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  1. I went back and looked at all the clips that have been released & things I’ve seen around & again this is just from what I’ve seen with Kato presuming #1’s. Center Peterson, lg council, LT brown, the right side looks to be a competition, several different players have been in there
  2. that wasnt Corne, it was Sample & I don’t think those were all starters, what I’ve seen in clips is Muldowney is at right tackle a lot & Council moves back to guard, Brown still at Left tackle but it’s all just putting pieces together & a guess. If you rewatch clip it has there names. Corne was in classroom clip right at beginning
  3. I have no idea at any position lol. I’m excited to see a depth chart. I hear rumors, that’s it. Different staff, different opinions on talent, some position changes, just opinion but seems like it’s not all about talent, seems like they weigh in effort, intelligence, leadership Dont know if it will bring victories but I like what I see and I’m a little prouder to be an alumni, let’s hope I’m not the only one & some people come to games
  4. I believe Hicks is available
  5. Camp starts today. So we should see the Juco’s That report
  6. I think Rich Hall went to Indy CC
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