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  1. There's a management system at work and one of the questions it asks at sign on is "Your high school's mascot" The computer powers off if someone types in "Magic."
  2. Uhh...there is a fierce urgency of NOW. We need players to be "impactful" immediately.
  3. Needed this intensity like at the beginning of the game
  4. Those 3s will start falling. Some guys must have the green light.
  5. Just no chemistry with these guys. Always like Tribble.
  6. Like an early round NIU/EMU game. What happened to the 7 footer guy?
  7. Progress. Zips didn't finish last in the East and finished ahead of NIU as well
  8. The Zips made it to all 6 games. That's impressive and showed some discipline. Miami and Ohio got only 3 games in. Basketball team seems pretty good.
  9. i thought the Zips had a good defensive series there. sucks.
  10. This could be the Zips first win against a ranked team in football?
  11. back to back 3s from Dawson. He has a beautiful shot. I hope this year he will start knocking them down
  12. Steve French drove me nuts unless it was the post game show after a win.
  13. This is the women's team announcer. the Varsity team is in Buffalo with the football team. So try listening to women's basketball with this guy.
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