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  1. It shouldn't be all that hard to stay socially distanced in North Dakota
  2. Light years ahead of us isn't saying much. You could probably put 120 FBS and half a dozen or so FCS schools in that category... 6 of those wins were against Hampton (FCS), New Mexico (2-10), NMSU 2X (2-10), UMASS (1-11), and Maine (FCS). Their 18 point win over Buffalo was impressive, but that's it. Reality of the situation is they can continue to throw all they money they want at FBS, but they will never reach the level of a BYU, Boise St, or Cincy. They will always be a Sunbelt, C-USA, MAC caliber team.
  3. You also have to factor in roster size. The NBA has 15 man rosters and the NHL has 20 man rosters. An FBS school between scholarship and walk-ons would be like 100. Part of why I feel the NFL will have trouble containing it.
  4. UConn really had no choice. Pretty much everyone cancelled their non-conference games. UConn doesn't play in a conference so there aren't really many teams they could play
  5. I took much criticism on this board when I stated this would be an issue for them 18 months ago. With the newest civil rights movement making more people woke things will only get worse for them. Just one month or so ago I saw a 5* basketball recruit commit to Howard. Players are going to play where they feel wanted and respected.
  6. That's not practical for the NFL as no city has enough stadiums to host all the games. LA probably has the most usable fields at 4 (Rose Bowl, Sofi Stadium, Dignity Health Sports Park, and Banc of California Stadium). That's just not going to be enough
  7. I took women's studies to fill a humanities need. I didn't get much out of it. The same as most off my other gen-eds. This is a bit off topic, but I really wish they would reduce the 128 credit hours for a degree to something more like 115-120. This would allow more students the ability to graduate on time and save a semester or so on tuition costs.
  8. Personally for me it's not a issue that the athletic runs in the red as I feel it does offer some benefits that are hard to monetize. What's concerning to me is how large that deficit has grown. It would be much easier to defend sports at Akron if it was running at a $10 million deficit instead of a $27 million or whatever it is currently.
  9. I highly doubt any player that refused to play because of the risk of covid would lose his scholarship. Can you imagine the crap storm of bad PR any university would take if they did that?
  10. Below are some of the objectives of college athletics. - Marketing tool for the university - Enhances the "college experience" - Way to keep alumni engaged with the university - Helps mold athletes into leaders - In the case of the elite 20 or so P5 schools, a way to print money for the school
  11. Unless someone has a time machine to go back 12 years to prevent the construction of Infocision it's a waste of time dwelling on by both us and this committee. Like it or not we have it and are going to be forced to make debt payments on it for the next 20 or so years
  12. After posting this I saw in another thread that the Blue Jays are playing games in Buffalo. I would have thought that would cause the same issue as New York has 14 or so states on their list, but maybe not
  13. Considering how New York has a mandate that anyone from Ohio who visits New York has to self quarantine for 14 days and Buffalo plays in a division with 5 other Ohio schools, I'm not sure how that makes a season feasible.
  14. If Clemson was willing to pay Akron something in the neighborhood of $1.2 million, between ticket sales, concessions, parking, tv rights, etc. they were making $5+ million from this game. Not having these games hurts everyone. It just hurts schools like Akron more because once this all ends Clemson football will be able to return to printing money, meanwhile, Akron is forced to absorb the cost.
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