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  1. There are also some videos on YouTube thanking donors and various athletes and coaches including Groce.
  2. Clark maybe you can think of a clever title for a "new thread" that doesn't stem from such a negative place? Cut day Thursday is long gone. Need to look forward.
  3. I think there was a fire at Buchtel Hall that killed a few young women.
  4. And they built it on top of the Spicer Cemetery? Seems like a bad omen.
  5. I think the first three sentences of Coach Arth's statement speaks to many of us.
  6. I tend to block out those memories. Was there a technical or something in which Groce got to choose who to shoot the FTs? He picked Utomi over Cotton. I think Cotton made two clutch FTs against Western and thought he was the man.
  7. someone talked about the MAC Qfinal game between Akron and the Hurons. I don't remember it being that close at the end, and I also recall that was the end of Virshon Cotton when he applauded Utomi's missed free throw.
  8. Title 9. Unintended consequences or maybe intended.
  9. Do they ever like anything? They are routinely negative.
  10. Scarborough was horrible at PR. That doomed him. Also, I remember it was his first Homecoming and he was walking the queen across the field and he has his 6 year old daughter with him. She was a cute kid dressed in an Akron cheerleader garb. I thought to myself...what a narcissistic jerk. Why would you show off and/or indulge your child and upstage the young woman/student who was being honored that day?
  11. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/2020/05/19/central-michigan-mens-track-field-football-bowl-subdivision/5224447002/
  12. You guys always say that in the basketball thread. Groce is gone if Zips win a tournament game
  13. I don't want much. A few wins maybe. And fire that awful Keith Kennedy. He ruins every game.
  14. These came today. Very nice!
  15. https://suriverhawks.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/thomas-woodson/382 OT: Woodson QB coach in PA.
  16. There are thousands of sad stories during all of this. I remember the photo of LCJ's father embracing him after they cancelled the MAC tournament. He's, bright, young and has division 1 athletic caliber. I'm not going to debate the baseball issue, but I think there should have been a plan beginning 5 or 6 years ago to begin phasing out some of these programs.
  17. He's impressive. I like how he took care of the athletic situation quickly, hopefully calmed down the faculty Senate, and is now moving on to the bigger picture.
  18. Nice thing about basketball is that there are more players out there to recruit for way fewer spots
  19. That may be. I wish I had the solution or could provide the cure. In the meantime, I will play the hand I'm dealt as a fan. I won't run down the University. Just not how I am.
  20. Arth has a lot of potential, and I have faith the new president will sort all of this out. Right now Miller has to reorganize academics and get kids back on campus. Williams did what he was told to do for now. Williams and company could certainly be on borrowed time, but I'm willing to keep buying my season tickets and keep donating and keep being a huge Zips fan.
  21. Oh. Importantly, while it was necessary to make some quick cost-savings measures because of COVID and years of over-spending, it was equally important NOT to make a huge decision like eliminating football because of the temporary COVID situation. I think the MAC schools are looking for a better situation for football and that can't happen during a "panic." Also, we pile on our football team like it's the only one in the conference that is a heavy stone hanging from the school's neck. There is not perennial football powerhouse in the MAC who is the Gonzaga of mid-major football. WMU pays their coach an outrageous sum. The MAC needs to figure this out as a group.
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