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  1. https://www.cleveland.com/osu/2020/07/gov-mike-dewine-explains-why-he-hopes-football-can-block-a-coronavirus-surge-in-ohio.html
  2. Its much worse in certain states. When I was out yesterday, everyone was wearing a mask. If we all could do that for about 3 weeks and avoid group contact, we can stop the transmission cold.
  3. It's mid july. Athens took a hit because of people going to bars in downtown Athens. In a few weeks it should be under control if they behave and stop this foolish activity. No, all the other MAC schools wouldn't have to follow. Why would they? As for football season, I can see a season with fans if everyone in the MAC behaves themselves. As for Clemson, I really don't get what is going on in SC. They are allowing the virus to explode and putting the football season in jeopardy. Alabama ordered face masks. I'm thinking if Clemson cancels Akron but plays other schools, Akron would have a right to their pay out which I say without having read the contract.
  4. and I would add that while Churchill said something like never let a good crisis go to waste this isn't the time to panic and make a drastic decision like moving to D2. COVID will eventually go away and football and sports will be back again.
  5. cancelled Non-Conference games only from what I read.
  6. It seems like a lifetime ago that Gibson was being pounded into the ground on every play because of our horrible offensive line. Good times. Good times.
  7. Thank you for what you do!!!
  8. Do us all a favor and take a long vacation in Florida. Invite your family, especially the elderly relatives. Make it like a big reunion. then find the most crowded and bustling bar and go in there and have some drinks. Then go find a restaurant buffet for you all to enjoy. And don't wear a mask and sit as close to each other as you possibly can. Let us know how it works out for you.
  9. Wonder how the quarterback competition is playing out?
  10. Geez. Very, very serious ones. When does basketball season start?
  11. I fell for it, too, and sent a text to someone which I had to retract. Because of these contractual allegations, I can't see the MAC cancelling first.
  12. The real MAC isn't likely to limit anything and let the bigger conferences try to change and modify the schedule.
  13. How many mac conferences are there
  14. How about giving it a try for a month. Encouraging others for a month. See how it goes. If you watch the governor's press conference, he said once counties get back to an acceptable level then no masks are needed. As Clark said, it's not like wearing a ball and chain or a hair shirt. You only have to wear it when you are in a public area where you can't be 6 feet away. We talk so much about our rights not to do this, not to do that. How about our duty to our fellow citizens? It's not about my momentary inconvenience.
  15. that's good to hear. Yeah, I didn't make that up, it was straight from the health dept.
  16. If 80% of us would wear masks for a month, we could easily have sports again and COVID would be stifled.
  17. Baseball Ball Dad is always who I look to during difficult times.
  18. The article is also a sad but true testament to state of our country and all the idiots out there who can't dare be inconvenienced and the politicians who cater to them. If you want your kids in school, if you want your daughter to have a wedding, you want to enjoy football and basketball then take the next month and wear a mask, keep your distance, and don't crowd into bars, restaurants, church services whatever. As the article said, had we done this and stuck with it, we wouldn't be in this mess now. You don't learn anything from the second kick of the mule.
  19. Thet are also missing out on other P5 games.
  20. I think these schools were expecting this. We always have Youngstown State/
  21. I'm only giving an opinion. I have no idea how this will play out. But Ball State, CMU, and BG each had two Big Ten games. There's like $4mill off the table.
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