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  1. We certainly have some nice pieces this season. I feel Xeyrius is a huge wild card for us. If he continues to shoot 24% from 3 and 31% from the field, we're probably the 4th-5th best team in the MAC. If he could get those efficiency numbers back to his year 2 Dayton numbers, we're right there competing at the top of the MAC.
  2. He also stated on the ESPN+ broadcast that he is confident in starting any of his top 8 guys, which shows he doesn't have the same level of confidence in Sayles that he has in the other 8 rotational players. Outside of SCUS he's only been getting 2-5 minutes per game. I kind of expect that to continue. He might get a game here or there where he gets 10-15 minutes if one of the bigs miss a game or gets into early foul trouble. Sayles I felt has always had some good footwork and post moves. He just seems to lack that touch. I wonder how much having back-to-back season ending injuries impacted his growth.
  3. ABJ should hire you to write the game previews. You do a better job than George. Akron, Louisville, NCC, YSU, and SCU are all competing in some made up round robin tournament so they will all end up playing one another once.
  4. I'd say that was our best half of basketball so far this season.
  5. Outside of Cheese, who Groce seems to want to utilize as Manu Ginobili type 6th man, Banks is the only one who can consistently knock down an open jumper. He's not going anywhere. In fact, when we get into conference play and the bench shortens, I expect his minutes to go up.
  6. The defensive unit as a whole did enough to win last night, but we still gave up 237 yards on the ground and 4.6 ypc. The defensive front 7 certainly is going to need to improve a ton this offseason. When you consider the fact we haven't had a pass rush all season, I don't feel our secondary has been that bad in coverage. Teams just run over us week after week.
  7. The emphasis should certainly be on getting ready to play players, but we will have the full allotment of 25 scholarships. I wouldn't automatically disqualify recruiting a few true freshman because they couldn't help us year 1. The focus needs to be on stopping the bleeding while building for the future. Bowden always seemed to be focused on the present and scrambled every "free agency", as he referred to it, to fill holes. He kept trying to treat the symptoms instead of curing the real problem. When said player went down there would be a significant drop off in talent from the next man up as we had depth no where. You build depth by recruiting freshmen well as they might have to sit 1 year, but you then get 4 years of playing out of them. There is a finite number of scholarships that you can offer per year (25). If you spend all 25 of those on 3rd to 5th year players, it's mathematically impossible to hit, or even come close to hitting, the 85 scholarship cap.
  8. I for whatever reason watched the first 15 minutes of the second half. YSU looked like the marginally more talented team, but NCC seemed to play with much more effort. Kudos to NCC coach in being able to motivate his players to play with lots of effort on a nightly basis. It can't be an easy task to do when you spend the entire OOC on a bus traveling city to city to pad other teams win totals.
  9. Maybe you should layoff the cheesesteak.
  10. Not going to happen. Might as well start prepping for the "perfect season" parade.
  11. kreed5120


    Will we be joining the MAC in the near future?
  12. Tuesday, Saturdays will be the standard play once conference play begins. OOC play is always like this. USC Upstate has another game tomorrow @ Lousville. They weren't going to play us tonight then jump on a bus, drive ~6-7 hours then play Louisville the next day. Besides we play YSU Thursday so Monday worked best for us too.
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