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  1. Wonder what happened as he ran with the 1’s a lot
  2. Undersized but the practices I seen he was the best route runner we had
  3. Looks just like last year when NIU didn’t win a game to MACC, this year it’s Akron turn to surprise with a new coach and a lot of new faces GO ZIPS 🏈 🏆
  4. No, what I meant is we had 7 true freshman play the year we made the MACC in 2017, be nice if you get to a point freshman don’t need to play unless they are special
  5. We made the MACC in 2017 & 7 Freshman played, have we come that far?
  6. Wow, he had basically no stats at a D2 school & he is gonna go to Illinois, his 4th school, why? Good luck to him I guess
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