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  1. I try not to get to into this cause we are not there everyday, we don’t see everything that goes into being a D1 football player. It’s about 16 hours a day and I’m sure coaches have there reasoning but both Wolfley & Meeks came to us as linebackers and was converted to TE because we didn’t have any, especially with Booker not wanting to play college football. Morris was made a safety at Indiana, I believe because he isn’t a WR, and Boogie I think this staff figured him out. He isn’t a WR, they tried, they loved his work ethic & he was the focus in the slot but ultimately he is a RB, great HS career at running back & is good with ball once he has it but struggles to create separation at WR. I hope Dre is dedicated, I think with Dre & Mathison in the slots, Dollard at RB if they find some consistency at outside WR & a QB with our Oline hopefully continuing to grow our offense could be pretty dam good but it won’t matter if our defense doesn’t get some talent. Especially dline, I’ve been saying it since I got on here in 2017. You have to have good dline to have good defense, they keep the lineman off LB’s & get pressure on QB’s to help the DB’s & we have been awful at dline
  2. I see Dre Williams, hopefully his grades & work ethic have improved & he can contribute this fall
  3. That could be, wasn’t that close to situation but person that told me has direct relationship with YSU football
  4. I’m telling you he had the YSU job & demanded to much money, heard from someone close to the situation
  5. Don’t think he will, only 1 year of eligibility, that’s why he chose what he did
  6. Can’t afford him, he had the YSU job but was unrealistic
  7. Dylan made a good choice for himself. He wasn’t getting opportunities to play football and study to be a Doctor. Florida has a reasonable priced medical program, he got to go home & walk on to football team
  8. Sorry, i see it was already posted
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/406mtsports.com/college/big-sky-conference/montana-state-university/former-akron-receiver-nate-stewart-lands-at-montana-state-as-grad-transfer/article_d8599a07-3483-57de-a9a6-5d7c525f29db.amp.html
  10. Maybe he can become a Warhawkoutsider
  11. Apparently his son Rhett is going as well as a grad transfer, he was a QB at Arizona
  12. Wolfley is going to D2 University of West Florida
  13. I wish him luck & I’m also hoping this means we won’t be beat deep so often
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