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  1. My memory appears to be failing me. I'm not sure why I thought he didn't play that game
  2. We got to play OU twice without Preston. I'd say the scheduling was very fortunate to us. We just failed to capitalize.
  3. Pretty pathetic showing to lose to Ohio by 17 when they were without their best player. I suppose it's better to have one of these dud showings now instead of in Cleveland. In all likelihood this loss likely means Toledo won the regular season title as they're now a full game up with the head to head tie-breaker so pretty much up 2 games with 3 left to play.
  4. I have no problem with GT critiquing the Zips. Those statements were fair and accurate. The problem is as the Zips beat writer he should know Akron as of now would own a tie-breaker over Toledo therefore we don't need Toledo to do anything. What we need is to win the games in front of us and hope covid doesn't prevent us from playing fewer games than Toledo. As of now both teams are scheduled to play 19 games.
  5. That was my take away too. I'm guessing it was intentional on the MAC's part that way it gives Akron, Ohio, and Kent all a chance to get to 19 games played. By my math Buffalo would be at 18. Those are the only teams that have any realistic chance at winning the MAC this year.
  6. Considering how Toledo has no bench it's probably the only way he can get off the court for a water break
  7. I saw an article not too long ago that Akron is looking to sell or lease some of their building space as they no longer need all this square footage since enrollment is no longer pushing 30k. It seemed like a solid plan to get some of this debt off our books.
  8. Hopefully Miami wins tonight and can separate itself from WMU Edit: Then again I hope WMU wins tonight too
  9. You aren't going to win many games when you shoot under 40% from the field. Luckily for us we were playing one of the worst teams in all of division 1
  10. Last 10 minutes is normally when good teams pull away from the not so good ones.
  11. Boston college must not care that much to try to win in the ACC if Gates is one of their top candidates. It's not me trying to knock Gates either. He seems to be doing a good job at CSU, but he's only in his second year. It seems very premature for him to get P6 offers.
  12. As of now we would own a tie-breaker, but we're not actually tied. Toledo is up 1/2 game.
  13. Yes, anything can happen in a single elimination game. What I was more so wanting to get at is the only team that I want to avoid playing as long as possible is Toledo. I like Akron's chances against any of the other teams.
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