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  1. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Not uncommon.
  2. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    Iowa State thought it scheduled a fun local cupcake for our make-up game on December 1st. Drake! And then almost lost in the snow!
  3. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Odd year here in Ames. Basketball team is pretty good and very interesting, but I'm still more focused on football. Weird. Any Zips suffering from the same malady?
  4. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    Hey, I see what you did there! You tried to turn this into a discussion about football schedule! How dare you?
  5. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Good for Gasser. I've always liked him and been wondering what happened and where he would land. Nothing has been said publicly about the reason for his contract not being renewed. It seemed odd that he left without another position which tells me that it wasn't planned. I always liked him as a coach. Seemed like a hard-worker. I saw him in action a few times at camps and he really did a nice job making it worthwhile for all the kids to be there. Campbell talks about how much he wants the coaches to be in sync, so I have to think there was an issue there. Gasser was known for his analysis. The only possible negative that I ever heard was one statement that indicated he was hard to please ("if Gasser thinks its good, you know its good because he doesn't like anything.") Personally, I didn't take that as a negative , but just an expression of how analytical the staff is (which I love). So maybe he was too hard on guys and/or not enough of a rah rah guy when needed. I think his roots go deep in Ohio. When we hosted the Iowa State tailgate in the Akron parking lot, his wife and a few dozen family showed up, so maybe he just wanted to get back to his roots. Is he related to Nick Gasser? Iowa State has had some Interesting coaching moves recently: Jim Hofher, former QB coach, moved to an analytic position last year, and is coaching one of the AAF teams (which was announced while he was still on the staff). Tom Manning, former OC, went to the Colts to be an O-line coach, did really well, but came back a few weeks ago to be our OC, a position that Campbell didn't fill in his absence. Perhaps that had something to do with Gasser's departure. Both Campbell and Manning say that Manning's return was not something planned, but it just happened fairly quickly. Joe Houston, former Special Teams coach, seemed to be a package deal with a transfer punter, but moved to a quality assurance position, and now is on staff with Alabama.
  6. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    I concur. If I want to follow a rabbit trail, I'll start a new thread about it.
  7. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    I know what you meant and I simply responded with evidence that they are recruiting rather well. And, despite your chagrin, they seem to be doing exactly what you think is not possible. Regardless of what any of us think about Liberty, they are building an outstanding athletic program in many sports. Sigh, we have years of this conversation to endure. Perhaps we should create a "Bash Liberty" thread and keep this one to the football scheduling conversation.
  8. 2019 Schedule

    We will miss having you guys come west of the Mississippi River!
  9. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    I think that was his point . . . in response to the proposition that no African-Americans would go to Liberty.
  10. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    Seriously, you don't think Liberty is able to recruit African-American athletes? Check out their rosters. You may be letting your anti-Liberty sentiments get a little out of hand. http://www.liberty.edu/flames/index.cfm?PID=36959&teamID=6 http://www.liberty.edu/flames/index.cfm?PID=36959&teamID=9 http://www.liberty.edu/flames/index.cfm?PID=36959&teamID=7&CFID=618874407&CFTOKEN=45823418
  11. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    Liberty is doing a major upgrade on their football facilities too. They have leveraged the profitability of their online program for their traditional campus program, including athletic facilities.
  12. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    UNI has done better on the field in Ames than Iowa City. But it is such a big deal in either city when they play. In Akron's case, I think it would be a great launch to the season to have a huge crowd, buttressed by fans of an in-state opponent. It is tough to ramp up in attendance from a slow start, so this could be great for attendance through the season.
  13. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    How much is the paycheck for YSU to come to Akron? I would think it would be very good in terms of ticket sales and attendance to start a season with a nearby "rival."
  14. National Signing Day 2019!!!

    Open the pouch. Show us who you got. Or does your new coach keep it a secret?
  15. 9100 Attendance

    Indeed, fans of winning teams are some of the least loyal. I went to the Iowa State game at Kansas last week. Their fans are crapping all over their team because they know they aren't Top 10 caliber this year. You find out how loyal fans are when the going get rough, like in Cleveland. A few years ago, I recall someone using a formula to determine the "most loyal fan base." They divided total attendance by wins over a three year period. Iowa State was #1.