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  1. 9100 Attendance

    Maybe it has something to do with the fact Troy Alabama is in the middle of freakin' nowhere! Nearest cities - Macon GA is the biggest city besdies Montgomery AL. It is in the middle of a very rural area. There is no major sports teams with in hundreds of miles to compete with....I know we all are looking for something - ANYTHING - to figure out how we can boost attendance, but Troy's success at bringing in more fans has a lot to do with nothing else to do in Troy AL or anywhere within a 100 mile radius.
  2. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    I'm with Balsy on this one...I guess it's okay, but I'm not sure why they want to come on our board and "talk" to us. Lemme ask you this....how many of our forum regualr contributors go on other school's and posts? Is it a lot? Is it a few? Is that where K92 went?
  3. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    Thanks Connoisser....my comment was made tongue-in-cheek...
  4. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    skip-zip got me off my butt to check, since no one wants to see a salesman this time of year....just sitting here at my desk, minding my own business....Believe it or not, the Communications Department has already posted the Game Day Notes for the game on GoZips.com. Here is the stat we've been dying to find out.... "AKRON-FAU CONNECTIONS Akron has 29 players from the state of Florida, including 12 from the greater South Florida area that were high school teammates with some of the Owls. Florida Atlantic has no players from the state of Ohio." Apparently FAU is Buckeye-phobic.....and I don't mean the Suckeyes, just a term for Ohioans.....
  5. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    I think I read somewhere that it's 30 players from Florida....
  6. November Numbness

    Yeah yeah yeah....he's great. But he still hasn't ponied up to fly me out to the basketball tournament!!!
  7. I think 15 on the nose. I too think we'll have 7 Ws going iinto MAC play, but then the bottom will begin to fall out, not completely, but I think we only win 8 MAC games. Now I'm talking regular season here....Hope I'm wrong though, as I'm really starting to like these guys and pulling a little harder for them than normal, because I know they're being judged a little harsher since KD left, not from the Board members but from the casual fan, and that sometimes gets back to the fellars and they get a little tighter....
  8. November Numbness

    Final Results... Z.I.P. is the Champion Prognosticator and has bragging rites and can wear the attached crown until next December, when a new Champion is selected. He had 87 points fknbuflobo and ME_87 tied (and now have to do the sister-kiss) with 67 points lilroodude charged ahead into fourth place with 62 points Zippyfan34 was next at 61 points The soothing sounds of ZipsVoice came in next-to-last with 59 points And thank God for SBZipfan for playing and finishing last with 49 points! Thanks for the seven of us who enjoyed(?) the comraderie and competition!
  9. Unfortunately, (or fortunately?) I had to work another sporting event last night, and had the ol' iPad sitting next to me trying to watch the match as best I could. I was shocked throughout at the fact that every time I looked down at the screen the ball seemed to be in our defensive third. We've alays been the team that racks up huge possession numbers vs. our foes. A woman who's daughter plays for Ashland (and a huge Zips fan) was sitting behind me and watching over my shoulder and she sorta became my play-by-play commentator, and she was as surprised as I. Good friend of Simon Spelling, she's followed the team since her college days when Simon was an assistant. She was bemoaning the fact that Stanford was owning possession so much, and that sooner than later the Zips would pay the price, and voila....Came home and watched the DVR-ed match and can't argue with anything already posted. We got outplayed and I dare say out coached. Gunn, I think, surprised the Zips and staff with their game plan, and I too, like skip-zip, didn't see any adjustments on our part. Unlike TennZip I thought this team to be as talented as the Championship team of 2010, not after the first 4 matches, but certainly by the end of the season. I did expect them to get this far, and farther. But what a heck of a season for these young men, and the staff, and the school, and the soccer community in Northeast Ohio. Well done lads, and with 9 seniors leaving, it'll be fun to get to know the new side in 2018. Just wanted to spend one more day with ZipsNation....that's what I wanted for Christmas! Oh, and for Z.I.P. to fly me out to Honolulu for the basketball tournament! (humor!!!!!)
  10. I too am glad to have new voices here, but you've posted twice...once to rip me about a humorous post (at least I tried it to be) about Jared's shirt selecton at an earlier match and now ME87s post that was made a week before the match....you come on and question him after the match???? Maybe come on the forum a little more, read up on our comments and don't get all "attack doggy" on us, please?
  11. Zips Dominate Pool

    You know, this season began and I thought maybe Coach Peresie's Zips were gonna be a little off the past few seasons. Four MAC championships in a row...maybe a letdown coming. This year's Zippy Invitational proved me waaay wrong. I know most Zip fans were fixating on Louisville and Detroit and Huntington and even the JAR this weekend. Too bad, 'cause you missed some stellar swimming. Friday - New meet record for Zips in the 200 free relay (Sadie Fazekas, Susan Franz, Morgan Waggoner, Maddy Myers), then Paloma Marrero wins the 200 IM and the 400 Medley Relay team sets a new meet and new pool record (Myers, Marrero, Paulina Nogaj and Fazekas). Myers Fazekas and Franz go 2 thru 4 in the 50 free. Not a bad start. Saturday - new meet and pool record in the 200 Medley Relay (Myers, Marrero, Fazekas and Franz), then Jackie Pash gets a new meet and pool record in the 400 IM. Nogaj takes the 100 fly with a new meet and pool record. Fazekas gets "just" a meet record in the 200 free, then Marrero and Paula Garcia go 1-2 in the 100 breast. Myers gets a meet and pool record in the 100 back and the 800 free relay team sets a new pool and meet record (Pash, Garcia, Nogaj and Marrero). Maybe a tired team on Sunday? Meet and Pool record for Marrero in the 200 breast, Nogaj gets a meet record n the 200 fly and the Zips go 1-4 with Mackenzie Vargas, Jessica Bonezzi and Alisa Tsypin 2nd thru 4th. And they cap off the meet with a new pool and meet record in the 400 free relay (Fazekas, Waggoner, Ellie Nebraska and Franz). Dominance. You'd think things would level off in the 5th year of Coach B's reign here, but records keep falling like the temperature is about to do in December. And the team is so deep too. Gotta favor them to take MAC Title #5 in a row.....
  12. Big Dog playing professional ball?

    Thanks Topper, I thought it was him!
  13. Big Dog playing professional ball?

    I swear I saw Big Dog at the Zips women’s game vs. Maryland Saturday....anyone?
  14. Gotta put my glasses back on...sorry, still dulled senses from my long weekend in Ocasek.
  15. November Numbness

    zippyfan34 is correct, and thanks for catching my error....so this puts the #34 into the rarefied air of being tied with the Giants, fknbuflobo and Zip_ME87 for second place! Plus he has all four finalists correct.....