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  1. I know nothing of this kid from Centerville, but if Groce thinks he'd be a good fit and thinks there is enough mutual interest then sure go after him. That being said, as a true freshmen he wouldn't solve our immediate need at the 5 position. We need to land a JUCO or grad transfer.
  2. It looks like Turner is still considering returning to BG.
  3. Tayler Mattos from BG has entered the portal. Not a huge loss, but he was a decent sized body and is only listed as a sophomore so chances are he still had some room to develop.
  4. Verbal commits lists him as a PF. He runs the court extremely well and looks to handle the ball pretty well. All in all, he looks like a 3 inch shorter version of Xeyrius Williams.
  5. I wonder if this is the what bursts the bubble on athletic coach spending? Schools like tOSU, Alabama, Clemson, etc. can afford to pay their coaches millions of dollars as those athletic programs print their schools money. At the G5 level and below, coaching salaries have far outpaced revenue growth. The only reason they have been able to stay afloat is because of how heavily athletics gets subsidized by the schools. I'm not talking about just the revenue sports either. You see some non-revenue coaches making ~150k even though the sport they coach generates next to no revenue nor provides the school much notoriety.
  6. They finished tied for the 3rd best record in the MAC and that was with them playing in the much tougher MAC East. Akron made the jump from 8th to 1st and next years MAC looks to be even worse than this years one. Every team ahead of them lost a significant amount of talent through a combination of graduation and transfer. It's far from a guarantee that they win the regular season title next season, but I think they will be the preseason Vegas favorite.
  7. Not sure how accurate this is, but the WMU is saying Flowers is transferring to EMU... https://csnbbs.com/thread-897265.html
  8. WMU just lost their best 2 players to the portal. When you hire from within, you hope that helps stabilize the roster. In WMU case that didn't help. Brandon Johnson - WMU Michael Flowers - WMU
  9. Way too early to tell. We lost 4 starters so I don't see us being unanimous anything. As of right now, I'd guess Buffalo would be favored to win the MAC. They return Graves (he's not going to stick for the draft), Mballa, Segu, and Williams. I wouldn't be surprised if next year isn't like one of Groce's OU type teams where we finish the season 3rd or 4th in the MAC, but are playing our best ball in March. It's going to take time for our players to develop chemistry.
  10. Hawkins was the only one that was going to get fired. Keno Davis just signed a 4 year extension last fall otherwise he may have been canned. Murphy's buyout figure is $200-$300K so it's low enough that he could have been bought out, but that would require EMU to actually care about their basketball program.
  11. I read that WMU bumped his salary from $110k as an assistant to $120k as head coach. He'll also receive ~100k in bonus compensation. All in all he'll make about half of what Hawkins was making and will be by far the lowest paid MAC men's basketball coach.
  12. Very well could be. I haven't watched any of the games.
  13. It looks like they borrowed the idea off of reddit. Akron upset tOSU in the first round last Thursday and plays Oregon in the round of 32 tonight. Reddit even has a play by play announcer from the America East calling the games.
  14. Yeah, he'll definitely be returning for his senior season. In real news Justin Turner & Anthony Roberts are both in the portal.
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