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  1. How many mac conferences are there
  2. How about giving it a try for a month. Encouraging others for a month. See how it goes. If you watch the governor's press conference, he said once counties get back to an acceptable level then no masks are needed. As Clark said, it's not like wearing a ball and chain or a hair shirt. You only have to wear it when you are in a public area where you can't be 6 feet away. We talk so much about our rights not to do this, not to do that. How about our duty to our fellow citizens? It's not about my momentary inconvenience.
  3. that's good to hear. Yeah, I didn't make that up, it was straight from the health dept.
  4. If 80% of us would wear masks for a month, we could easily have sports again and COVID would be stifled.
  5. Baseball Ball Dad is always who I look to during difficult times.
  6. The article is also a sad but true testament to state of our country and all the idiots out there who can't dare be inconvenienced and the politicians who cater to them. If you want your kids in school, if you want your daughter to have a wedding, you want to enjoy football and basketball then take the next month and wear a mask, keep your distance, and don't crowd into bars, restaurants, church services whatever. As the article said, had we done this and stuck with it, we wouldn't be in this mess now. You don't learn anything from the second kick of the mule.
  7. Thet are also missing out on other P5 games.
  8. I think these schools were expecting this. We always have Youngstown State/
  9. I'm only giving an opinion. I have no idea how this will play out. But Ball State, CMU, and BG each had two Big Ten games. There's like $4mill off the table.
  10. They aren't going to take the team down to South Carolina in this situation. I think a conference only season is the best route to go if they can make it happen. The states in the MAC have things somewhat more under control.
  11. If we in this community, state, and country all want to see college sports again before Fall 2021, we need to wear a mask, wash our hands, and not gather in crowded bars and restaurants, etc. It's really simple. The oppositional defiance from the absolutely ignorant amongst us is ruining life for all of us including these athletes (who also bear the burden as well of watching out for themselves and their teammates).
  12. THINGS ARE TOUGH ALL OVER. (although some of these "sports" are clearly superfluous) Stanford University, which has one of the largest Division I sports programs in the country, is cutting 11 of its varsity sports after the 2020-21 season, citing a financial deficit that became significantly more problematic due to the coronavirus pandemic. "Stanford will discontinue 11 of our varsity sports programs at the conclusion of the 2020-21 academic year: men’s and women’s fencing, field hockey, lightweight rowing, men’s rowing, co-ed and women’s sailing, squash, synchronized swimming, men’s volleyball and wrestling," the university said in a statement, describing the decision as "heartbreaking." Stanford currently has 36 Division I varsity sports, double the national average. The institution explained that the size of its athletics program had created a financial strain in recent years.
  13. Who's to say i haven't done that? Actually, during some tense moments when the Zips are down by 7 or 8 early in the second half I often remove myself to the bleachers.
  14. DeWine is allowing contact sports under certain guidelines. It's going to be up to the athletes to look out for themselves, each other, and their families.
  15. Yes. Police Unions have the same problem (and I don't mean politically or to take a side in the police situations), but they also are at times so blinded by loyalty and the desire to not ever give ground that they stay stupid things and hurt those whom they serve. However, the union members see someone fighting for them and often miss the nuance especially when it comes to their jobs, salaries, or benefits.
  16. No limousines in Akron. This isnt about liberal v conservative. Union leaders are elected to see only one side and that's the union side and to oppose anything that hurts or takes something away from the union members. But 100% agree that the athletes are students as well and her attitude is condescending towards them. However, she's doing what is her job and that's to fight for her members. Its high stakes negotiations.
  17. https://www.beaconjournal.com/sports/20200705/university-of-akron-football-zips-players-coaches-taking-covid-19-precautions They are giving it the old college try. A for Effort.
  18. These guys can't catch a break. Some are probably living with parents and can't risk it. He'll even if they got a job in Europe they couldn't go.
  19. considering, that Columbus and Franklin County is the hottest of the COVID hot spots this isn't surprising.
  20. yes, it's all over the Beacon and the union president is painting athletics as the evil that must be destroyed. Because the Director of Family Studies is an expert in such matters. She has a position paper that will demonstrate how much $$ the U will save by moving to Division 2.
  21. And we can all wear paper bags over our heads (dual purpose)
  22. i think this is the perfect year for the Zips to catch everyone off guard and win the whole thing!
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