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  1. I would be happy to have any D1 player
  2. That would make Cykron happy!
  3. Toledo the choke monsters. The Rock?
  4. He looked good and fast. Not tall!
  5. I think there were some sweet shoes early on. But when I went though it was either size 8 or size 18 or baseball cleats
  6. Who is #25? He looked good.
  7. Beautiful day for the Spring Showcase. Arth already bringing good luck.
  8. What a joke. Any D1 players left?
  9. I'm still trying to escape the Transfer Portal.
  10. Standard of living for the family. Congested Queens or suburban Arizona?
  11. I would think the only way it would break her finger is if she was reaching up to grab a t shirt. Therefore, she assumed the risk. I, in the other hand, was a true victim.
  12. Nothing left of the UB team...if they can even field one.
  13. Ugh. I fed the troll.
  14. Akron lost two contributing players: a senior and one starter. The third contributed little . They don't need to find a team.
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