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  1. Will the Zips Ever Be Pirates?

    So would it be any win against a P5 or ranked G5?
  2. 2018-2019 Non Conference Schedule

    No, I'm with you. Marshall and Fort Wayne are the only games I'm remotely interested in. There might be a surprise somewhere, but I don't expect any of the other games to be competitive.
  3. ESPN Deal

    I'm sure if Boomers grew up with alternative options like Netflix or slim bundles a lot fewer of them would have cable today. At the end of the day Millenials don't view what ESPN has turned into as must see TV which is what got this discussion started in the 1st place. I use to watch ESPN nightly before bed because it was quality television. I eventually cut my cable because I couldn't justify spending $70 a month for something I barely watched.
  4. The Concussion Thread

    Given how often it's brought up in the media I don't know how it's possible for anyone to not know that football can lead to concussions which can lead to permanent brain damage. At this stage I have to believe it's as widely accepted as smoking leads to an increase chance of getting lung cancer. What I don't believe parents are aware of is that putting their kids in soccer instead of football, they're actually increasing their kids chances of getting concussions, not reducing it.
  5. 24/7 LeBron

    First off, LeBron didn't create super teams. IDK where this idea came from. People seem to forgot a big reason LeBron left the 1st time was to overcome the super team of Boston. Before Boston there was the Lakers who added Malone and Gary Peyton to a team that already had Kobe & Shaq. The Cavs sucked for the 30+ years before LeBron was drafted, they sucked the 4 years he was away in Miami, and they will suck for at least the next several years now that he's gone. Our only window of opportunity in the Cavs 48 years of existence to win a championship was LeBron's 4 years back. When you have a chance to win a title, you go all in. The Bulls sucked when Jordan retired, the Lakers sucked when Kobe was on the downturn of his career and retired, and so on. That's the price you pay for win now mode. The Spurs have been the lone exception and even they're on the verge of needing a rebuild. Did the Cavs overpay TT and JR? Sure, but even if both players signed for half of what they got the Cavs would have still been well over the cap and still couldn't have signed anyone. Had they let TT walk they wouldn't have won a title 2016 as their starting center would have had to be someone that would have had to of been willing to take the tax payer mid-level exception (roughly 3 million for 2016). Personally, as a fan that title was worth TT contract as it brought Cleveland it's 1st championship in 50 years. Who cares it cost Dan Gilbert 2-3 extra million per year. It's not like the money is coming out of your pocket. JR has 1 more guaranteed year and TT 2 more guaranteed years left on his contract. Neither contract is really a hindrance to our long-term future.
  6. ESPN Deal

    Millenials make up the largest group of cord cutters so we obviously don't find it all that entertaining.
  7. MAC Bowl Games

    It's just going to lead to more G5 vs G5 games as bowls will pass over 7-5 MAC/C-USA for a 5-7 Florida/Georgia/Illinois/etc. I don't know about you guys, but I like seeing MAC and other G5 programs have the opportunity to pull off upsets against bigger name programs on a national stage.
  8. MAC Bowl Games

    Why stop at 43? Let's expand to 65 bowls so all 130 FBS schools can make it. Also, instead of calling them bowls, let's change the name to participation trophies.
  9. Jerome Lane

    Seems petty bringing up a 16 month old tweet.
  10. Game 1—@Nebraska Cornhuskers

    That would be ~$570 in today's dollars. Stills seems like a solid deal.
  11. Nyles Evans drops a bomb

    I'll wait for the facts to present themselves before casting judgment.
  12. 2018-2019

    It certainly wouldn't hurt the MAC to adopt a similar type system, but at the end of the day we'd still need to pick up a couple resume building OOC wins to have any chance.
  13. Baseball's Coming Back

    I don't know how the argument can be made that the baseball job is better than the men's basketball job. Akron's financially committed and offers the full allotted scholarships in basketball. In baseball we'll be lucky to have 6 scholarships if the plan is to have it be a self funded program like it has been talked about. The only argument that I can see if job security. In baseball if we're at or near the bottom if the MAC every year it's not a big deal because it's expected. In basketball that won't fly.
  14. 2018-2019

    I'm fine cutting corners as well. I just don't understand why they wouldn't be able to start the coaching search and begin the interview process now. Its not like an offer letter couldn't be written to have a July 1st start date if that's what the hold up is.
  15. 2018-2019

    We have a young team that finished 11th in the MAC last season. Racing to 20 losses isn't the way for us to rebuild our program. These young kids need to build confidence. Losing by 30 to (insert blue blood) won't do that. We should look to schedule tougher when we have a team that is capable of actually making those games interesting.