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  1. Thanks refs for sapping our momentum
  2. Not liking the look of this officiating crew.
  3. That overwhelming feeling of dread is washing over me yet again.
  4. Ugh. Sort of true. But this does give us something to do in between games.
  5. UAZippers: the elevating the Miami freshmen over ours is because: Some on here are always looking for new passive/aggressive ways to diss the coaching staff and the team this season. In this discussion, its that the current staff just isn't getting enough out of our freshmen unlike Miami apparently is or a former coach did. The fact is that you can't quantify what even a Dean Smith or John Wooden would be able to do with this team with these injuries.
  6. I don't think our team is targeted by the officials. But I like what you said about the Ball State game. If you look at the link above, you will see that the refs bailed out Ball State last year in a double OT game as well. Going back to the BG game, we came up with the big play after all those bad, touchy fouls. Then when BG had it at the end and everyone was flailing around the refs swallowed their whistles. Then Malcolm gets the bad call at Ball State at the end. It's the inconsistency that is frustrating.
  7. Last night I posted a link to the Buffalo Bull Run blog. They were also all over the refs in their loss. Are we both sore losers looking for an excuse or are the refs making a difference in outcomes? I thought the Ohio U game was called fairly but then again...we won. We also won against Bowling Green but the officiating there was atrocious. I respect our ESPN announcer Jackie Winding (sp). If I watch the replay after the game, I look for the bad calls and get her take on it. In the BG game, she was about 50/50 on the refs. Also, if you read up on these guys and their working conditions and the amount they are paid it's amazing we get any competency from them. I think the below sequence tells us all we need to know. I just hate Ball State. https://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2016/1/23/10819806/ball-state-eastern-michigan-refs-buzzer-beater
  8. Go ahead remind us. I don't even recall his freshman year. I do remember that his class never got to an NCAA tournament
  9. I previously saw plans for the renovated JAR. Then last week I was in a discussion with someone in the development department and brought up those plans. That person quickly moved on to something else which I thought was odd at the time. Really doubt it has anything to do with the coaching change. We exchanged one good coach for another, and I don't think that's how multi-million dollar donors think. When you give enough money that allows you to name an arena or building, you probably figure there will be a few coaching changes over the next 100 years.
  10. https://www.ubbullrun.com/2018/1/30/16950206/gamethread-for-buffalo-bulls-at-kent-state-golden-flashes And apparently there was also awful officiating in Ravenna tonight. Gotta love the MAC. We are all stuck with it.
  11. Way to lay an egg Canada!! There go your at-large dreams. Been there. Done that. I keep going back to seeing Sayles lying on the floor and thinking what if... Rough 4 days for the guys. Looking forward to Saturday. This is the end of January. To new beginnings in February.
  12. Good news is that Toledo is obviously beatable based on tonight. Onward to Cleveland with a stop maybe in Ypsilanti.
  13. I mean what's a coach to do when his starters are 6 of 26 from 3 and he is on his 3rd string center.
  14. Put a fork in the game...not the Coach!
  15. Put a fork in it. See you at Noon on Saturday. Thank you MAC for this horrific schedule.
  16. I think it's all for the books at this point. Canada is going to blow thru the regular season and the tourney and be back in full force next year. Ohio losing by 20 at BG. Still hoping for a first round home game.
  17. Getting difficult to stay positive. Coach can't make the ball go thru the net. This was likely outcome after Ball State epic. Disappointing that Miami who seemed to have lost more is doing better than we are. Of course, maybe they aren't riddled with injuries.
  18. Down to the final 8 and ValpoZip who said none of the above. At the time I created the poll, I did think that was a likely outcome. And as it's going tonight...
  19. Easier just to follow score on ESPN . And that score is minutes ahead of the feed. This is just too nerve-racking. ATT UVerse always works for me.
  20. I always have this overwhelming feeling of dread wash over me when the Zips travel to Oxford. It's no different today as I struggle to concentrate on work while knowing the Zips really, really need this win tonight.
  21. Yeah. I figured with classes that was going to be the situation but seems like just a brutal week for those guys. Then early game Saturday.
  22. Slightly more on topic, I wonder if the team traveled directly to Oxford on Sunday which is only 90 miles from Muncie instead of hauling back to Akron for a day and then loading up the bus again and taking another long bus trip. (the things that I worry about ?!?!?)
  23. Off Topic:. Just received a call from Sendy reminding me about the Ravenna game tomorrow at home with Canada.
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