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  1. For those who don't think the AKRON Beacon Journal doesn't have an institutional bias against the U of A, how about today's headline on JD.....not Akron grad JD but Canton McKinley grad JD sign with Dolphins....happy as all get out for JD though...
  2. Still fun to go to Avon, even if Zips not playing. Great venue, fun town, MAC B-ball ain't bad either.
  3. Stop over across the street early before the game and bring a cup of coffee and watch the Zips nationally ranked swim team before tip-off! That'll help your misery index as well.....
  4. Coming into the Ohio game, we had a total rushing yardage of 999 yards on 302 attempts, and lost 464 yards rushing, for a net total of 535. Our opponents net yardage was 2,311! We had 41 rushing yards against Ohio, 73 positive and 32 negative.
  5. Xavier was ranked 19th in the Coaches Poll in December 1996 and was 8-0 when they visited the JAR and pulled out a 113-111 triple overtime thriller against the Zips with Jimmal Ball scoring 44 for us. That was my closest and most depressing loss to a ranked team.....
  6. I know everyone likes to hold up Solich as the Gold Standard, but how many offers from bug schools has he had in the past 5 to 10 years, after solid performance seasons? I know his age is a factor now, but does anyone remember the last time his name came up in a serious discussion about moving on to a "bigger" program?
  7. So, basketball's going full on now, and football, soccer and volleyball are done. If you want to root for a nationally ranked Akron team, this weekend the U hosts the Zippy Invitational at Ocasek, and it should be a competitive affair. I saw on gozips.com that the divers were at the Magnus Cup at Cleveland State last weekend, but no results for swimming. I checked the results and we didn't send a squad, which surprised me. We had won this meet I think like the last 3 or 4 in a row. Maybe it just wasn't competitive enough for us anymore? But Friday, Saturday and Sunday should be great. Ivy League Cornell comes back, and a lot of the men's pool and meet records bear their names. Horizon Champs Oakland should challenge on both the women and men side. Cincinnati will be there from the American Athletic Conference, and St. Bonaventure from the A-10. Small school power Bloomsburg are back, and so is Clarion, and Malone should add some local flavor. Zippies should be the favorites but Cornell and Oakland will press them hard. It's warm and humid in the O, but so much more fun and comfortable that watching the FB team inside Info the past few weeks. Never thought I'd like this sport, but it is exciting as heck.
  8. Oh and you do Lee? So what's your claim to fame that makes you have "cred", and how dare you to decide what REAL fans are? A little pomposity my Ashland friend....
  9. ZMs right. Watching Nick Johns motion form one side of the O-line to the other ad nauseum just signals to me where the staff wanted him to block. I can't remember a time when he was actually thrown the ball. Decoy is not entirel correct, becasue the opposition has scouted well enough to know they ain't gonna chuck it to one of our TEs, should be called "Extra (try to block) Blocker".
  10. He was there....but big whoop! It's not like it's real journalism now is it?
  11. Great job here LZ, and lots of thought in it. My only addition is that just because someone who played sucky this season at a position, and they return next season at that position, we shouldn't assume they won't make progress, learn, grow, get comfortable and thrive in the future. Case in point, at center. if current position holder busts his butt, gets coached up, and has some serious competition for his starting job, he could become a competent player as he matures. Just using that position as an example - but we can't think about this as a static situation and that the current crew won't improve as players.
  12. Me too! Surprised Ms. Voice let me, as had it on while she was watching DWTS in the other room, and I was "distracting".
  13. While we're on the subject of putting butts in the seats, if anyone has had any remote connection to high school bands you know that their parents are some of the most loyal and will go to Timbuktu to watch their kids march in band shows and or halftime shows. Those of us that remember the Acme-Zip games knows that their were hundreds of kids from various marching bands performing, and that in turn brought in lots of relatives/parents. So, every season, we have something called "Band Day" at one of the Zips games, and the bands end up being from an APS school with maybe 30 kids in it, local rural schools with bands not much bigger. So who's in charge of recruiting these bands to perform at InfoCision? How come we can't get Stow, Hudson, Wadsworth, Green, Medina, etc. to attend and perform? I think Hudson has 200 kids in their band, Stow probably the same. Is it our Director of Bands Galen Karriker? I say, fire him now! 😉 Is it our crackerjack marketing department? I think we should demand Karriker step down if he can't bring in 300 kids next year on band day! (Bored - felt like writing - but still!) 😊
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