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  1. I'll make you a friendly side bet AyYo....there will be no GAs or interns hired for calendar 2019-20 in Marketing.....an adult beverage of your choice.
  2. We've chronicled the last few years our frustrations with the level and professionalism of marketing the MSOC team, but I think it's actually going to get worse. Once in awhile, I like to take a peek at the GoZips.com site and look at the Athletics tab and the Staff Directory to see any new names to the coaching staffs or missing ones. The Marketing staff will be down to just two individuals full-time for 2019-20 for ALL Sports combined, and with the upcoming cutbacks I'd doubt that that staff will grow, or that they will be using any GAs or interns. Bottom line - don't be surprised by a less-than-stellar Marketing and Promotion calendar for all sports.
  3. I'd donate....but I'm a bit of a moron anyway, and I'd think that even at "free" the U would pay to maintain it and keep it up, and not plnt trees next to it, at least trees whose root systems might be a problem.
  4. It might not have been the Bahamas, Mobile, Shreeveport, Idaho (???) but it was at least driveable for the fan base that did want to attend a Zip bowl game that was announced, oh, 3 weeks before the game, and no good alternatives to get transportation, tickets and housing, thanks to our great marketing and alumni groups lack of an idea of how to put something together. I at least have driven the 2 and 1/2 hours to sit inside and watch a game there, and either got a reasonable room for overnight or droove back to Akron afterwards.
  5. So, I read the Troll of an Interim President's comments on the upcoming cuts to athletics, and I was surprised to NOT see any discussion on it on ZNO. I don't subscribe to the Beacon and only got to read the article as one of my X amount of free reads on line, but it sure sounds like some sports are gonna get whacked, or some of the staff that works "Game-Day experiences" are gonna be gone, or have to work for free. But I really was concerned with his comments regarding teams that don't need to have as a goal to work towards national titles., and comparing the new baseball arrangement as a be-all-end-all to the budget crunch. How can you realistically recruit college age kids and their parents or guardians, if you have hanging over your head that the University Administration doesn't give two hoots if you gain national prominence at your level? And I thought the baseball arrangement was temporary until they could fund some scholarships? And Green's comments that by not giving scholarships and bringing in local non-scholarship student-athletes, we would increase attendance at games because people would like to come see their kids and neighbor kids play was simplistic at best and just plain stupid at worst. I'd be hard-pressed to let my son or daughter come to U of A no matter what sport they played, as long as this attitude of funding only national caliber sports persisted. Except, of course, our national championship e-Sports team! I think Green thinks this is the way all sports should be played....
  6. Now it’s the Crystal Clinic WWC. Weird to see the big banner on Infocision when inside is Summa Field 😆
  7. Yeah, but like my son likes to remind me when I bring something like this us in any sport...."Dad, at least they got there." Hoping the Zippys do well in 2020 and beyond....looking forward to watching baseball again, no matter how bad at first.
  8. So, Akron advances six athletes to the NCAA D-1 finals in track and field this coming weekend in Austin TX. Abby Wilson (Discus), Lucy Bryan (PV), Mackenzie Andrews (Steeplechase), Matt Ludwig and Matt Keim (PV), Curtis Richardson (HJ) and Jordan Latimer (LJ). Not too shabby! Top 24 in the nation in each event through regional qualifiers last weekend. Kent State advances 2 men and Miami 1, while Ohio State got 4 men in, including ex-Zip Cody Stine who transferred this year in HJ. CMU women advance 2, BGSU 2, Kent State and Miami each 1. OSU women get 5 in and a relay team.
  9. Tree definitely suspended, I know Abreu did not make the trip, not usre if it was suspension or what, but you're right Cappy, neither played.
  10. Went down to the last Zip - WVU game at the clam shell. 2011. Pat Forsythe was still a Mountaineer and Zeke was our big guy. We got smoked. Seats were atrocious, but the good folk of Morgantown let you move down to the expensive seats after the 10 minute mark of the first half.... great and easy road trip, less than a 3 hour ride. Been down for numerous soccer matches too. Atomic Grill is a great place to eat. But are you sure you are talking about basketball at WVU? The Zips Men's Soccer team is scheduled to play at WVU on November 8th at 7:00 p.m. Maybe someone's mixed up on whether this is basketball or soccer game....? Which game to attend? UPDATED: Went on Mountaineer Sports website and indeed it is basketball AND men's soccer on 11-8....the siccer complex is kinda right across the street from the Clam, so maybe I'll get an UBER to drive me back and forth!
  11. So Central Michigan is the real deal, but kinda a different approach by their coach Jordan Bischel, who’s brand-smacking new. It’s interesting, it’s like a frat party without the keg in the dugout. This is gonna sound sexist - TRIGGER WARNING - but it reminds me of the way women’s volleyball and softball and swimming teams act at games/matches...add to that testosterone. They wear weird hats, they dance, they do coordinated cheers and whoops, they have a backboard in the dugout and play 3 on 3 during games. And they have FUN, smile a lot, and play kick-ass baseball. And their parents/fans are wacky too, dressing in costumes like a hot dog, a ketchup bottle, mustard bottle, fonzy the bear, even Santa Claus. But not obnoxiously. Interesting approach but for them it works....
  12. Portage County CC FIRST team eliminated in MACs, !! Central Mich so good, Ball State close second....why is it KSU fans are such Richards? But they do show up and support at least....
  13. Can’t State gives up 5 runs inning one and loses to Ohio to start MAC Tourney. Coach Szabo in the house. 2020, Baby!
  14. So, a few I didn't see coming....Sara Foster in the 400 hurdles, Laurel Bristow in the Jav, Abby Helminiak in PV, and Olivia Snyder in the shot put. Guy-wise I missed Tyler Fraker in PV. 19 Zips at NCAA Preliminaries. And I was way wrong...the MAC did well. Besides the Zips, the MAC has 28 women in the Prelims and 20 men as well. 67 total MAC student athletes...not too shabby!
  15. No announcements yet on the field for the 2019 Outdoor T & F Championships, but the odds are that Noah Williams (400), Curtis Richardson and Nuh Andu (High Jump), Jordan Latimer (Long Jump), Matt Ludwig and possibly Cole Wigal and Matt Keim (Pole Vault), Patrick Kimball (110H Hurdles)Hesham Eldesouky (Triple Jump) and Ian Behm (Javelin) will get regional berths in Florida. On the Women's side it looks like Mackenzie Andrews (1500 maybe and Steeplechase for sure), Dara Perry (100H Hurdles), Lucy Bryan (Pole Vault), and Abby Wilson (discus and maybe shot) should be in as well. Those totals will all be more than the rest of the MAC sends in total. Go Zips!
  16. Speaking of this game, I know it is only May, but are any of you thinking of making the trip over for this one? And from IlliniZip and Cykron, any ins and outs ahead of time we should know about? I've got two buddies and the three of us are 85% sure we're going to this game....
  17. Are you ever off the phone? I'm starting to think you're a player agent or something!
  18. Cole Wigal and Matt Ludwig go 1-2 in PV and we're up over 30 points on the mens side - start the buses, and we're comfortable on the womens side after Abby Wilson won the discus. Not bad for Ludwig, since he was on crutches after the Campbell/Wright....
  19. Thursday and Friday in Muncie were pretty good days for the Zips track programs. Going into Saturday's final day Akron already has a Champion in Ian Behm in the javelin, and another with Lucy Bryan capturing the pole vault title, while Abby Helminiak and Eboni Hall placed 2nd and 5th. Unknown freshman Laurelk Bristow got the Zips a 5th in women's jav. Three Zips took home points in the Decathlon, with Brandon Hochbein a surprise silver medalist, while Kamar Majid and Malik Hudson each earned points as 3rd and 5th. Then HUGE win for Sarah Foster in the Heptathlon, a welcome surprise here. No surprise than Jordan Lattimer blew everyone away with the win in the long jump and Hesham Eldesouky finishing 5th. Abby Wilson was 2nd in the shot whie Olivia Snyder was 6th, and then McKenzie Andrews and Haley Hess take first and second in the steeplechase, while Nick Stricken gave the men a 4th in the event. Tevin Brown, who surprised in the Indoors with a win, was a beast outdoors in giving the Zips the 10,000 meter title, can't remember the last time if ever we won that event. So Kent State leads the men with 61 points while Akron has 56, and Akron leads the women with 68 to Central Michigan's 56 coming into today. We should do well in men's pole vault and high jump, and possibly triple jump with Hesham. The women should score points in high jump. We've got Marc Migliopzi and Andre Godbott in the 1500, with Leah Recker and Lindsay Scarton joining Andrews in the women's finals. Dara Perry has fastest time in the 100 hurdles and Victoria Abunaw joins her in the finals. Jace Roundtree and Patrick Kimball are in the finals of the 110 hurdles. Noah Williams qualified for the men's 400 finals. Demetrius Jackson and Malcolm Briley, both freshmen, qualified for the men's 100. Dimitra Gnafaki is in the 400 hurdle finals for women, Garett Wright, another freshman and Dylan Hochbein are in the men's event. Amir Willis, freshman is the #2 seed in the 200. And we should do well in the 5k with McKenzie and Tevin, and hope our relay teams can score points. Should be a fun day in Indiana. Go Zips!!!
  20. If you spent the money on replacing the existing track surface and runways for jumps, added a decent locker room facility for the athletes, added some inexpensive bleachers in the throw areas for spectators to get closer to the action, and added a decent sound system you could not only host the two regular season meets, where teams pay to enter by the way, but you could also offer the facility to outside use for a fee. There is only one track at Ellet that can host a decent dual meet in the Akron City Series, so the Akron City Schools would be hungry to have their events at Lee Jackson for a fee. With a nicer facility either the NEO Quad or the Campbell/Wright could be more attractive to more teams and more entry fees. Hosting OHSAA Districts and Regionals as well as hosting high-caliber high school invitationals, would also be options to pursue with a newer facility and would generate revenue as well. Of course with a nicer facility we could attract more MAC Championship meets. There is a constant need for track facilities for CYO, AAU and Senior Olympic events, all at fees to be paid. We hosted the track and field events for the Gay Games a few years back. Of course with all of these events, wear and tear would occur, hence my thought that "revenue neutral" would allow to re-invest in the facility. Maybe I should have specified the facility would be revenue positive or neutral, but according to a letter Coach Mitchell put together to alumni recently regarding the situation, he stated: "Our program has had a remarkable elite rise in the sport. It is respected nation and worldwide. Along with that rise, the program meets every positive metric of excellence you would want to have in a university sports program. There are so many of you that contributed to these accomplishments. • Conference titles ( 30 Team Championships) • National accolades (6 National Champs/115 All-America honors/11 top 25, 2 top 10 team finishes) • International prominence (World Champ, Olympic Medalist, 3 Olympians) • Community involvement ( Worked with Metro Parks to build a cross country only park) • Spectator interest (We put people in the stands with spectator friendly meets) • Diversity (the most variety of ethnicity and race of any sports program on campus) • Gender opportunities (largest female sport) • Academic success (49 athletes on the Dean’s List in the last year) • Ohio student opportunities (Most Ohio residence of all teams on campus) • The program brings in more revenue than it spends."
  21. Don't blame Groce for Mark's lack of ability to compete at the D1 level....disingenuous to suggest it was on Coach's back, if you ever watched him play at UA. No disagreement on Mark being a great kid, etc. but just wasn't a D1 baller. Walsh and mark will compliment each other.
  22. More school records fell last week, with Lucy Bryan breaking the school and the MAC record at LSU in the women's pole vault, the third best vault in the nation so far. Iam Behm breaks the school record and wins the Jessie Owens in the Javelin. Meanwhile Jordan Lattimore and Matt Ludwig each have the sixth best performance in the nation in long jump and pole vault....wake up Uof A Admin....national caliber athletes, national caliber coaching staff, national rankings...no outdoor facilities.....do the right thing and invest inthis program and facilites, and done right it can be either revenue neutral or revenue positive.
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