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  1. I don't know much about him but could Xeyrius handle short spurts as a small-ball center? it would help get some shooting on the floor and pull bigs away from the basket. you'd be giving up a lot of size but it might be a nice change-of-pace lineup
  2. I don't think he's primed for a HC job anytime soon but Rob Fulford's experience at Huntington Prep could make him a recruiting tool for a major program
  3. Maybe he's getting some interest from Cincy since Cronin left?
  4. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/04/sports/ncaa-final-four-graduate-transfers.html NCAA considering a rule where if a school receives a grad transfer and the player does not earn his masters degree within 1 year, the school is docked a hoops scholarship the following year (which seems to ignore many grad programs take 2 years to complete) Just putting it on the radar since the Zips seem like a team who could use a grad transfer to fill out next year's roster
  5. One of Jimond's favorite players is Russell Westbrook, I think Jimond really respects how Russ has taken the leadership role in OKC after Kevin Durant left. Could be a blueprint for him to follow.
  6. players typically take courses over the summer to keep their workload during the season down. some players will go "full-time" over the summer, which would make it possible to graduate in 3 years.
  7. on the flip side, it says "I'm not reducing the number of quality candidates by narrowing the scope right off the bat."
  8. There is a concern about lack of size next year, but I think it's important to note Jimond stepped up in the rebounding department towards the end of the season. If he can out-rebound other teams' wings I wouldn't be worried about Utomi playing the 4.
  9. I agree. The difference is none of these schools were saddled with a mediocre FBS football team that limited its options for re-alignment.
  10. Probably wouldn't sit well with future recruits if we were blocking transfers after a coaching change.
  11. http://pittsburghsportsnow.com/2017/03/28/duquesnedambrot-adds-first-player-makes-offers/ The article mentions McFadden and Thomas contacting players on behalf of Duquesne. Sounds like they're leaving with Dambrot.
  12. Does anyone know if Ant or Noah is eligible for a grad transfer? Either of them leaving would be a huge loss.
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