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  1. 2018- 2019 Season Post-mortem

    I'm also team Riak and I actually think he showed more offensive potential than most of the pure fives we've had over the years. Besides the things already said: Negatives: -Shot selection. I've never seen a Zip team pass up so many good looks. LCJ is especially guilty of this. They overthink things. -General quality of play consistency. I'd say this is a continual problem for the Zips. but probably everybody feels their team is inconsistent. Inconsistencies are magnified when you watch all of a team's games. Positives: -Sticking with elite teams like Nevada and (today excepted obviously) Buffalo. Dambrot's teams could never really manage this. Yeah, we didn't finish them off, but keeping it close counts for something. -A couple of wonderfully complete games. Against local and conference foes, whenever Dambrot's teams pulled out to a big lead, you just NEWWWWWWW they would give up a big run and make it close again. But that didn't happen against Youngstown State or the first round game against Miami. We seem to have scratched the surface at least on the kind of mentality that can put teams away.
  2. This ESPN+ crap has to stop

    I don't know what to tell you if you think $4.99 a month for Zips games and hundreds of other sporting events (including Zips soccer, volleyball, women's BB, and who knows what else) is an outrage worth boycotting over.
  3. 2017-2018

    If you're in the camp that believes that Akron can force high majors or elite mid-majors to schedule Akron, and if they don't they're just not trying hard enough, OR you're sick of creampuff HBCs, you might want to look away for this one (December 16th): http://mvsusports.com/schedule.aspx?path=mbball Also on the @D1Docket's spreadsheet.
  4. Zips @ Miami

    Does anyone know what that "Love + Honor" map is on the Miami floor? It doesn't appear to be Oxford or Butler County.
  5. Game 1: Zips @ Youngstown State - 11/12

    Shooting pretty well so far...
  6. Game 8—@Ball State Cardinals

    Great replay just showing Woodson.
  7. Game 8—@Ball State Cardinals

    Ugh. There are blown assignments, and then there was that.
  8. Game 8—@Ball State Cardinals

    He was down by like, a lot. I don't see how the announcers could even claim it was a close call. So therefore, it wasn't a "break" as the announcers also just said. Gawd, these announcers.
  9. Game 1—Oklahoma

    Link works for me: http://zunox.hk/zxtv93.html
  10. Where to Next?

    Akron @ IPFW Wednesday. http://gozips.com/sports/mbkb/2013-14/releases/201403161wvkq1
  11. Where to Next?

    Would anyone here, if they had their druthers, turn down a CIT/CBI bid? I'm wondering if, if what TSPjugglerdude says is true, it would be better if they fostered an all-or-nothing, NCAA-or-bust attitude in regards to postseason tournaments.
  12. Simple Poll: Where Do You Stand on Abreu?

    Put me in the camp of, "I want the best for Alex, hope he turns his life around (if he hasn't already), the people bashing him from their high horse in this thread are loathesome, and I do not want him back on this team." Framing this as "Does he or does he not deserve a second chance at Akron?" misses a third option: Abreu getting a chance at another school. Just looking at struggling low-majors in the Midwest, I'm sure he could be a big upgrade (disclaimer: I don't know these teams' point guard situations) at IUPUI, UIC, or Western Illinois, for example. It would give him a fresh start and the school would not have a baggage-laden past with him. That's what I hope happens, and if it does I will be rooting for him and his team.
  13. Where to Next?

    That tweet was from 2010 when we played them. Not sure akronzips71 is pranking or didn't notice. As regular season conference champ, UWGB is automatically in the NIT.
  14. Looks like the CBI on Wednesday

    Very funny. (Look at the date if you don't get it)
  15. Detroit Titans

    Where's Steve French?