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  1. I do fear football could be lost this year. Many of the schools that are in states that opened early are having spikes. Football is probably the worst sport as o-line & d-line are going full go in each other’s faces with a lot of droplets being exchanged. To a lesser degree the receivers & DB’s are also going at it very hard. I’m not sure you can prevent spikes among football teams during competition I hope there is a football season, couldn’t imagine a fall without it but i am nervous of the possibility of it being cancelled
  2. To be honest, it tells me who is interested in Akron’s football program & who is just here bashing. That is a pretty big pick up. Let’s hope it works out for both sides. I was really just seeing if anyone noticed. I could have put it on one of the cutting threads & stirred up some negative comments about the program 😂
  3. Have to do some digging but I think Floyd, Brimage, & Woolridge signed with Ashland. Ramart with Indiana University of Pennsylvania & Mack got on with a small school somewhere
  4. Just an FYI, doesn’t have any real affect, Arth has built numbers in the QB room, ones with no chance are going to move on
  5. A link within the article about the affect of pandemic on MAC https://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/2020/05/01/central-michigan-eastern-michigan-western-michigan-ncaa-money-coronavirus/5135546002/
  6. Interested to see how this is handled. They technically don’t qualify for D1 FBS after cutting men’s T& F
  7. I’m hearing they are making the football players pay for their summer classes if they need to take any. That is new this summer
  8. This picture is pregame, it filled in nicely, it’s the best crowd I’ve seen there in my 3 seasons of going
  9. That was one of the best crowds, over 20k easy, half was a Iowa State fans, they traveled well
  10. His nephew just committed to Rutgers, probably an even worse program
  11. They cut 3 & we’re at 16 https://www.wksu.org/post/university-akron-cut-three-athletics-teams#stream/0 men’s golf & cross country & women’s tennis, saves 4.4 million
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