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  1. Outdoor T & F

    NCAA DI Regionals at South Florida this weekend... Kwadarius Smith - 28th best time in the 100 (10.29 seconds) Taron Slone - 38th best in 200 (20.85 sec) Curtis Richardson - 25th best in High Jump (2.15 meters, 7 feet 1 inch) Matt Ludwig - defending National Champion in Pole Vault - 2nd best (5.71 m/18 - 9) Cole Wigal - PV - 43rd - 5.08/16-7 Tyler Fraker - Pv - 45th - 5.07/16-6 Terrell McClain - 2nd best in Long Jump (8.18 meters/26ft 9in) Jordan Latimore 10th LJ - 7.94/26-1 Maurice Harris - 24th in discus (54.76 meters, 179 ft. 7 in) Ian Behm - 5th best in Javelin (70.59 meters, 231 feet 7 inches) Rodrigo Iglesias - 16th 67.95/222' 11" On the women's side: Daziah Green - 25th fastest in 200 (23.22 seconds) Mackenzie Andrews - 21st fastest in 1500 (4:21.19) Dara Perry - 15th fastest in 100 hurdles (13.10 seconds) Patrica Ortega - 19th best high jump (1.78 meters, 5' 10") Lucy Bryan - 6th best pole vault (4.35 meters, 14' 4") Eboni Hall (9th PV, 4.27/14') Jenna Frantz (10th PV, 4.25/13' 11") Abby Helminiak (27th PV/4.05/13' 4") 4 women pole vaulters in top 27! Jackie Siefring - 32nd best jump in long jump (6.18 meters, 10 feet 4 inches) Ariadna Ramos Gandia - 44th in triple jump (12.60/41-5) Abby Wilson - 16th best shot put (52 feet 6 inches) and 5th best discus throw (56.62/185' 9") Plus Siefring and Ortega are automatic qualifiers for NCAA Nationals in Heptathalon! What a treadure trove we have in track and field! Dismal dismal Indoor season, but what a sight to see all these athletes compete on the national stage.
  2. Outdoor T & F

    Yep...he is a redshirt senior for 2018 season....
  3. 2018-2019

    Totally agree...
  4. Outdoor T & F

    Women track and field repeat as MAC Outdoor Champs! What a great weekend for the women, lots of great performances. Daziah Green wins the 100 with a new meet record time. Completes the double by winning the 200. Mackenzie Andrews takes 3rd in the 1500. Dara Perry blows away the conference record in the 100 hurdles. Patricia Ortega, Iman Batiste and Jackie Siefring all in finals and scored in the 400 hurdles. Lucy Bryan won the PV and Eboni Hall and Jenna Franz, a freshman, go 3rd - 4th. Siefring 3rd in Long Jump, Adriana Ramos Gandia 2nd in triple jump. Abby Wilson 2nd in shot and wins the discus! And Siefring completes an epic meet with a win in meet record fashion in the Hep, with Ortega 2nd. The Men finished 2nd, with Kwads 2nd in the 100, Taron Slone 4th on the 100 and 3rd in the 200. Steve Ashcraft and Nick Winkler scored in the 800. Freshman Patrick Kimble was 3rd in the 110 hurdles, Curtis Richardson won the High Jump, Matt Ludwig won the PV, with Cole Wigal 2nd and Tyler Fraker 5th. Jordan Lastimer won the Long Jump and was named Field Event MVP of the meet. Terrell McClain, who had the #1 jump in the nation coming in, was 2nd. Maurice Harris had a pair of bronzes in discus and hammer. And Malik Hudson, Brandon Hochbein and Kamar Majid went 2nd, 3rd and 4th to a tough TJ Lawson from Can't State in the Decathalon. Couldn't make it to Buffalo but did catch some action from the Big East meet in Geneva OH, and gotta say the MAC programs are so much stronger and competitive that the Big East. For a Power 5 conference, it was pretty weak. GetSomeMACtion!
  5. Outdoor T & F

    Last home meet before MACs, and some nice performances from some surprising competitors. While Can’t State rested most of their studs, the Zips ran a lot of theirs. Taron Slone ran outstanding races in the 100 and 200 meters and Daziah Green set a newschool record in the 200. Kwads busted a great 100 which is promising for football upcoming. Rodrigo Iglesias is a force in Jav, he accerates through his throws so forcefully, and Ian Behm gettng stronger. Nice day for a lot of great seniors. Going into MAC and NCAA in a lot better shape than the indoor season. On to Buffalo...go Zips!
  6. 2018 Recruiting

    Talk recently to Zach’s uncle ane he is so psyched that Zach is going to be a Zip. Zach is excited as all get out. Guess he’s going to be non scholarship to start, but he says Bowden is high on him and expects him to be a scolly soon...
  7. Mens Lacrosse

    Well that sure is a good way for a “major” sport to attract the casual fan...
  8. Womens Lacrosse

    Remember those words dre when the football/basketball season is underway and you are on one of your "Akron sucks so bad" rants....
  9. Hey....I'm way off topic, but watching the Timbers MLS match....any one heard any news on Caleb's whereabouts, any feelers, etc....?
  10. Outdoor T & F

    Kind of a crazy season so far. Weather forced the NEO Quad at U of A indoors two weeks ago. This week the track teams broke up into fifths and went to five different meets nationwide. Out in California Terrell McClain broke a school record and posted the top NCAA DI long jump of the season, while Jordan Matimer finished 3rd with a career best. Matt Ludwig, NCAA outdoor champion in the PV posted a career best, second only to Barber at U of A and 3rd best in the nation in 2018. Indoor season sucked....outdoor looking soooo much better. One more home meet, May 5th and 6th, Campbell Wright Invitational.
  11. 2019 Recruiting

    The kid from Northland is John Branham Jr. A running back, senior. A little shy of 6' and 215#. Northland is a Columbus area HS, this kid is pretty hot for Pitt, but has also looked at Eastern Mich,.
  12. Tyler Cheese - Committed

    Or a "Big Dill" with Cheezits!
  13. Photography [Spring Game 2018]

    I also was amazed yesterday to see how broad Brimage is! Didn't see a lot of him but the numerals 1-2 sure took up a lot of room between his shoulders!
  14. Photography [Spring Game 2018]

    Great pics Doc! Thanks also. Sometimes don’t get to really see what the kids look like without the helmets on, and not close like you show us...
  15. 2018 Spring Football

    Besides BobbleMatt I got a 23 jersey that DEFINITELY does not fit, a soctoberfest mug and a pait of slipper-socks with the little treadies on the bottem...