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  1. Yuck. 27-15 at half. Started out promising
  2. I was thinking it was better crowd than most of these early games. Riak doesn't like to go to the basket does he?
  3. you need that style to win in the tourney as a high-seed. i watched a bit of it, and in the second half they started sinking the 3s.
  4. I think you crossed the Rubicon and or touched the third rail in posting that. 🤯
  5. So can someone enlighten me on why these two are better for us than some of the guys that are going to Miami or CMU or wherever? I.E. are we just liking these guys simply because they are committing to Akron? I'm certain they must be buying into Groce's system and be a good fit with the team. But is there something these two uniquely offer?
  6. Any publicity is good publicity! When they finally win, it will be big news!
  7. I appreciate reading those positive notes. Those 14 points should have been on the first two possessions.
  8. I"m only searching for answers. Basketball is so much easier to understand. I could look at the team Groce had the first year and see what was missing and what was going wrong. I've never professed to have any football acumen, but, damn, this is hard for me to figure out. I like that you gave some positives. I went out there tonight, and it was a miserable experience, and I left angry and pissed off (and I've sat through all sorts of weather conditions for Zips games). I would like to hear an honest assessment from the coach and AD on what is wrong and what is the game plan. They at least owe that to that 57 fans who went out there tonight. And they owe it to the band who no one sees play and the cheerleaders no one sees cheer and the dance team no one sees dance.
  9. Darn it. I left before the TD. However, on my way out I did pass Larry Williams and uttered to him, "There's only so much I can endure."
  10. Any doubt EMU will score here? And damn it's cold out
  11. Wow. This weather. Looking forward to the Snow Bowl this evening! Anything can happen. Right?
  12. He seemed to be the odd man out not really connecting with the other players
  13. I will be there. Would be nice if we had a running game on a cold and snowy night in Akron.
  14. Are we playing NC Central or South Carolina Upstate? it's confusing.
  15. To me it looked like a push with a flop. Poor choice of adjective on my part.
  16. akron's free throws kept them in it
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