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  1. Sayles, Dawson, and Ali have combined to only shoot the ball 56 times all season. Tribble seems like the only guy looking to score and has done it well when he actually decides to shoot. He's making nearly 48% of his shots. I think part of it might just be that LCJ, Xeyrius, Cheese, and Banks are just shooting the ball so well that the goal is to get those guys to shoot the rock as much as possible. There was a lot of hype about Dawson, but he looks a long ways away from becoming a meaningful contributor this season.
  2. Pinky benched his entire starting lineup for the start of the game. Buffalo starters were getting outplayed by Kent's bench. Both these teams suck.
  3. We had it after the NIU game because we were the only undefeated team left in the MAC. We then proceeded to lose to Toledo. It's an old news story.
  4. I kind of went into this year thinking this was the year we need to see something out Groce. The first year was pretty much a year 0 given all the transfers. His second season saw some improvement and we were competitive for the most part. This year we headed into the season with a senior heavy roster in what was expected to be a down year for the MAC. I didn't necessarily feel we had to win the MAC this season going in, but I wanted to be elevated to a serious contender. So far we have eclipsed my expectations as we look like a clear favorite. We'll see how the rest of the season plays out. Groce still had three years left on his deal after this season so I knew we couldn't show him the door if Akron had another 8th place, quarterfinal exit, but I would have lost faith in his ability to lead us moving forward.
  5. Turner played that game. Kent's losses came in the easier stretch of their schedule. If Senderoff thinks their schedule has been brutal thus far, he's in a world of hurt the next 4 (@Buffalo, @Toledo, Akron, and Ball State).
  6. Funny I haven't seen many of those "critics" post this season. I'm sure they will reappear when it's an opportune time for them.
  7. The double bye was used for 4 years and 3 of the 4 years it resulted in a 1 vs 2 final. The 4th was a 1 vs 3. It made the tournament too predictable.
  8. I've heard of jersey retiring, but what exactly is jersey honoring?
  9. Yep, this has been my one complaint about KD since he left. When he was the coach at Akron he talked for years about how no good teams would ever agree to come to play at Akron. He even name dropped former Akron coach Bob Huggins as an example. Now that he's moved onto Duquesne he's doing the same exact thing by not coming to the JAR. The game wouldn't even need to be played in Akron every year. They could rotate it back and forth between the two cities. I really like the idea that part of the game proceeds would go to the I Promise School. It would seem like a good way of drumming up good publicity for both schools. Also, both schools could certainly use a boost to their OOC schedule.
  10. Regardless of if we keep divisions or go to a single table, certain teams will have an easier schedule and other will have a more challenging one. Personally, I'd rather to continue playing Ohio, Kent, and Buffalo 2x per year even if that means we have a slightly tougher schedule.
  11. These numbers are a little off as they still show LCJ has only played 5 conference games, not 6. Right now in conference play we have 3 of the top 11 3P% shooters and 4 of the top 21 during MAC play. Cheese and Banks may be able to maintain their averages, but no way LCJ and Xeyrius are going to continue to shoot .550+ over the long haul. What's great is Banks, LCJ, and Cheese have been able to all use their 3 point scoring threat to blow past defenders, who are trying to close out, and finish at the basket. Xeyrius has attempted to do the same, but he still needs to work on finishing near the hoop. That's probably the only flaw in his game.
  12. There is a lot of things to complain about the MAC, but they have done a terrific job with the tournament. Outside of MWC, who plays their games tournament in Vegas, it might be the best run mid-major conference tournament. They would be dumb to move it.
  13. The issue with a 22 game conference schedule is that only leaves 9 OOC games, 3 of which would be some exempt tournament. That means you only have 6 OOC games that you can schedule opponents for. That doesn't really give you much flexibility for scheduling. Not to mention it reduces opportunities for MAC schools to get tournament building wins. The NCAA would need to raise the number of games teams are allowed to play before that becomes a reality.
  14. Maybe not, but an extra trip from Buffalo to DeKalb or Kalamazoo would certainly make a major difference.
  15. If the MAC coaches wanted to do away with divisions, it would have already been done. Divisions minimize travel costs and makes it easier for student athletes to attend class.
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