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  1. My only bitch about this whole mask thing is "they", our betters and elites, have been changing the goal posts so often from the start of this crapshow, and they give you no end game. How f-ing long do we have to wear the masks, when are we allowed to show our ugly faces. They don't say. I'm sure if pressed, "they" will say "until we have a vaccine, r some other BS. Truth is, there has never been a vaccine ever in the world created and approved in less than 4 years. Remember AIDS? Remember Ebola? Vaccines still never available. Conceivably, the mask edict from the governor comes off when our county moves back to a non-red status, but by then the zero-case bureaucrats will have already enacted local mask rules. And tell me how many of the mask owners are regularly cleaning them, keeping them up the way masks are supposed to be maintained? Jut tell me when the plan is to get us out of our face diapers, please. Crickets.....
  2. Great read from a female student athlete here: https://amgreatness.com/2020/07/09/a-spike-in-cases-or-a-spike-in-the-heel/
  3. Tell me what universities will not accept transfer credits from Akron, please. Also, what degree paths they will not accept credits from. And while at it, please post the majors of your friends that were cut by U of A. This statement seems disingenuous. Please provide facts.
  4. Maybe btsohio could learn that it's CROSS country not across country.....did they go to Can't State to get their journalism diplomas???
  5. From Clay Travis at Outkick.com: https://outkick.com/media-ignores-90-coronavirus-death-collapse-in-country/ I've already been contracted to work HS soccer matches - boys and girls, by a local HS....fingers crossed.
  6. Was the MAC with SIU-E that much less a cupcake league?
  7. Almost as embarrassing as not having a usable outdoor track for a track team that sent 9 athletes to the NCAA D1 outdoor championships a year ago?
  8. I had Tyson at several HS track meets during his career. Long Jump and High Jump mainly. Great leg strength, a little short for High Jump but excelled. Also, Tyson is younger brother of Martel Durant, who was a 4-time all-MAC high jumper, and played football for the Zips.
  9. Thanks for digging this one out Cap'n....
  10. Try 3 times as many, or close to it. It always amazed me when you look at D1 NCAA football how many double numbers team rosters have. IMHO, 99 or 100 numbers are plenty! Why does a team need to have 6 QBs on their roster, and why does that #6 QB stay at a school he is never going to play a game for? Just one example. Carrying that man kids, even if not on scholarship, costs a helluva lot, just in uniform and equipment costs....
  11. The thing about men's cross country....these are all distance runners who also run on the track team, both indoors and outdoors. There isn't a XC runner who isn't on the Track roster. So it's not like they're going to leave, nor not have a team. A lot of MAC schools and even Big10 schools have no school XC team, but still run in meets as Club teams, just don't compete in conference tourneys or meets. Penn State has both a varsity team and a club squad, so does WVU, and Pitt. I assume they pay their own expenses or get donations to cover costs.
  12. Kreed, I've posted regarding Cross country several times in the Other Sports Topic in the last three years, including us hosting the All-Ohio Intercollegiate in 2019. ZipRulz has as well...just sayin'
  13. Spin, not arguing the fact, but just thought NW was a little optimistic about "doing well"....I was at the home games, I enjoyed them, I liked the kids, and I said so in my post...read the whole thing please.
  14. Luv ya NW, but disagree. 1 win.....not that it was expected to be a breakout first year, but they weren't any great shakes. Once again, they were doing things right and progressing but doing badly.
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