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  1. When they play this up tempo game, it improves the energy in the JAR. I think the last two years Groce did the best with what he had. There's a cohesiveness this year and multiple weapons.
  2. Williams had 10 points, and I noticed that he makes a huge difference on defense. At Louisville, he will be playing the type of competition that he saw back in the day. We will see if he can step up. The JAR was really into it tonight. Was a lot of fun.
  3. If X can get going along with LCJ and Tyler all in same game, there will be magic
  4. Also looks like the AK Rowdies are starting to rejuvenate. For some reason, they got really excited when Enrique Freeman entered the game.
  5. Seriously, this lame, lazy commentary from this Wolken person is hardly worth a comment.
  6. Tribble may be why Roscoe left so abruptly. Even though there have been some struggles, having X and Reece inside is such a huge improvement from only having Riak. Reece was making some Big Dog moves and he and X can really jump.
  7. Eventually some of those lay ups will fall and those steals will convert for points. They are challenging every pass. Nice slam for Sayles!
  8. A lot of hustle. Cant get the ball in the hoop. X struggling
  9. 42% overall. 18% from 3. 10-16 from foul line. 5 blocks
  10. Shooting better but t not from 3. Getting killed on offensive rebounds
  11. LCJ redeeming himself against lesser competition. Zips are 1-7 from 3. Reece just did a cartwheel mid floor
  12. They are going cold. Deng is offering nothing. He doesn't make himself open.
  13. Risk, X, Tribble, Cheese, and LCJ on the floor.
  14. Here and very excited. Recharge rewind of the NC Central game isn't doing it for me. They should show highlights from that Akron/Marshall football game .
  15. He's no Offut, Cooper, or Bassett. Groce may keep hoping and thinking that he will be, but he's not going to develop a consistent shot at this stage in his career.
  16. Lazy and sloppy. LCJ chucking the early 3 is just lazy, sloppy basketball. Banks chucking a 3 and shortening a possession under 2 minutes was just lazy and sloppy. I think that Reece and Williams want to work out there but LCJ and Banks weren't willing to put in the effort.
  17. LCJ makes free throws and that keeps him in the game at the end. One ref called and offensive foul on LCJ when he did one of his "half-flops." that was good to see. Reece played much better at WVU.
  18. I saw a group of players who were just screwing around. they never lost the lead, and they figured they could dial it in like arrogant jocks.
  19. LCJ is like 0 for 10 and not even close . Reminds me of Kwan...just grimace when he shoots a 3
  20. Groce likes his teams to peak in March /s
  21. Open shots. As usual, missing them. And NCC is the turnover machine we expected.
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