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  1. This thread in inane. Some of you are serious trolls. You set up threads and then attack those who post. You don't add anything productive to the conversation.
  2. "Clemson also surveyed about 8,500 of its football season-ticket holders to get feedback on how football should proceed, with 83% of respondents saying they were "comfortable" attending games this fall with proper social distancing measures. Additionally, 54% said they preferred a fall football season without fans in the stands to a potential spring season in which fans would be allowed to attend, while only 21% said they would tailgate on campus even without tickets to see the game. "[Attendance] is still in flux," Radakovich said. "Many models have been pulled together on that and hopefully in the next three weeks we'll move forward with more specific detail associated with what capacity opportunities we'll have for Memorial Stadium."
  3. I'm not trying to be dense or difficult it could you explain further for me?
  4. Sadly, there seems to be a pattern developing. NCAC (Wooster, Oberlin, Kenyon, etc. also suspended). I think those schools want kids back on campus and athletics added an extra cost and variable that wasn't worth it for them. There are no scholarships and don't generate any income.
  5. Beginning of March, the basketball team was on its way to bringing some much needed revival to the university. Buchtel Hall had launched a 150th year fundraising drive which was to culminate in some big events. Arth was beginning his rebuild. Then COVID hit just like the 2008-2009 housing crisis and just stopped or destroyed not just at the university.
  6. (There is a new covid thread)
  7. And they aren't going to make any decisions hastily during a pandemic regarding athletics when all the schools in MAC and elsewhere have the same issues. The academic cuts were a work in progress.
  8. Please, lets re-litigate this yet again.
  9. this is football related but put here to avoid crazy: “There’s nothing real magical about this, it’s distance and covering and washing your hands, it’s really basic stuff. But it’s the gathering together. One of the things I talked about today at our press conference, is that things that seem benign to people seem risk-free that at a regular time is pretty risk-free, for example being with family or being with friends can now turn out to be very dangerous. As we’re trying to figure it out as we look at the spread of the virus, one of the common themes is people who are having casual get-togethers of 10, 20, 40 people and they may know everybody there but that doesn’t give them any protection. It’s being in close proximity to people and you just extrapolate that to a ballpark, baseball or football stadium, and the same basic principles play out. You wouldn’t want people close standing in line to get a hot dog. You’d have to have the distance between people, you’d have to mark it off, just like they mark it off at Starbucks.” DeWine is one of the governors who has been willing to issue a mask mandate, and he said that will only increase the chances of spectator sports. “We think we’re headed in the right direction and one of the reasons we put masks on statewide is because we’re seeing good results,” he said. “If we can get 80-85 percent of the people in this state wearing masks regularly out in public when they’re interfacing with other people and if they keep social distancing, we can knock this virus on the head, we’re not going to get rid of it, it’s going to be with us until we have a vaccine, but we can knock it in the head pretty good and it’s going to make our fall look a whole lot better.”
  10. They are doing the slow roll cancellation of football and fall sports. NCAC cancelled all sports. Division 2 will be next. Followed by Division 1. same pattern as in the Spring.
  11. I thought Proenza was still on the payroll?
  12. Scarborough on the cut list. Fateful choice he made coming to Akron
  13. I think it's time we all abandoned this thread and move on to something else.
  14. Stop with that both sides garbage. It's not about politics it's about science. You can look at reliable stats and see that the states which took this seriously are doing well and the ones who chose to ignore science and hope it would go away are exploding with the corona virus. The reason this issue is even important for Zipsnation is because it affects the university and the athletics. So leave your political stuff on a separate blog that is made for such. This isn't a political issue.
  15. If you didn't want to get political, you wouldn't have written that.
  16. I m trying to be hopeful. I've seen nearly 100% compliance in Akron. Also, there's a key stat i check every day and its called the "R" value. It measures how the virus is replicating in the community. In Ohio, it's come down from 1.18 to 1.0 in the last week or so. Under 1.0 means infections will slow. If it's over 1.0 it means it will spread. That being said, that number is only as good as the numbers coming in to them. But, as I said, I'm trying to be hopeful. Also, the percentage of positive tests is 6.2 which is high but nothing like Florida which is 18%. Michigan is around 2%. Back in April Ohio was at 24% but you could only get tested then if you had serious symptoms. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/testing/individual-states/ohio. this is the site where you can follow the #s. https://rt.live/us/OH. This has the R7 factor. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/testing/testing-positivity. This graph compares all the states for the percentage of positive tests.
  17. https://www.cleveland.com/osu/2020/07/gov-mike-dewine-explains-why-he-hopes-football-can-block-a-coronavirus-surge-in-ohio.html
  18. Its much worse in certain states. When I was out yesterday, everyone was wearing a mask. If we all could do that for about 3 weeks and avoid group contact, we can stop the transmission cold.
  19. It's mid july. Athens took a hit because of people going to bars in downtown Athens. In a few weeks it should be under control if they behave and stop this foolish activity. No, all the other MAC schools wouldn't have to follow. Why would they? As for football season, I can see a season with fans if everyone in the MAC behaves themselves. As for Clemson, I really don't get what is going on in SC. They are allowing the virus to explode and putting the football season in jeopardy. Alabama ordered face masks. I'm thinking if Clemson cancels Akron but plays other schools, Akron would have a right to their pay out which I say without having read the contract.
  20. and I would add that while Churchill said something like never let a good crisis go to waste this isn't the time to panic and make a drastic decision like moving to D2. COVID will eventually go away and football and sports will be back again.
  21. cancelled Non-Conference games only from what I read.
  22. It seems like a lifetime ago that Gibson was being pounded into the ground on every play because of our horrible offensive line. Good times. Good times.
  23. Thank you for what you do!!!
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