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  1. Game 6—@Buffalo Bulls

    I agree Lee...but to say this D is “very good”....nah.
  2. Game 7—@Kent State Golden Flashes

    Yesterday’s news Doc, we live in a 24 hour news cycle...
  3. New Uniforms

    One of my favorite Zips sweatshirt is navy (pretty faded now) with a chenille script Akron in gold....bought it at Rubber Bowl final season....still get raves about it, even from some of current Zip athletes when they’ve seen it....I too like the Scripts. Plus it reminds me of when the marching band used to perform “Script Zips” with a tuba player dotting the “i “ ....take that Suckeyes!
  4. Zips in the NFL

    Kinda funny...during today’s game the Browns p.a. Announcer called Jatavis’ name twice on tackles, mistaking #52 for #57...his spotter probably mis-identified. Funny, because he’s the Zips p.a. Announcer too!
  5. Game 6—@Buffalo Bulls

    Last 4 drives...6 plays 57 yds. 14 plays 58 yds. 3 plays 88 yds. Then a fig. “Very good”? Don’t think so....
  6. I know the guys”in the know” have (rightly so) told us RPI is more important than the polls, but even so, how can we go from being ranked 2 in preseason to this? Past reputation, probably? I don’tknow, just asking anyone’s thoughts...
  7. Game 6—@Buffalo Bulls

    Maybe not today, but did you not watch the 27 straight points Miami put up. A 1 and 4 Miami team. I agree the D is all we have, but 27 easy points....
  8. Game 6—@Buffalo Bulls

    At swim meet. Turned on during break and could tell right away by Frechie’s tone how it was going. At least getting to see some Zips excel...
  9. Besides Track and Field anyway....I know soccer is back in town Saturday, but the most successful team at Akron for the past five years has been the Swimming and Diving Team, 5-time MAC Champions (after never finishing higher than 8th). They picked up the home-meet schedule nicely this season, adding about 3 new events to Ocasek, and the first is this weekend's first annual Akron Zips Classic, Friiday night at 5 and Saturday at 10 and at 5. And they are bringing in Cincinnati, Xavier, Miami, Cleveland State and Dennison. Cincy men won the AAC and women 2nd in 2018, CSU men were 2nd and women 3rd in Horizon League, and Dennison is the 4 time NCAA D3 champions on the men side and 4th in 2018 on the womens side. Swim meets can be exciting, especially as all events will be timed finals, no prelims, and there is no diving this weekend. Wear shorts and short sleeves if you come....
  10. Three For Thursday [Zips @Bulls]

    I've already voiced my opinion that we're going to get swamped. by at least 21 points. I calmed down and thought about it, especially after getting a sad emogi on my comment, but I just keep reliving the Miami second half and can't change my mind. I think the D will try hard to get to Tyree, and I think the whole team will try hard to win, but I just don't see a runnung game, nor a consistent game plan on offense, and I think Kato's first instinct is to run the ball when there is even a little breakdown in the pocket. I truly hope I'm wrong, not trying to rip these fine young men, but ZippyRulz is right....
  11. Game 6—@Buffalo Bulls

    I'm sorry, but his passes lack more than accuracy. He has poor mechanics. Watch him vs. even a mediocre QB like Ragland last week. We need a QB coach or specialist to work with him on his motion and release number 1....Hell, the ball takes more time from the time he brings his arm back to release than it does to actually get to the receiver....
  12. Oh yeah....way to get back on track...nice win continued dominance vs. Big 10, and confidence builder. When was the last time we not ranked top 25, TennZip or ME87?