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  1. I will choose the worst possible outcome until the worst possible outcome stops occurring.
  2. This has to be the year to separate from Miami. Zips and Redhawks got new coaches the same year, and both had gutted programs. We humiliated them in first round of tournament. No more stupid losses in Oxford. BGSU is in 4th year or so of their rebuild, and they are hitting their stride after years in the darkness. Buffalo is big question mark for me. As for PCCC at Ravenna, we know very well what to expect from Pinky and the Flashes even without the Jaylens. Akron needs to prove they can win on the road in the MAC before they will get any respect.
  3. mine arrived yesterday. like an early Christmas.
  4. Are we still doing this assessing thing?
  5. where does it say that Cheese and LCJ are injured? What's wrong with them?
  6. I don't remember what season it was, but I heard the rumors that the Zips took it hard to Michigan in a scrimmage and then didn't meet those expectations.
  7. II think we are seeing what can happen to a football team when there is no QB, no center, no offensive line, and no place kicker.
  8. I don't know what your deal is. You can easily surmise that pretty much everyone who is an Akron fan is upset by this game and can see if for what is it is. No one on here can fire the coach, the AD or do anything about it. Yet for some reason you feel the need to grind glass into our hands and then pour salt water on the wounds.
  9. Who is this TJ DeShields? OMG. they had a chance and TJ could only make it 4 yards instead of 5.
  10. I will go to the games and support the players and the school and wait for a reckoning for all those involved in this hiring. I know there were some on the selection committee who had absolutely no football knowledge. The soccer team is playing like a champion again, and basketball starts in a week. Also, want to give a special shout out to Kato Nelson for getting himself suspended for 3 games at the most vulnerable moment of the season for this team.
  11. correct. I was thinking of a judgment on the pleadings. In his complaint, I didn't see the connection between the alleged discrimination and the injury. And this forum "the court of claims" is quite conservative in its application of the law to facts. If Mark was treated badly and unfairly for whatever reason, I hope the university will settle the case with him maybe with a non-disclosure clause.
  12. I didn't say it was legal. I said it is difficult to prove, especially in this context where his alleged poor treatment may have been because of his playing skills and not his race. The university and the athletic director would have to handle the first situation and the courts would address the second.
  13. It's much, much harder to prove if the plaintiff is not in a suspect class. Also, he would have to prove that any harassment was because he was white and not because he was a lesser-skilled player for a D1 basketball team. (I'm not saying it's right to treat the lesser players badly, if that's what occurred here, but it wouldn't be discrimination). Techinically not reverse discrimination since he's not alleging that Groce and the university were preferring the black players in order to right a past wrong.
  14. Ohio Court of Claims doesn't have jury trials. He would have to get past a summary judgment motion first. Anyway, this has gone off the rails. Unfortunate situation. Hopefully, they can quietly resolve this.
  15. A wash out like Western Michigan last year.
  16. I think the torrential rain forecast for tomorrow in Chicago can only help the Zips. Or not.
  17. Forgot about the video. Will be difficult for Mark to demonstrate that he was treated badly because of his race and not because of his ability. Tough crowd.
  18. The Court of Claims is a notoriously tough place to win a judgment. All we know from this is that Mark was able to hire a lawyer who filed a complaint. The allegations of discrimination are not backed up by and facts in the complaint. I think it would be very difficult to tie racial and religious(?) discrimination to Gueye's assault on Mark. If there was discrimination going on, Mark had the opportunity to file a complaint with the university before this occurred. There are way too many unanswered questions. Frankly, I'm sure when this occurred Williams and the university brass looked into it. Also, the complaint says this occurred at the rec center and not at the JAR. Was this during an official practice? My memory was that this was a pick-up game between these two with a lot elbows flying. Mark has to make some causation between the actions or inactions of the coaching staff and the injury. This could get tossed very quickly or maybe a settlement is reached without a finding of fault.
  19. At least he has a decent attorney who knew to file in the Court of Claims and not the Common Pleas Court
  20. Just saw an article on ABJ. He's suing.🤔
  21. Have to laugh at choke-monsters Toledo Rockets being at the head of the pack.
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