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  1. there's a good question and answer at 35 minutes.
  2. I agree with you. The science is the science. I posted a link yesterday that has a good discussion with Pac 10 officials regarding why they made their decision. Considering the huge amount of $ involved, I doubt the Big 10 and PAC 10 didn't look at every option available before cancelling. I read Cykron's post and that's what I figured the schools would do: limit fans and tailgating, etc. However, ultimately that becomes unworkable and the safety of the players is paramount. From following this issue on twitter and in the news, I'm realizing that there are many different interests who are going to lose $ if there is no college football. It could be the beer industry, sports agents, restaurants, the families of the top players, and whoever else profits from the game and has their own agenda which isn't the safety of the players. The presidents, AD's, and the conference commissioners have to put all those competing agendas aside and listen to their medical team. The medical experts don't have an agenda. They gain nothing or lose nothing from a season. The highly paid coaches need to be seen advocating for their players and if that means pushing for play they will. And it was easy for the incoming OSU president to say she supports playing football. What confuses me is that the other conferences apparently have medical experts who have a differing opinion than the big 10 and pac 10. My thought is that they are for now trying to appease those with agendas until they can't any longer. Another huge outbreak of COVID and there is no basketball season or March Madness.
  3. https://pac-12.com/article/2020/08/11/pac-12-conference-postpones-all-sport-competitions-through-end-calendar-year I for one am disappointed and confused about all of this. Embedded in this article is a link to a Zoom discussion of the parties involved in making the PAC 10 decision. It's very informative and clarified some issues for me.
  4. This is utter chaos and no way to "run a railroad." It's either safe to play or it isn't. With all the millions and millions at stake, the idea that the Big Ten or Pac 10 jumped the gun or gave up too soon is ludicrous. But this falls on the NCAA for not having cohesive leadership. Then you have all these people with financial interests or political interests in keeping the season alive chiming in with their literal two cents and it's just a toxic stew.
  5. Whether or not one believes the science, these conferences have made it crystal clear (although, belatedly and in a disjointed manner) that there will be no athletics until COVID is under control.
  6. You are just a rotten human being. There are actually true Akron fans on here who are sad and incredibly disappointed about all of this and you choose to grab your handful of salt and rub it in the open wounds. I don't know what the University of Akron did to you that's made you such a negative troll, but your desire to make everyone else miserable proves to me that whatever it was you deserved it.
  7. The rumblings on Twitter aren't hopeful for a Fall season. Testing all the players all the time doesnt come cheap. (And Hilltopper voted there would be no games and he's usually right). Just read...it's cancelled. #SaveBasketball.
  8. At a military school, isn't that like insubordination?
  9. As always Pluto is like a month late to the party. Hes regurgitating old news and ideas.
  10. Maybe whats his name is right. Will just be Ohio schools playing each other
  11. Can't catch a break but was going to happen eventually on one of the MAC teams. Maybe a false positive
  12. I certainly hope so. If those ACC teams can play other MAC schools they certainly could play Akron. It's difficult to understand why this is happening other than looking at Pitt, BC, and ND being in states without as high a rate of infection (and no I'm not trying to start a political debate).
  13. Whatever the case Clemson needs to pay up. (And SC's % positive is over 14% compared to Ohios 5%) https://www.toledoblade.com/sports/college/2020/08/06/mid-american-conference-2020-football-season/stories/20200806129
  14. Hopefully, Zips will get the cash and save our players from traveling to a COVID hot bed/
  15. sounds like breach of contract to me...maybe. If other schools are playing MAC opponents or other out of conference teams and Clemson plays an out of conference game then (without reading the contract) this seems like a breach. Akron isn't going to say a word and the MAC isn't going to cancel anything. They still have those power schools on the hook for those deals.
  16. As expected ACC balked. So looks like we have officially hit rock bottom for this season. I would hopethat if they just cancel certain games there's grounds for a payout. Season canceled entirely then no.
  17. not sure there's an equal protection violation here but the MAC states (apart from Indiana) are doing better with COVID containment than southern states. I would see no reason to exclude Michigan schools.
  18. And if season is cancelled...geez.
  19. This thread in inane. Some of you are serious trolls. You set up threads and then attack those who post. You don't add anything productive to the conversation.
  20. "Clemson also surveyed about 8,500 of its football season-ticket holders to get feedback on how football should proceed, with 83% of respondents saying they were "comfortable" attending games this fall with proper social distancing measures. Additionally, 54% said they preferred a fall football season without fans in the stands to a potential spring season in which fans would be allowed to attend, while only 21% said they would tailgate on campus even without tickets to see the game. "[Attendance] is still in flux," Radakovich said. "Many models have been pulled together on that and hopefully in the next three weeks we'll move forward with more specific detail associated with what capacity opportunities we'll have for Memorial Stadium."
  21. I'm not trying to be dense or difficult it could you explain further for me?
  22. Sadly, there seems to be a pattern developing. NCAC (Wooster, Oberlin, Kenyon, etc. also suspended). I think those schools want kids back on campus and athletics added an extra cost and variable that wasn't worth it for them. There are no scholarships and don't generate any income.
  23. Beginning of March, the basketball team was on its way to bringing some much needed revival to the university. Buchtel Hall had launched a 150th year fundraising drive which was to culminate in some big events. Arth was beginning his rebuild. Then COVID hit just like the 2008-2009 housing crisis and just stopped or destroyed not just at the university.
  24. (There is a new covid thread)
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