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  1. Why? Over & over again, i am so thankful for Bowden getting us out of the basement but he hit cruise control & we are here because of him. We are playing with Bowden recruits & Recruits we got after signing day. This sucks because are senior coaching staff didn’t want to hit the recruiting trail anymore If you look back I wanted a new OC but once the decision was made I wanted Getsy. For being an x QB here, being in NFL around Rogers & an OC in SEC but would have cost some money. With that being said we gotta give him a chance to recruit as we can see he wasn’t left much & playing true freshman is never a good thing
  2. He has 3 games he can play in yet, your allowed 4 games so this doesn’t mean it will get used yet, he could play both these games & still have one left
  3. Not sure what’s funny @Hilltopper? Didn’t say he was a NFL receiver, didn’t see enough but his athleticism would place him top 5 in combine. Link below. Has school record 39.5 vertical, He’s a laser 4.4 guy 6.8 cone drill, 11 foot broad http://thehuddle.com/2019/03/03/2018-nfl-combine-results-wide-receivers-2/
  4. Sad, we never got to see his complete potential, he owns several of the off season records at WR on the boards & if he participated in an NFL combine he would be a top 5 guy with 40, vertical & shuttle run
  5. Do you know we are paying Bowden? South Carolina game bought him out & Bought out Arth contract as well, plus made up the difference on Nebraska game, that was discussed in the ABJ at some point
  6. Who? Impact? the offense statistically is better, minus rushing
  7. This is 💯 % Bowden’s team, he is doing the best he can, who locally is doing a good job on the field? Offense - nobody, defense Bentley, Bubba I know Bowden lost the team, the players didn’t listen & talked back I understand Arth maybe over the top & many of the leftover plays don’t want to raise there grades or work that hard & they have been weeded out Lets see what happens, if he has the 1st 9 win season do you eat crow or are you still gonna be beating the Bowden drum
  8. No Akron East kids left, that tree bared no fruit
  9. I know they don’t do injury reports but anybody know anything about Burkhart, he is our only big play threat, he had 4 catches in one drive in the UMass game, 1 for a TD right before half & didn’t play 2nd half & was in street cloths yesterday Combination of no big play potential & knowing your going to get beat deep on defense on any given play is depressing, especially if you have no run game to eat clock & keep opponent off the field The long pass TD on the first drive took the excitement out of the crowd, the players fought but crowd seem to lose it on that play
  10. We have 7 games left & you will see Gibson in 3 of them barring him getting injured & he keeps his redshirt Not trying to be a jerk but we aren’t doing anything this year & the cupboards were left bare especially on defense, we had to hit Juco hard to just be competitive & we have no numbers in the defensive backs & 3 have hit the portal, it’s going to take some time We know Kelly is out of eligibility & I have no insider info but I could see since Kato was RS he could possibly leave as a graduate transfer if he stayed on pace for 4 year graduation Plus I thinking they are recruiting for an upgrade in lineman, much needed also My vote save Gibson’s RS
  11. When you enter the portal you are off the team, he has been removed from roster already. He can redshirt since he played less than 4 games but it doesn’t matter unless someone picks him up
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