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  1. I bet they are going to conference only and moving games to Mid-September first of October.
  2. Dude. Stop trolling me already. You are tiresome. time to block you.
  3. you may want to email the A. D. with that idea.
  4. Lacrosse, like baseball, in non scholarship. The MAC is a good alliance for all the member schools. As a conference, they will need to decide where to go with football. Akron can't just go off on its own and hope to survive. I like the #s above from KReed. There is room to downsize. Also, I think the crisis escalated the restructuring of academics that was long planned. That can be handled in-house if you will. Athletics is going to take some time. and the crisis isn't a good time to make a decision that they will really regret down the road.
  5. What's your point? Do you want credit for "knowing" someone close to the board and obtaining "intel" from him or her and "leaking" that information on to a message board? Does this make you feel important?
  6. Division I schools: Offer at least 14 sports: seven for men and seven for women, or six for men and eight for women. Offer at least two team sports for men and two for women. Can guarantee an audience of a specific size for football and basketball. Akron has 19.
  7. hopefully this will be better for the students, improve the graduation rate, and increase the prestige of an Akron degree. I have a buddy whose son is applying to the Williams Honors College. Akron is doing some nice marketing for new students. Go on youtube there are dorm tours, etc.
  8. I think so at least for this year. But get the world moving again...and will get back to some normality.
  9. There's certainly going to be some pain and sad news, but this is decent news for now.
  10. https://www.beaconjournal.com/news/20200507/university-of-akron-president-expects-to-reopen-campus-in-fall-continue-with-division-i-athletics not much with details but promising. Division 1 so assume football remains. And get kids back on campus!!
  11. Now that is settled. We solve the coaching crisis and the "fat forward" crisis. What's next on the agenda?
  12. That is useful information. Thank you for sharing that regarding the scholarships. As for what the university is "planning" or "thinking" of doing, I will wait until there is official word. I don't want to be someone calling for elimination of programs just for the sake of "I told you so."
  13. That's a really good point. Never thought of it that way.
  14. I will wait for the announcement from the president and athletic director and go from there. What's good for you is that football will still be around at Akron, and you will have something to rail against for the next few years.
  15. Anything else? Akron baseball and lacrosse are non-scholarship sports. Lacrosse doesn't drain anything from Akron.
  16. Exactly. I will wait for @akronzips71 to "weigh" in on this before I decide if this guy is worth it
  17. Who are you accusing of "fat shaming?"😖
  18. Groce and Fulford must be playing 3 dimensional chess because I don't see how he fits with the program
  19. https://www.10tv.com/article/motorcade-rally-drives-through-athens-protest-ohio-university-cuts-2020-may Protesting cuts in the Animal Husbandry program.
  20. That kid needs some serious conditioning. Seems like an odd choice for the System.
  21. First: They have a director of entertainment
  22. FYI. It's "couldn't care less" not "could care less". Think about it.
  23. Shove it, Dre. 😂 https://www.wjhl.com/sports/college-sports-2/etsu-bucs/source-etsu-to-hire-jason-shay-as-next-mens-basketball-head-coach/ BTW. that was simply an ugly rumor someone floated on the internet to ... maybe interfere with recruiting?
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