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    Last year, 4-8 Bowden beat - Northwestern Morgan State (4-7 FCS) Kent State in OT (2-10) CMU (1-11) We lost 9-of-11 starters on defense, and that defense carried the 2018 team. Due to the timing of his hire he completely missed out on the initial signing day. We lost our best returning WR, Jonah Morris, before the season even started. Shocking that we're bad in 2019. Who knew? Arth is a good person, and a hard worker. He's legitimately focusing on NE Ohio recruits, which is something Akron fans have bemoaned for years. Everyone here should support the guy. Against a lot of odds, his staff and team are busting their ass to bring Akron a winner. If you repeatedly post on ZipsNation bitching about Arth, you're just trying to bring the program down. And bring the supporters down. And that is not why I pay the money, and spend the time, to run a nice site that represents UA well. People that repeatedly bitch make ZipNation toxic and drive good, interesting, fun fans away. That won't fly.
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    If it is indeed true that - "You improve through criticism. You do not improve from sunshine and rainbows and apathy" then I'll offer the following candid thoughts - You have 3,870 posts on ZipsNation. I am still waiting for the first good one. You started off strong in 2012 with your avatar, and everything since then has been a banal, verbose waste of space. You offer a stunning combination of ignorance and self-importance. #Facts. Tough Love.
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    John, there are only a few stinkers here. Stay with us. Better days are ahead.
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    The small crowd in the stands belied the well attended parties in the stadium parking lots. There was no doubt Julian Hicks' foot was in-bounds for his first TD reception in a Zips uniform. The Zips celebrate after DeMarkus Glover snared his first career INT. ...and the Zips faithful got to break out The Takeaway Pencil! Boogie Knight nets 39 of his game high 100 yards receiving. Kato Nelson feels the force of the UMass pass rush. All day long it seemed like there were more UMass blockers than Zips defenders. Nate Stewart hauls in a 17 yard TD pass. Robbie Kelley had 8 pass attempts before giving way to Zach Gibson. An exuberant Zack Gibson bumps butts with Trevor Brown after leading the Zips to withing 8 points, late in the game. Gibson's strong play breathed life into a Zips team, and staff in desperate need of some positive vibes. 12-16 for 173 yards and a TD, Gibson did it all, even hauling in a 2-point conversion from WR/QB Nate Stewart. UMass QB Michael Curtis high steps it into the endzone untouched. The Zips' Zach Gibson does some high-stepping of his own. True Freshman KR/WR Michael Mathison continues to impress. Gibson gets a taste of what Kato Nelson has been feeling all season. Kato's status for the Kent game appears to be a game day decision...at best. In 1975 Time Magazine wrote "I've seen the future of rock and roll, and that future is Bruce Springsteen." For the Zips faithful that made the trip to Amherst, maybe...just maybe...in the abyss of what appears to be the mother of all rebuilding seasons...they saw the future of Akron football in true Freshman Zach Gibson. Time will tell.
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    Less that a month to the season!
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    Maybe I want to do be optimistic and fawn over players. What difference does it make to the players, the university or anyone else and why does it matter to you so effing much? When did you join the thought police? Get a life or create your own site where you and your 3 buddies can bitch and moan all the time. Your posts are obnoxious, but of course that is probably your goal. I've been to every home basketball game and tournament game for the last 20 years and almost every football game. One thing I don't need from an anonymous blogger such as yourself is a reality check.
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    So, just to clarify the rules here, it's okay to predict future misery and gloom and doom for a program but not a game?
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    I mean, not to get into a discussion that's really a waste of time re: Bowden. But the last 5-6 games last year with a better roster didn't look much better than what we're seeing right now. I know this is the UMass thread, but I'll put it here anyway. And people have even said it already in some ways. Did Akron have a good reason to fire Bowden? Yes! Does that automatically make those of us who came to that conclusion fans of the current staff by default? Absolutely not! There's a reason that even if we do indeed go 0-12 this year (which I've come to accept, but still support the team) I will not miss what the previous group became. Not at all. That was an embarrassment, so far beyond the football itself.
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    I think I'd still give Ianello the nod, but Arth is making it more competitive week by week. We're right back to being the most embarrassing program in the country after a few years of competence with Bowden. Sad sad sad.
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    @Captain Kangaroo This board is very well done & I agree with most of what your saying but Jonah wasn’t our best receiver & may not have even started. This defense is at such a disadvantage, you have Lako & Davis that are legit D1 guys, new d line that creates no pressure, new linebackers & a bunch of DB’s that never played a college football game a month ago. I expected so much more out of this offense but you can’t do much with little blocking. No run game, now Gibson made things better on pass game cause he knew how to move around in pocket & go through reads, something we haven’t seen but Burkhart is only real game changer we have in speed & athletic ability I hope things get better but unfortunately I think it may get worse before better but this isn’t Arth’s fault. Give him a chance, let him get a couple recruiting classes in & if you don’t see it we should all ask for a change I believe you never settle & always strive for greatness Go Zips 🏈
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    No need to apologize for caring. That's the mark of a real fan. Your original post just had the sound of a kid telling his mom that the kids at school were making fun of his clothes! Also, don't lump me into that one Balsy. They're only 4 games in and were hamstrung in recruiting by their late start. If I don't see improvement this season, better recruiting in the offseason and a substantial improvement next season, I'll be with you, but for now it is premature.
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    I can't recall a lower time for any Zip sports enthusiast. This is not a rant or a fire any coach, AD or BOT member call to action. It is merely a statement that our athletics culture is depressed. Football is now the worst of the bottom 10. Arth may raise us to the top of the MAC. I hope he does, but we have a lot more pain ahead before that happens. I'll give him a chance. Soccer is experiencing an unprecedented winless streak. Jared will fix it, he's too good a coach and we are lucky to have him. Tennis loses a coach who raised the program to the top of the MAC and then resigns days before the first fall season match for personal reasons. What gives? I don't believe why he left. There's more than that at play here. Track and Field can't have a spring home meet because the track is unsafe. Is this any way to treat a program that has made it to a top 25 national ranking? I don't believe this dysfunction is the result of one man's leadership, but rather a deteriorating culture that tolerates excuses and does not think of the university as able to achieve a high level of MAC competition. It's not always about money and funding. For us it's about expecting to lose eventually. There is little evidence of commitment to excellence. I've seen more passion on ZNO than I have ever seen from athletic dept staff. Their response always seems to be "This is Akron, what do you expect?" Well screw that. I expect to win and you coach, athletic staff member or administrator are supposed to find a way to make that happen. Not an excuse as to why it can't. Please men's and women's BBall gives us something to be proud of.
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    That explains why I saw Groce walking around campus in waders a couple weeks ago.
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    New Walk on that we added via tryout Enrique Freeman Summer League highlights
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    That is fearless! Not so much the first part, but the second. 🤯
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    It's appalling to me that so many here have risked epic failure on an entirely new level (and that's saying a lot from a program that was recently 3-33 over a 3 year span) by firing a coach who recently had the most successful season of any coach in UA history (on 2 of 3 relevant measures: 1) most wins in a season, 2) bowl victory in a very entertaining game against a respectable program, but 3) not a MACC, but we did make the MACC and lost, finishing second). This is particularly ridiculous given the financial struggles of the University, which made national news for its unprecedented level of academic program cuts. But why stop there? Let's make note of being the worst D-1A program in the country by earning our first winless season in program history. Balsy is right, the approach from most of you here is to just roll the dice hoping to come up with a coach who gets us to that magical and unprecedented plateau of a Top 25 finish. That's delusional. You can't just be satisfied with new levels of success even if that bar is relatively low for UA Football? What's wrong with a few down seasons every once in a while? That's what happens when a great coach like Fleck leaves for greener pastures anyhow. What's wrong with continuity? Continuity matters. See Steelers versus Browns success. We are the Browns of college football. Y'all are enablers! (Not you, akronzips71.)
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    And yet...those same 16-17 year old recruits somehow give a crap about Jason Taylor being an NFL Hall-of-Famer who played at Akron? It's really not that hard to understand. Bowden THE NAME carries a hell of a lot more weight than Arth, Ianello, Faust, Brookhart could ever hope to carry...combined. That's just a plain, straight-up fact. The 16-17 year olds may not know the Bowden Name, and what that means...but their coaches, their administrators, even their parents would. It's not 1967, there is this thing called the internet. And as someone who teaches 16-17 year olds...with $600 computers in their pockets...its pretty easy to google. When you google Bowden, Auburn and National Championship would appear. When you google Arth you'd get...9-13 at EastJesus Tennessee University? If you're a 16-17 year old actively being recruited in football; you'll probably take the half a second to google the school that expresses interest in you.
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    You owe it to the team to give them the best chance to win games. If Gibson clearly gives you that chance, you play him.
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    If you're looking for proactive reporting by George, you're barking up the wrong tree. "I do exactly what is expected of me and nothing more."
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    It ain't over til the Kent cheerleaders sing (or cry)..
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    Bowden won some games, got us a bowl, got us into a MAC champ game. This guy has gotten us the WORST TEAM IN D1 Title on only 5 weeks. Sorry, this is a bad joke. The players are leaving because, lets face it, anyplace is better than this place. They should just fire him today and appoint an interim coach. Enough of this nonsense.
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    Late to the party this week. Boy, that was PAINFUL! I think 0-12 is on the horizon, which sucks considering Akron will have spent nearly half of this decade with one or fewer losses. That's pretty shocking considering how much "better" of a program this is than in the early 2000s at the Rubber Bowl. It just goes to show you, you win with people. It's all about the people. And we've had a lot of bad ones in leadership roles around the program recently. I didn't get to watch the game and I only listened to parts of it so I won't get too into things I liked and didn't like, but on the surface there are things we can take away from this. For one, we are not close to being good. At all. But that's obvious and has been all year. We are the worst team in the FBS. But I'll still wear the colors with pride no matter what. Moving forward, the QB situation will be interesting. I haven't the slightest clue why they hung Kato out to dry at the end of the first half by allowing him to be put in a position where he can get hurt. And he was already hurt so at that point I knew who was coming in behind him and immediately lost all optimism for the game. With that said, I figured we'd see Gibson at some point this year. He's the crown jewel QB in the first class on the staff of a QB head coach. This shouldn't surprise too many people. I wish I could've watched it live, but it seems like he was pretty electric. That is against a team with no scouting report on him and a team that has probably a bottom 5 defense, so you probably have to take that performance with a grain of salt. But either way, that was great to see. Also, Burton seemed like he was a decent back. And he's also a freshman which is great! But you won't be playing UMass every week, so again, salt. I've been concerned about the defense all year for obvious reasons. I wish I knew more about schematically how defenses work so I could pin point the issues, but I'll just have to point them out instead. It seems like there are a lot of blown coverages and guys getting burned. They're young so I can live with it to an extent, but French makes it sound like these receivers don't have anyone within 10 yards of them at times. That bothers me. Also, I don't know if we run a spy or not but it might be a good idea. Akron's pass rush isn't good enough to complete coverage sacks whenever there are opportunities, and the QBs often get big gains out of it. I don't know. We're just bad. At least they didn't roll over down 20 to that garbage team. I can't say I wouldn't have myself. And as for the transfers, best of luck elsewhere. The faster this group can get there players in here, the faster we can determine they're the right people to be here or not. The football greatly concerns me right now, and as I've stated the jury is out on this staff. But for the sake of the athletes, be supportive. They sacrifice a lot of time right now to get their asses kicked and not have hope in a lot of games. And they're repping our beloved university week after week. Go Zips!!!!!
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    I’m surprised to hear from a coach that giving a 50, 60, 70, 80 percent effort on the field is supposed to equate to 100% from the fans. This is D1 Collegiate Soccer not grade school. There are no participation trophies here. College prepares one for life. Professionals don’t put up with less than 100% effort. One of our players apologized to me some time earlier this season. I told him that wasn’t necessary. I know this is hard, but at that time I saw the effort. Some bad calls / no calls from the referees also made winning difficult. I didn’t see that in the Cornell game. We were at home with a friendly crowd and no egregious calls effecting the outcome. I simply saw only about 15 minutes of Akron soccer. Other than that, Cornell dictated the game. Most of the rest of the match looked like the lack of effort seen in that golden goal corner kick. Winning will come when there is a winning effort, not whining.
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    I have earned my stripes; I have been here quite a long time. And I will be here long from now. I will handle my fandom as I feel appropriate, requiring neither advice nor permission from anyone. Fan is sort for fanatic. I am not here in the capacity of a coach; that is a different perspective. And I am certainly not a cheerleader. AND I am not a PARENT of someone on the team, which is definitely an entirely different perspective. My means of protest are limited to either vocalizing or not attending. I have not missed a home match in well over a decade. So, vocalizing it is. My support for this program cannot be questioned. I have been here way too long for that. Our team has fallen into the predictable habit of nearly always playing back to GK. Opponents are just waiting to pounce on these back passes. I realize we want maintain possession, and we want to draw out the opposition. But we have become far too susceptible to the high press. And we have become sloppy and too casual about playing square across the back. No. I am not making it up. And who are you to insinuate that I am? Surely you have noticed this sloppy ball handling along the back Many others have noticed, even if you have not. I do not mean to imply that sloppy back passes are the only thing wrong here. That is far from the case. We are on a losing streak of historical magnitude. I do not believe any Zips squad has ever begun 0-0-4. We are at 0-0-7 and counting. We probably will hurt some feelings and trample some egos before this gets fixed. But fixed it will eventually get. And I will be here through all of it. See you at the match. Go Zips!
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    As always, taking photos and subsequently posting and commentating the day after a disappointing loss is a losing proposition. But I took the trip up to Amherst and thought I'd post what I thought might be interesting to Zips fans who'd never been to Amherst, and who may not have been able to watch the game. My wife and I arrived in Amherst Thursday night. It is roughly a 2-hour drive from Logan Airport to the UMass campus. Too bad we drove it in the dark, and in a rainstorm, because everyone who drove in during the day told me it was a scenic drive. Amherst is tucked away in the woods of western Massachusetts. The last 30 or so miles it took to get there reminded me of a trip to OU, winding through several rural small towns. We stayed at a bed and breakfast about 0.5 miles from the downtown restaurant and bar district, and a little over 1 mile to the UMass campus. We explored the campus during the day, and felt really old at night as we hit the bars where many of the kids were approaching 1/3 our age! But it was a great time. UMass has a small lake in the center of campus. If you take the library elevator to the 23rd floor you can see the entire campus, with the hillside in the background. It was surprising that we wore Akron gear the entire day, but not one person mentioned the game or seemed to notice. The game was promoted on campus. The stadium was open during the day, so we were able to get in and take some pictures. There was a great pizza joint on campus. Antonio's. Giant New York slices. We got some tortellini slices to end our Friday night. I wish there was a place like this in the Akron area! We set up shop in Lot 22, only 2 blocks from the stadium. It was a vibrant tailgate scene. Lots of cars, tents and music. Travelling by plane, it was tough to "seriously" tailgate, but we did the best we could. UMass fan Steve 1981 visited ZipsNation and invited us to his tailgate, so we stopped over and said hello. Super-nice guy, with a great wife and group of friends. I can't tell you how many great people I've met via ZipsNation.org, both in the Akron area, and across the country. We tailgated with new friends 3rd&twenty and his wife, and met up with Akronites Dave and Geno inside the stadium. UMass had a large, gated-off section where the students tailgated before the game. It was an absolute mob scene. Kids piled in from the dorms by the hundreds. It was like an army of ants! Unfortunately, the bulk of the students head back to the dorms after the block party. Very few made it in to the stadium. Game result aside, it was a great trip. If you've never traveled to a Zips away game, you should. I've seen some great wins @ Northwestern, Army, NC State and Navy over the years. Some close shaves at Wisconsin and Virginia. And some clunkers like yesterday. But it's always a great time travelling and supporting the Zips. See you @ Auburn next year!
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    I've never inspired anyone or anything before (other than looks of disgust from girls in high school).
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    It is doubtful that either Ali or Edwards will be redshirts. Both have enough talent to see the floor during games. Remember that Edwards was originally a Buffalo commit. He is a prototypical Buffalo recruit, 6'6", long arms, fast and super athletic. After seeing Ali this week I was impressed with his size, athleticism and ability to handle the ball. You don't get quality players if you tell them you are going to redshirt them.
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    I don't think the Buchtelite was invented yet. Johnny Heisman was the football coach that year. We won
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    I read this hustle-belt review and don’t disagree that Gibson is the future. Will they or should they burn his redshirt? That remains to be seen. If you start Gibson now than the transfer portal will be lit up. Secondly, starting a true freshman doesn't bod well for recruiting.Next, as far as Burton is concerned, Im not sure what game hustle belt was watching but his blocking was nothing but average. I witnessed him turn himself sideways as not to take the blow . I have witnessed every position, thus far , have personnel changes each week except the O line . IMO this is the biggest area of concern that needs to be addressed. No running game, a rushed passing game is a result of poor line play.Ranting and raving to fire this guy and that guy does nothing. Get behind the team and be supportive. If nothing changes in the next few years , than by all means start to rant and rave.
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    I cannot figure out the personnel decisions this staff makes. Arth seems to be going with "his guys" and it doesn't seem to be paying off. Players like Sampson, Brimage, and Lloyd were all regular contributors in prior years but hardly get on the field on D, if at all. DBs - How don't we know who our starting DBs are yet? Tried multiple guys at FS the first few games and ultimately settled on Davis. Oddly enough, Zaire Jacobs, who we all would have thought would have been the natural replacement with Davis at CB, never seemed to get a real look and now he's gone. We've also seemingly had endless combinations of whose at corner. True fresh Cochran seems to be settled in on one side, but Riley or Hooks...who is better...please make a decision, and are neither of them really better than a true freshman? Linebackers - Started the season with Watts at ILB, then moved to Bubba, now Glover. Scott and Richardson seem to both take extended turns at OLB opposite of Ward. Running backs - How does Floyd not get on the field at all? The player the staff seems the highest on (Lee) is the least effective to me. Too many negative plays for the usage he gets. Why bench your starting RB for the game after a fumble? Burton might be the highest I'm on of RBs that actually get on the field, but he's a 3rd string walk on oddly enough. QBs - It worked out I guess, but pulling Kelley as quick as they did for a true freshman seemed like and odd choice to me...but if the true freshman is better, why the heck wasn't he the back up to begin with? Oline - we sure like to experiment at every other position group, but not here for whatever reason and here is where we should be experimenting the most. I get there aren't much options, but at least try something. Recruits - all of these true freshman are getting playing time, except our two highest rated recruits in Thomas and Hayes-Patrick.What? We just seem all over the place in who we are playing and I can't follow the logic. We need to play the best players and only put in subs when they need breaks. Screw this platooning bull crap. Has our staff really been that bad at evaluating performance over camp and practice that all this crap changes on a week to week basis? Are they making a conscious decision to sacrifice winning now to get young players more time in hopes that its pays off down the road? If so, proceed with caution. I sat through 1-15 and 0-16 Browns seasons and nobody came out of that with their jobs. Playing your best players and coming up short is one thing. I can understand that, but from what I can see, we either don't know who our best players are or aren't trying to win at all costs this season and even fans as tolerant and optimistic as myself have to take issue with that.
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    That's fair! And yes...yes it did, lol. I wasn't in the best of moods while typing that particular post.
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    After 30 years of Akron play by play, I'd sound irritated in general too.
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    Meh...it's the age we live in. Players constantly transfer. He did get a couple minutes of PT, but so do a lot of true freshman now-a-days. They can play 4 games before getting shut down for their redshirt. We presently have a lot of true freshman logging big minutes in the secondary. If he wasn't, then the writing was probably on the wall that he'd be better off elsewhere.
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    Running game will still suffer, but Zach Gibson allows Arth to run more of his offense and the Zips shock the world and Kent State still sucks. Need some positive vibes for this program.
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    I was never on board with Bowden being fired. Yes, he had a bad end of season. To replace a coach with a national championship on his resume with an unknown is just dumb. That is my opinion and I am sticking with it.
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    Simply saying naked platitudes like "build it and they will come" or "the right staff" and not understanding/accepting your true circumstance, nothing will ever change. Going 0-12 is not change. Blindly casting dice and hope that you eventually strike a seven isn't a way to change something. Bowden's Staff when he first got here was definitely far above what a 2-22 team with one bowl appearance in 10 years could ever hope for. And things improved. From culture to results on the field. It just seems some people have delusions of grandeur.
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    An up and down start to MAC play the last two weekends for the Women, but yesterday may have shown a turning point on the season. Last weekend the Women lost to the Defending Champs at BG, then went into Toledo and came home a winner. Friday night at FES they gave another stellar effort defensively in a 1 nil loss to a solid Ball State squad, and then took it to Miami 2-0 Sunday with two ripped goals, Kayleigh Peyton’s first career goal for the sophomore and Syd Worthy netting her second match winner of the season. 2-2 in MAC play now, 5-7 on season, and OU coming in on Thursday night, and they’re playing tough right now. Herlihy’s team seems to have found some offense to go along with their stingy defense, and if so, the rest of the season should be fun.
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    No, I am not someone who was fired or related to anyone who has ever worked at U of A. I'm a Class of '89 alum and a parent of two Zip alums. I am a fan, and perhaps, if you actually were "thinking" about the facts I have presented, you would reach the same conclusions. Maybe some of you are fine with Zips Athletics mediocrity in Football and Men's Basketball... Is the current track of non-achievement mediocre? True/False. On Williams' watch two new sports have been added that will not be funded by the U of A at competitive levels against MAC opponents, in fact, they are presented as non-scholarship sports. This has been pushed forward despite the U of A suffering decreased enrollment and amidst claims by the U of A Upper Administration that future cuts to athletics are likely in the near future. What part of this is not factual? https://www.athleticbusiness.com/college/akron-likely-to-see-sports-cuts-with-new-budget-plan.html Men's Soccer is a non-revenue sport, despite making the College Cup, as there are no revenue shares from the NCAA or ticket sales that total even the benefits costs of Jared Embick's salary. At the end of the day, men's soccer brings in no more NET revenue than women's swimming and actually costs the U of A budget more. Williams gave a huge raise to the men's soccer coach despite Embrick having no other offers of employment, and now Embrick makes $300,000 per year, which is almost 3 times the average salary of a U of A Full Professor. https://www.insidehighered.com/aaup-compensation-survey/school-detail/university-akron-main-campus Is the men's soccer success pushing additional revenues to cover this salary bump? We would know if the Athletic Department published an annual report, but that has not happened the last two years. UA offered a buyout to 47 percent of its faculty in March, though some departments, including Athletics, were not eligible for the package. The university is also trying to address its dropping enrollment, now at a 10-year low, and has a history of financial problems as we all know. Officials originally predicted a deficit of $16 million for next year, though that was updated to $3.6 million earlier this Spring. Officials cited selectively filling vacancies and being “cost-conscious” with non-personnel costs as the reasons for the drop. The University of Akron spent $923,517 during the 2018-19 school year to pay three former presidents: Matthew Wilson, Scott Scarborough, and Luis Proenza, so the money that is being donated to U of A is truly going right out the door for no good of the students, academics, or athletics. Add in paying off Bowden and Arth's UTC exit fee... stop the insanity for a football program that sells less than 3,000 season tickets a year. That's right - the season ticket gross revenue for 2019 would not even cover the Bowden Buy-Out. The school owes Bowden, who was fired with two years left on his contract, $630,000. And it's giving Arth, a five-year deal that the Beacon Journal said is worth about $500,000 per year. Thus, in the next two years, Arth will be paid at least $1 million, Bowden will make $630,000 and Akron will be paying Arth's former school about $370,000. That's $2 million for a university that in August said it was projecting a $3.6 million budget deficit for this fiscal year, 2019-2020. Criticize me all you like, but if William's said football was his #1 priority when he was named AD then why are ticket sales, attendance and wins all going backwards in year 4 of his tenure. This is not sour grapes, is someone standing up for Zip fans and saying we deserve better.
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    And just in case they are monitoring this site and planning to take over the world I would like to state that I have always liked robots.
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    Turned the corner with the program!? Seriously? Seriously...he took a perennial 8+ win team, with 3-straight years in the FCS divisional playoffs; and made them a 3-win team. One more year of lackluster performance and he likely would have been gone. The excuse is always given that a coach is terrible in his first year because it's "still the other guy's players..." At Chattanooga the guys Arth inherited was a 9-4 team that lost in the divisional playoffs. He took that team and made them 3-8. Tom Arth was in no position, to be seen by ANYONE, as the person to "Elevate the Zips program to the next level". Us Arth critics are not "tough" we're simply spouting hard truths.
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    Not if Larry Williams has anything to do with it.
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    Joining a fan message board to do nothing but be negative and push an agenda is an incredible display of not having a life. Congrats.
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    Appalling lack of effort and/or focus!
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    Each of us fans, long term or otherwise, is ENTITLED to demonstrate our displeasure with the team we love, so long as we are not menacing, or profane, or Etc. etc. I booed them openly and loudly on Saturday. Not sure I have ever done that before, and if so, it has been decades since. l have abiding affection and support for our coaches, and for our players. But all that will NEVER compare to the undying love I have for University of Akron Soccer. This program is bigger than any one of them, and it is bigger than any one of us. Our team is woefully shabby and lousy right now. Without grit. Without pride. And I am FULLY justified in angrily expressing myself about it. I make no apology in doing so. Appalling? Appalling?!? Repeated lame-assed slow hospital balls across one’s own goal mouth is truly appalling! Get real. I will be there Wednesday in full voice. You know where to find me.
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    Eeegads, political talk on a sports forum. To think I come here to get away from the real world.
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    Just read an article on the UMass-Akron game that called it "the bottom 25 game of the century." You have to keep your sense of humor in this situation.
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    The coin will be flipped then land on its side.
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