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  1. Really? I can’t help but think of the UAB game that was very close until he had like a 5 yard punt & he ran off the field throwing a temper tantrum
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chicagotribune.com/sports/college/ct-college-football-covid-19-20200715-szjffbkdwfhzpnsy6ggcirjf2y-story.html%3foutputType=amp The MAC postponed a statement after Wednesday’s meeting until Sunday. Rumor has it NIU is pulling out for the season. Nothing official yet
  3. I get it but he is a specialist, to small for WR & I know he did well at Akron but it’s not typical WR size, I hope one of them proves me wrong
  4. At least use the football one
  5. What the hell happened to this University of Akron FOOTBALL Forum?
  6. Blue shirt rules allow for unrecruited players to be awarded a scholarship at the start of freshman practice. This allows a team that may have too many commits to essentially borrow against their next year's scholarship total. So I believe Bubba Arslanian was a blue shirt, he was on the travel team & never played his freshman year & was redshirted & he paid his first year of college & the scholarship kicks in year two. It’s used when you don’t have any scholarships left & goes against the next years allotment
  7. I tend to believe you but they will wait as long as they can & will try very hard as it is so important in so many ways for schools, students, communities & the overall economy. So much money they want to at least try
  8. A grey shirt is an incoming college freshman who postpones his enrollment in classes until the second term of his freshman year. This means they don't take classes until the winter term. The NCAA allows collegeathletes five years to complete four years of eligibility after initial enrollment.
  9. My point is Kato is the QB, no competition this year, maybe next year there will be but not this year. IMO
  10. A punter, a 2018 graduate so not sure where to put this
  11. I see I should completely wake up before posting, sorry about that
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