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  1. It would reduce expenses some, but the revenue loss would probably meet or exceed the expense savings. Akron is going to have to continue paying ~$4.3 million for Infocision per year for the next 20 years regardless of if they stay FBS, drop down to FCS, or disband football altogether. Dropping out of FBS means we're likely to be booted out of the MAC. That means we'd see an increase, not decrease in travel costs as the MAC is a pretty compact conference. We'd lose out on ~$800k in annual tv revenue. We'd miss out on ~$1.5 million per year from the college football playoff G5 distribution. P5 schools pay G5 schools ~$1.3-$1.5 for buy games. Many P5 don't schedule FCS opponents and the ones that do only pay $300k-$600k so that's another loss or reduction to a revenue source. You can also add in reduced advertising and ticket sales. I'm sure there are other things as well that I'm not accounting for. Excluding the cost of Infocision, which is a sunk cost, the football program is most likely breaking even given all the revenue sources that I mentioned above. Men's basketball and men's soccer are probably both slight money losers as well, but mostly pay for themselves. Literally every other sport plus administrative overhead costs is where the athletic program is bleeding money.
  2. It cost Akron $165k to travel to Nebraska, including flight. If OSU is paying us anything close to that Tulane ~$1.5 figure, we're likely netting something in the neighborhood of ~$1.3+ million after expenses busing ourselves to the game. I'm going to go ahead and pencil us in for an FCS win each year. If we can't go 5-3 in the MAC despite playing in what is by far the worst division in all of FBS, we have no business going bowling anyways. Also, I don't think we need to schedule two blue bloods each year. We can schedule 1 blue blood and another mid to lower tier P5 program. https://www.ohio.com/sports/20180921/university-of-akron-football-zips-still-awaiting-payment-confirmation-from-nebraska-athletics
  3. Playing Dayton wouldn't make sense. In order for an FCS opponent win to count towards bowl eligibility they would need to have 57 scholarship players (90% of the 63 total that FCS teams are allowed). Dayton has 0 scholarships. I do agree we should be playing 2 paycheck games per year at least until we can stabilize the budget. While at it we should also play fewer SWAC, MEAC, and NAIA teams in basketball and in their place allow ourselves to be bought 2-3x more times per year.
  4. We're all sports fans here, but we have to remember the University is an institution for higher learning, not a factory for producing amateur athletes. If we're needing to cut expenses to make our budget balance, cutting some of the fat out of the athletics budget only makes sense. The administration always sees more optimistic about their goals compared to what ever actually gets done. I wouldn't be surprised if this $8 million reduction in reality only becomes a $3-$5 million reduction. That would put us more in range of what Kent is spending per year on athletics.
  5. The food is pretty mediocre at best as well. I'm honestly surprised it's still in business.
  6. Athlon sports did their annual MAC Preview/Prediction piece. They have Akron finishing 5th in the MAC East at a 3-9 record. Two of the three panelists picked Alvin Davis to win MAC DPOY. Two of the three also picked Peter Hayes-Patrick to be the top freshman. https://athlonsports.com/college-football/mac-football-2019-predictions
  7. I think another thing to remember is that since this is now a P5 vs. G5 Bowl this bowl game has likely fallen to the very bottom of the B10 totem pole. If there is ever a year that the B10 fails to fill all their bowl commitments, this is probably the one that has to get back filled.
  8. College basketball will be pushing the 3-point line back to the international distance of 22 feet 1 3/4 inches started next season. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26905011/ncaa-moving-3-point-line-back-next-season
  9. Starting in 2020 the MAC will become a primary bowl partner in the Quick Lane Bowl. Locking in a B1G vs. MAC bowl match-up I'd consider to be a win. https://getsomemaction.com/news/2019/6/4/football-mac-to-face-big-ten-as-primary-bowl-partners-in-the-quick-lane-bowl.aspx Edit: Also, I think McDonalds should assume sponsorship rights and name it the BIG-MAC Bowl.
  10. It was also in large part out of necessity. Mike Davis wasn't hired until mid-June and had something like 10 scholarships to fill. Needless to say the supporting cast surrounding Davis wasn't that great. Mike Davis has a pretty solid coaching resume so I don't want to discredit him in saying he only got the Detroit job because of his son, but at the same time it wouldn't surprise me if it played a small part in the ADs decision.
  11. I think he should do fairly well there. The WAC is a notch below the MAC, but still is an okay mid-major conference.
  12. Jerry Calhoun, YSU head coach, was a former assistant at WVU. From what I've read Huggins scheduled the game to help a friend out.
  13. Marhsall isn't even on WVU schedule this year. Clark was talking about WVU agreeing to play us this season when we can't ever get OSU to play us during the regular season. Personally, I'm more impressed with WVU agreeing to play YSU in Youngstown.
  14. If we were WMU, NIU, or Toledo I'd be inclined to agree with you. Those schools have winning tradition, meanwhile, we've been a joke of a program for 30+ years. We've had literally 1 winning season and 2 bowl appearances in 13 years. We need to work towards making bowl games every year and become a perennial 8-10+ win team. Once we get to that point then sure we can get rid of scheduling FCS opponents.
  15. Would you prefer that we play Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, and ND every year that way we can collect the biggest checks, meanwhile, go 0-4 OOC every year?
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