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  1. How did these guys do in the Q&A with media? It is one thing to be a leader on the team because of position, seniority, etc., but quite another to be able to say the right things during the media sessions.
  2. This concern is about all that makes sense to me about keeping Terry around at all. If Akron was going to pay him no matter what, perhaps it made some sense to keep him around to do something you would otherwise have to pay someone else to do and/or generate some revenue you might not get otherwise.
  3. Of course, Akron has a race car. Glad to see Goodyear Eagles on there. Not Hoosier Tires.
  4. Hmmm. I would be very interested in seeing Northern Iowa join the MAC.
  5. There are always "reports" about dropping down. Are these credible reports? That would be a huge move.
  6. Of course. And it was silly to think that he was doing anything else even while he was still there. That's my point. You fire someone and then expect them to be a great team-member! Seemed crazy from day 1.
  7. I was skeptical when it was announced about Terry sticking around Akron. Does this latest news justify my skepticism? This seems to be all about what is good for Terry, not for Akron.
  8. "Always the best in town!"
  9. OK, just checking. Personally, I like staying in the midst of the opposing team's fan base. It makes for a lot of interesting conversations, especially when there is Big 10 arrogance involved, as there is sure to be in this case.
  10. What did it cost to get these games? Hope they were at bargain prices.
  11. Bryant? Deep in the recruiting hotbed of Rhode Island!
  12. Uh, Bloomington is an hour away . . . and the hotels are not all that much better. Maybe if you are set on something like a Doubletree. I see a Country Inn in Champaign for $85 on Orbitz (Fri to Sun). Bloomington is home for Illinois State U, not the U of Illinois.
  13. I've never been there for a game, but have attended a few events over the years. Perhaps the most helpful (if not obvious) thing I would say is that The University of Illinois is in Champaign, downstate and nowhere near Chicago. The population of the "metro" is only 200,000. This means that you should book hotels early because they don't have the inventory like Chicago (for which Northwestern that can host a home game and hardly make a dent on the local hotel availability). Fortunately, they have little hope for their football team, so that should keep after-market ticket prices low.
  14. Wow. What a train wreck. Good think I moved from Illinois so I don't have to associate with them anymore. This is going to be a nice way for you to open the season. Win as big as the paycheck!
  15. For you youngsters, "Boogie Nights" was a classic 70's disco song, long before the name was given to the 90's movie. Pardon the bad sync of music and video. It was the 70's. All about dancing, not production values.
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