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  1. Terry's next endeavor

    Evidently he doesn't mind the average snowfall and mean temps of NEO in the winter....versus FLA???
  2. Terry's next endeavor

    Cykron....we have a history of doing this sorta thing, put the ex in a capacity that interacts with community and donors, maybe a few recruits, but for the most part staying away from the program. Gerry Faust did it, is still doing it. We even had Tressel "teaching" a class after he left OSU and before he became Prez of YSU...
  3. Don't have a lot to do today, so I looked up the article on Top Drawer, and indeed, if you look at the headers across the top men is (m), women is (W), club is (c)....Let'sGoZips is right on the money as usual....
  4. Game 10- Marshall Thundering Herd

    B & G....think you mean Xavier?
  5. Welcome Tom Arth!

    No Dre, you are right...I apologize, I forgot about Faust. You got me, but I do not think the Hoban coach would have been wise, IMO.
  6. Welcome Tom Arth!

    No you know everything about being a troll...you’ve been asked to name 1 Hs Head Coach who went straight to being a D 1 NCAA head coach....but all you do is deflect. Okay Wise Guy, name me one...
  7. Welcome Tom Arth!

    my Point exactly...I know enough to know Dre is full of what he thinks I know nothing of....okay Mr Know-it-all Dre, tell me which of your list went HS HC to D1” Hc directly? In fact tell me any one who has done so?
  8. Welcome Tom Arth!

    I won 4 straight FIFA18 EA Sports Premier League titles on my laptop....but the U didn't interview me to replace Jared Embick....I'm pissed! Yeah, HS head to a D1 head....I'm sure that's what you want...oh no, you just want to be critical of the Zips no matter what they do, I forgot.
  9. Possible Candidates

    I do believe the decision to let TB go was already decided before the South Carolina game, but I have been wrong before. And if I'm wrong, then the SC game meant everything in cementing the change of coaches.
  10. Caleb Porter

    None taken...you know how I feel about keeping guys around!
  11. Possible Candidates

    I kinda like this Griswold guy....he could really “light things up”, and put up a helluva display to the neighboring communities...
  12. Caleb Porter

    It was meant to be tongue in cheek....hence the emoji...
  13. Caleb Porter

    My fear (double-edged sword) is more 1 and done players leaving the Zips to play for the Crew! I want more seniors at Senior Day!!
  14. Possible Candidates

    That is what the press release stated....no, it stated they HOPED to have a decision within the next two weeks....correct? I don't know, just re-read the release and it doesn't say, but I know somewhere someone said it...really....not drinking yet.