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  1. When is the first official practice?

    They practiced like no other Groce-led Zips team ever has. Guys were jumping so high, they almost hit the new gigundus scoreboard. A little Blood, Lots of Sweat. No Tears.
  2. Season Ticket Renewal

    We renewed, same seats, lower bowl. Still going to be different not yelling AT Groce, but WITH him. #OneAkron
  3. UA to Renovate the JAR

    Boy I sure hope they leave room on the new scoreboard for "The DIFF". God knows I wouldn't want to actually have to do any math..
  4. Kwan Cheatham Jr

    That glass still half-empty, Skip?
  5. Kwan Cheatham Jr

    Kwan's a well-grounded, hard-working man. He'll be a success in life, no matter where the journey takes him. God Bless and good luck Kwan
  6. Possible Late Additions

    Hey Capt, the name is Joe AKRON, not Joe Dambrot.. I'm used to the struggle of NE OH sports teams, even if U of A bball hasn't been in that group very often. Fred said it best: We cheer the Akron Blue and Gold, We cheer as the colors unfold. We pledge anew, we're all for you, As the team goes crashing through, Fight! Fight!
  7. John Groce Officially Hired

    GT doesn't like when EA writes a Zip article because now he'll have to put down the Wendy's Triple just to cut and paste something.
  8. Duquesne Basketball Coach Keith Dambrot

    MY personal fave: FAM Citizen Offline Registered: 11/12/2012 Posts: 755 Re: Another small PG Come on Folks, we all know... "Size doesn't matter"
  9. If you were the Athletic Director...

    Congrats to Akron, our 51st State.. Guess I'm a Governor now..
  10. Search For The Next Head Coach

    The heating and cooling guy, right?
  11. Search For The Next Head Coach

    I guess we can put you down as a firm "No Change". You reinforced some other posters' ideas, but in keeping with the theme, you rattled a few cages.. As for me, I'm meh, because, I'm just Joe Akron. By the way, always loved your sister, SusanLucci..
  12. Search For The Next Head Coach

    $1.2 Million was the original judgement in Portage Co.
  13. Search For The Next Head Coach

    Word on the Streets of Akron is that Geno may be hesitant to return to Ohio and collect a pay check, since Kent received a judgement against him in Portage Co Common Please Court, which (as I have been told) remains uncollected as of yet. Perhaps someone who has better street connections can add to this..
  14. PD Article on UA Sports Spending

    Andy is one lucky SOB
  15. Dambrot says 'yes' to Duquesne this time

    Terry Pluto weighs in: http://www.cleveland.com/pluto/index.ssf/2017/03/keith_dambrots_ncaa_frustratio.html#incart_river_index