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  1. Can we have pregame fireworks, or is 3:30 pm too late?
  2. I had the same experience! However, I hit my guide button tonight during the Indians game and saw that at 11:30 Zips Football Weekly was going to be on. So indeed something has been adjusted or changed!
  3. Yeah, but 90% of them are freshman! Also stacked at P/PK Lets hope we can find one...its been too long!
  4. I thought we already had a 1-2 with @Kentucky starting in 2021?
  5. Can we get an administrator to take out Coach Bowden's name on the recruiting banner? Thanks!
  6. Then again, maybe having a Bowden hanging around to bounce ideas off of, isn't a terrible idea.
  7. Bowden married an Akron girl last year, so my guess is he knows he isn't going to get another big time job, so why not stick around?
  8. Well, we haven't had one of those for a real long time so....
  9. I am NOT one of those people that gets offended.... but that's a terrible comment! No place for that.
  10. Fearless forecast: It will rain... oh not that forecast? Ok then, Alex starts to look like he has played before and has a completion percentage over 45% with two (2!) TD's
  11. BGSUcks can not possibly be that bad, can they? Even with the probability of Ramart playing qb? Wow! I would have thought more like 4-5 points.
  12. Although there was not many more, I can guarantee you that this was not 7 min prior to kickoff! This is both teams going through pre game warmups. At minimum it was 30 minutes prior to kickoff. The Zips run out of the tunnel about 7-8 minutes before kickoff. Fake news!!!
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