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  1. Yeah, but then the stinking defense gave it all away in stoppage time....no fault of the Skipper, however. Nor the manager. They are just not a good time right now. I fear for Caleb's job, but hope the new ownership and Bezbo being there will buy him another year. But, I mean, I threw a tuna fish sandwich at the TV again last night when Jozie scored....gotta stop that...
  2. Chris Bassitt - 7 shutout innings, 2nd straight shutout ball.....plus, he's on my fantasy BBall team!
  3. I'm sorry, but I have to agree with NW, as I've stated earlier in the threads. Pluto used to be one of my favorites, but he has become unreadable to me, especially on the Browns, and although I truly respect the man, I stopped reading his stuff about a year and a half ago. Too bad, because there's not much alternative. I know some here really like Marla, but she's an opportunist as far as writing goes...gets the cushy stories when they "feel good", not much about the lesser area teams if she can't champion something.
  4. I'm sure you have seen the post on GoZips.com, but Paulina Nogaj is competing at the World Swimming Championships in Korea this weekend for Poland. She is a great kid and obviously a great swimmer. Drove up to Cleveland State yesterday and saw Brook Lamoureaux, Andrea Fischer, Jackie Pash, Ellie Nebraska, Morgan Waggoner, Ally Whaton and Sarah Watson compete at the USA Swimming Speedos, competing for Firestone Akron Swim Team (or FAST!)...lots of hard work put in this off-season, it seems like. USA Swimming Futures meet is at SPIRE next weekend, don't know if we'll have any entries, but good to see the 6-time MAC Champs spending time in the pool. Also, lots of swimmers we see in the MAC from BG, Eastern, Toledo, Ohio, and a few from Miami.
  5. I don't read the ABJ/Ohio.com articles because I'm too cheap to pay for the articles once I hit my 6 or 8 bull...limit they set, so I don't know if this was mentioned in Michael's article, but in talking to some of the North Royalton coaches, they think he might also be going to U of A because of...baseball!
  6. I mean, we bring SO MANY college age students in anyways......
  7. And where on this link does it say when camp starts? Do you know a guy on the staff who we have to contact??? 😜
  8. Damn! Okay AyYo, Hilltopper brought this to my attention.....I guess I was wrong wrong wrong...things might not be as bad as I expected. But the real news is I owe you one - Literally! We'll have to arrange a pay-off once the season gets underway....okay? I'll pm you.....
  9. This is awesome...5 and 3, 72 Ks...way to go Chris, hope someday we might have enough “Chrises” to have a Zips in the Pros thread for baseball. Proud of this Zip. ⚾🧨
  10. Track officials who have worked meets for the U are being told there will be an indoor track season, culminating in the Zips hosting the MAC Indoor Championships, but there will be no outdoor meets n 2020, which means no money spent to refurbish the track for the near future, if at all. Also, several individuals interviewing for a supposed empty slot in the coaching ranks, most likely distance, which means we may have lost our first assistant coach due to the track situation. But hey, Women's Lacrosse......
  11. Sorry K-Roo, it must be an old copy, because the Zips and Buffalo do not participate in baseball now, although Akron is back in 2020, and Eastern Michigan does not participate in softball. Also, there are not a majority of core MAC institutions that compete in men's soccer, there are only 4 - NIU, BGSU, Western and Akron....
  12. Why don't we get Marshall to re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-join the MAC!? 🐄 (nice new emojis Dr. Z)
  13. There are no reports about dropping down, and Green never suggested that in his comments. What you read was That was Lee's and others suggestions over the years. It would be a huge move, as you suggest, but if it does happen, there will be a LOT of conversation about it beforehand. LeeAdams has made thoughtful discussion points on this in the past. And as he says in his post No more MAC and a coaches exodus. Even though MSOC and even WS&D would probably be able to continue their excellence, the others would become at best competitors in their new lower level leagues. Heck, you're about to watch two nationally ranked teams (mens and womens track and field) begin their slouch to mediocrity here at The U, why not bring down the others.....
  14. I'll make you a friendly side bet AyYo....there will be no GAs or interns hired for calendar 2019-20 in Marketing.....an adult beverage of your choice.
  15. We've chronicled the last few years our frustrations with the level and professionalism of marketing the MSOC team, but I think it's actually going to get worse. Once in awhile, I like to take a peek at the GoZips.com site and look at the Athletics tab and the Staff Directory to see any new names to the coaching staffs or missing ones. The Marketing staff will be down to just two individuals full-time for 2019-20 for ALL Sports combined, and with the upcoming cutbacks I'd doubt that that staff will grow, or that they will be using any GAs or interns. Bottom line - don't be surprised by a less-than-stellar Marketing and Promotion calendar for all sports.
  16. I'd donate....but I'm a bit of a moron anyway, and I'd think that even at "free" the U would pay to maintain it and keep it up, and not plnt trees next to it, at least trees whose root systems might be a problem.
  17. Kinda like the Lee Jackson Track???????
  18. It might not have been the Bahamas, Mobile, Shreeveport, Idaho (???) but it was at least driveable for the fan base that did want to attend a Zip bowl game that was announced, oh, 3 weeks before the game, and no good alternatives to get transportation, tickets and housing, thanks to our great marketing and alumni groups lack of an idea of how to put something together. I at least have driven the 2 and 1/2 hours to sit inside and watch a game there, and either got a reasonable room for overnight or droove back to Akron afterwards.
  19. So, I read the Troll of an Interim President's comments on the upcoming cuts to athletics, and I was surprised to NOT see any discussion on it on ZNO. I don't subscribe to the Beacon and only got to read the article as one of my X amount of free reads on line, but it sure sounds like some sports are gonna get whacked, or some of the staff that works "Game-Day experiences" are gonna be gone, or have to work for free. But I really was concerned with his comments regarding teams that don't need to have as a goal to work towards national titles., and comparing the new baseball arrangement as a be-all-end-all to the budget crunch. How can you realistically recruit college age kids and their parents or guardians, if you have hanging over your head that the University Administration doesn't give two hoots if you gain national prominence at your level? And I thought the baseball arrangement was temporary until they could fund some scholarships? And Green's comments that by not giving scholarships and bringing in local non-scholarship student-athletes, we would increase attendance at games because people would like to come see their kids and neighbor kids play was simplistic at best and just plain stupid at worst. I'd be hard-pressed to let my son or daughter come to U of A no matter what sport they played, as long as this attitude of funding only national caliber sports persisted. Except, of course, our national championship e-Sports team! I think Green thinks this is the way all sports should be played....
  20. Now it’s the Crystal Clinic WWC. Weird to see the big banner on Infocision when inside is Summa Field 😆
  21. Yeah, but like my son likes to remind me when I bring something like this us in any sport...."Dad, at least they got there." Hoping the Zippys do well in 2020 and beyond....looking forward to watching baseball again, no matter how bad at first.
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