago I had the opportunity to speak to Jeff Bowden and Todd Stroud at a Zips golf outing. I asked them who they felt was the biggest impact player from the 2016 class. Stroud immediately said “Trevor Brown.” Bowden said “Kato Nelson.” After a short, friendly debate they agreed both were worthy of being #1. Since Trevor arrived at Akron I’ve always enjoyed watching him play. So it was cool that I got 10 minutes to interview him after a recent practice. Hope you like it. Thanks as always to Dr. Z for the great photos and professional layout!
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    Had lunch with these guys last week.
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    I think if Tree didn't get himself into trouble he could have been the best Zip I've seen since getting to campus in 07
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    College athletics are in trouble in general regarding attendance. The SEC is even having troubles with student attendance. Millennials aren't going to carry the torch once it's officially passed on by the generations before them. Unless Duke, OSUcks, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan, or any massive name like that comes to the JAR, you're going to need to use gimmicks and promotions to get them to show up. It is what it is right now. Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy UMass coming to the JAR. Might even yell something about Calipari. 😎
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    Looks like we/UMass BB will be playing a game at Akron. From our AD. Ryan Bamford‏Verified account @UMassADBamford FollowingFollowing @UMassADBamford Ryan Bamford Retweeted Curry Hicks Sage I’ll save you the suspense...at Akron, at Harvard and home vs Maine are other three for 13 total. Non-conf schedule with dates coming by week’s end. extra detail: #FightMassachusetts‏ @FightMA247 2h2 hours ago #FightMassachusetts Retweeted Ryan Bamford H+H with Akron was another set that came in conjunction with a football series. The gridiron games start this year as well with #UMass hosting. #Minutemen hoop should host Akron next season or the year after to complete that H+H
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    Swooning for Bowden may be the natural reaction to losing to a "no-name" college (which has a 27-14 record under this coach), but aren't these, for the most part, Bowden's players? Hey go ahead and jump ship, there'll be shorter lines at the food stands...
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    And Here's the question that matters: do you think that Tom Arth, with his illustrious career of coaching D-III John Carrol for a handful of years and two years of coaching at FCS Chattanooga to a 9-13 record; can out recruit Terry Bowden (who has a 25-year coaching history with connections to Florida...whom's father is a legendary College Football coach). And that's not even mentioning transfers... I'd like to smoke WHATEVER it is everyone else is smoking who believes that Tom Arth will be able to put together a BETTER team talent wise than Terry Bowden. It doesn't make any, remote, logical sense. This isn't to say the Bowden teams were packed with talent...I just find it extremely hard to believe that a coach from John Carroll will be able to out recruit a Bowden.
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    Amen. Our financially strapped university is eating the contract of the most successful D-1 coach in school's history. Two bowl games. First Bowl game win. First MACC appearance in a decade. First Big-10 win (too bad it was in during a bad season). I said it before, I'll say it again...I hope I'm wrong on Tom Arth. I really, really, really don't want to say I told you so. But we got rid of the best D-1 coach in school history for a guy who coached at FCS Chattanooga to a spectacular 9-13 record. The Dark Times, I fear, are indeed back.
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    Must we go through this evverrrrrrry time with a new coach? Anyone who thought this was going to be a smooth transition was wildly overly optimistic. I do agree that the discipline related errors are concerning but it's way too early to assess the staff. Rome wasn't built in a day. Hell, I was there last week and they're still not done.
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    Greetings from a Blazer fan. Tough 1st game against Illinois but you get a home game against a UAB team that has a bunch of new starters that are still trying to figure things out. We return key starters at QB, RB, Center, Nose Guard and a few other positions but the OLine, D-Line & WRs has new starters for the most part and our secondary lost a key starter last month to injury. Don't know if Akron was holding some players back that will be ready for the game this Saturday but I do believe the point spread is too high. UAB is notorious for playing bad 2nd games of the season on the road. I think it will be a good game and a few Blazer fans will be making the trip. Here is to a good and injury free game and of course...GO BLAZERS!!!
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    UAB was also shut out in the 2nd half of that game. Paltry numbers for playing a bad 1-AA team. If we don't beat a lame team like this in our home opener, it's going to be a looooong season. -9.5? Take the Zips straight-up in this one.
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    I personally wouldn’t put to much into the depth chart. I could type for days but I think you will see on Saturday. They have so many packages both offensively & defensively. The other OLB didn’t even make the chart because they used nickel. People like Sampson, plenty of times you will see Lako & Bubba both out there, on offense they use a lot of motion & there are times Scippio or Burkhart will be in with 1’s depending on package & I think you will see some more RB’s i guess what i’m Saying is you won’t see the same delayed handoff over & over again, the WR won’t run the same route tree over & over, a lot of motion to pick up different fronts & man to man or zone the defense is versatile to any situation instead of every situation being a version of the 4-3 with different personal packages based only on run or pass situation like we’ve seen in past
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    Just wanted to throw in something here...We are all excited for UGIII and am so very proud of him, and wish him the best going forward. When Coach Arth took over and brought in his coaching staff, one coach I really had hoped they kept was John Nemec, Player Personnel Coach. I understand why Coach Arth changed personnel, no beef here, but here's a little known fact. Ulysses ran into some housing issues when he went over for the Optional workouts, and Coach Nemec didn't hesitate to help this young man out, He got his family and their in-laws involved and made sure Ulysses was able to stay with some of John's family until he could get permanent residence, and his family "adopted" Ulysses as if he had known them forever. And Ulysses in turn made a high quality impact on the kids involved. Both John and UGIII are class acts, and it probably helped Gilbert emotionally and mentally to not have to deal with all the rig-a-ma-roll of finding housing during camps. But UGIII is doing the rest.
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    Just dropping by to say that I'm excited, as ever, about the start to the season. There's some excellent continuity from last year's squad and some exciting new additions as well. Go Zips!
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    I'll add a few notes. • The sophomore running back Brandon Lee is fun to watch. I'm guessing he is hard for the defense to find behind the line at 5'6. He seems to go hard at every drill. • Easy to forget, because fans are used to it, but Alvin Davis was noticeable during live action having at least one interception. Jalen Hooks also had a nice pick. • One of the most unique drills of the day had coach Arth with boxing gloves trying to punch out the ball from receivers and running backs. Another coach had a baseball bat with a head cover taped to it doing the same. • After practice Josh Ward told me that this team is really coming together, he said the team is night and day from where they were in the spring. • I was told by a senior lineman that the run game has many more plays in it this year, and he thinks fans will notice. Kato has the ability to call audibles at the line, and has said to be doing a nice job of it. The lineman also commented that fans will notice the offense huddling up this year. • John Lako dropped deep in zone coverage to tip a well thrown pass by Kato. • In a very limited viewing of Peter Hayes-Patrick, he grabbed my attention. He looked to have moves, power, and an attitude with the football in his hands. • I'll second CK's comments on Nate, he looked like a legit number one out there. • Michiah Burton (pronounced ma-KAI-ah) was involved in the run game, he was also pointed out by an upperclassman as one of the freshman that stood out to him.
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    I wasn't sure where to put this, so feel free to move this where it's appropriate if necessary, admins. 2019 Varsity "A" Sports Hall of Fame Inductees Announced Andy Alleman Keith Dambrot Randy Ecrement James "Dru" Joyce Cadeau Kelley Stevi Large Gruber Latrese Taylor Sanders Romeo Travis They will be honored at the Homecoming Football Game against Can't State on Oct. 12th.
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    I found it interesting that Coach Arth bluntly noted that after he first met the team his expectations of them weren't terribly high, but how, over the course of the last handful of months, they've changed his mind. Can't help but wonder if that may be a reflection of the visibly low-bar for discipline (and possibly work ethic) set for the team by the previous staff? I also appreciated how Coach said he hopes his players all want to be part of "a team with an opportunity to transform a university."
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    Surprised (and pleased) to get the mail about my season ticket renewal and learn that the GA season ticket is still only $60. That's the best deal in town. I do, however, reserve the right to b!+ch like I have $600 seats.
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    Per 247, I'm pretty sure Arth's first class, that he largely signed AFTER the early signing period, was more highly rated than any class Bowden signed. We won't need transfers if that continues to improve.
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    1) Arth had I believe the #1 and #2 recruiting classes in his conference in his two years at UT-C. 2) Per 247, last year Arth, in 2 months with early signing day working against him, literally put together the 2nd best recruiting class compared to everybody since 2012 (the year Bowden started). In Bowden's best class, which ranked #113 (compared to Arth's #114), his class averaged 2 points lower per recruit than Arth's did and many of those players didn't even end up making it to campus. Just facts man.
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    I want some of what you'll are smokin' if you didn't think this team was going to take some lumps this year. I admit, I had a bit of blind faith/hope that Arth would immediately turnaround the ship, but its really unfair to expect that. Unfortunately, it's looking like this season is going to be a tough one to sit through. We weren't picked to finish 5th in our division or win 3/4 games by Vegas for no reason. Positives: The team didn't quit today and ended up making the score respectable. Burkhart had a great game. Nice to see Riley with the INT after getting picked on. He's a player we will need to come along. Kato looked much better than last week. Bubba and Lako were sound...though I think it might be a better move to put another LB on the field and take off a less experienced DB. On the other hand, special teams was really abysmal. Placekicking, punting, and the return game. We need more consistency in each phase. Our O-line is still a big issue.,,the running game isn't having any more success than last year. We are playing an unproven player at RT with a giant club on his hand because we have to. We've got 6 lineman capable of playing right now (not counting true freshmen as I don't think its fair to expect any of them to contribute), and I feel like it wouldn't take much to upgrade some of those positions, we just don't have it. The defensive line did better in the run game today. We need to find a way to get more pressure on the QB though, especially considering the lack of experience in the secondary. To the secondary, we played at least 3 players at the safety position next to Featherstone today, two of which are true freshman and the other doesn't have much experience. I'd probably roll with Jacobs to be honest. Need some experienced players to help our green CBs over the top. Other observations - RBs Reese, Hayes-Patrick, and White not dressed, but on the sideline. 4th highest rated recruit, Daniel LaVelle, no longer appears on the roster and I didn't see him on the sideline - at least in a jersey. I'd like to see more Hicks and Williams, but its tough to take away playing time from Stewart and Burkhart, one of the few good problems we have. Swapping Boogie for Williams might be the sweet spot. Brandon Lee is a nice player and certainly has a role on our team, but I don't know if he should be leading RBs in snaps - sure seemed like he did. They look to be making our high rated recruit, Corey Thomas, a LB. He was dressed but hasn't played in either game. I would like to see more out of our tight end position, whether it be blocking or receiving. Johns was the only player in the game who I think might be out for a while from injury. Council also left but it didn't look too serious judging from the sideline. Nate Stewart is also quickly becoming one of my favorite Zips....great display of leadership on the sidelines after Boogie's punt muff. Coach has 2 games of tape on his players. We need to start settling in on who we are going to roll with going forward. No more mass rotations at WR and DL. Need our best on the field and give them breaks as needed.
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    Great crowd and atmosphere. Good game. This team looked energized. Much more than at Xavier. Hope they can get it going again at Creighton on a relatively short turnaround. Some things to clean up and need to finish but this team can beat anyone when they’re clicking. I hate the NCAA sub rules, but Jeremy Gunn used them well. His team looked “fresh” while some of our guys were cramping up. With short turnarounds, I hope we can take advantage of some of our depth. I liked the starting lineup tonight, especially the back four. No time to lament this one Zips. Learn from it and move on. Let’s get it done in Omaha. Love this team. Go Zips!!!
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    Agreed great crowd - last 30 minutes or so Stanford dominated possession. David Egbo had a great game - in my opinion he looked like one of the best in the country tonight. Need to clean up some things and Egbo needs more help but this team is dangerous if they are clicking.
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    Andre Williams is very ready and willing to help this team. Has not screwed up. Why has Coach Arth decided not to use him? Not his recruit? Not from Ohio? Impact Player, returning receiver with the better Stats of last season. I hope someone can get these answers.
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    UGIII blocks a FG for thr Steelers in early action.
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    I took my son and I will echo Clark in that it was a nice event. He loved the ice cream with sprinkles. He is pretty shy but ended up getting all the autographs of the players that weren't in class. I also asked Jayden if his wrist was fully recovered and he said emphatically that he is 100%! Also spoke briefly with Cheese. Sounded like he took 3 classes this summer and is getting close to graduating. He wants to be an A.D. after school/basketball. He also mentioned how he feels the team has continued to get closer off the court.
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    need to turn the sound all the way up, it’s hard to hear
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    Thought this probably warranted a new thread.
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    I've met all of our 2019 Men's Soccer Zips who have made their way to Akron thus far. I hope to meet Bradley Chick this Friday. Go Zips!!!
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    one of the 4 co-captains is mentioned in this article https://www.ncaa.com/news/soccer-men/article/2019-08-15/11-ncaa-mens-soccer-players-watch-preseason-top-25
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    I hate not winning the title as much as anyone, but it sure beats the alternative of being a non-contender.
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    zips look ready !!!! Diego Pacheco also will have a new number this year (14 last year...7 this year) methinks that Pacheco is going to have a very big year😎 and College soccer news.....should have had #3 on their pre season all American Team😊
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    Article written by David Moff? Is George off the Zips beat? Did the ABJ actually send a reporter to MAC media day?
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    Did anyone else notice they are doing like football where you can exchange tickets for future games? Non-conference for non-conference and conference for conference. This will be good for us as we sometimes skip the weekday school night games and can now bring friends on the weekend.
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    More people tend to come to the JAR when the team is playing well. Formula: good product on the floor + a brand of basketball that fans find entertaining + decent visiting teams = butts in seats
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    No academic powerhouses so I guess we have a chance huh?
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