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  1. 1. Zips beating Kant in overtime to win the MAC tournament and then not knowing a fight broke out until I came home from the Q and watched the replay of the game. 2. After Carlos Medlock drained the 3 for EMU, Steve McNees drove the floor and swished a three falling backwards to tie the game. I watched the end game on STO and was stunned. 3. Waiting to leave for a co-workers going away party until the the Akron/Miami triple (or was it double) OT MAC Tourney game was over. I never made it. If I recall, almost our entire first string had fouled out.
  2. I thought it was a fun game. Nice seeing Noah score eleven straight points. Poke is a really good free throw shooter. Dunn-Martin seems like one of those little MAC players (usually on another team) who could start lighting up the three point line late in the game. But it is hard to get the crowd into a game like that when you expect to win by 40. I wonder if our new president, a basketball fan, could order the pep band or just part of the pep band to stay around on Winter break so we don't need a member of the AV squad playing the national anthem and fight song by putting a tape recording of it up to a microphone. The cheerleaders and dance team stick around, but I assume that is because they are part of the athletic department.
  3. And we will continue to tell ourselves that it's better to have the same coach year after year rather than having one amazing season and then losing the coach. To paraphrase a line from a chick movie, "Would you rather have 30 minutes of wonderful or a lifetime of nothing special?"
  4. Heading up. Go Zips. Let's punch our ticket to...Des Moines??
  5. All respect to our friends at Bobcat Attack, Kittens fell into that #2 seed. And they play Simmons 40 minutes and Campbell close to the same. Campbell was walking down the floor. SUNY Canada isn't as depleted as when they played us a few weeks ago. So it will be tough but the Zips got this one.
  6. P-S !!! And SUNY Canada has lousy cheerleaders.
  7. Geez..GoZips...you had me right up until the bitter end of that post with the declaration that the Zips will lose.
  8. The Bulls don't have Noah. They don't have Jake. They don't have Reggie. And they don't have Big Dog. ( I know I left out a few). Yeah, SUNY Canada looked good last night but Ohio was on fumes. Big Dog played only 25 minutes. And Jimond and Aaron are fresh. We got this one!
  9. Canada looked tough tonight. Ohio looked tough last night. Akron plodding along. Will be an all out assault on Big Dog.
  10. I think this will be their third like us.
  11. I just want a close game between these two. This is going at a much faster pace than our game.
  12. BG hit the wall after their last run. Well-played. Did Reggie goal tend that dunk?
  13. An All-East division final four. Parity? Someone wrote that we are 6-0 against the remaining teams. Ohio beat Buffalo twice. BG beat Ohio twice. Buffalo beat BG twice Akron beat all of them twice. What that means? I have no idea.
  14. Thinking about it...considering they beat OU twice they probably aren't much of a Cinderella... In our little world of the MAC.
  15. All positive energy today!! We will win. Losing to BG is not an option. Time for the clock to strike midnight on this Cinderella.
  16. Times must be tough at Miami of Ohio. The sweaters didn't bring a band or cheerleaders or my eyes deceive me.
  17. On that same note, unintelligible, negative article from Livingston posted in the PD.
  18. Kittens are hit from 3 and Northern flat and missing everything
  19. Was easy to get negative during that game. The announcers said that BG or CMU was going to need to really step it up to beat Akron and that our game was like a Championship game. The draw did fall to our favor. Free throws killed Central.
  20. When I walk out.. They come back. Haven't used this trick in awhile. Only when truly desperate. It's a gift. O have to use it wisely.
  21. This looks like the Green Bay and the Toledo game. Just nothing working.
  22. #69...Monmouth #86. But Valpo in 40s.
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