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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I will admit that X played the point better last year than I had originally given him credit for and he will have the ball in his hands plenty this year too. But this system is designed for a point guard who can break down a defense at will like Tavari. Not only will he be a weapon in his own right like LCJ, but he will make everyone else better. Double-teaming Freeman will become a thing of the past and the other guards will have more room to operate. I didn't get to see the games in the Caymans, but 21 points is awesome to see. Go Zips!!
  2. I am hopeful Mikal Dawson gets another year of eligibility due to his injury. I made that correction here.
  3. Zips add Darrian Baker and Marvin Musiime-Kamali. Also, I am making an assumption that Ryan Prather Jr and Prince Mosengo are red-shirting.
  4. Tavari Johnson's career started tonight in the garbage minutes.
  5. I will update this chart hopefully this week. Been away from my desktop computer for awhile. Sorry for the delay. Go Zips!!
  6. I think if he could just get rid of the hitch in his shot he would be fine. Hopefully, he is able to conquer that part of his game this off-season. He is a team leader with high energy and a big voice. We need him to be a threat at the end of a game.
  7. Not sure if that is less confusing, but I will sleep on that one. Sorry to hear that about Akron’s water supply. Ha!!
  8. Sorry if I made this confusing. I don't know how else to present future scholarships so I just use the "Open". But you see each year how many new recruits would be added to replace graduating Seniors. Assuming there are no transfers, etc which we know by now is not likely. So if you add 2 recruits in 2023 to the 4 recruits in 2024 and the one recruit in 2025 with the 6 players currently on the team you end up with a 13 player roster. I really hope that helps.
  9. I am surprised he was able to land 2 high schoolers this late in the game, definitely.
  10. I agree, but it sure would be nice if Lyles was given the green light this year. Not that we need an active roster 11 players deep, but having a tall wing sure would be nice on defense. Ali played right away his Freshman year and Lyles is physically ready. I see Dawson as the only other obvious wing at 6'5''.
  11. Makes sense to me. I could see the last 3 on the scholarship chart redshirting this year. Going a legit 10 deep would be awesome and it would likely mean we are back to a running style team.
  12. This one slipped passed me. Does @kreed5120 know the Zips picked up a wing to replace Ali? With his size and strength already as a Freshman he will be able to play 3-5 in time and depending on the line-up. I like that he seeks contact and can finish inside. He has some Cameron Reece to his game.
  13. I think grades is a logical guess, but sometimes they just don't like the offers they get and this is one way to maintain full eligibility. And Akron was an enticing offer.
  14. Zips add Amani Lyles. And we are loaded.
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