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  1. I have heard from a reliable source - a future Akron Zip, Jared is set to stay. There was some Louisville talks at one point, but the only coach I've ever seen coach Akron looks to be staying. Great news!
  2. I saved my first Zips away game for this Final 4. What an amazing trip and Santa Barbara is an awesome place. On the games, I believe we got what we deserved with unfortunately was 2nd place. On Friday, Zips were incredible. From defense to attack, each player played their part. It was great to see 5 different goalscorers on the night. Everything we shot went in the goal. Excellent performances from our back line to contain a good forward in Sierakowski. He has hurt us in other games against MSU before. Many at the game were speaking of MSU goalkeeper being potential pro option for MLS clubs. Where does that leave Lundt if this is the case? Another note; did our staff lose a member? I noticed a younger guy dropping cones for warm ups at the MSU game. Anyone know who he is? I checked the website and nobody mentioned. In the final, our team underperformed. We looked bad defensively and the choice of Milanesse instead of Hernandez looked the wrong one from coach Embick. Interestingly enough, I felt it was the right choice every other game that it happened in the season. We cannot hold that against Embick. He and his staff have done a fantastic job to get this team this far. This is my first year REALLY being a fan of the zips, despite being a huge European soccer fan, and I am hooked. Nothing beats watching this Zips team live and in person. I leave Santa Barbara early tomorrow morning but I wish this journey was not over for these young men.
  3. I am under the impression every team makes the MAC tournament this year. 3rd plays 6th at home. 4th plays 5th at home. Winners advance to tournament at site of the regular season champions. As for tonight, it was disappointing. This team is inconsistent. We seem to play much better on the road. I still believe in these players and coaches.
  4. Your post is ridiculous. I think it is very clear to everyone that both players, coaches and staff were well worthy of their win on PK's this past weekend and for you to question their "wanting it more" is out of character. Get behind this team - don't question their effort. Their smiles on their faces Saturday night reassured me they want to win it as much as we want them to win it. Belana played out of his mind in midfield. Cannot ever question his desire. I would like to know when this team has "looked to referees after a bump"? Could maybe question that in the past with Nagbe and Richie Laryea but I do not feel this team is as soft as in the past. Bringing up Embick and Porter is same context is irrelevant. Porters Akron days are over. Embick is out of his shadow now. He has done EVERYTHING Porter did her except win that title. My hotel is booked for Philly until Monday and I expect this team to take the title home.
  5. That is the best you can come up with about the game?
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