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  1. 9100 Attendance

    Ohh good it's approaching that time of year where the ABJ prints it's annual Infocision is a money pit article where they detail how many tickets the University bought.
  2. 2018 Preseason

    I'm anxiously waiting news on the surplus sale. I need some new Akron swag
  3. Game 26- @ PCCC

    I just don't see an inverse relationship between the two. You have to make the tournament in order to have a chance to score that upset. Those 20+ win seasons put us in a position to make the tournament 3 times. We did fall short for whatever reason each of those 3 times, but getting to 20+ wins isn't what hindered us. Anyways I'm done debating this. I honestly didn't try turning this thread into a Dambrot debate. I've tried staying out of those. I just hate the if you're not first you're last mentality that sports has turned into.
  4. Taking Stock Part II

    I knew going into this season it would be rough and said I'm giving Groce a pass. It still doesn't mean it isn't painful to see the program that has been the class of the MAC for the past 15 turn into the cupcake we always complained about. Hopefully we're only down short-term and Groce will take us to the level Dambrot seemed to always be on the cusp of, but always fell a tad short of.
  5. Game 26- @ PCCC

    Don't get me wrong I was disappointed and frustrated losing to Kent, but there is a difference between that and embarrassed. That Kent team got hot at the right time. You have to remember they knocked off #2 seeded OU and #3 seeded UB just to make it to the finals to play us. They then went onto the tourney and played UCLA tough for 30 minutes before running out of steam. "(consecutive 20+ win seasons against mediocre teams vs. NCAA tournament wins)" I never understood this. Why wouldn't you want both to win a lot of games and also get tournament wins. Why do people on this board think you have to pick between the two?
  6. UA in the news

    The University has made a lot of great strides with Wilson at the helm. It's nice that he's being recognized for his accomplishments, but I'd hate to lose him.
  7. Game 26- @ PCCC

    It wasn't our best game of the season I'd give you that, but calling it an embarrassment is a stretch. Embarrassing is losing by 24 to the last place team in the MAC like we witnessed a week and a half ago or not making it to Cleveland for the tournament, which seems like a very real possibility given our recent play.
  8. Game 26- @ PCCC

    You're joking, right? We lost by 5, not 30. Now our performance against UTA was an embarrassment.
  9. Game 26- @ PCCC

    I can't see them firing him being 1 year removed from making the NCAAT.
  10. Duquesne Basketball Coach Keith Dambrot

    I haven't seen this board so divided over a topic since the fire/keep Bowden debate of Winter/Spring 2017.
  11. Game 25—Ball State

    As the old adage goes, your best ability is your availability. This is particularly true for a team that is already thin. He needs to learn to play smarter and quit putting the team in foul trouble so quickly.
  12. Game 25—Ball State

    I think just in general there has been a lot less chatter this season
  13. Zips to Recruit More Ohio Student Athletes

    Good for the students. They already handle enough of the burden of the cost of running an athletics program.
  14. 2018 Preseason

    I'm showing they played 4 MAC schools in 12-13 season and another 4 in 13-14 season. They were all against the same 4 teams and were H&H deals. Not sure why that was only 2 of the 4 years they were in the MAC and not sure why Akron wasn't one of the 4 teams picked for the H&H.