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  1. Worthless, they must lay the groundwork before these things cause there’s no way no one asked about QB status and outlook for that position this week.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTUf5G0npV7/?utm_medium=share_sheet Captains
  3. Spectrum has a streaming service that is better than youtubetv as I switched from them when youtubetv raised there prices and have had no issues with streaming any of their multiple channels they offer on spectrum, i also switched my internet from AT&T at the same time and the MBPS is much better and everything works better, security system, tv, gaming, cell phones
  4. Lol, have your fun, I’m hoping he makes it through today’s cuts
  5. https://www.news5cleveland.com/sports/browns/browns-begin-making-roster-cuts-ahead-of-deadline-to-reduce-to-53-players Jojo Natson was cut today
  6. https://www.espn.com/college-football/game/_/gameId/401281944 It also says we have a 1.1% chance of winning
  7. Right, makes him short, just sayin, he might be good though
  8. Pure speculation but that 2nd pic looks like 1’s on offense and Tony George at center. 6’2” 285 is a small D1 center
  9. 1. It’s not very accurate but 2 remember with Covid you can be in your 3rd year and be a red shirt freshman speculation but my guess on Gest, he is 24 probably got a masters, may have got hurt, decided it’s not worth battling back again & decided to go make some money & start his career
  10. Wouldn’t put much into that
  11. Wish him luck but I’ll never forget the Northwestern game when he had 7 penalties in the 1st half. Honestly I don’t know how he kept his job after that.
  12. Looks like someone beat out Peterson at Center this camp
  13. This is pretty unfortunate, the players get a pretty good stipend over the summer months to be at camp. The reason being all the campus benefits are not available and they have more cost those months. There have been years the stipend money has not been available when it was supposed to be. Some players can’t sustain themselves without the stipend and someone is trying to do a good deed. All he was doing is giving an advance on what they have coming. Rules are rules but this instance isn’t a players fault. Have the money available when it’s supposed to be and this is a non issue.
  14. I’m just hoping my statement isn’t a true statement. I guess my point is on offense Kato is probably #1 & Dre #2. Kato has been suspended for off the field issues & undependable, Dre was ineligible & tried to transfer Defense Bubba #1 and is a undersized LB, I know a warrior & great kid and love having him but no offers cause of size, no ILB’s that short & lucky he got an opportunity, #2 Hooks was ineligible last year Point being - we need to start seeing better recruits to turn this thing around & I’m hopeful this year we see some
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