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  1. Came up a little short M 26 - CM 21 So the positive to draw from is we are only 3 points away from the MACC losing to them 20-17 5th straight year a new Champion Why not Akron? March to 2020 MACC begins now Go Zips 🏈
  2. https://www.google.com/search?q=akron+vs+central+michigan+2018+football&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari#sie=m;/g/11f54202s1;6;/m/012hfxch;dt;fp;1;; i know your going to think I’m crazy but above link is Akron vs Central Michigan 2018. CMU offense was anemic last year & the only game they won was against an FCS team. They got a couple QB’s, a good WR & DLine guy through the portal. They also got a proven coach but it is possible to go from a winless MAC team to the MACC. As I write this they are winning in the 2nd half of MACC. Go Zips, the road to the 2020 MACC starts now, recruit, recruit, recruit
  3. I don’t think adding up all our rush attempts we got 1,000 yards total
  4. Smart decision by Iowa State, bigger buyout for school if he decides to leave for a bigger opportunity
  5. I do appreciate your passion, i know several players on the team over the last several years. I just want to make clear I don’t know the solution. The perception of the players over the last few years of Bowden is he lost the team. No discipline, the team was ruling the roost. Players where arguing with coaches, players were not taking their academics & commitments seriously by missing meetings & mandatory study times. Also, the team was not made up of the high character players you want representing your community. I know the AD is taking a lot of heat for the decision he made but IMHO his hands were tied & he had to make a decision. Now, this may change over time but the players perception now is that Arth is just to much. The day is scripted from beginning to end. Over the top on demanding perfection. Have to meet standards set for team. Grades, study time & meetings plus perform at a D1 level. He took scholarships away from players that didn’t meet these standards trying to raise the expectations. I believe he lost some of them. Over a couple years of his recruits hopefully this feeling will go away and succeed or this program will explode. I honestly don’t know which direction it is gonna go Hopefully Arth can find that middle ground & can make this thing work cause ultimately we may all look at things differently but we want our Football team to succeed Go Zips 🏈
  6. Central Michigan just did it this year & they was picked for dead last this year, not saying it will be done but it can be done
  7. Only downfall is can you stay healthy enough or have enough depth to overcome. We got Ohio State & Auburn in 2021
  8. Wow, that is pretty impressive in year 2 with that OOC schedule
  9. Just another fact to add, Central Michigan won their 1st FBS game in 2 years this year so it can be done
  10. https://athlonsports.com/college-football/mac-football-2019-predictions I looked at several 2019 MAC Football Predictions & none of them have Miami vs Central Michigan in the MACC. Let’s hope Akron can get some crucial pieces from Juco or through the transfer portal & we can get back to being competitive. It seems like every year someone surprises you in the MAC. Let’s hope it’s the Zips next year
  11. Unfortunately TE position has had serious struggles. Looked liked we found a good one with Kobe Booker & he quit. Long looked good his junior year & tore ACL in spring game & limped his whole senior year. They moved Devon Jones to TE & he had a great spring & tore his ACL in spring game. It was his 2nd ACL & he walked with seniors last night so assuming he is not looking for a medical red shirt. Junk has been hurt every season, Johns hurt and missed a few. Hopefully Wolfley will be good to go and get some help. I do think going into this year our offense was projected to be our strong suit. Thinking our line was a strong suit & ended up being our weakest link but we lost Burkhart & Morris WR, Jones & Wolfley TE, every RB via injury or transfer portal Sands, Alce, White, Floyd & went through several freshman via injuries No excuses, as football is a next man up sport because of high injury risk but we did take a lot of hits. If you look back over the offensive stats Burkhart didn’t play in Troy game & from Kent State on. We REALLY struggled without him. Don’t know if Kato was comfortable with him, his deep threat opened the field up or what but it’s really obvious looking back at it
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