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  1. Only reason I was rooting for them was to put a sock in their ears with the Sean Miller wire revelations....suck it power 5s
  2. 2018-2019

    What??????????? Since I'm old and do not tweet, I'm not sure what this is all about....
  3. Kwadarius Smith Feature

    Easily the fastest. Kwads ran 1 indoor meet this season before feeling a twinge, shut down for the remaining season to get ready for some football! But, his time in the 60 dash in that 1 race in January was the 4th best posted all season in the MAC and top 25 in the nation DI.
  4. Game 30—PCCC

    But Gawd, wasn’t that a long-ass game? I swear I could have walked over to Penn Station, ordered a sub and ate it there, (tuna, of course), and walked back to the JAR I would have only missed 8 minutes tops...soooo many fouls....soooo many stoppages. Not complaining about a great win, just, you know?
  5. Game 30—PCCC

    Since when did you ever preface anything with “I’m not trying to be mean...”!!
  6. Hey there Zip_ME87, Are you hearing any scuttlebutt on the Crew Stadium vs. Austin thingy from your contacts with the Trapps? Curious what's happening there....
  7. Wonderful. Very professional. More news and “up close and personal” than we ever get elsewhere. Loved it Cap’n. Thanks.
  8. Game 29—@ Buffalo

    I know I never have, and I've been watching NCAA basketball here and elsewhere for a LONG time!
  9. Chuck Amato Retires

    Watched the video on YouTube last night and wondered what it was all about....I'll miss you Coach, you've doen great things here, if for no other reason than for giving us credibility that you were here, with recruits and their families, and of course the local press...
  10. College Basketball Scandal

    When is anyone going to mention how AAU B-ball has a big hand in this and has been for a long time. The NCAA and HS sports has let them run amok for the past 30 years....
  11. Welcome Back

    Love Jest....absolutely ecstatic for his return.
  12. WOW and wow?

    Well, this past weekend the Zips Swimming and Diving Team won their fifth - FIFTH! - consecutive MAC Championships, setting a record for the most points won in a competition. I was apprehensive when the team lost a dual to Eastern Michigan earlier this season, but WOW did they come through as the season progressed, and this is a bright spot for Akron Athletics, although most of us are focused on Football and Basketball. And there are 8 teams on the MAC womens' championships. Women like Paloma Marrero, Sadie Fazekas, Maddy Myers, Ellie Nebraska, Jackie Pash, Mackenzie Vargas, and oters all contributed greatly. And they really didn't have much fo a diving presence for the first time in a long time, or the total points would have been astronomical. Coach Peresie and Medvedeff should be feted across campus and the press (HAH HAH!) as miracle workers for a program that never finished in the top half ever! And then there was wow? What the heck happened to the track squads this indoor season? The Championships this weekend say the Akron men finish in 3rd out of only 5 teams, behind Eastern Michigan (expected) and Portage Community College (kinda thought it would happen) while the women somehow got enough field points to pull off a runner-up spot. On the women's side, remarkably, only Dara Parry (Champion 60 hurdles), Patty Ortega (5th hurdles), and Haley Hess (8th in 800) actually were on the podium for running events. We didn't even enter a contestant in the 3k or the 5k! And we finished 11th of 12 team sin the 4x4 relay. But Jenna Franz (2nd) and Lucy Brian (3rd) won points in the pole vault, Jackie Siefring won the long jump, Ariadna Ramos Gandia was 3rd in triple jump and Olivia Snyder and Abby Wilson (3rd and 5th) scored in the shot. But....we went 1st-2nd in the Pentathalon with Siefring and Ortega, which is huge. On the guys side, soem good individual results but lack of depth hurt. Taron Slone was a work horse with 2nd in the 60 and 3rd in the 200. Young Freshman Noah Williams was impressive in the 400 where he took 2nd. Garrett Crichlow had a 4th in the mile. Another freshman, Patrick Kimble took 3rd in the 60 hurdles, while Preton Fillman was 6th. The team was 2nd in the 4x4, 3rd in the DMR. Curtis Richardson and Cody Stime went 1-2 in the High Jump, both clearing 7 feet. Matt Ludwig won the PV as expected, but Cole Wigal and Tyler Fraker surprised in a tie for 3rd. Jordan Lattimer won the Long Jump, while Jamir Coleman took 5th, Maurice Harris had a 5th in shot while Phil Jagers was 3rd in the weight throw. But another HUGE was Kamar Majid - a Firestone HS product - won the Heptathalon, surprising the field. So....lots of work to do here for outdoors, and the underclassmen will need to keep improving for next winter.
  13. 2018 Schedule Released

    I'm surprised by the responses so far, figured there'd be more negatives. I can't seem to find any, except that you guys turned skip-zip's smile into a frown. I agree on the "if we've gotta play mid-week Thursday's the best night" front. I just wish we had 6 home games...don't know why it makes a big difference. We can drive to Can't to see the Wagon Wheel game, and the EMU game is only 3 hours away. I was just hoping 6 games might bring a better chance of casual observers coming to game day. Wishful thinking I know....
  14. College Basketball Scandal

    Skip is right, I wish it would happen, but I will not hold my breath, as the NCAA itself is a corrupt organization, IMHO. If you get a chance read "The Cartel" about how the NCAA came into existence and stays in power...they just wish this never was discovered, that's all.
  15. 2018 T & F

    Not much to do on campus as far as sports were concerned last night, but the track and field team hosted Buffalo and Youngstown State at the Zips Invitational with a week to go until MACs. Low keyed affair for the most part, but that gave the underclassmen and "second teamers" a chance to perform against their previous best efforts and it seemed like a dozen or more athletes rang toe cowbell signifying new PRs. Looking at rankings for the top Zips in the MAC this indoor season, I'd be surprised with a better-than-third-place performance for the men as well as the women, with Eastern and Kent probably going 1-2 on both sides. But the Zips are always up for the challenge, and a few surprises would help. Phip Jagers, the #1 discus thrower ever in the MAC was honored last night as the lone Senior from Indoors....but unfortunately there is no Discus indoors for the MAC. But still....GO ZIPS!