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  1. Akron absolutely needs to win today. We cannot go winless again in another season. Recruiting this year seems awfully bad. It’s already the worst in D1 football right now. Looking at some of the guys we have offered Akron is their only D1 offer. Another winless season will make the offseason that much harder. Imagine convincing Highschool kids to come here and we have the longest winless streak in D1 football by a lot. Let’s be honest who wouldn’t consider taking a D1 AA scholarship over Akron right now. There are plenty of AA schools that have produced more NFL talent than Akron has over the years. Also you’d enjoy winning some games. I’m also sick of hearing how much experience our young guys are gaining this year without losing a year of eligibility. Well guess what, every other team is doing the same damn thing and they’re already better than us. Also not to mention the transfers we will potentially lose this off-season. Sorry to sound bitter it’s just the truth. This is a must win for some sort of momentum with this program going into next year and it still isn’t enough.
  2. Can’t find much info on him and surprised to see another commit in this class, especially at guard.
  3. There hasn’t been much recent info on what rotations will look like or what we have in a few players i.e. Tre Edwards, Jermaine Marshall and even Freeman for that matter (I included him because he makes a nice pick n roll play at the end of this clip). Also I haven’t heard much about Bandaogo. We’re very thin on bigs and will we need him in case of injuries or if we play teams like Toledo and Kent who have some legit Centers? What are the expected lineups and rotations? My projections: G - Jackson G - Trimble F - Dailey F - Currie F - Reece Bench (in order) - Tribble, Ali, Dawson and Marshall.
  4. This is a huge recruiting class! On paper this is our best overall recruiting class ever. Outside of Zeke we will now have our 4 highest rated recruited players in Zips history all on the same team. Tribble, Clarke, Nate Johnson and Kalle. Also don’t sleep on Kobe Mitchell his HS is small and in the middle of nowhere Ohio which doesn't get much attention. He could very easily be rated a 3 star recruit before the year is over. Obviously stars are stars and play on the court in college is what matters but this is an extremely exciting time to be a Zips Basketball fan. We have a VERY bright future. Now can I talk myself into thinking we could somehow land Chris Livingston in 2022 and wanting to stay in Akron? One can dream.
  5. App State, Furman, Gardner Webb, Presbyterian, Wofford.
  6. I've heard nothing but good things from Jeremy Pollard but he was the preseason number one GK, lost his job due to other reasons and not performance. I've heard he was the best goalie on the team but academics were holding him back from seeing the field. Once he got his grades up coaches didn't go back to him. Sucks to lose him and wish things would have worked out. However like most of you said above, only one GK can see the field. With his skills he can't be riding the bench he didn't come all the way to Akron from Australia with offers from places like Clemson and UCLA to ride the pine. Best wishes to him and I hope he does great things.
  7. Don't know if this necessarily belongs in this thread. However rumors are out Freshman GK Jeremy Pollard is transferring. Nothing official but Grand Canyon seems to be the school he is going to be headed to.
  8. Ok, I have been a viewer of this page now for 2 years without having an account. However I feel the need to chip in. I was at the game and watched the coaching staff stick with Chapman for far to long. I know its hard to pull him from him from the QB when he''s won the past two games, however both those teams are probably some of the the worst teams in the country. Chapman is not a QB he is absolutely terrible at reading coverage, knowing when to throw the ball away, honestly I could go on about it for a long time but he literally just isn't good by all means. He is a bad QB but he isn't a bad football player and he's a good athlete and needs to switch positions. Hoyer can not be any worse than Chapman is. I do not understand why the coaches aren't using his athleticism elsewhere. He should be our H-back type of player. Get him open in space and let him run, he's tough and has good speed and size. I'd love to see him lineup in the backfield some plays then out in the slots against a linebacker, heck we are going to be dry at RB next year why not try him out there, it's not like it would be much different than what he does now, except he has a better opportunity of getting more yards because they won't expect a QB run every freaking play! Coaches need to be honest with him and he has to understand QB isn't his position. His best bet at having a successful senior year next year it's at a new position. (Sorry if there's bad grammar I am typing this on my phone)
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