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  1. I guess that's that. What a welching SOB. He goes wherever it's the lowest standard of living.
  2. It's lovely this time of year. If Montgomery could only "recruit Chicago.". On Kitten Attack, they want Boals to bring in DJ Cooper as an asst coach because Cooper could "recruit Chicago."
  3. https://www.daily-chronicle.com/2019/03/26/area-roundup-4-niu-mens-basketball-players-transferring/asy4m1m/. (Doesn't sound like they were impact players)
  4. Read an article about a big exodus from DeKalb.
  5. And working for that female AD whose first move was to fire the basketball coach could also be a red flag
  6. Buffalo's success seems a bit more "successful" than Akron's. Will be nice to no longer see those four Bull seniors again. If Oats leaves to Cal, Vanderbilt, Alabama or wherever and takes a couple of those guys, then things will equalize in the MAC. If he stays, I think they remain dominant but nothing like this year.
  7. Teyvion Kirk also leaving the Kittens. Fire Boals already. Only D3 players left. To the Kitten Attack credit, they already have a "Fire Jeff Boals" thread.
  8. It's a "Kitten Attack" meme for a coach leaving. Think it stands for" Tim O'shea"
  9. OT but relevant. Bradley is leading Mich State at halftime. That's Geno Ford's former team. New coach began in 2015, had 2 years of struggle, had a good 3rd year, and in the 4th year is in NCAA.
  10. Jason Carter is leaving? Fire Jeff Boals. Program is a joke. Total disarray.
  11. I'm with Hurley on this one!
  12. Anyone leave the program today? Asking for a friend
  13. Can some of you please consult a thesaurus...maybe that one your Aunt Barbara gave you for high school graduation...and find a synonym for "Joke."
  14. And he knew he had a losing team for the following year. Well-planned on his part.
  15. Wow. You nailed it. Put into words what I've been struggling to say for awhile!
  16. For all of you KD deadenders, what do you want? Do you want him back? Do you want to win the MAC regular season or East division each year and then lose in the finals? Do you want to lose your post season games by double digits? Do you think the cast of players KD left Akron were going to take out Buffalo these last two seasons if only he were coach? Or maybe you want to lose in first round if your conference tourney to a coach who then gets fired after 24 years. One program in the MAC right now is truly succeeding. Another, BG, after 4 years with a new coach (not counting the year with Janz), is finally making a move. The rest of the programs are status quo. Like we all said, Groce can be a Saul Phillips or a Michael Huger. Same with the Miami coach.
  17. One can see why those two get along so well.
  18. Jimond graduated? OMG. Someone should have stopped that from happening.
  19. Surprisingly, it looks like Murphy, Hawkins, and Whitford are safe in their jobs.
  20. Noah finished up at UNLV and his coach promptly fired. The Weathers brothers formerly of Miami: one went to Ok State and became a criminal. The other is slogging around at Duquesne. For Utomi, maybe he has a certain degree in mind he won't get at Akron. He gets a fresh start at a new school and maybe some better weather. This will.be first year Groce will be completely paid by Akron. Time to earn that pay check.
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