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  1. I think the season will definitely happen. Akron's plan to have some fans attend is laudable and could likely be safely accomplished with masks and distancing. However, I don't see the local health department signing off on it.
  2. Yeah, but that made him really hard to listen to. Are we sure he was replaced or maybe its something else going on?
  3. that sure doesn't make a lot of sense. so frustrating.
  4. Its tragic because after they upset Canada in first round, they really had a chance in Cleveland­čś¬
  5. My point is if they travel to an area that doesn't take it seriously someone could contract and ruin a few weeks of a season. But fair enough...i should put this topic in different thread
  6. The Dakotas? COVID hot spot. best oof luck, Suckeyes.
  7. No. They can't change the logo in the middle to a "Z" because of the expense.
  8. A new day. 6 game season beginning 11/4 with a conference championship. Mid Week #MACtion. Miami at home. Kent away?
  9. Michigan schools or NIU, Buffalo, and Ball St...a guess
  10. Or why we don't have "A Big." oh, wait...
  11. Zero aspirations here. How bout that Garvin Clarke? He has aspirations.
  12. guy has some issues. if i recall his wife is Japanese.
  13. Found this. Still ranks as craziest game I ever saw at the JAR.
  14. i guess that screws up the next Fall season for the players. Hopefully this is 6 games in East and 6 games in West and maybe a championship game.
  15. Adam RittenbergESPN Senior Writer Mid-American Conference presidents will meet Friday and vote on whether to have a fall football season, which likely would be six games, sources told ESPN. The league's presidents also met Tuesday but did not hold a vote then on the season, which likely would begin the weekend of Oct. 24. The MAC on Aug. 8 became the first FBS league to postpone the fall football season because of concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.
  16. referencing Canada's newest and shortest-lived recruit.
  17. what's this "Tailgating " thing everyone is talking about?
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