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  1. https://gozips.com/news/2022/1/27/akron-mac-unveils-akrons-2022-league-opponents.aspx
  2. Must be having the big guys in this weekend
  3. Don’t know this but the Nike contract was released right before the football season, my hope is they expand options cause only gold helmets & pants sucks
  4. Some people preach not to do the shoe company camps and to just do the College summer camps of schools of your talent level as basically a tryout for your scholarship. Those big shoe company camps cost money to 95% of the kids. The other 5% are free & there film is a no brainer scholarship already & are used to get people to pay so you can get a Nike shirt Also, why should Toledo offer with no offers yet, let’s see what they do now with an offer. I know your all tired of me saying it but this year is extremely different with Covid extra year and new immediate eligibility for transfers
  5. They will get stars if they are getting offers, it happens, he probably never did a shoe company camp to get rated.
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