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  1. Totally agree...funny, I was disappointed he didn't try the double in the O Trials, but this shows what can happen. Wish the schedule would have had the 8s first....or 1 less heat.
  2. Well that didn't go well. Clayton tried both 800 and 1500 at U.S. Nationals, qualified for both finals, hurt himself in the 1,500 finishing last, and scratched in the 800 finals. No London for the zips, current or former, unless Barber goes for Canada. Sorry for Clayton, he's beendoingso well this outdoor season...
  3. Watched the kid in high school probably 3 times as a junior, 4 as a senior. Really needs to improve on his aggression level. Spread himself real thin in HS early with multiple sports, but when he concentrated on FB he improved. IMO he won't see lots of time this year. Slowwwwwww right now on reaction time.
  4. Want to see this same raction after you "just killed the Golden Flashes"....figuritively, of course!
  5. Want to see this same raction after you "just killed the Golden Flashes"....figuritively, of course!
  6. Maybe Akron City Schools can't afford the rent now? Tha is amamzing schedule. How do you motivate kids if you never play a "home game. Itwas alwayssad that Kenmore (no lights) and Ellett were the only City teamswith stadiumsand theRubber Bowl used to havei Friday night doubleheaders. NowwithKenmpre and Garfield combining, where to play?
  7. Big Clayton is running in the USA National Championships...qualified for tonight's final in the 1500 meters and also tomorrow's 800. Hot in California!! 108 yesterday 94 today. Jackie Siefring in HJ event of Heptathalon and NCAA champ Matt Ludwig no-heighted in the PV...good luck Clayton!!
  8. Great info ME_87, thanks for the posts!
  9. C'mon down to Info on a Friday night and watch them along with another 500 people. You think the Zips have attendance issues?????? I'd rather walk over to Cub Cadet and watch Friday night Zip soccer, but that's just me...
  10. Can't wait to see more of the same "when you just killed a Golden Flash!" (not literally, of course...p,c, disclaimer here)
  11. Hey there! Did we let this idea die or are we still thinking of doing something?
  12. Blessed that at least one got the school's name right!!
  13. Thanks Boys...
  14. There's some pretty ripped guys out there...was that Goodyear Met?
  15. He he he....