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    ESPN never claimed poker to be a sport, but was part of the "Entertainment", the "E" in ESPN.......
  2. I'd say it's already a done deal.....MAC statement says "Suspend formal and organized practices until further notice." Given what's happened this week, "further notice" wouldn't come soon enough to get fit and ready.....just MHO......
  3. While this week spiraled into chaos, and now no other sports will be played (intercollegiate) by the Zips, quietly the Zips swim team were the last to still be competing, Thursday evening. Competing in the CSCAA National Invitational Championship (swimming's equivalent to the NIT in basketball), the event was still a go and got the prelims in Thursday morning (without spectators) before DeWine's 100+ ban was announced, and the organizers were forced to shut it down after finals. In the finals, Sarah Watson won Championships in the 50 yard butterfly and the 200 Individual Medley, then Sofia Hennell won the final individual event of the night, the 50 yard freestyle. Then the Zips won the final NCAA sporting event of the 2019-20 year by winning the 400 yard Individual Medley Relay by shattering the meet record by over 4 seconds and the pool record by over 3 seconds. And the team was deemed to be the Champions, although with the cancellation of the remainder of the Meet, it'll be a little tempered.
  4. Just read this. Wow. Some of the team at Cleveland State this weekend for the College Coaches National Invitational Championships, sorta like the NIT for basketball. Can't help morale. Article pretty vague. Guess it has to be.
  5. We're down to the final 2 weeks of indoor T & F, before the NCAAs, and Stile Athletics Field House will host back-to-back weekends of fun. The final event of the ill-fated 2019 outdoor season was the Campbell/Wright invitational, and it was great to see long-time coach Al Campbell there. Unfortunately Al passed in December, but not before knowing that U of A re-named their final indoor home meet the Al Campbell Invitational. It's Friday at 6. He was coach from 1970 until 1995, and was inducted into the Varsity A Hall of Fame in 1979. Then the Zips are hosting the Mid-American Conference Indoor Championships the next weekend, February 28th and 29th.....Defending Champs!
  6. Doesn't or didn't the Horizon League do theirs that way?
  7. Is there such a thing as an NIT Autobid? I wasn't aware that was the case....
  8. @clarkwgriswold Isn't this Game 21???
  9. This is well said, NWA, and it reflects what I've been trying to point out to several KD friends/fans in my neighborhood, and I was trying to put together a rational response to Robbie's post about his Dad. It's not your Dad that we're "dissing", it's the fan base that stopped going to games, grudgingly supported the team, and gripes even when we win. Has nothing to do with KD. Something to be said about coaches getting too close to the fan base and "well-heeled" alumni/donor class.....
  10. West Virginia was the third MAC school in in 2018.....
  11. I know that Coach Mitchell had put together a "5-star" committee to look at funding outside the U or in addition to U funding, but thought that might take 2 to 3 years. This is good news @userduders! Thanks fr the info....
  12. How can you not like these guys, this team? Fun's coming faster than I expected....
  13. I'm still trying out figure out our loss to Toledo
  14. Can't State down 10 with 10 to play
  15. Cheese 16, Banks a cool dozen!
  16. Whew! What a half! Could have been even better, but who am I to quibble with this lead?
  17. I remember watching "The Jacksons" when they were at Garfield Heights during tourney play, and they looked like men amongst boys, and today they seemed to come into that same sphere now at the NCAA level....
  18. Despite the FUBAR situation with outdoor track and field, the coaches, staff and athletes look ready to defend their MAC titles and maybe get back to the NCAAs, if last night was an indication. Season started at home with a dual meet vs. Central Michigan, and both our men and women won their sides. Early, early, early...but Lucy Bryan and Matt Keim in pole vault both looked very fit and cleared nice bars in their efforts. Nuh Andu was business like in winning the men's high jump. Marc Migliozi and Andre Golum-Godbot had good showings in the mile and 3,000 meters. MAC defending champ in the 60 Hurdles Patrick Kimball had an efficient win. But two youngsters really stood out in the sprints. Jasmyn Allen, a sophomore rarely heard from last year, had an eye-popping 60 hurdles to win by almost a second, and then almost doubled a few events later in the 60 dash, settling for 2nd. Then freshman Demetrius Jackson had a great win over teammate Amir Willis in the 60, and doubled by winning the 200 later. Dual at Can't State next weekend will give us more clues.....
  19. The excitement on campus has been, rightfully so, for Men's basketball, and there's a HUGE one on Saturday against Toledo at 2, followed by the Women at 4:30 in a doubleheader. If you've got nothing better to do earlier except maybe grab a lunch to avoid the high cost of concessions at the JAR, think about making it a triple-header and stop at Ocacek, less than 50 yards from the front door of the JAR and watch the final home meet of the season for our 6 time MAC Swimming and Diving Champions, on their Senior Day. 11:30 for Senior Day activities and noon for the meet, then when you get bored and can't take the humidity and the smell of chlorine, you can go cheer on the Big Guys. Should be a good one against Eastern Michigan, probalby the #2 team in the MAC. Since it's a dual meet it'll go fast. Last time to catch Jessica Bonezzi, Ellie Nebraska (if she's healthy), Jackie Pash, Mackenzie Vargas, Morgan Waggoner swim and Katie Applin dive.
  20. Something has been happening at the past few home games that kinda been making me a little irritated. I've slipped in to a down-low seat a few times and also go with some friends who know "well-heeled" athletic donors and alumnus, and there is a "nod-nod-wink-wink" discussion in the seats and with these folks, telling others that Don't worry, Keith's coming back, soon, and he's going to be the athletic director". Don't know where their info is coming from (other than maybe...), but it seems designed to undermine Groce and the current team's success. Plus it's disingenuous as well.
  21. Agree with NWA. There's basically one Director and an associate and then 3 GAs. And most of what they "Market" is to the students on campus, hardly any to the outside, unless I miss a lot because I'm not a facebook or twitter user. They are more involved in game-day activities and some promotions for upcoming games, but this is not your typical Sports Marketing group for a pro team. They do have interns as well, but once again everything seems to me to be focused on gameday experience rather than attracting general public attendance.
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