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  1. No we are not....why can’t you get it through your head that just because we wanted to see a coaching regime that had given up on the season, the team, the school, and the few hundred left that attend games...that we are defenders or fans of the current staff. Mutually exclusive....look it up.
  2. as Cykron likes to use small fonts - it's his nephew, the back-up QB at Buffalo, from Stow.....
  3. Echo bigzipguy.....our thoughts are going your way.... PS - is the news good for the Zips?
  4. Fearless forecast - Buffalo's punter will only get one shot at a punt, and he'll pull a trick play pass for a TD....
  5. So, back on October 6th I asked the question "I don't know the answer to this, and I'm too lazy to check it out, but how many of the 130 NCAA D1 schools have kids on their current roster hailing from say, I-70 as the southern border and Sandusky as the western border, as an indication of how the rest of the nation views NEOhio high school football talent?" It's a rainy day and I was bored so I did a little research. Instead of looking at the whole 130 D1 schools (I'm not that bored!) I looked at the current rosters of all the MAC Schools, all the Big 10 schools, and threw in Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Marshall and West Virginia too. I went from the PA border to Elyria, and from Lake Erie to Canfield. Now this is just based on being on the roster, not if they are starting, getting any PT, riding the bench, practice squad fodder, whatever. I do have to say, we sure have a helluva lot of long snappers and punters/kickers on this list from NEO! Here's what we have - The MAC has 110 players from the area selected. Akron leads by far with 37, and that's after taking Burkhart off the list. Here's the list: Akron - 37 Kent State - 21 Toledo - 17 Ohio - 14 Bowling Green -7 Miami - 6 Buffalo - 5 EMU - 3 Ball State - 2 NIU, CMU, WMU have none on their roster The Big 10 (or 14) have a total of 50 players from the area selected. Here's how they stack up: Ohio State - 17 Michigan State - 11 Michigan - 7 Northwestern - 5 Penn State, Purdue and Minnesota each have 2 Rutgers, Indiana, Nebraska, and Wisconsin each have 1. Maryland, Illinois and Iowa do not have any. The "other" schools have 24 players from the area. I was very surprised to see that Cincinnati leads with 16! Notre Dame has 4, Pitt has 3 and WVU has 1. Marshall has none. So the idea of Akron "not recruiting locally" seems to be debunked. Both Terry and Tom have done it. Where did the recruits come from? You'll not be shocked to see that St. Ignasius leads with 13 players, followed by Hoban and St. Ed's with 10 each. Massillon Washington and Mentor each have 9, and I remember Arth addressing the Mentor market as one to go after when he got here. Cleveland Heights, Hudson and St. Vincent-St. Mary each had 6 players on these rosters, followed by Avon, Glenville, Canton McKinley, Padua, Solon and Stow with 4 each. Benedictine, Brush, Copley, Lorain and Strongsville each added 3 to the list. Aurora, Bedford, Brecksville, Coventry, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy, Euclid, Firestone, Warren Harding, Jackson, LaBrae, Medina, Midpark, Nordoonia, North Royalton, Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin, Perry, Springfield, Ursuline, and Westlake each had a pair, and 40 other schools had 1 player each. So, this is what currently populates the rosters of 14 schools from the Big 10 and 12 from the MAC, plus 5 "Bigs" in our area. I guess the three surprises for me were 1) how much we have tried to mine this area and how little we have to show for it during both coaching staffs; 2) the numbers at Michigan State; and 3) the numbers at Cincinnati! I know I might have missed a few players playing farther away, and I'm sure there's enough ammo here to post a lot of "Yeah, but's", so have at it.
  6. They have so much to do in Fargo to keep them from football... Fargo is a city in North Dakota. The Plains Art Museum exhibits regional, contemporary and Native American works in a revamped old warehouse. Modern and vintage airplanes are on display at the Fargo Air Museum, spread over 2 hangars. The nearby Fargodome is an indoor stadium hosting college football games, concerts and theatrical shows. Red River Zoo shelters cold climate species such as red pandas and gray wolves.
  7. Summit Racing Motorsports Park in Norwalk will be offering scholarships to both boys once their playing careers are over, so we can hear "SUNDAY! At Norwalk Raceway!!! Come on out and watch Drag Racing with the Nances!!!!" πŸ˜‚
  8. Checked in this morning with my good friend who is Head Coach of Heights T & F....says Garvin is a great kid with outstanding potential, and he feels their new coach JR Brimmer will develop even more as a player and person under his leadership in the coming year. JR played at St. Bonnie as well as with the Cavs and Warriors, if you recall. Anyway...all thumbs up by an insider....
  9. That is such a blow to a great kid. He had a real shot at a solid track career in D1 but football was his passion....I wish him all the best....and I know we all do.
  10. D1 OHSAA experience is a lot different than NCAA....slap your own dick....especially if you thought anyone cared on the field the last three games of the 2018 season under what you claim were great coaches....and guess what, the coaches on that field cared less than the players did.
  11. Yeah, what a relief, but c'mon be honest....weren't you holding your breath a little those last 15 minutes? πŸ˜‰
  12. Don't have to run the table to host, just have the best MAC record after the 5 matches. 4-1 would probably host as well. It's who wins the regular season title that hosts...
  13. Well, this is what counts, from here on out. The Mighty MAC. It starts Saturday at FES against what appears to be a very good Bowling Green Falcons team that will ride in at 7-3-1. After a 1-1 double overtime draw with Duquesne in Pittsburgh, they rattled off 3 wins in a row, most notably back-to-back clean sheet winners over Big 10 opponents, Wisconsin and Northwestern. They finished their Big 10 matches with a 2-1 loss to the Buckeyes. they've won their last 3 matches...over Canisius, Detroit Mercy and IUPUI. Lots of people talking about our upcoming match vs. Michigan State. Hey, guess what? They are having a disastrous season as well. That match for the Zips DOESN'T MATTER! The Cleveland State match - DOESN'T MATTER! What matters now, if anyone still cares, is this Friday vs. BGSU. Last year's match at BG ended in a double OT nil-nil draw in horrendous conditions. We win Saturday night - we're 1/5th of the way to a MAC Championship and another berth in the NCAAs. We have 3 of the 5 MAC matches at home, and that used to mean something. We have to make it mean something again. After Saturday it's up to Kalamazoo to face the now 6-4 Broncos who have become our biggest rivalry in the MAC now, due to some questionable physical play on their part n the past. They did beat Xavier last week 1-0. Then a Friday night FES appearance against SIU-Eds. They're 6-3-1 right now, and beat Butler a few weeks ago, and have won their last 4 in a row, all clean sheets. We've got our final match at home when we face a Huskies team that is 5-6-1 currently, and then the home finale vs. the Mountaineers, who are 6-4-1 right now. They knocked off the Suck-eyes (Yay!) 4-1 earlier. Notice all the teams have won at least 5 matches so far? THAT DOESN'T MATTER! We only need to worry about these 5 MAC matches at this point and win at least 4 of them (IMHO), to host the MAC tournament again at FES, and then we'll worry about winning those 2 matches to advance as MAC Champs. Bowling Green this Saturday - Chris Sullivan is their best player with 4 goals and 5 assists, with Copley's Chris Brennan right on his heels with 4 goals and 4 assists. Defender Achille Robin is tough and hasn't missed a single minute of a single match this season. Anthony Mwembia is the Keep, and he only has 1 sheet this season, and looks a little porous at times. Okay Zip fans, this is where it starts, right here (FES) right now (Saturday at 7).
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