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  1. Wadzip...that was exactly what I was looking for...the IMG stuff great too. I'm kinda a novice about this route to Collegiate level. I just always assumed H.S. To NCAA was one step.
  2. So...all the stuff with the girl off Craigs List at the Canadian Trials and the cocaine was what then?
  3. Thanks for all the help on this guys and gals....appreciate the education.
  4. Second request...still in the dark about these academies and needing enlightenment....
  5. Could some of you more knowledgeable (than me) B-ball people explain to me about these academies, like IMG with this 6'11" guy? I read earlier in the threads also about the SPIRE Institute in Geneva having a team. Are these like Summer Camps or are they real substitutes or the real deal for high school? Do they play their seasons at the same time as high schools? And who do they play their gamrs against? Inquiring minds (well, mine) want to know.... Thanks in advance for your help....
  6. Yes on James King, and he had an interception at the 5 to break up a drive by the Blue on Jamal Davis nor Nate Stewart. One other player I failed to mention earlier was Dailey on defense. Had a couple big-time hits....unfortunately it was on his teammates.
  7. Okay my turn, I thought of the two QBs Kato looked the best. Really the best look was Uecher! Tommy better get health quick. With Ball not playing, Manny Morgan looked better than Van Edwards, especially since he was up against the 1st team D. Kwadarius Smith looked the best WR, although Fransohn had some noce looks, but he is not sturdy. Kwad is and is tall and fast. Bennett was okay. Chapman has a ways to go in the transition. Defensively, it was Travonte Junius, John Lako, Deon'Tae Moore and Ibrahima Camara that stood out to me. Official attendance - 3,100!!! And....I think I have the line on the cookies!!!!
  8. Good luck to the netters, under-reported in the press as usual. The team has been at the top now for the recent past and hope they finish big.
  9. I remember Szoke, as I had him for Calculus and Diffy Q. He would also implore all the guys to forget the girls...he would say "You have to MARRY Math, to be a good engineer...forget the girls!" Title 9 was NOT around back then... On a more footballsy note....has anyone seen the rosters fo tomorrow yet? said they would be announced today....or are they not writing today 'cause it's Friday?
  10. Keri was a solid assistant here, but IMO the program never capitalized on her ties to the Internationals and Clubs in the area for recruiting. She was only coach her for a few years, 2012 through 2014, under Vernon. Would have liked it if she had a look for the HC job before they hired Noreen...not sure if she did or didn't. She seemed to connect with the women on the team. Different philosophies than the head coach at the time? Dunno. Played with the Terps at Maryland, to boot. Good for her on the new assignment!
  11. Thanks mes102.....appreciate the help!
  12. Didn't realize this section was for mens and womens soccer till I just read sub heading. Posted thread in "other sports" for womens schedule if anybody is interested...
  13. Wow! Noreen just released the women's 2017 regular season schedule and it is loaded. Twelve home matches! That's the most I can remember in the past 7 or 8 years. MAC matches vs. Northern Illinois, Western Michigan, Ohio U, Miami, Ball State and Buffalo. Non-MAC against Milwaukee, Wisconsin-Green Bay, Cleveland State, Niagra, Dayton and Duquesne. Great ot see this many home dates...wish they could work out a Women/Men doubleheader like they did a few year's back....
  14. I'm going to be lazy and go back to my old Rubber Bowl TG-ing...stopping by Acme to get 2 rotisserie chickens and put them in the cooler to keep them warm, and then run by Hamburger Station and pick up a Family Pack and also go by the drive-thru and get a bag of Kettle Cook'd chips from Massillon and a dozen Guiness Blondes...I know this is a weenie question, but has anyone tried thoe Watermelon Shandys from Leinienkugel?
  15. I say under 2 grand. Nice day in April in Akron means do outside work or play, not sit at a meaningless psuedo game. I've been to twoandamsuprisedto hear one was 2,200. If the team had gone to a second bowl game, or went to the MAC Championship game....maybe 3,000.