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  1. Groce and Company got the Zips to the Q with a bad team and an average team (although French was citing some rankings last night that say the Zips are above average). That's an excellent building block for next year and beyond.
  2. Agree. If the guys are spent and tired, then call it a day. If they want to keep playing...then go for it.
  3. Didn't he start the other two Buffalo threads?
  4. Zips return to the Q at Noon on Thursday to face the #18 Buffalo Bulls. A win by the Zips would blow the tournament wide open and likely give the MAC two bids to March Madness and cause the Convo in Athens to collapse into a sink hole.
  5. It was cute watching the kittens try and make a final run at it.
  6. But that PCCC fan base! Gold (Pee Yellow) standard for MAC fans.
  7. Absolutely not surprising, NIU has never lost a home MAC tournament game.
  8. I'm a realist, but if the Zips are to beat a Buffalo they have a better chance at Noon on Thursday then on Saturday night at 6 with a national audience
  9. The wives of Hawkins, Murphy, and Phillips should be consulting with realtors first thing tomorrow.
  10. What a cluster. Don't have much hope for the men after the ladies tanked. Football and basketball have absolutely no luck.
  11. Especially considering who would be next on the agenda.
  12. I think the intangible in this game is the motivation for the Miami squad. It's crucial for both of these coaches to make it to Cleveland. Miami lost by 2 to Toledo in the second round last year. If Akron let's it's guard down for a moment, Miami is going to run over them.
  13. I think the Hipsher comparison is a tad premature. I think the best comparison is to look at programs which are/were similarly situated so we are comparing apples to apples. BG and Miami and Akron are in different stages of rebuilding. I think watching how Zips do compared to them is the truer test
  14. One could argue that DJ Cooper made John Groce a rich man. And we have no DJ Cooper.
  15. 2010. 9th seed Ohio beat #1 seed PCCC in the quarters.
  16. Ugh. This is not a good sign. Found this in the bottom of a filing cabinet.
  17. I doubt either team will reserve a 2nd night of hotel rooms. Hope Zips win Monday but no motivation for me to go to the Q.
  18. Look. And this isn't rationalizing, if a team is going to beat Buffalo it's in the Quarters. After that, there's no chance.
  19. What's left to say at this point?
  20. Keep in mind, if all home teams win tonight Zips are #7 facing NIU on Monday and in the Toledo pod. Best result is Zips win and all the other home teams win then Zips end up in BG bracket and face OU on Monday
  21. Yeah. An 8th seed would put us in the direct path of Hurricane Canada. A 6th (need a win and some help) would put Zips in BG bracket. 7th seed (need a win or losses by both NIU and Miami) would be in Toledo pod
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