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  1. 2018 Media Guide (including roster)

    I like this DiLauro kid a lot. Maybe redshirt him this year, give him a few more pounds of muscle...
  2. Also kinda weird to watch the Wolverhampton version of Joao Moutinho play Saturday! 😁
  3. I know! I’ve got him on my EPL fantasy team, and that’s what the BET365 site shows...
  4. They have him listed as 75% probable for next match...🤔🙈
  5. The Concussion Thread

    You’re right Balsy, they don’t. Just kinda the basics, but nothing really about repeat brain trauma.
  6. The Concussion Thread

    In my limited experience geography-wise as a OHSAA and youth official, the Summit, Stark, Portage, Geauga, Wayne and Cuyahoga Counties HS and youth leagues and schools do a solid job in presenting and discussing head injuries and concussion management and protocol for ALL sports, not just football. The school ADs hold mandatory parent meetings prior to start of seasons and usually bring in a health professional, whether, doctor or trainer, to discuss and ask questions....
  7. Outdoor T & F

    Latimer comes in with a solid 10th place finish in long jump, Clayton wins the 800 national championship and 2018 grad Phil Jagers finally overcomes his stagefright and posts 7th in the discuss...the ZipsNation should be proud!
  8. Outdoor T & F

    USATF National Championships at Des Moines Iowa...Abby Wilson finishes 13th in discuss, Matt Ludwig 6th in pole vault. Today Jordan Latimer and Terrell McLain have a go in the long jump and former Zip Clayton Murphy is in finals of 800 meter....well done Zips!
  9. MAC Bowl Games

    Just a thought...One of my issues is that by the time the bowl match-ups are announced, especially to be played in December, there is usually little timeto plan to attend. I’ve thought of going to Idaho and Florida but with just a few weeks at best, it’s hard to get a low-cost flight and accomodations, and time off work, and the U doesn’t exactly offer great packages for these events, cost-wise. The people that have gone the past two bowls loved the experience there, but of these “mid-major” type bowls usually are spur of the moment decisions for me....
  10. 2018 Preseason

    Had a nice conversation with a couple coaches I ran into at a local establishment two weeks ago...they said they felt the coaching staff is the closest they've been in the last five seasons, and the energy in the room is very good. They are cautiously optimistic, and said they were just a little concerned at the RB slot, but they were in a good, positive mood.
  11. Outdoor T & F

    Matt Ludwig brings home Silver with 2nd in pole vault as a junior, champ last year. Jordan Latimer -WOW! - Silver medal in the long jump! Terell McLain 11th. Rodrigo Iglesias 21st in jav. Good day, Zips!
  12. Outdoor T & F

    Well things get underwat tonight in Eugene Oregon, and if you get tired of watching the NBA finals, switch over to ESPN2, as Matt Ludwig tries to defend his National Title in the PV, and Rodrigo Iglesias will try to win the javlin. Plus McClain and Lattimer are long jumping, with Terrel winning the Regionals. The women compete tomorrow night, and our two Hep-ers Siefring and Ortega go on Saturdya-Sunday. 9 Zips - NINE - in the NCAA Finals Championships! No other MAC school has that many, heck Ohio State is only sending 7! This is one of our Shining Lights, along with Swimming and Diving and Men's Soccer, so even if your not watching, give them your best vibes....
  13. 2018 Schedule Released

    I believe he already has....at least I got an invite on a previous thread! Thanks again, Cykron!
  14. Baseball's Coming Back

    That was what I was saying about the other MAC teams in the tourney...they got there with LOCAL kids, not many out of staters on any of their rosters, so this shouldn’t be that big of a detriment.
  15. Baseball's Coming Back

    Went to MAC baseball Championships this week. Kent State survived an implosion in their first round game then crushed Miami twice to win the Championship. Couple observations...most rosters were heavy with “locals” to their locale. Also, KSU baseball fans are pretty much idiots. Sorry, maybe just rude is a better statement. Played at Sprenger Stadium in Avon Lake, home of the Lake Erie Crushers...independent A league. The entire field is artificial turf, basepaths, mound, everything. Just different color. Funny to watch some base stealers try to slide hed first and have the turf grab and slow them down to a stop short of the base....anyway, anyone know anything new on our projected team? Lots of talk at tourney about it not going to happen...