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  1. I'm certain the university staff knew this well before Miller made the announcement to the community. Further, all schools at Akron's recruitment level are in the same boat.
  2. Amen. Save Groce and the basketball team at all costs. I can tolerate the complaints about other sports and campus issues. But Zips basketball is becoming sacrosanct.
  3. throwing business guys or gals into a athletic or university bureaucracy without any experience can easily turn into a disaster. I highly doubt Miller would go that way IF he wanted to make a change at the AD position.
  4. I would love for all the MAC schools to get on the same page and come up with a plan for the future which would avoid these Tuesday and Wednesday night games. A buddy at work whose son plays football for a MAC school said his son is in the dark about next year but there was some talk about football and basketball overlapping a lot more at least for 2020.
  5. I really like the idea of the Power 5 going off on their own for football. However, I can't forsee any huge institutional changes occurring over the next 3.5 months.
  6. Good idea. Use Ohio HS sports as a model.😖
  7. I read they are shutting down PCCC @ Streetsboro and the Ravenna campus is absorbing those students.
  8. Football can schedule Clemson, Purdue, and Kentucky and bring in $4.5 million. And I mean this...I'm glad I'm not the one making these decisions.
  9. These other schools can't get rid of bad coaches. They are all in the same situation.
  10. Bowling Green is in similar straits and Miami has troubles. The state of Illinois is a financial mess so NIU I'm sure has trouble as well.
  11. Ive never known this board to overreact or get ahead of itself.
  12. I can't imagine leaving the MAC will happen now. Make the cuts as needed, get kids back on campus, get things moving again, and re-assess. Panic decisions are rarely good decisions.
  13. Considering this is an athletic message board, I'm stunned that some on here are ok with dropping to D2, leaving the MAC, and crushing the athletic program all because of their distaste for Williams, Arth, the stadium or whatever else. No other program can bring in $4mill by playing 3 road games like the football program can. There will be big changes but I'm with the Captain. Flushing our basketball and soccer teams down the toilet by downgrading would be a huge mistake by Miller and the board. All the MAC schools are in same situation. Hopefully, they are all working together on a solution instead of a suicide pact. If Akron has too many sports, the cut them and work on that waiver from the NCAA.
  14. I agree with you. However, I think we are very fortunate to have Miller. What we are all learning across the board that you hire competent, smart people for the bad times. It's easy to lead an organization when there's lots of $ and all is going well. First priority should be to get kids back on campus this Fall. Get some normalcy back to the students. Also, for the athletes, they need to know what their future holds. Also, Donors, those who support scholarships, need to know where their $ will be going. Akron was in the midst of a really good marketing campaign when this hit.
  15. If two athletic programs need to be cut, so be it. But moving to D2 as someone keeps mentioning on here would be a non-starter for the community and alumni much like "OPU" was back in the day. Being a D1 school is a selling point. Miller was probably figuring out a diplomatic way to make cuts through his 5 year plan. Now, he doesn't have to be so diplomatic and has the excuse to make the tough changes quickly.
  16. Track and Field is very successful. Two pole vaulting Olympians. But they also use up a lot of scholarship money. Rifle, women's VB, men's golf seem like low hanging fruit.
  17. If they eliminate tennis, swim team, volleyball, most the good looking women will be eliminated as well. Another factor to consider?
  18. Here's a fact: U of A moves to D2, there goes soccer, basketball, and a huge donor base.
  19. Maybe you can give us some more rumor and innuendo Tiger King and maybe another post reminding us how you want to cut the football program because we didn't catch it the first 15 times you mentioned it.
  20. There are probably talks for the MAC and the NCAA to loosen many of their rules such as minimum attendance. Also, Akron won't want to leave the MAC because the push is to promote regionalism. Flying a basketball team all over is crazy when there are bus rides to all the MAC schools. I think this Title 9 and the equal sports for men and women is unworkable.
  21. God help us. We should know in the next few weeks. I saw rip off the band aid and move forward.
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