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  1. I really don't know what to make of this game. First off it is obviously a win, a conference win, and I think we all know those don't come easy.


    However, our defense still looks very suspect, and I don't see signs of it getting better. I don't think we consistent pass rush (or any at all). Pittman is not a playmaker, I think we know his role by now. He will probably get a shot in the NFL, but he doesn't look like a future NFL player out there in my opinion. Boxen is probably our best DT and obviously he is hurt. He is like Pittman imo - solid, but not an all-conference type player at this point in his career. Hamilton hasn't really done much this year. I will say Jest has a very bright future and I hope he keeps playing more snaps. Marcus probably played about 10 snaps today and was in the backfield a few times, but even if he keeps playing (which I doubt he will past maybe next week), I don't think he's anywhere close to 100%. Venkus plays hard. I just don't see us getting much production from the DL going forward unless Marcus makes a drastic recovery or Pittman finally breaks out.


    The LBs can be hard to watch sometimes. I saw Bell chasing a guy from behind and he hesitated/slowed down for no reason before the tackle attempt. I don't know if it's the scheme, lack of talent, lack of execution, but we just aren't getting much from our LBs. I did see they had a lot of tackles today but I just want to see more plays being made. Ulysses is a promising player and is fast, how often are we blitzing him? We weren't very creative with Brown/Marcus either last year like I thought we could have been, but I obviously wasn't complaining with the results then. We have to try something else to get some pressure/make plays. 


    Our offense should be really good. And we are at times. But then you look at a performance like today's 1st half (especially how tentative we were on the last drive), and I just don't have complete faith in Milwee. Our skills players are unbelievable though. The talent we've had here the past two years is special. The OL played really well, but has to stop with the penalties. I saw Bowden getting really heated on the sideline after the three on one drive.


    Overall, I think we pretty much know what we have in this team. Our offense is explosive, and can put up points in a hurry when our key players are healthy. They can also be inconsistent, and the success is dependent on the health of Woodson/Natson/Lane. We have proven we can be productive at RB without Ball, although having a healthy Ball should only add more firepower. Our defense is a pretty vanilla, bend but don't break scheme. We have to find out how to get off the field and get our O back out there. There's no reason why Ball State should be 10/19 combined on 3rd/4th downs. We have some really promising young players who are getting a ton of playing time early in their careers (Edwards, Gilbert, Davis, Jest, a couple more I think I'm missing). All this being said, there's no reason why we can't handle Buffalo and Bowling Green, and if we can split Toledo and Ohio (preferably Ohio) we are looking at another really good/potentially great season. 


  2. 3 hours ago, Blue & Gold said:

    How many communities in the United States have not one, but two D-1 college football programs?  


    Philadelphia?  Let's see... Temple... no, Villanova's only D-1 (FCS, I know) in basketball.  


    Chicago?  Northwestern... no, NIU's too far away from Chicago to realistically count.  


    Los Angeles?  UCLA & USC... yes! Los Angeles!  


    And Akron... UA & KSU.


    Wow!  Akron's got something New York doesn't have; Philadelphia doesn't have, & Chicago doesn't have.  Only Los Angeles shares this distinction!


    So... here is the big article from the ABJ the day before the big game!:

    Atlanta has Georgia Tech and Georgia State. 


    Technically Duke and UNC aren't in the same city, but their campuses are about 10 miles apart (with NC State a little over 20 min away). All three are a part of the same community (the Triangle). 


    There definitely isn't many, but now I am spending my morning at work trying to think of more. San Fran with Cal, Stanford, and San Jose State? Not sure how close these are to each other. Edit: I see San Fran mentioned above. 


    Dallas with SMU and TCU? I think TCU is technically Fort Worth about 45 min away. 

  3. 58 minutes ago, skip-zip said:


    So, with an injury you think he might not "drop" that far?  Geez.  How high did you think he was going?

    Everything I am hearing is that scouts are coming out to practice in droves (significantly more than last year), and they are there to only look at him. To the point where when he isn't practicing, they go and talk to Stroud/Marcus and then leave. It's not that I think he was a guaranteed 1st round pick before the injury, although I do think he will put up 1st round measurables if healthy. There is a picture floating around online of him as an 18 year old at OSU, and his measurables even at that age are off the charts - and better than a lot of guys getting drafted in the top 3 rounds. I'll see if I can find it and will post here.


    I guess what I am saying is I think unless something crazy happens (off-the field, unsuccessful surgery, etc.), he is a guarantee to go in the top 3-4 rounds with or without this injury. If he had played this whole season hurt, required surgery after the year, and was unable to participate in the Combine/Pro Day with teams knowing he was pending surgery, that would be a different story. I just can't see him not blowing away the Combine and a team not getting enamored with his physical abilities.


    Chuck Smith (who a lot of NFL people consider the best pass rush coach in the world), went on ESPN radio last week and was asked "Who are the next-generation pass rushers?" He mentioned 3 guys - Arden Key (LSU), Charles Harris (Mizzou), and Jamal Marcus.


    EDIT: Okay, I found the picture. Again, this is before his sophomore year at OSU when he was 18 years old (and this is clearly official OSU documentation). Take a look at the 10 yard split. Now I am not going to get into the whole "was it hand or laser timed?" question, because it is beside the point and we have no way of knowing anyway. However for a little context, Von Miller's split at the Combine was a 1.57, and he was obviously Combine-prepped and a few years older than Marcus when he had the 1.47. Then you look at the 28 bench press reps (with Miller putting up 21) and the picture starts to get a little more clear about the type of athlete we are talking about here. I am in NO WAY saying Marcus is on Miller's level or will ever be, but I think NFL scouts/coaches will look at his measurables and think, "Man, if you give me a few years with this kid, the opportunities are endless." I believe Marcus is now a legit 6'2 250 as well.

    Jamal Marcus OSU measurables.jpg

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  4. I'm hearing J. Marcus will not be playing this game and is undergoing surgery and will miss the rest of the season due to an injury suffered in camp. Props to him for giving it a go these four games, and for being one of the most important players in our best season ever last year.


    But if true, wow this sucks. If he makes a complete recovery before the Combine, I still don't think he will fall past the 3rd round.

  5. 5 hours ago, LZIp said:

    Looking at the schedule at the beginning of the year, I think we would all be very pleased with coming out of OOC 2-2. If we went 1-3 I would feel that the program wasn't taking another step forward. The MAC East is looking like crap this year, I'll be disappointed if we don't win that. I'd also be thrilled with getting 1 of Toledo or WMU as they each appear to be the class of the conference this season. Agree on Lako. He made a nice play and would like to see him get more of a shot at our weakest position. Nice to see that Brown's injury wasn't too bad as he was playing. I know Marcus is battling a shoulder issue seemingly constantly, but would like him on the field more if possible. He is really our only playmaker on defense right now and he made zero big plays yesterday. App State is a good team, have to give them credit, but our defense still has a ways to go. Boxen being out hurt us. I didn't notice Hamilton at all yesterday. Maybe he played, but he didn't make a play. Seemed Williams and Copeland were in there the most.


    Lane was getting straight double teamed for the first time in his career (I believe). I know he was on the 2nd interception for sure, among other plays. Good learning experience for him, Woody, and the coaching staff I'd imagine.


    Good news is we start conference play against sorry Kent and Miami. Gives us even more time to work out kinks/improve/hopefully get healthy until we get into the meat of our conference schedule.



    Edit: As for the Bell topic, I absolutely believe he should be facing some sort of punishment. Now I don't think it should be severe over a scuffle with another guy. Maybe 1 or 2 games. You don't pay attention to other happenings in college sports if you think otherwise. There is no innocent until proven guilty. How many of the Baylor players have been proven guilty of rape? Was Tree ever charged with anything? What about the Brionte Dunn who BuckZip alluded too? I could go on and on. Right or wrong, it's a privilege to play collegiate sports, not a right.

    Marcus made our only play (the fumble) in probably less than a half of work. That being said, I'd be shocked if he went next week and wouldn't be surprised if he was out for much longer than anyone wants to hear. 

  6. I hate calling specific players out (and our problems on D are definitely not isolated to one position), but we are really getting hurt at the most important position on Defense - MLB. I said on here before the season that MLB should be the main concern for this team, and it unfortunately is coming to fruition. I would not be surprised to see more of John Lako next week. 

  7. While my handle is "Akron4ever" I have only been a fan since 2014 due to a personal connection to the program. I had no plans on being an Akron football fan (especially after my personal connection to the program ends), as I am a Georgia Tech graduate and die-hard supporter of their sports, and never entertained the idea for rooting for another team.


    Akron and ZipsNation has given me another team to root for and follow, and I plan on being a supporter long after this season. The first year I truly started following the program was last year, and this board is a great resource for someone like me who loves college football and whose previous exposure to the Zips is literally nothing.


    I know this really has nothing to do with the post above, but I think you all will appreciate that this board is a huge reason why Akron football will have a supporter down South for years to come.


    Go Zips!

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  8. 5 hours ago, ZippyRulz said:


    What happened?



    I believe it was an injury suffered during the game. If he's still on the depth chart, it means one of two things:


    1.) If he is hurt, I feel terrible for posting it. Bowden obviously doesn't want it known. 


    2.) My source is giving me bad info, which hasn't happened yet, and I feel terrible for making the board's heart skip a beat.


  9. Ulysees Gilbert (first career start)

    #9 in TFLs with 3


    Jamal Marcus (played just one half)

    #5 in sacks with 2

    #9 in TFLs with 3



    Both impressive beyond these numbers, as Marcus played only the first half and was injured to the point where he wasn't on the depth chart, while Gilbert did this well in his first career start. I imagine Gilbert will have some growing pains this year, but he will be a good one.

  10. 46 minutes ago, MDZip said:

    Wow, Natson transfers in for one year and is elected a captain? Must be one impressive young man.


    I think it's a combination of a few factors: 


    1.) He's really good

    2.) He's a good teammate

    3.) He's the only starting senior on offense (other than Ball, but he wouldn't get named captain after being here two months). 

  11. 1.) My prediction is if Marcus ends up playing (I believe he will), he will have at least 2-3 himself. Even if he doesn't, Pittman and the rest of the DL will still play well and have more than 3. VMI is also likes to throw the ball.


    2.) I will say over 100 yards for JoJo in 3Q of action, but not on more than 5-6 receptions. I predict he will break one for 50+ yards. 


    3.) I'll say less than 130 yards for WB. I just don't think he is the type of back to break a real long one (maybe against VMI/FCS athletes he could), but I'm not sure we should give him more than 15-20 carries this game.


    On the subject of Three for Thursday, our three captains are JoJo Natson (Offense), Deandre Scott (Defense), and James Turner (Special Teams).

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  12. 44 minutes ago, MDZip said:


    And DeAndre Scott was named as one of their first team CBs.



    Right, don't know how I forgot to include that. I've said this on here before, but Scott is criminally underrated. Fortunately we have PFF, which doesn't look at surface stats and politics are not in play in their rankings.


    I truly believe we had a Top 15 defense in the country last year. 

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  13. Marcus just got named by PFF as the #1 EDGE player in a non-Power 5 conference in the country. Interestingly enough you will see 2 other MAC players listed in the top 4:




    It would have been intersting to see where he would have stacked up nationally if he was able to pad his stats against Sav St and ULM last season.

  14. 32 minutes ago, UA1987 said:

    Looking for the next clip on the interior DL. The two deep here is extremely important. I'm interested if Hamilton is making an impact and at which position. 

    I'm curious about that as well. Either way I think we have more DL depth than we had last year. Not necessarily more talent without Coe and Grice, but we should be deeper.

  15. 32 minutes ago, zipsoutsider said:

    I think special teams will be a question mark for both teams. We lost our kicker and punter and they lost their punter and their kicker struggled with consistency. They do start different PKs for field goal and kick offs, so they should have the specialty edge, there.


    As much as I don't want it to be true, I have a bad feeling kicking/punting is going to be an issue all season. We should be better at returns with Natson and Kwad Smith, but I just really hope that we don't lose games because of ST woes.

  16. 3 hours ago, K92 said:

    You can't make a black or white decision at game time?  The team doctor says yay or nay.  The player says yay or nay.  The coach says yay or nay.  If any of these black and white decisions are clouded by any of these 3 people by the "saving the player for next week's game" mentality, I don't buy into that mindset.


    For example, if there was a player that was cleared by the doc to play, the team needed him, and the coaching staff wanted him to play but his dad advised him to sit out because it might affect his pro career.  I wouldn't support that.


    Nor would I support saving a guy for the rest of the season and not play him at Wisconsin.  To be clear, I don't think anyone here is faulting anyone for holding Marcus out for VMI because if the truth be told, they could find a set of pads and helmet for me to wear and I will go out and spell Marcus and the Zips are still going to win that game.  The same can not be said for any of the other games on the schedule.


    Yes, and the whole point of sitting out vs. VMI is to be 100% for Wisconsin. But for all anyone knows, he could be feeling great the Wednesday practice before VMI and end up playing (and not be rusty for Wisconsin).

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  17. 43 minutes ago, K92 said:

    What's wrong with Marcus?

    I'm not at liberty to disclose it if Bowden himself hasn't. It is nothing too serious and while he might sit out VMI, he would probably play if Wisc was the first game. He won't practice until the Wednesday before VMI and then go from there.


    I will say that throughout camp there have been at least 10 different NFL teams there to watch him. A few teams showed up the practice after he got hurt and just left when they saw he wasn't practicing. Apparently in the NFL scouting circles he is absolutely blowing up, hopefully he can get/stay healthy. 

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