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    Commending comments from a player who has many excuses to sulk. A player who transferred from a program that had the biggest turnaround in the country right after he left, played on an 0-12 team, was kicked out of a game and reprimanded on TV by the coach (the horror 😂). I do believe Arth has been a culture changer off the field. Let's hope we are really building something here and the change also comes on the field sooner rather than later!
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    He won!!! They showed the short subject before the basketball game yesterday. I knew it would win. Those paying attention were enthralled. Tearjerker...in a good way.
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    Most of our existing transfer players were the result of the incumbent players transferring out. Noah, Antino, E-man, Utomi, Parrish... it would have been career suicide for Groce to replace them with a bunch of freshman. There was a time when transfers were looks upon negatively...they were troubled kids that got booted off a team for getting in trouble with the law, or poor grades. Our present transfers are Junior College kids, or traditional transfers who just didn't fit in at their first stop. They seem to be good ballers, good students, and overall good kids who are enjoying being a Zip. That's good enough for me.
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    To meet you at Wal Mart?
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    Top Drawer Soccer(TDS) seems pretty confident about their "source" I had been very much looking forward to seeing Jason Shokalook on the pitch in the fall of 2021. TDS is now saying that Jason will join the zips in the fall of 2020. Tremendous news. Welcome, Jason. https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college-soccer-articles/recruiting-views:-transfers-on-the-move_aid47695 Shokalook reclassifies to 2020 While Akron recently unveiled four additions to the 2020 roster, a source confirmed to TopDrawerSoccer that Jason Shokalook has reclassified and will also join this year. A prolific goal-scorer for Internationals SC during the past two seasons – Shokalook scored 31 goals in 24 games for the Ohio side in 2018-19, and has eight from just four games played during the current campaign. There’s no guarantee of first-year success, and Shokalook won’t have to be the guy right away. With both David Egbo and Will Jackson back up front for Akron, it means that he can ease his way into the picture. But finishing enough was an issue for the Zips, so the more he can add as a freshman, the better.
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    Playing the bench guys in the first half is really making a difference. These guys are closing out games because they are getting some rest in the first half. Groce has found a great rotation. Reese has really been playing well. We often wondered how good Akron would be with a dominant point guard and Jackson is that guard. I can't recall a player improving so much from one season to another. HE is doing everything right from not turning the ball over to shooting the ball well, hitting shots in the paint and shooting the ball from 3. Adding that runner to his game has really made him almost unstoppable at times. Fun game to watch.
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    We played like @clarkwgriswold told the team we were skipping a game to get to Game 22. 😉 The positive takeaways... - For as bad as we were last night, and for getting out-rebounded by nearly 20, it says something that we only lost by 3 and had a chance to win. We really are back with the top of the pack in the MAC (I'm a poet and I didn't know it). - We shot 90%+ from the line last night, only missing two out of twenty-two. LCJ was 11-11. I love how we focus on the fundamentals of basketball. - LCJ is quickly becoming the best player I've ever seen in a Zips uniform. Overall, it was a bad game. This is the transition season where we start shedding some of the monkeys on our back that have bogged down the program the past couple of seasons. Our road woes are seemingly over, we have good team chemistry, and aside from arguably Liberty, we didn't lose any OOC games we weren't supposed to. Buffalo & Toledo are still 2 monkeys on our back we need to get rid of, but that will come soon enough - I'm confident in that. The little things win in Cleveland, and we're taking our licks now to be the best we can be come March. We're going to have off nights, and we're going to have matchup issues, but I like that we're figuring those out and how to overcome them now rather than in a few weeks or in March. I didn't think Riak was that bad last night. He had a missed alley-oop dunk, and wasn't as strong on the boards as you'd like to see, but I thought our lack of focus on defense as a team put him in some bad positions to help on defense. I think we might have been a bit surprised by Buffalo's athleticism, too. Toledo shot lights out on us; Buffalo out-athleted us, which is the first time that has happened since Louisville/WVU. I trust this staff and this team to learn, adapt, and overcome some of these recent struggles. Participation Trophies are garbage, and that's not what I'm advocating for in this post. But our two conference losses are... - By 10 to a team that put up 99 points on 55%+ shooting from both the field and from 3 - By 3 to the previous King of the Conference when we played our worst game of the season I'm still very optimistic, and I'm excited for Friday. Go Zips, eh?
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    Akron with one vote in this week's AP poll.
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    When we appear to be gloating about a Dukes loss it isn't because of any ill will towards KD or his staff. I for one am not going to turn on a game an enjoy watching them lose. He and his staff built a solid program and fan base here. My issue is with the fans who abandoned the Zips when he left and those on here who did nothing but gripe since he left. So I don't mind pointing out that his moving on was a good thing. Occasionally, a divorce leaves everyone better off.
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    And tomorrow let the Chipps fall where they may. 😄
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    If these writers wood just take a minute or too two have there stuff prufed buy Zipnation posters befour they publish it than there stuff would be less worser. eh.
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    Eh. Cupboard was left bare. We couldn’t just cancel the program for 2 years.
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    Just a sampling of this year's games. Taylor's been putting up amazing stats.
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    Dear Basketball Gods, please bring us a 6'10" graduate transfer that can bring us 20 minutes, 8 points and five rebounds a game. We've been good fans and we're not greedy.
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    Riak is making some good defensive plays/stops. He redirected a few if their lay ups. On another note, what a lame crowd for an ESPNU game. Zips sucked the life out of that arena. CMU likely gets more fans to their women's games. And those announcers sounded like two guys watching the game at a bar. Jackie Windon is a treasure
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    I laughed when the CMU player made fun of LCJ’s height after he made a layup over him. Sure looked like a tool talkin smack to the best player on the court who was embarrassing your team.
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    I think the YSU game Marketing theme should be "Rubber Bowl Revisited!" We haven't played YSU since the early 90's at the Bowl. The venue was well know those in Mahoning County. Get $10 tickets using the promo Code "Rubber Bowl". I think painting the grass area in the Info endzone to match the old Rubber Bowl cement lettering would look cool. Players wear the Moving A helmets. Let people tailgate in the grass inside the Jackson Field track. Lots of fun stuff you could do with the idea. I predict Joe Akron would show if it were done right. Paul Penguin too.😁
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    Matt Kaulig Racing in their first attempt to make a Cup Series race, was fast enough to get locked into the Daytona 500. They will be racing in the 1st Dual race tonight that sets the line up for the 500 on Sunday. They will also field 3 cars in the Xfinity Series on Saturday. The same drivers that went 1-2-3 at the last Daytona race.
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    With the Academy Awards tonight, WEWS talked about this on Good Morning Cleveland this morning and News 5 at 5 pm tonight. Former University of Akron WR Matthew Cherry receives Oscar nomination for animated short 'Hair Love' WEWS Published February 9, 2020 Hope he wins tonight.
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    After the game I went to the scorers table where they were replaying the block in slow motion several times and there was no foul. Banks got 2 hands on the ball and just held onto the ball. That is why he hit the floor so hard because he did not use his hands to break his fall. It was a great defensive play!
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    Columbus Crew | Caleb Porter says Wil Trapp trade was ‘mutual’
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    Fortunately, there are lots of great Zips players from whom to choose in those years. Unfortunately, there are lots of great players who can't all be selected. No right or wrong to this; no way to prove which of these players would play better together than others. Soccer America may have chosen Kofi Sarkodie as a better player than Darlington Nagbe in 2010, but the 2010 MAC Hermann Trophy (best player in D1 college soccer) went to Darlington Nagbe. Kofi was a phenomenal RB for the Zips... no question. DeAndre Yedlin may not be perfect; no one is. However, DeAndre Yedlin has gone on to be the most successful professional to have ever come out of the Akron ZIps Men's Soccer program. Started his first year with the Sounders; playing in the EPL; 2014 USMNT World Cup team, etc. So, if someone votes for DeA over Kofi, they have reason to do so. There are also reasons others may vote otherwise. Choosing between 3 great goal keepers was equally difficult. There were reasons to vote for any of them. Voting for all of the other positions is going to be just as tough. In the end, to me, this all decade team is just something that gives us reason to think back on these great players and how lucky we've been that they chose to come to Akron, be a fellow student and alumnus, and to play for themselves and us. EDIT 2/25/20: convinced now that there is a right and wrong approach to this voting.
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    Yep, players not named LCJ shot a combined 3/20 from 3 and Reece got 1 rebound in ~15 minutes of play, but only Riak can be blamed for the loss. You win and lose as a team. There was plenty of blame to go around tonight. At the end of the day we need to move past this and focus on going 1-0 vs Kent Friday.
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    What I wouldn't give for a Jeremiah Wood on this team.
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    Starbucks 91 Tim Horton's 75
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    Buffalo's Student Athletes of the Week are sponsored by Tim Horton's. Just more proof that it is in fact a Canadian school, eh.
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    Random ramblings.... Big winner of the day appears to be C Mich who took down Ball St and got McKay back into the lineup. on the same day. Coupled with Toledo's loss they find themselves right in the thick of things in the west. Frye played out of his mind tonight for BG. Their stock has risen sharply since the return of Turner. It's no accident that they are right there with us at the top. With arguably the MACs best trio Toledo just doesn't seem to have enough around them. They seriously lack any quality depth at all. Not at all sold on Todd being any great shakes as a coach either. Buffalo's defense is horrible. I look for a BIG statement W on Tuesday. The Bulls are an average MAC squad. No better, no worse. Last but not least, we have the most exciting player in the league by far. Just love watching LCJ play.
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    Without those transfers the Zips would be like Miami and we'd all be pi$$ing and moaning about how the team wasn't developing fast enough. We all saw the incessant whining and griping from some impatient posters the first couple of years of Groce when he was rebuilding the program. Can you imagine what we'd be hearing now if he'd have focused solely on freshmen instead of mixing in transfers/jucos?
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    Why doesn't KD bring the Dukes to the JAR to face the Zips? Seems like a no-brainer. It'd be a sellout. Make the game a cancer awareness game, or have a portion of the gate go toward the I Promise School. Until KD retires from Duquesne we should make it a yearly event.
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    If it wasn't clear before, it should be now that winning the MAC Tournament is the only way into the Big Dance for all MAC teams. Any misstep can lose a tiebreaker. Fortunately, this year there doesn't appear to be one dominant team and it can be wide open in Cleveland. Groce won with Ohio in 2010 after going on the road in first round and beating Ball State in OT. They then took out Kent before shocking the Zips in the finals. The following year Ball State got revenge on Groce and the Kittens (who hosted a first round game) in the QFs and took them out in OT sending the Kitten fans into utter meltdown. 2011 Akron came from a 5th seed to beat Kent in OT in that wild final. The next year, a double-bye year, Groce and the #3 Kittens came back and took out Akron by one point and went to the Sweet 16. In 2013, the Zips crushed Ohio in the second half of the final and sent Jim Christian and DJ Cooper off to greener pastures. Since then it's been all Buffalo except for Western MIchigan and Kent. This is the best I can do with the seedings considering Central is short two games. The Huskies have some nice tiebreakers wins over Kent and Buffalo: (feel free to correct my miscalculations) 1. BGSU would face Toledo/Miami winner 2. Akron would face Ball State/Ohio winner 3. Central Michigan would face Buffalo/Western Michigan winner 4. Northern Illinois would face PCCC/Eastern Michigan winner 5. PCCC 6. Ball State 7. Buffalo 8.* Toledo 9. Miami 10. Western Michigan 11. Ohio 12. Eastern Michigan *Akron's loss to Ohio at home sent them to the dreaded 8th seed and a QF match up with Buffalo last year.
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    X made the two biggest 3s of the season. It's almost like that Eastern Michigan win saved the season. There was a pall hanging over the JAR that fateful Saturday. Then X with the help of the Hurons Smallsville pulled off the miracle. The Zips aren't Buffalo of last year. They are a well-coached team that rode its starting 5 pretty hard for most of the season. They are playing way beyond predictions. They may go 0-2 on the road vs. Buffalo and BG, so these two wins and a win on Saturday would be huge.
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    It was certainly underutilized for a number of years because A) it was a new foreign concept to coaches and B ) players didn't grow up practicing it so they weren't as good at shooting them as today's players. I'm not going to pretend to know whether or not Joe could have made it in the NBA. I wasn't even born yet when he was at Akron. I was just making it known that the 3-point line did indeed exist.
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    To balance things out, do you bring in potentially the two worst D-1 football programs in the nation in UMass and UConn? I'd expect the MAC to be happy with its present membership. There's no need to add conference boat anchors. And there's no way UConn allows their hoops team to go on the road and play in MAC arenas as compensation us accommodating their football program.
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    Sayles has been a good teammate thus far by not showing his displeasure of falling out of the rotation, but I'd be surprised to see him in a Zips uniform next season. As a freshmen he was playing 14.6 m/g. Last season he played 12.4 m/g. This season he's down to 5.4 and hasn't even appeared in the Zips last 2 games. Unlike some other Zips transfers who really weren't good enough to play D1 basketball, I could see Sayles being a meaningful contributor on an America East caliber team.
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    Oh. It's not me. I was a different person before the T Shirt Cannon incident.
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    Have Tribble & Ali put up 500 3-pointers a day before next Saturday. Get them some confidence in their respective strokes & tell them to (as I've heard Groce say before) "Shoot with smiles on their faces."
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    Another tough matchup, not having a center that matches up with the team's overall potential. Friday will be another tough matchup, especially considering the depth. You're starting to see how it hurts to not have any scoring threat off the bench. Ali, Tribble, and Dawson all badly missed wide open threes. Seems like teams are starting to figure Akron out. On to Kent. Not technically a must win, but it would be nice to go into the bye + EMU at home with a big road win.
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    Arth was here. That explains the lack of offense.
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    In other news the sky is blue and grass is green... It would have been criminal had he not gotten it this week. He averaged 27.5 points and 4 assists while shooting 70% from the field and 78.6% from 3.
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    I'd like to see that when they get up big they don't have those slides, but rather keep stepping on the necks of their opponents to the point where the game is over earlier. Then they could get those bench kids some much needed court experience and give them the base to become more valuable contributors down the line. Giving up double digit leads does not promote this.
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    Wasn't sure where to put this, but here's an excellent article on X.
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    According to Ole Kenpom the Zips are rated above Daniel Utomi's mighty USC Trojans.
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