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  1. Penn State

    Rightly so...can't tell you how many time you see MSOC at WSOC's games, and not just before/afer training. Also, there's atleast 1 budding romance of a MSOC and a VB...see Balsy, I'm getting usd to the new nomenclature! MSOC, WSOC,VB...
  2. Penn State

    I was surprised PSU played so few players, vs. Spreadig the minutes like Zips. Gainford looks like he's ready now, and E-Z looked dangerous too. Smothering D however. Nice. thanks for the link TennZip...
  3. UA to Renovate the JAR

    And I was just trying to be witty in my post....I have not, nor will I appropriate the trademark Zipsnation, which is really ZipsNation, two caps...for anything going henceforth...don't want to run afoul of the correctness issues...
  4. Penn State

    What about "post season"???????
  5. Women Win!

    See, I was worried about that "Lady" thingy...hence going with the "Women" tag...I know Noreen doesn't want them playing "lady-like" soccer! So I guess my old age is showing, whilst trying to be PC!
  6. UA to Renovate the JAR

    And if you two are buying, I'll stop by and write a personal interest article on you two for our first edition of our ZipsNation Sports Magazine/Webzine!!!
  7. Hopefully we'll be saying that more this year. Today was a good step forward. Exhibition win over Robert Morris in PA. Lots of youngsters on this squad, so who knows, but we'll get a look Friday under the lights and Sunday afternoon. My quess is 5 wins, but possibly 8 optimistically. 4 and 7 MAC record, but if things fall in place 5 and 6 and a berth in MAC tourney. Catie Corrigan, Shea O'Brien and Erica Schrader keys, and newcomers Rylie Howman and keeper Grace Young should be contributors. Still more fun than 5 seasons ago...
  8. UA to Renovate the JAR

    See? I wasn't completely wrong!
  9. 2017 Camp Thread

    I agree about Bickley. He sure seemed exciting as a freshman and then disappeared....
  10. "What could be better than watching a good ol' bitter rivalry ON A TUESDAY NIGHT?" How about watching it on a warm Saturday afternoon in September say at 3 p.m.
  11. UA to Renovate the JAR

    Yeah it was...is. And really it was unheard of back then to have corporate names and naming rights...most of the moolah was state and federal, with company's giving gifts but to the institution to use as seen fit, andnot as blatantly advertisement-oriented as today.
  12. UA to Renovate the JAR

    Thanks for the info skip-zip...
  13. UA to Renovate the JAR

    The REAL tragedy of naming the facility the Jame A. Rhodes arena was that the U had to work some superfluous areas of the arena into a set footprint for the building, to "honor" Rhodes, and that extra space/extra expenditure reduced what should have been a better arena into a mediocre one, right from the start. Less seats, the indoor track, the use of bleachers upstairs....all because we needed more square footage for a lounge, offices, and lots of lobby that could have been placed elsewhere and alllowed a bettwe seating bowl, up and down.
  14. 2017 Zips soccer recruiting

    No disrespect nor an ethnic slur, but this name must be like our "John Smith"s
  15. 2017 Zips soccer recruiting

    Woah....I got really confused when I read this. I know Joao Moutinho to be a Portugese footballer that plays for their national team and for AC Monaco in Lige 1. This cannot be the same guy, that guy is like 31 years old. I actually "owned" Joao Moutinho on my team on EASports FIFA15. Different player, right?