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  1. Noah finished up at UNLV and his coach promptly fired. The Weathers brothers formerly of Miami: one went to Ok State and became a criminal. The other is slogging around at Duquesne. For Utomi, maybe he has a certain degree in mind he won't get at Akron. He gets a fresh start at a new school and maybe some better weather. This will.be first year Groce will be completely paid by Akron. Time to earn that pay check.
  2. Not a fan of this tourneys. Kent has a couple seniors that may want to play more. Akron is riddled with injuries. Even Banks was getting worked on during the Buffalo game. And I'm sure Groce and crew have seen all they need to see in order to make the tough decisions ahead of them.
  3. What a horrific and cruel invention! Don't feed the trolls.
  4. Trying to get the BG tweet embedded here.
  5. Like Huger...going back to Alma mater. Will Geno come with him? Geno at the MAC Center...ugh. He still owes them millions.
  6. TOS... whatever that means
  7. Last NCAA appearance 1968...I think it's time.
  8. It was. AND they had the ref who called (from half court) that bogus goaltending on Jimond during the BG game
  9. Take a look at the record from Huger's first 3 years. It wasn't great and there was a regression in his second year. End of last year some of HIS recruits left. Now he has something working. Sure a coach might catch lighting in a bottle like Oats (inheriting and finding some top talent) or Groce (at OU) but for the most part it's a grind. Gotta have some patience.
  10. Awful MAC refs blew a shot clock violation. Gave Buffalo an extra possession which led to a one point lead for them. I was hoping for a CMU/NIU final.
  11. I think the Toledo Rockets are on a downward spiral to Hell much more than this thread is.
  12. Buffalo and the two teams that beat them are in the semis along with CMU. BG got lucky drawing Ball State. NIU Montgomery was on the hot seat last year. He spent many years toiling in DeKalb. They kept him and he's making a run...on the back of German. NIU tanked when German got suspended but are now back where they were. Was good to see Zips beating NIU and BG at home. Maybe Groce should take the team on the road for the first 6 games.
  13. True dat. Needs to earn that big paycheck.
  14. Nice watching a decent officiating crew for the BG/BSU game
  15. Toledo...wow...wasted season. PCCC...sucks...no Jaylens next year
  16. Or just find some tough, uninjured centers.
  17. I watched the CMU game at home and noticed that the Chipps could throw a pass to their center in the paint and he wouldn't drop the ball. FWIW Riak is battling a couple bad injuries. Remember he screwed up his shoulder in Cayman. Groce has some tough decisions to make with Sayles, Riak, and Eman. Having 3 physically compromised centers on the team isn't going to get the Zips too far.
  18. Let us blame whomever we want. The season is over in 20 minutes. Lighten up.
  19. Only 17 points down!! That's a miracle.
  20. Zips will be playing 4 guys by the end of this.
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