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    I'm dusting off an old thread based on quotes on other threads and my observations of Jimond this year. I have come to senior days of many seasons and stood to cheer the players I thought represented my alma mater in an exemplary manner. I won't cheer any player louder than Jimond. From that awkward out of control freshman to being a senior leader, Jimond has given 100% every minute he has been on the floor. He stuck with UA when KD left and others bailed. Last year, I watched him try to counsel and temper Virshon. This year, I have watched him taking younger players under his wing and offer them advice or words of encouragement. His impact on the team has gone far beyond his basketball talents. He has done the Zips proud. Good luck Jimond in wherever life leads you.
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    On Thursday December 20th, new Zips Head Football Coach Tom Arth was kind enough to allow me a 30 minute interview. While I would have loved to garnered details such as recruit names and a detailed list of staff candidates, unfortunately neither was possible. Trust me, I tried. Until things are official, and contracts are signed, we all simply need to put the puzzle pieces together ourselves from Twitter and other similar sources. That said, I though he provided some great insight into his personal life, his football mindset and the DNA that will make up Akron Zips Football in the Arth Era. I hope you enjoy it. Note to Dr. Z: Regarding photography at scrimmages - Coach Arth was quoted as saying “Still photography is great.” Unlike the Bowden scrimmages, where only the initial 15 minutes of warm ups were open to photography, you should now be able to take plenty of action shots. Hope Santa got you a sweet new sports lens for Christmas this year! Coach Arth Q & A
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    Don't blame Groce for Mark's lack of ability to compete at the D1 level....disingenuous to suggest it was on Coach's back, if you ever watched him play at UA. No disagreement on Mark being a great kid, etc. but just wasn't a D1 baller. Walsh and mark will compliment each other.
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    When you get home from the game at midnight, you don't feel like posting any thoughts on it. Then you drive home for 6 1/2 hours the next day, and you don't feel like posting anything either. Then on Monday, you try to catch up on all the things you didn't do around the house because you were in Evanston all weekend. And here you are... There isn't much to be said that hasn't already been said regarding the game. Some people bemoan the lack of stars in the Akron recruiting classes, but there was no shortage of stars for the Zips on the field Saturday night. Bell...Nelson...Williams...anyone with the surname Davis or Brown... it was an amazing second half. Very reminiscent of the 1999 Akron @ Navy game, where the Zips were down 20 in the first quarter and rallied back for the win. The first half penalties were maddening, but even with the late second quarter TD drive, you never got the feeling that Northwestern was going to dominate. One play that stood out to me towards the end of the first half was the Zips 4th and 1 QB run. Kato took the snap and slammed into the line as hard as he physically could. He didn't get the first down, but it really stood out how badly he wanted it. I'd never seen a small (he's no Woodson) QB hit the line with such reckless force. It showed me how badly he wanted to win, despite how horrifically the bulk of the preceding offensive possessions had played-out. The Zips clock management at game's end was baffling. The chasing of points that began in the 3rd quarter was puzzling. The 48 yard FG attempt late in the 4th qtr was ummmmm thought-provoking? But all that said, the Zips gutted out one of, if not THE greatest wins in program history. Back in 2005 the Zips beat NC State. You really thought the Program had arrived. Then we stumbled to a 5-6 season record. The apparent breakthrough 2014 win at Pitt ended up a lone highlight in an otherwise forgettable 5-7 season. But this year seems different. You always win with defense, and the Zips have their best defense in memory. Sort of like 2015, but with the addition of Dwight Smith impersonator Alvin Davis in the secondary (for you youngsters out there, Google "Dwight Smith Akron" to see my GZOAT). Iowa State will be a much bigger test than Northwestern. Back-to-back Power 5 games always are brutal for MAC schools. But the MAC has done it before. Toledo beats Power 5's with regularity. NIU too. Remember in 2003 when NIU began the season with wins against Alabama, Maryland and Iowa State? Why not the Zips? It's about time another MAC school broke through the Glass (Bowl) ceiling! As lunch draws to a conclusion, here are a few closing thoughts on the Northwestern trip - * Great to put a face to the name of @LZip and @Ham. Fun meeting them, & their spouses/families! Very nice to meet the Reinke's too. * The Zips alumni had a nice party at the South Golf Course lot...coincidentally only about 100 feet from where we were tailgating. Thanks to Willie for stopping by and inviting us over. * The Golf Course lot was awesome. Just like the old Rubber Bowl grass lot. Corn hole...footballs flying...kids running around everywhere...it was a fun time. It was a little like Lord of the Flies as the kids took control of the green on hole #13. I wouldn't want to putt on it come Sunday morning. Here were a couple of Zips tailgates - And inside the stadium, here were some of the boisterous Zips fans: Nice people in Evanston. Very gracious in their defeat. Fun college town. Couldn't have had a better weekend. Thank you Akron Zips!
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    I haven't noticed anyone posting a greeting for this Christmas so I thought I'd send ya'll these best wishes for a blessed and joyful Christmas, even though I'm late. My first, and maybe best, present came when Zip_ME87 confirmed Jared was staying put. Other presents scattered around our Zip tree are the growth of Men's basketball, the turnaround of women's basketball, the high hopes we have with a new football staff, the excitement of baseball returning under coach Sabo, the fire Christy Mitchell seems to be bringing to our fledging LaCrosse team and the continued excellence of Track and Swimming & Diving. That's a lot to be grateful for. But I'm also grateful for the informative news and discussions that are presented on this board. I can even say I appreciate the occasional idiot because he/she makes me value the vast majority of posters who actually make sense with their opinions. To the mods who make ZNO possible.... Thanks!
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    Jason Carter is leaving? Fire Jeff Boals. Program is a joke. Total disarray.
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    Listening to French and Dunn’s call while riding a bus in Singapore. What an age we live in!
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    I can confirm, per a very reliable source, that Coach Embick is staying at Akron. With that said, the University and its Athletic Department continue to face financial issues. I believe that we, who love Zips Men's Soccer, need to find ways to help support our beloved program to keep it strong. I'm asking as someone who dearly loves UA and our Men's Soccer team. I love so much seeing DeAndre, Wil, and Darlington suit up in the red, white, and blue and hearing Akron mentioned when they take the field. I look forward to others who may yet take that step one day. The same for all of our players in the English Premier League, MLS, and USL. I can't imagine losing that. Getting the word out for more folks to buy season tickets, I'm sure, would be a help. The success of the program and the recent run of articles in the Beacon Journal (ohio.com) should help convince other soccer fans that our program is worth their investment. I think we'll need to go beyond that, though, and try to rally our fan base and alumni to help raise additional funds. One way I know offhand that folks can help is through giving to the Goal Club or Friends of Men's Soccer, regardless of the amount. If anyone has experience leading fundraisers, I'd be willing to help. Please PM me.
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    Very new to this soccer thing but my observation: this is what a culture and tradition gets a team and a school. Like the Dukes and Gonzagas in BB, when the Zips are in the tourney the magic happens and can never be counted out even if the regular season was nothing special. A culture like this takes a generation to develop. It's an intangible, a confidence that every Akron Zip soccer player must have when he walks on the field. I'm sure our AD is thinking about that while he looks for our new "football" coach. I know budgets, recruiting, available scholarships are part of the mix. But this is a world class program right in the heart of our city.
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    I had the opportunity to interview Jabari Arthur last week prior to his UA Hall of Fame induction. Here's how it went: Jabari Arthur Interview Thanks as always to Dr. Z for the layout.
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    The death nail to UA was struck around 2013. The U was already in a precarious financial position; but around that time the Ohio Legislature pushed out tougher commands on the 6-year retention rate. What made these changes especially difficult on The University of Akron was the "part-time" students and "Summit-College" students. As both counted against the 6-year retention rate at the time. Summit-College was performing the service of a Community College, where students were admitted to The University of Akron where they normally would not have been, and counted against the 6-year retention rate. Stark State seems to be moving in to cash in on the void left by UA's phase-out of Summit College as it was back then. Basically the State of Ohio forced UA to give up that vital part of revenue/service to the community that it had served as for decades and now others are moving in to siphon it off. I remember vividly one of my last years on campus when we played the University of Tennessee (where my cousin went to school) I looked up the enrollments of the two schools. UA had a total enrollment greater than that of the University of Tennessee (Ours was about 30,000 theirs was about 28,000). At UA you can clearly see the steepest reduction is in "Pre-Major" and "Associate Degree" programs which would have been mostly serviced by Summit College; followed up by Master's programs which is likely in the overall deduction of programs at UA. You can see the steepest drop in any category at any one time is "Associate Degree" from 2013-2014 which is a reduction of 1,200 in one year...which was most likely a good portion of your Summit College population. I would have gone to UA for my Master's, and given them my money...except they've cut all the programs I could possibly use in my career (for those who were trying to understand the outrage over cutting programs)...and now all of my graduate $ are going to other institutions when I would have preferred to go with my Alma Mater if the option were there. At any rate...it's obvious that there needs to be a steep reduction in the cost of athletics. UA's financial woes have been both self-inflicted, short-sidedness from past decadent leadership; and unrelenting pressure from the State not considering UA's unique position of being a Major University and a Community college at the same time.
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    On the bright side, 50% of the new system will be better than 100% of Milwee's
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    Here are some images from this mornings practice. Notes to follow.
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    I had the opportunity to interview Josh Ward after last Saturday’s practice. Yet another great representative of Zips football! Thanks as always to Dr. Z for the nice layout and great supporting photos! Article
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    I've never seen so much angst over a "player" who never played a minute for the Zips, and another who was 0.001% away from being a walk-on. Jimmond Ivey is playing some great basketball right now, if anyone'd noticed.
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    @UA1987 & @zipsoutsider I respect both of your opinions & can see all sides of the argument & that is what this board is about. I have trouble when people start disrespecting others opinions, we had a few last year that made the board difficult to enjoy & the moderator’s handled it, I believe @zipoutsider has taken some of our opinions personally or the firing of Bowden personally like we fired him & saying we live in a fantasy land or not in reality & I’m not a wussy, I’m just saying I have said I have mixed feelings, he has pulled us out of the basement of NCAA football & I appreciate that. I was for keeping him & getting rid of Milwee. What I have heard is Milwee lost the guys & there was issues & disrespect with players that had gotten obvious & disruptive. I say I heard because I did hear that, I’m not in the locker room, meetings or practice so I have not witnessed it & Im always hesitant to say things I’ve heard because I really don’t know if it’s true People have been saying for a long time fire Milwee & get a new OC & he didn’t & it ended up costing him. Now, I’m discussing coaching candidates from here on out. Hoping for the best. We can’t save Bowden so let’s move on. I maybe unrealistic but I do believe we have the ability to be a successful football program. Winning helps make all our issues manageable. We have facilities, good recruiting grounds, we need a coach to get us there & spark some energy in the community & I do believe we can put butts in seats, we may not sell out but I do believe we can put a real 15-25k in the stadium This is just my opinion I’m throwing out there. I loved President Wilson because he was everywhere supporting everything he could. He may have been a terrible President but I thought he was the best I had seen because he was positive & was selling the University all the time. I would like a coach like that. Sell your football program all the time everywhere you go, know your players names & promote promote promote, the University needs to help
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    4-7 tends to mask those innumerable perks. Merry Christmas.
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    It's not too early to speculate. It's a discussion forum, where we talk about our favorite teams. I'm about 50/50 whether we're looking at new coaches. If it was just injuries, I'd say those are the breaks. But the debacle where players didn't want to be there, not giving a comete effort, lining up on the wrong side of the field. That is a coaching issue and someone has to go...
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    Well, I can say I was there. The tailgate atmosphere was very good. Not many questions about our nickname, but one baited comment on Zippy. I thought of using the story that our University founder Buchtel was from Australia and he tried to start a kangaroo ranch here in 1870's, but the darn things kept knocking out the ranch hands. Instead I deferred to the lamer story that our mascot is a carnivorous marsupial native to Ohio and that is why we adopted the critter. Thankfully, no one knew Zippy is a girl. My nephew had a good idea in that we should wear kangaroo pouches to the tailgate, but I thought maybe we should just hand out zippers. Anyhow, their stadium was nice. It did remind me a bit of the Rubber Bowl or Cleveland's Municipal stadium as it was ancient, but the field was top notch and there were about 30-35,000 fans there and they were loud. On the way up in the elevator some NU fan said aloud 'are we going to kick their ass or what' and I leaned into the group with my Zips hat and said 'no Akron will win'. They backed off. Then the same NU fan commented something like 'who was that a coach or something' as I exited and the elevator doors closed. Weather an hour before the game - perfect. As Akron lined up early on, an NU fan I was with commented that Akron looked big on the lines. I said - 300 lbs at the tackles on defense and 300 lbs across the O-line. I had to endure all sorts of crap in the first half with comments like 'that's quite a well oiled machine you got there', as we committed an ungodly amount of penalties. Then the NU fan group near me started acting like they were at a craps table with screams of joy as our center #53 kept coming up with penalties. Despite the outcome so far this was a hard hitting game in the first half. Then all crap shook loose. You know the story by now. Many stars on the Akron side, but Brian Bell physically dominated for Akron. Lako was good too and of course so was Davis. I actually heard an NU fan say they liked our QB better than Thorson. At the end, our D was tired and I knew they were vulnerable. Many NU fans were exiting and I said 'there's 5 minutes left where are you going?'. I grabbed one loud mouth's arm and said 'if it makes you feel any better this could be our first Big 10 win ever'. Most of their fans were great though. To me, the greatest single Zips DIv I A play of all time was Hixon's catch against NIU in 2005, but this NU Zips contest was the best game of all time and I was there.
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    Dr. Z and I were able to take-in our first practice since the beginning of summer camp today. It was difficult to make any profound observations, as the day was split into roughly 80 % drills, and 20% scrimmage situations. Nate Stewart was the star of the day. One-handed catches, sideline catches while heavily covered, TD's...he did it all. Coach Arth singled him out after the practice as and example of a player who competed on every play with maximum effort. He stated "Nate hasn't taken off a play, he hasn't asked to get a breather, he hasn't done anything but work hard the entire camp." Look for a huge year from Nate in 2019. It is interesting to see six quarterbacks practicing. Kato is the obvious #1. Robbie Kelly looks to be the #2. But the kid getting the next highest amount of reps was true freshman Zach Gibson. He made some nice throws, and acquitted himself well today. Some bizarre jersey numbers today, as Zach Gibson wore #50, RB Michiah Burton wore #59, RB Peter Hayes-Patrick wore # 67 and QB Nick Demchuk work #55. On the injury front - Hayes Patrick looks to have hurt his finger shortly after making a nice, 15 yard scrimmage run. Maverick Wolfley's day was over after he hurt his elbow on a crossing route. Julian Hicks was on the sideline wearing a tank top, with an ice pack on his shoulder. Deltron Sands and Keyondre White wore red shirts, and were relegated to drills on the sidelines. One player who seemed to take advantage of Jonah Morris and Julian Hicks' absence was Dustin Burkhart. He pulled in a nice 40-yard TD catch from Kato while being covered fairly well. Has a TD in a short yardage slant over the middle, and made multiple other nice plays over the course of the day. The Zips will be anything but predictable when inside the opponent's 5 yard line this season. The offense showed multiple looks, with slants to both sides, QB keepers, flea-flickers...this ain't the old "hand it four times to Cody Grice up the middle" Zips. On a several occasions the InfoCision speakers would blare rock music to simulate crown noise. We saw Nick Johns split out as a WR a few times. Former OL's John Neeley and Eric Bentley round out what Coach Arth feels is a solid 9-man rotation on the defensive line. Much better than the 5 DL's we had in the spring. At the end of practice Arth stated the defense won yesterdays practice, and the offense won today. So tomorrow is the rubber match. Boogie, Dre and Alvin rotated returning kick-offs. Each one of those guys can take it the distance. Per Coach Arth, Dre Williams is rounding into form after missing the spring with an injury. Landon Forman was also singled out as someone who missed the spring with an injury, but who's having a solid summer. Lots of parents in the stands, as this is Parents Weekend. They had a seemingly well-attended tailgate prior to the practice in Lot 9. More to come later. I know Dr. Z got some nice photos. Arth spoke to us after the practice. I'll transcribe it tomorrow.
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    I think there is some truth to that...but it isn't black and white. You don't win the MAC East title, and beat Northwestern, with 85 guys that are sloughing off. But you probably don't go from a 2.4 to a 2.9 overall team GPA in one semester without some players being held accountable for their classwork, who weren't in the past. I think all you need to know regarding the buy-in of the incumbent players to the new staff is seen in the lack of transfers.
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    WVU released their non-conf schedule. Zips play at WVU on 11/8. WVU will play in Youngstown at the Covelli Center against the Penguins on 12/21. Mountaineers will be at the Fieldhouse in CLE on 12/29 to face the Buckeyes. https://bluegoldnews.com/west-virginia-mountaineers/wvu-announces-non-conference-mens-basketball-schedule/
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    Ding ding ding ding! Hit the nail on the head. KD found 2 big guys that contributed well - Zeke & Big Dog. He also had a system he could sell to them (by the way, we never made it to the NCAA Tourney with Big Dog). Groce has a system predicated around getting out and running, as well as off the ball movement in the half-court. It's not an easy sell to big guys whom are used to camping underneath the hoop and backing down their defenders. I think your timetable for the turnaround is completely unrealistic if you're only giving him two years. This program was left in worse condition than I think many of us realized when KD bolted. This roster is looking better and better with each off-season, though, and that's a positive. I know you have a Big Man fetish, but guard-dominated basketball wins not only in the MAC, but at the NCAA Tourney level as well. When's the last time we talked about a mid-major making a run with a big man leading the way? The majority, if not all of the "Cinderella" runs by mid-majors are led by guards. I'm looking at this roster, and thinking "Man, this has all the ingredients to be good." Xeyrius Williams & Sayles are your athletic front-court guys (assuming Sayles doesn't transfer). Riak is your big man. Then your backcourt & forwards (small forwards, traditionally) are all in the 6'2"-6'7" range, which is quite tall and not something we're used to (minus LCJ). This team is going to get out and run teams out of the gym, if they can execute the game plan properly and make their shots (that's the biggest factor). There are a few pieces I'm interested to see how they fit (Ali & Roscoe are the big 2), but otherwise I'm very intrigued. And can we quit railing on these 1-2 year transfers? Pro sports teams sign vets to 1 year contracts all the time to bring experience into the clubhouse/locker room. If they can play, even better. We have to stop the bleeding and rebuild the culture, though, and I have nothing against a couple 1-2 year players. Groce is at least even with the curve when it comes to the ever-changing & moving landscape of college basketball.
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    Starting in 2020 the MAC will become a primary bowl partner in the Quick Lane Bowl. Locking in a B1G vs. MAC bowl match-up I'd consider to be a win. https://getsomemaction.com/news/2019/6/4/football-mac-to-face-big-ten-as-primary-bowl-partners-in-the-quick-lane-bowl.aspx Edit: Also, I think McDonalds should assume sponsorship rights and name it the BIG-MAC Bowl.
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    Congrats to Shawn!
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    I honestly thought he may leave when Antino did since they came from the high school program. Regardless, after all E-man has been through I wish him nothing but the best, not just for basketball but for a healthy life going forward.
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    I thought that this would interest and please long time zip soccer fans
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    Not sure that's a fair statement. The landscape of college basketball and recruiting is changing. Groce has been tasked with stopping the bleeding, and 4 year players don't exactly do that at this level, especially when some of your initial 4 year players aren't locker room fits. Get me a winning product. I don't care if that's 10 4 year players, 10 1 year players, 10 JUCOs, or a concoction of everything. Win.
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    KD once explained to me the plight of the mid-majors. If you want to field a team that has a chance to make some noise comprimises have to be made when recruiting players. The P5 schools gobble up all the sure bet players. Some of them may never see the floor, but hey they played for Duke, NC, etc... That leaves guys who have talent but also some baggage that scared away the big schools. Guys like Tree(bad temper), BigDog(weight issues), Harney(weed, attitude), etc... For a mid-major coach to be successful he has to juggle all these guys with problems and find enough other role players to put together a winning team. Sometimes those combinations just don't work out. With the advent of the transfer rules it has made it easy for players and coaches to get a divorce.
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    6 years ago tomorrow the season ended for KD’s best team with a 44 point loss to VCU. Some of the best players on that team (Aberu, Tree, Harney) left Akron/ we’re kicked off the team, eventually quit on the team (Pat F) or should have been on the team, but were suspended for the year (Diggs). This day started the decline of Zips basketball. Williams & Noah were leaving whether KD stayed or left. The program has had problems the last 6 years not 2. Lets support what we have instead of wishing we had something the we don’t.
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    We're lucky to have CK and Dr. Z! Appreciate all the info.
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    I was able to speak with Coach Arth after the practice and ask a few questions. Question #1: What was the primary focus of this practice? What specific goals were you hoping to accomplish? “I think most importantly, this group of players, they’ve exceeded our expectations throughout this winter. From the first day we arrived here, to the group that they are now, is completely different and I’m so proud of them. The way they’re performing in the classroom, the way their grades have improved…it’s been a really positive thing. The same held true for our practice today. We had a certain expectation for how we expected it to go, and they exceeded it. I thought today was an excellent day. The way we were able to practice, to communicate, to get aligned, to make our calls, was really good. Obviously, there’s a lot of things we’ll need to work on from an execution standpoint. But I was very happy with the effort I saw. Question #2: This was the most scrimmage situations I’ve seen run in a practice so early in the spring. With an entirely new staff and system, how were the players so prepared…on essentially Day #1 of spring football…to line up and play? “I think it’s a credit to the players. In a short amount of time, with the limited number of meetings we’ve been able to have, they’ve been dialed-in. Players have been coming up to be asking to meet with the coaches beyond what was scheduled. There was a group of wideouts and a few tight ends working out Thursday night at about 8 pm, going through a walk-through on their own. I think our players have bought-in and embraced everything that we’re doing and I couldn’t be prouder of them. Question #3: How nice is it for you to finally see what you’ve got on the playing field rather than watching tape, or reps in a weight room? “It’s great. You really don’t have a true feel for the guys in meetings. You need to get out on the field where you have a chance to coach them and see them work. See them compete. I’ve been pleased with what I’ve seen. We’ve got a long way to go. But from where I expected us to be, and where we are today. I’m very pleased.” Question #4: You’ve spent a lot of time working with the QB’s. What do you like about what you’ve got at the quarterback position in 2019? “I really like the group in general. It’s been great for me to be back in the room coaching those guys every single day. I think Coach Schaefer, our offensive quality control coach who played quarterback for me at John Carroll, has done a fantastic job with these QB’s. When we were out on the road recruiting, and when I was tied up with the various things I need to do as a Head Coach over the winter, he’s done a fantastic job of meeting with the guys and preparing them. Like all the other players, these quarterbacks have really embraced what we’re doing. The mental side of things, the learning, is something they’ve really made a priority. And you have to do that if you’re going to be successful at the quarterback position.” Question #5: I noticed a few players have switched positions. Alvin Davis at cornerback, Tyler Gilchrist at safety and Jonathan Neeley on the defensive line. Can you talk a little about those moves? “We’re just trying to feel everybody out right now. We’re trying to get an idea of what people are capable of doing. We value versatility on our team, on offense, defense and special teams. The more ways you can contribute, the more value you can add. And right now, we’re just trying to find out what everybody can do. There’ll be a lot of guys moving around throughout the spring. When it’s all over in mid-April, we’ll determine what our needs are. From there, we’ll create a great plan for the team to follow when summer camp opens.” Question #6: Can you give me one or two things that you saw today that stuck out in your mind as noteworthy, or special at today’s practice? “Yeah…from an offensive standpoint, related to the quarterbacks, we had talked in our meetings about a particular route where, if we had an outside leverage on the slot receiver, and there was no middle-of-the-field defender, that we’d have the opportunity to get the ball out quickly on a slant route. The first time it came up, Kato recognized it and made the play. In a game that would have been a 20-yard completion, or if the receiver would have broken a tackle, a touchdown. I thought that was a great example of something we’d discussed in our meetings this morning being executed on the field. There were a number of examples today where we took what we’d discussed in meetings and transferred it to the field, where we took what we learned as an individual in meetings and transferred it to the team. That was a big positive I took from today.” Question #7: I noticed the quarterback was under center on occasion today. Is that something we should expect to see from the Zips on Saturdays? “Our offense is going to very multiple. Right now, we’re trying to figure out who we are and what we can do well. Hopefully when spring practices are done, we’ll have a very good idea of what we need to focus on in the summer, and what we’ll be in the fall.”
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    First - You know it's going to be a monsoon for that game...it always is for a big game at InfoCision. Either that, or a few key Zips players will get suspended. If we avoided aforementioned Curse of InfoCision, and Kent brought in a decent team, I think we could approach the 21k butts-in-seats number. Very smart, and blatantly obvious move by Larry Willliams to move that game date up from late November. It will be a fun day on campus.
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    Looks like we may have a winner here.
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    I have heard from a reliable source - a future Akron Zip, Jared is set to stay. There was some Louisville talks at one point, but the only coach I've ever seen coach Akron looks to be staying. Great news!
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    GT's written a really good article here. George Thomas: New coach Tom Arth will look north to help bolster recruiting Got me pretty excited about the future of Zips football. Also gave me a lot of respect for Kato. Not only did he suffer a high ankle sprain, but he also had to have post-season surgery on a torn meniscus which he played on during the final four games of the season. His quotes in this article display great maturity and a team-first attitude. Much impressed. Go Zips!
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    I wish I could capture the excitement of being in Santa Barbara, but here's a feeble try. The team is at a level now that few teams can appreciate, yet alone duplicate. We are rested, confident and extremely well coached. I thought Jared was two steps ahead off his Mich State counterpart all match long. Maryland has strength in its center backs, but we can score in so many ways that will create havoc for them. Our team believes in itself and that is all because of Jared. Today we walked down State street in SB and you wouldn't believe how people would smile at us and say "go Zips" when they saw our Akron Soccer T's. This final match should be a huge spectacle but the NCAA does not give a damn about marketing this weekend. They bid out who wants to host the event and how much they will guarantee the NCAA. Once the event is awarded the NCAA puts all the promotion and marketing on the shoulders of the awarded host. If attendance is poor the NCAA doesn't care, they got their guarantee. The risk is all on the host and it appears UCSB will only break even at best. The Zips and the other three teams deserve better. The Akron following is good, but not great as far as numbers. That's understandable duet the cost. One thing that strikes me is the support of former players and families. Akron is known for the almost fanatical support the former players give the program. So many were in the stands and it was great to renew friendships with them. I don't know if it is well known, but every year Jared asks the former players and friends of the program to help him grow the program. This year it was a new camera system for game /practice review. In past years it might have been for financing trips to Brazil or Europe. We can be proud of our soccer alumni. I wish every sport had this heartfelt support. FWIW not all DI elite programs can claim this level of support too. Well it's low 70's during the day. The field is in beautiful shape and we are ready to win our second star. Please let us know what it's like at the JAR.
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    55" curved Samsung TV - check Matching curved Samsung sound bar - check Wife and daughter in Washington DC and not returning until tomorrow afternoon - check Son coming over to watch what we hope to be a double-header - check PIzzas ordered for 7:15p pickup - check Jug of Gold Peak sweet tea to chase the pizza - check LET'S GO ZIPS!!!!!
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    I would love to see him get the job. I don't think he'd fail...he's just too football-smart, and driven. Joe Moorhead wanted the Zips job seven years ago, but UA hired Bowden instead. That Moorhead chose Getsy as his OC at Mississippi State tells you all you need to know. I got to know his parents a little during his stint at Akron. Fantastic people. A great football family. The thing that stood out to me about Luke was - he always conducted himself as an absolute "pro." He never said a bad word about any of his teammates after a game. He's very analytical. I remember at one scrimmage Chev Pace hit him late on a blitz, even though, as the QB, he was wearing a red shirt. Getsy barked at him, "Chev! That was LATE!" Pace sort of put his tail between his legs and shuffled back to the D side. I probably can't explain in text how an action so simple spoke so much to me about his leadership , but I still remember it 14 years later. Everyone on the team respected him. To me, Luke Getsy is classy, he's a pro, he's driven, he's got an incredible football acumen, he's paid his dues and increased his responsibilities at every step through his coaching career, he's got great morals, he's a great leader, he's young and motivated, he knows the area, he's a University of Akron graduate...I don't see how UA could go wrong hiring him. Does he have previous HC experience? No. But if you're at Akron, you need to think outside the box. Hire Luke Getsy.
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    Well, well, well…. This game actually makes it worth the Great GP1’s time to post again. In the spirit of being a good Zip and in the spirit of southern hospitality, I’m here to help the rest of you have a good time, or at least in the case of Columbia, SC, avoid disaster. Let’s get started. I’m not going to paint Columbia as anything other than what it is, “The Screen Door to Hell”. Easily the hottest city in the country in the summer. The good news is it will not be unbearably hot like it normally is in Columbia. There are things to do in Columbia, but not much. This is why you need an expert like the Great GP1 to guide you through all your travel plans. First, sightseeing in Columbia consists of…well, not many sights and mostly things you would rather not see. You could go look at campus. The advantage of this activity is you can see the entire campus from your car as it is an urban campus much like UofA. The capital is nice, but you can basically drive by it too and see everything you would want to see. This concludes sightseeing activities in Columbia. If I still lived in Akron and wanted to make this trip (I know, it’s the weekend after Thanksgiving.), I would take Friday and Monday off work, leave Thursday and drive most of the way there. Golfing is always fun for people who like to travel. There is a nice public golf course in Tega Cay, SC just across the state line from Charlotte that is public and well maintained. Great people live in this town. It has 27 holes and make sure you DO NOT play the old 9 hold course. I would play golf on Friday and then go to Columbia Friday night. If I stayed in Columbia on Friday and/or Saturday, I would look for hotels in The Vista or generally downtown. Be careful of two night minimums for Gamecock games. Book one now and see if you can beat the chains putting on this restriction. Three places I recommend for dinner in Columbia are: Ristorante Divina (The Vista), Terra (close by but you must cross the river in to West Columbia) and my personal favorite The Blue Marlin. The Vista has a ton of other places though if these are not attractive choices. Sports bars at The Vista include: Wild Wing Café, Twin Peaks and Carolina Ale House. Wild Wing will have the best TV set up, CAH will have the second best and a rooftop bar and Twin Peaks will still have a good TV set up and hot girls working at it. Tickets should be easily available for this game as well as parking passes. Noon games are not very popular for Gamecock fans because the rich ones who drive from the ocean communities have difficulty waking up on Saturday mornings because of hangovers. This is my favorite type of game to go to. I love mostly empty stadiums and being able to park close to stadiums. I guess I am at the point in my life I like to have as little people around me as possible. Most definitely I will be attending this game. The best place to park is across the street from the stadium at Gamecock Park. Public restrooms and electricity make it a great place. https://gamecocksonline.com/sports/2018/6/21/ot-game-day-parking-information-html.aspx If you can surf the internet and find someone who has a condo in Carolina Walk and is willing to sell their tickets and parking pass, it is next to this parking area and is a good place. Near the top of Carolina Walk on game days, there is normally a band playing the residence hire and a bar. It’s a private party, but the residents often sell their wristband to attend along with their tickets and parking pass. The state fairground is a huge parking area and you should be able to buy a pass in it off the internet. Don’t park in some of the private business selling parking. The game will be over at 3:30 and you will still be waiting to get out at midnight. Be prepared, you must drive to the stadium from wherever you decide to stay. The stadium is away from campus and the general downtown area. Tickets? There should be plenty of them. Don’t buy tickets too low. The stands go right down to the field and it’s extremely hard to see the game from down there. Mostly, it’s hard to see over the players. Upper deck tickets are too high. If you want to stay out of the sun, get tickets on the Zips side. Plenty of tickets between the end zones will be available. If you are going to take my brilliant recommendation and stay until Monday, I have some Sunday advice for you if you can take a break from watching Baker Mayfield lead the Browns to the Super Bowl this year (cough…snicker). Either after the game or Sunday morning, get up and go to Charleston. It is beautiful there at Christmas time. If you are with your family, there are a ton of things to do in Charleston. If you are with a group of guys, go golfing again. However, if I wanted to take advantage of golf on Sunday, I would probably go to Myrtle Beach for that. If you take the family to Charleston and want to play golf also, Wild Dunes at IOP is the best place to stay. Rooms will be dirt cheap. You could get up Sunday, take a nice walk on the beach with the temperatures in the 50s or 60s (best time of the year to go to the beach here) and then play some golf. Drive safe on the way home. Too many people from Ohio get in to wrecks on their way home from Hilton Head in the summer in Charlotte and it clogs up traffic on Saturdays. It makes it hard for me and the luckiest woman in the world, Mrs. GP1, to get uptown for dinner on Saturday nights. Cheers!
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    This will be Akron's fifth appearance in the College Cup in the past ten years. UNC has four appearances. Nobody else has more than three.
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    I'd agree with this in most any other case, but my biggest beef is Duquesne showcasing its brand to the recruits in our area, especially when they aren't going to be playing us.
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    Dear Football Gods, What Dr. Z meant to say was POUND THE BALL, BUT PLEASE TEAR THE DELAYED HAND-OFF PLAY OUT OF MILWEE'S PLAYBOOK. Thank you. Sincerely, ZipsNation
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    I would ditch every play that involves a run pass option. Any play that involves one of these, mostly causes confusion, penalties, turnovers, or negative yards. I would love to see more trap blocking instead of RPOs. I can't remember the game last season where the Zips successfully run a bunch of these with Deltron, but it was fun to watch. Design an offensive plan that is more simplistic that does not include Kato running the ball at all. Stay in the pocket, and throw the ball, so he can progress as a passer. And please run more plays to Maverick. I watched a practice this offseason where the ball went to him every third play. I was convinced he was going to have a big year. Every time he touches the ball good things happen. He and MTB bring a physical play to the offense. I've seen Kato make good decisions running the four vertical concept, I would enjoy watching more of that as well. Get rid of instant replay. It's garbage, and doesn't work. I watch the replay on a 55 inch led tv with perfect light in my living room, while the ref watches a 7 inch monitor on the field in sunlight. That makes zero sense to me. I'm not sure I understand the Zips punting concept. If I play the Zips I rush the punter every time. We missed Brian Bell and Alvin Davis yesterday. Those two help create turnovers that seem imperative for this team to win. As far as positives I witnessed, it was the most effective I have seen Van run this year, and it was the best game Brady has played as a Zip. The Zips can kick a long field goal. We have to win next week, or the season's wheels are off. I think the Kent game comes at the perfect time this year.
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    Checked the Directv guide. The game will be on several regional sports networks. Including Fox Sports Ohio.
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    Quick recap and top performers
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    EMU makes a FG as time expires to win at Purdue 20-19. Another year with a win over a Big 10 team for the MAC.
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