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  1. Speaking of attendance problems, I will be driving past Dekalb, IL near kickoff tonight. I would hope for massive traffic backups, but alas, I doubt it will happen.
  2. I hate the way that USA Today focuses on the very top and very bottom of college football. They are catering to the least common denominator of readers. It would be so much more interesting to do articles on conference races, rivalries, local traditions, etc. But every day, it is the same thing. Who is #1 for the Heisman? Who will make the Playoff? How is Tua's fingernail or whatever is ailing him this week? I've come to hate national media. College football is so special because of the local interest it draws. But that can almost never be "news" in a national media outlet.
  3. I've always thought it made sense to have midweek games for teams that are not drawing great crowds on Saturdays. But it is a downward spiral as it takes its toll on the best fans who would come every Saturday. I think you are now paying the price for the combination of bad teams and few Saturday games. Next year, Iowa State has a Thursday night game at home with Kansas State. The rivalry has a great tradition called "Farmageddon." Yet, apparently we are willing (or were forced) to sacrifice our tailgating for TV money and national exposure. We will still have a good crowd, but it takes its toll on the fanbase. Pulling off a tailgate, albeit a late, lame one, seems hardly worth it on a Thursday. Tailgating is a huge part of the gameday experience for 90% of our fans.
  4. Maybe not that many watched it particularly because there wasn't much of a sense of urgency for a conference title game birth. Plus our cable digital sports pack signal was terribly pixelated. We had to stream through the CBS Sports App and then mirror with Apple TV. It was pretty tough to watch from a technical perspective.
  5. Well, that 4th quarter for Buffalo didn't go as hoped. Lost on offense, defense, and special teams. First half was pretty nice. Apart from my personal interest, that is why Americans watch MACtion. Anything can happen.
  6. Not quite. I think Buffalo wins the MAC East if they beat Kent, Toledo, and Bowling Green . . . and if Miami loses to Akron and Ball State. 🤨 Big "if's" that depend on the Zips to do their job as a spoiler! ☠️
  7. Really? This should bring some hope to this gloomy fan site! 🤩
  8. He can do a lot to control his own destiny with a good showing tonight just up the street from his high school! Go Bull(dog)s!
  9. As an Akron-in-law, I hate to see such great fans as you losing heart, but I understand.
  10. For kicks, I did a quick run through Iowa State's roster: 2 from NEO (Mike Rose from Brecksville and Jataris Grant from Akron Garfield), 4 from Cincinnati/Dayton area, 1 from Newark, Ohio, 4 from the Detroit area.
  11. It would be really nice if the Zips rise to the occasion and become the MAC spoiler. I have a free weekend in December that I would really like to fill. Come on guys, take care of business these next two weeks.
  12. Illegal "receiver" downfield is the worst rule in football. If a blocker runs over his guy (or misses his guy) and then looks for someone else to block, he is at risk of getting a penalty. They need to increase the number of yards in which blockers can block. Calling them a "receiver" because they are blocking a few yards downfield is so dumb.
  13. Nice to get some actual info. It is so easy for rumors to take off on things like this. Hope the truth spreads as far and fast as the rumors.
  14. Don't make an Ohio joke. Don't make an Ohio joke. Don't make an Ohio joke. It is so hard not to do so.
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