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  1. I thought Pittman was out? From Ohio.com: "Defensive lineman Se’Von Pittman was in street clothes Thursday. Pittman underwent shoulder surgery and is currently working on his rehab. Bowden said Pittman is expected to be back this fall, and they are hoping for bigger things from him." To be honest that doesn't sound like the best news or a great endorsement from Bowden. I hope he is trying to motivate him. Pittman obviously has a high ceiling, however after two years I don't think he has been as consistent as he will need to be for our defense to be really good next year. Unfortunately sounds like he is out until the summer at least.
  2. 33 reps from Jatavis... wow
  3. Wow, that is ridiculous. Can't wait to see him healthy for a full year (knock on wood).
  4. Tight end, but I don't think it's confirmed by any means.
  5. I was informed that Mykel Traylor-Bennett may be switching positions. Maybe not the worst thing since we are deep at WR. I also heard that Marcus picked up where he left off and had 4 sacks yesterday. Can anyone who was there verify either?
  6. I get that our attendance isn't great. Here's my problem with this article. The title is pretty much saying that even though we had a good team, fans weren't coming. What it failed to take into account is that of the six home games played in Akron, only one of those games featured an Akron team with a winning record. Below is a list of Akron's home games, and Akron's record at the time of the kickoff: Pittsburgh: 0-1 Savannah State: 0-2 Ohio: 2-2 Central Michigan: 3-4 Buffalo:5-5 Kent State: 6-5 Next year's attendance will be a better barometer of the state of the program.
  7. Woodson should have some pretty good weapons this year even with Pratt and Davis gone. Lane will be even better next year after getting a full offseason at the position. Jojo Natson will be a playmaker on offense, and I hope Milwee can get creative with him. I also hope we can utilize Chapman on offense at WR - does anyone know if that move is official? Mykel Traylor-Bennett is returning after missing all of last year. Hoping guys with talent like Josh McNeil and Anthony Young can step up. And we still have solid depth with Coney, Wolf, Means. What we really need is true starting RB and to replace essentially our whole OL, but that's a different story.
  8. Long time lurker, first time poster. I thought my first thread should be about my favorite player in our program, Jamal Marcus. He is an absolute beast, and showed us why Urban Meyer was enamored with his talent and had a hard time keeping him off the field even while playing behind two Top 5 NFL talents (Bosa and Spence). As much as I love Jatavis, I wouldn't be surprised to see Marcus become the better NFL player, and Akron's highest drafted player ever next year. By next season I'm assuming he will be about 250 lb, and is the prototypical NFL 3-4 OLB. It's almost scary to think of what his ceiling could be IMO. I'm sure most of us saw the Pro Football Focus link that had him as the 2nd- best pass rusher of all Non P5 schools, and I'm sure he would have been first easily if he played the Savannah State/Louisiana-Monroe games. Just for some context, going into our bowl game he had a +36.6 grade, while Jatavis had a +36.5. https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2015/12/11/pffs-non-power-5-dream-team-best-players-at-every-position/ I really respect the way he came here after his last game was starting on one of the biggest stages on CFB (Orange Bowl), put in his dues while he sat out for a year, did everything the right way, produced on the field, and is coming back for his senior year. He even played the Oklahoma and Pitt games with a partially torn groin, and refused to let the coaches sit him until it finally was unbearable. He overcame some adversity during the season (as our whole team did) by eliminating his bad offsides penalties, and he didn't get a single penalty the last 5 games. Cheers to our lone returning All-MAC player, our best player in the program, and CHEERS TO THE WEEKEND!
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