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  1. If I recall correctly, Chisholm was the closest to 1,000 yards in his freshman season. However they did share the backfield for a year or two so they took away from each others numbers, but both we different types of runners as well.
  2. Someone didn't do their due diligence at the YSU group. Sean Sweet OL from Mantua, Ohio not Crestwood, Ohio. That's all....
  3. He did recently come back to coaching in 2018 to become offensive coordinator for Legend High School in Parker Colorado!
  4. I for one believe that Shelton Felton should get a raise simply because his name is Shelton Felton!
  5. The university as a perk allowed STH to trade in weeknight games for tickets to the other 4. THAT says a lot! I didn't used to mind midweek games until I had children old enough to play their own sports....
  6. So, how many do you think watched it?
  7. I believe Joe Dunn must run that handle...the eternal optimist! I heard him say that if they were to play 5 quarters tonight they would win.
  8. Crap, I was just going to be able to make it for the 800 start, now....
  9. Going for two.... against a FBS school....at home.... and losing! Just kidding! I was at the MAC Championship game and I think that's my top moment. However, I was also at the 1992 Acme Zip Game where Darren Alcorn kicked a 57 yard fg as time expired to beat Toledo, I believe. That, was awesome!
  10. The back up qb only fumbled the clipboard on the sidelines once today! How's that?
  11. Wow, a young sounding Joe Dunn on commentary at the Youngstown game. Was he the guy before Frenchy? Anyone know?
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