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  1. I'm sure your family appreciates that attitude. Utter hogwash.
  2. It's usually the week before up to a couple days before the first game.
  3. Thank you. These posts are HELPFUL! Anyone i talk to who is familiar with college football and doesn't have an emotional attachment to the Zips says..."give him time." "too soon to tell." "takes few years to build up his program." "and no way should he burn the redshirt on Gibson this season." of course, that is of little solace when times are this tough. Gibson really intrigues me because since Charlie Frye I can't name an Akron QB who actually stayed the course and made the difference all season long and not in just a game here and there. My buddy at work whose son who is currently on a MAC football team said QB is the most important job in all of team sports. If Gibson is the real deal and Arth got him here, that will be what grows the program.
  4. I think they will be more "mentally" talented. There were a few emotional drains on the team the last couple years. Groce has the players HE can connect with and work with now.
  5. If you scroll down one tab on "content" you can create a poll like we do for each football game
  6. Williams, Riak, Jackson, Cheese, absolutely as the starters then either Reece or Ali. Sayles coming off the bench for Riak. I see Banks coming off the bench as well as Roscoe.
  7. I think he gets to play 4 games without burning the redshirt. The ONLY thing that is keeping me sane at this moment about Akron football is Gibson's performance and that he was Arth's recruit. I would like to see him out there against Kent.
  8. A new president begins on Tuesday. He was in the locker room before the Troy game so he is definitely interested in what's happening with the sports teams. This now all falls on his shoulders to stay the course or get rid of whatever is holding up the progress. At this point, it's fruitless using logic on here because some of the reactions to logice are purely emotional. If I say, Groce needed a few years to rebuild the basketball team, the first reaction is "Williams ran Dambrot out." Arth loses the first 5 games, and it's Terry Bowden (4-7 and an overall losing record) was the savior of Akron football and wasn't 'mediocre'. And Embick was a soccer god until this fluke of a season and that's the A.D.s fault for some reason. And I will make the requisite Arth/ICoach comparison. ICoach get a late TD against an awful CMU at home. Down by 1. He goes for 2 instead of sending it into overtime and of course they blow it. Arth has Gibson in, and he is smoking it. Momentum is on Zips side. Instead of going for the onside kick and getting a quick TD with 5 minutes left, he trusts the awful defense to stop them.
  9. I think he had an injury in the last game, and on the other side if he isn't working and connecting it's time to switch things up.
  10. seriously, what is the point of all this negativity you bring to this board? No one here makes any hiring decisions. You and a few others have made your points ad nauseam.
  11. Having been on around Frenchy on a basketball trip, I can tell you he gets irritated quite easily. Gibson was #1 QB from Georgia. Looks like Arth had him for UTC, and he then signed with Akron. I wonder if he will start against Kent. I'm not a Kato fan, so if Gibson is the real deal I look forward to him starting next season over Kato.
  12. Obviously, this is making you happy. As if anyone on here can do anything about it.
  13. For a fleeting moment, I thought this was going to be a blowout.
  14. Didn't Julian Hicks get the DQ Las week?
  15. you know if it were 15 degrees and snowing, this game would have the makings of an instant classic.
  16. Missing curfew. First year coach. Have to make a statement as to who his boss. I suspect the same growing pains with the Zips.
  17. Or it may be a weather problem. Or it may be a girlfriend problem. Or an overbearing parent problem.
  18. I say if you are going to be last be last. Don't be second to last
  19. Malone game is right around the corner. With basketball, there is always hope. Groce seems more relaxed this year. He's got his own players. Hopefully, the soccer team wins before.the basketball team does.
  20. I stayed at that one until the final bungled PAT. Kent will want revenge for that one.
  21. Thank you. Change is hard and transitioning to a new coach and system is harder for everyone. Like I do with the basketball team, I look around the MAC and see what's going on with the other schools and how they are improving after hitting rock bottom. The reasonable approach is to look at what's going on at Eastern Michigan and Buffalo and also at Kent, although with Kent it's still too early. At EMU and Buffalo, those coaches had a rocky start over the first two seasons and then things got a lot better. Leipold at Buffalo was a DIII coach at Whitewater and has done a great job at Buffalo. Creighton at EMU was at Wabash and Drake and had rough couple years at EMU before turning around that program. Kent almost reached the Orange Bowl then a bad coach crashed the program. The word on the ground is that the new coach is making things happen after an awful first season in Ravenna. Just going to take time. However, until Arth begins winning this board will be held hostage by the trolls. They need a place to vent as well.
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