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  1. I don’t think any football drills or coaching but they are around during conditioning
  2. It’s from today, i would hope he wouldn’t tweet that tweet a picture with a player who left lol
  3. That is Dre Williams, 🤔 who said he might be staying?
  4. On top of that our DB’s really struggled
  5. I get what your saying but he is from North Carolina & maybe decided to move closer to home so his parents could see him play. I don’t know what the reason is but it may not be a reflection of the program or player. He seems to have been a good member of the Zips family while he was here. Once you graduate it is your prerogative to transfer if you wish. There is a lot of that going on right now if you watch closely.
  6. It says he is immediately eligible so he probably just graduated & wants to see if he can get on somewhere a little bigger. Can’t blame him trying to do better if he is graduated, that’s not bailing
  7. Plus I think I seen 16 PWO’s on top of this
  8. This guy has not committed, but there is Deshields as well
  9. According to transfer portal a couple of the guys found homes Keyondre White - Hampton University Keyshawn Swanson -Troy
  10. I was not a proponent for hiring Kehres but some of you where. Some said he would never leave Mount Union. Looks like he probably was open to moving on
  11. Not saying it’s gonna happen but it’s more than wishful thinking.
  12. Remember, they can ask to come back, I don’t know if Arth would take any of them back but Mack has no other offers & no real college film. I think Arth would take Williams back if he makes a commitment to grades & offseason workouts. Don’t think with new commits he would have an interest in keeping others
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