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  1. Who is #25? He looked good.
  2. Beautiful day for the Spring Showcase. Arth already bringing good luck.
  3. What a joke. Any D1 players left?
  4. I'm still trying to escape the Transfer Portal.
  5. Standard of living for the family. Congested Queens or suburban Arizona?
  6. I would think the only way it would break her finger is if she was reaching up to grab a t shirt. Therefore, she assumed the risk. I, in the other hand, was a true victim.
  7. Nothing left of the UB team...if they can even field one.
  8. Ugh. I fed the troll.
  9. Akron lost two contributing players: a senior and one starter. The third contributed little . They don't need to find a team.
  10. All their recruits are gone. What a joke. Not one D1 player.if you have Twitter, read the thread. It's ugly and familiar.
  11. Fire Jeff Boals already. Enough is enough!
  12. We have Tyler Cheese. Would be cool to get Cameron Lard.
  13. Three players leaving PCCC@Ravenna: Duling, Givens, and Harris.
  14. Is there any recruit we don't like right off the bat?
  15. Offensive rebounding and FT shooting as well. Don't blame him for wanting to find a new beginning.
  16. You make some really good points. And as my mother once said, "sometimes you don't know what you don't want until you get it." I don't remember Daniel on a fast break or doing much more than making 3s. Good guy and I don't like that he's leaving but. .
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