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  1. Let me correct that...NOW the wheels are all off. That false start penalty on UAB ... Seems like it helped them.
  2. Nice start...but now what? Sense the wheels are coming off. UAB shaking off their jet lag.
  3. With the basketball team, until I see them win an away game I will predict they will lose on the road. After last week, until I see the Zips win a game, I will predict double digit losses. And after last week, I don't have any idea who can run the ball. So I'm going with "other."
  4. So we get all the directional Michigan schools twice. Toledo and Ball State St home. I'm exchange we get two brutal weeks im February with 4 out of 5 on the road. Sink or swim on the road, Groce!
  5. Oh, that's good. Because Akron is notorious for playing bad in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 10th, and post season games of the season unless the opponent is Kent State.😉 So are you saying there's a chance?
  6. I love this theory, and I'm going to run with it. Will be a big surprise for UAB when the real Zips show up to play. IDK...I know so little about football, but once the writing is on the wall with a game like that...might as well get what you can out of it. Zips got lucky with some big turnovers in the NW game last year.
  7. That first kickoff was deadly. Giving better teams good field position is deadly. Maybe be watching the transfer portal for a kicker.
  8. Like everyone here I just want wins and not explanations about why the Zips lose by double digits. That being said, I agree that I didn't see the sloppiness and the stupidity i've seen in the past. Also, from the parts I watched, I saw the refs make two good calls that benefited the Zips. And because the announcers were Illini stooges, I learned about how great some of the Illini players were coming out of HS or from transfers. Looking at other scores, I didn't see any upsets by FBS schools. And F. U Penn State for running up the score to 79 on your opponent.
  9. Arth was talking about how great Williams is on ZipsLive. <<shrug>>
  10. I think the correct pronunciation is with a silent "S.". Noy not Noise.
  11. We would just need the basketball team to lose to a D3 school, and we would have the Zips trifecta.
  12. Maybe they screwed up and he had to set an example and take a hard-line with them.
  13. First drive of the year. A score with a nice field goal.
  14. No idea. Big overthrow by Kato. Then a nice first down
  15. Wow. This coverage. Haven't even mentioned our coach's name
  16. What's the payout? Amy storms in the forecast?
  17. Illini won't know what to expect. Zips will surprise. I only picked Andre Williams because I heard Arth mention him on Zips Live.
  18. The season is three months off, and I'm already confused
  19. He's 65. Probably his last job. Much better climate than Green Bay. I don't think he will be looking for his next gig. I like the private selection process. I'm sure everyone involved signed confidentiality agreements. The open process brings in too much distracting criticism from the outside. Kudos to the Board.
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