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  1. Game 1—@Nebraska Cornhuskers

    It’s $650,000 settlement for cancelled game & 1.45 mil for 2025
  2. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Would of been better if you used this one
  3. Welcome Tom Arth!

    We got $650,000 for Nebraskra & will go back in 2025 for another mil+ game, it worked out plus the 2.5 mil for Northwestern & South Carolina we had a good financial year. We only have 1 pay day next year with Illinois
  4. Welcome Tom Arth!

    I also think the decision was predetermined & why we got the South Carolina game. It paid for everything. If it was for bowl eligibility we would have chose differently. LW knew he lost the team & we weren’t going bowling
  5. Welcome Tom Arth!

  6. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Again not trying to argue but your last statement of blind loyalty would be the same to me in giving Bowden another year, we already know the results 5-7
  7. Welcome Tom Arth!

    He also spent 3 years in NFL with Colts as Peyton Manning’s back up & is very close with him & was a reference for Arth. Arth was not my first choice but I am going to give him a chance.
  8. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Not arguing with you, he also has head coaching experience at John Carroll where he was 40-8. I agree with a lot of what you say and am very concerned but I am going to support him. If it doesn’t work, that could change. Go Zips, maybe since Coach Arth is only 37 he can help us finish the climb. I think it was to much for 62 year old Coach Bowden.
  9. Possible Candidates

    His resume better create headlines or you already lost the 1st battle in energizing your base & keeping your players & recruits. Sorry, but that is how it works, not saying a guy who doesn’t do that can’t succeed but it adds a couple years to the process & getting his players
  10. Possible Candidates

    I’m hoping there is a lot of smoke here. I’m not big on Arth & I can’t see us paying his buyout. If your going to do that pay more & get a name that motivates the community. I’m thinking Kehres probably makes the most financial sense, gets people excited & probably your best long term candidate. If your willing to spend more & reach financially a little I think Getsy would be a big hit & more of a rent a coach until a P5 comes calling
  11. Possible Candidates

    If he wants the job, gotta at least interview & do some negotiating. Close the deal LW
  12. Possible Candidates

    Do you think it’s possible we haven’t reached out to Getsy?
  13. Possible Candidates

    I got excited when I read Miss State thinking it was Getsy I am excited they are looking at multiple candidates
  14. Possible Candidates

    Tony Alford Bio http://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/coach/tony-alford/
  15. Possible Candidates

    Here is a new candidate Tony Alford (Ohio State RB coach) mentioned in an article about John Nemec being let go by Akron in the Record Courier. Alford played for Nemec & he would hope to stay on staff if Alford would get the job https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.record-courier.com/sports/20181204/former-rough-riders-football-coach-nemec-loses-job-at-akron-but-plans-to-keep-working%3ftemplate=ampart