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  1. As someone said, they should save time and give it to him every week.
  2. I will miss him like I miss Steve Hawkins and "Saul Ball". TOS to NIU
  3. he is NOTHING without German. They beat Buffalo when they were ranked. But, he had German
  4. I believe it was cost cutting, although I can't imagine it's that much $$ considering those first 4 games are at campus sites. I guess the schools will save some $ but when Miami beat Buffalo last year before the shut down that knocked out a decent fan base for Cleveland.
  5. wish we could GO to a Tuesday night game!! Miss those.
  6. Every win is needed and important but with COVID delays and cancelations and only 8 teams making the tourney, its so critical to be banking these wins early. Who knows what the tiebreaker will look like.
  7. Freeman went straight up when Pippin drove to the basket. So good not to draw a foul.
  8. That final turnover. Was that the defense or a bad pass from Dailey?
  9. ugh. these games always seem to be in the 60s. ugh.
  10. Mr. Pinky can watch film? Who knew? feels very St B. not looking for a comeback in 2nd half.
  11. Freeman? nah. he's a good player. last few games he impressed.
  12. very similar start to St Bonaventure game. St B was missing from 3 as well but pounded inside and forced lots of turnovers.
  13. Really got screwed by the Central cancellation. Weren't ready for this team.
  14. awesome way to start the new year. time to call it a night.
  15. Arent there a # of reasons basketball plays like 30 games and football only 12. Risk of injury and level of life-changing injury is greater in football? Loading up 100 players, a staff of trainers, a marching band, and 20 cheerleaders and flying them around the country for 4 or 5 more games would be quite an undertaking.
  16. well I don't expect much recognition wedged between and during playoff games. 3 hours to tip off. Excitement building.
  17. We certainly owe Pinky a good thrashing for his comment after the last game that he didn't really care if they lost.
  18. JD Brookhart is the OC at a high school in Colorado.
  19. and fill the gap with the team up the road. maybe the Zips can play all the different branches of PCCC this season instead of the directional Michigan schools. Ravenna tomorrow and PCCC at Garretsville next week.
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