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  1. 2019 Preseason

    Does this guy get paid. I read this and got nothing out of the practice, scrimmage, team. This is the Spring Showcase, supposedly the most important piece he should be writing with as much detail about the team as you have been able to obtain as the beat writer. This is garbage https://www.ohio.com/sports/20190413/university-of-akron-football-with-spring-practice-behind-them-hard-work-begins-for-zips
  2. 2019 Preseason

    They ran things like a practice. 24 - 5 minute periods. Just a few things I noticed. The offense is night & day. A lot of diversification, saw 5 wide to 2 TE & everything in between. With the ones it’s definitely Kato. Sands look good at RB & So did Burkhart & Stewart WR. Add Dre & WR is a strong suit Defensively I was pleasantly surprised. Little concerned we are a little undersized front 7. Lako was everywhere.
  3. @Captain Kangaroo do you mean Floyd? I thought Suggs quit?
  4. 2019 Preseason

    @Dr Z @Captain Kangaroo You guys at scrimmage today? Can we expect some notes? 🙏🏻
  5. 2019 Preseason

  6. 2019 Preseason

  7. 2019 Preseason

    If anyone goes to last scrimmage before spring break today post some thoughts thanks
  8. 2019 Preseason

    Anybody go to practice today? Might have been 1st full pads
  9. 2019 Preseason

    Probably Bowden’s biggest downfall during his tenure. Never had enough depth at QB, had a WR at QB down the stretch in 2016 which could have been a bowl season
  10. 2019 Preseason

  11. 2019 Preseason

    Alex is in video’s #12, seems fine & full participant, Coach May have just accidentally missed mentioning him, not as exciting but it does at least seem he is using Kelley to push Kato
  12. 2019 Preseason

    Coach Arth Mic’d 1st practice
  13. Dylan Meeks was DL last year, he was recruited as LB, played TE as a freshman. I noticed both a 4-3 & 3-4 in pics, my 3 guesses where Davis at CB, Bubba was ILB & in the 4-3 pic where you see Davis at corner, Bubba is OLB & in the 3-4 Brimage moved out from DT in 4 man front to DE in 3 man front I missed Neeley but I see it now going back
  14. 2019 Preseason

  15. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    Why can’t we just talk about football?