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  1. Looking for BG to pull upset Monday night at Kent.
  2. Didn't Singletary slug Nate L in the gut and get ejected? He has to be the worst of the worst
  3. I agree with you on Central and Toledo. But if we are going to win a game or two in the NCAA instead of just showing up we have to beat teams that we don't match up with. And I would fear NIU more for some reason.
  4. There was a point during Akron's last run when one of our guys (maybe Josh) made a three and Hall literally stomped his feet and whined instead of getting back down the floor. Put Jimmy Hall and James Thompson IV on the All Mac punk team.
  5. Just an amazing regular season. Yeah we all melted down after the Miami loss. But apart from injuries, no technical fouls on players that I remember and no suspensions. Sold out crowd, national TV, and a solid win.
  6. Looks like CMU got the best draw for their quarterfinal. Would love to get winner ok Kent/BG game. Not sure OU got that lucky either.
  7. So we can have another classic EMU v Akron game in the quarters. Ugh.
  8. I don't see a letdown from the team in this game. I think it may start off a bit rough for them with all the excitement and it being senior night. (as if i'm a sports shrink). but the pressure is on Cant. I dont forsee them suddenly going cold at home.
  9. Yes. Home base is the Corner Alley. As was told to me from athletic Dept.
  10. Glad someone got use out of the tourney simulator I stole from the Bobcat blog. I told someone yesterday the big game for us on Friday other than our own is NIU/Ball State. That game seems to have most effect on seedings. Seems like the basketball gods are saying "not so fast" to the Cardinals, so the Huskies will take that one on that crazy black wood floor.
  11. Setty had Reggie's shirt in his hand most of the night. A lot of "they won't shoot like that again" "we will get them at the Q" over at BobcatAttack. That Noon game makes sense if they are thinking about giving #1 seed some advantage with rest. I know we had a 2:30 game with Miami a few years back that went into double overtime or something like that.
  12. That Noon game is stupid. Your biggest crowd is from Akron. Had to think they would have the #1 seed. Have to think they could still change that. I can get there for the game but what kind of crowd will you get.
  13. I always liked the JAR because we are so close to the floor, and I think it has to be claustrophobic to the opposing teams. Some surprises around the MAC tonight. Dont get Toledo.. Looks like we would have Buffalo in our pod. http://www.playoffsimulator.com/ncaambb/mac/
  14. Absolutely. Ohio has the bragging rights until another team steps up and repeats what they did. Did read a column recently on John Groce and his problems at Illinois. The opinion-maker said that the MAC was a "putrid" conference and while Groce had success in the tourney he really didn't perform during the season. One could say he turned 3 wins into millions of dollars...for himself. Akron fans more than any others in the conference are waiting impatiently. That's why those three late MAC losses really burned. Becuase while the at large was not in the cards a lower seed was. Thats where those losses will hurt. But tonight...the Zips got this one.
  15. That's the standard 12 team single elimination bracket. Didnt Cant have the #1 seed and get burned a couple of times. The idea is that #1 isn't playing the #5 team. But with the MAC this year...unless you are getting WMU or BG in the second round. its pretty open
  16. I'd like to seeToledo on other side of bracket.
  17. http://www.playoffsimulator.com/ncaambb/mac/ For any MAC Tourney geeks this is fun. Looks like no matter what we will likely be seeing the Huskies again. If we are (and we will be) we would play at Noon on Thursday, March 10. Wonder if that would change if it's Akron.
  18. Whatever the case looking for a big game from Josh Williams
  19. Does the fact he didn't practice mean he's not playing? I'm confident in a win with or without Pat.
  20. I guess we want the Kittens to beat Buffalo??
  21. Senderoff just ejected at Millet Hall
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