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  1. 2019 Offers

    I agree with you completely, in hindsight. Landing Dos Anjos and Tribble was the better outcome. And too many short-term fixes are not good either. The problem is we have so little information to go on. I think it's possible that if the order in which these players decided to commit was flip-flopped around we might have had a different result. Maishe will bring maturity and experience for that one season, but I think he was recruited as an insurance policy at point guard more than anything. Now that we have secured Tribble, Maishe might be moved over to the 2 or 3 spot. I wish after all the dust settles on the recruiting process Groce would share some of the strategy and play by play action. Maybe someone will ask him.
  2. 2019 Offers

    I am disappointed, but on the scale of d@*# moves this doesn't even register. Now what Cliff Alexander did to Illini fans was brutal. Everyone watched him reach for the Illinois hat first and then put it down for the Kansas hat. A total jackknife of emotions in a split-second. It went down like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQ9MkfFtp6E Illini Nation's reaction went something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qCYErpJTF8 So you want to be a Division 1 basketball coach? Illini fans later felt we got the last laugh because Alexander should have gone on to a stellar NBA career after 2 years in college. Instead he was benched the last 8 games of his freshman season when an NCAA investigation was launched (Not surprising). A knee injury then kept him undrafted and though he has signed with some NBA squads he has just been bouncing around ever since. I lay all of this drama at the feet of his parents. Total waste of talent.
  3. 2019 Offers

    Jonathon Dos Anjos will commit to either Akron or Loyola Marymount tomorrow.
  4. 2019 Offers

    Kreed5120 mentioned thunderous dunks. I found a few here on this video. Dunk contest starts just after the 3:00 minute mark (gray shirt, blue shorts). He's got hops. Also, he is interviewed at the very end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgmK46MnwjM
  5. 2019 Offers

    I think you could be right. Watching that whole highlight video Tribble does have the ability to distribute. And he might play all three guard spots before he is done at Akron. Basketball practice at Akron keeps getting more competitive. Very exciting. Go Zips!!
  6. 2019 Offers

    This is a true statement, but not in a mean way. I had higher expectations for him coming in. Granted he came around a bit towards the end of the season. And I have always said that maybe he is showing more in practice than what I am seeing in games. If not, then I would go ahead and cut my losses now.
  7. Scholarship Chart

    Zips pick up Greg Tribble.
  8. 2019 Offers

    My guess is that Groce and company just recruited over Jeremy Roscoe at SG and Jonathon Dos Anjos is still in play. At least I hope so.
  9. 2019 Offers

    The addition of Maishe Dailey has me rethinking the point guard position. This offense can stall out bad, I mean really bad, if you don't have dynamic point guards who can "stir the drink" and force defenses to rotate. So being able to break down their defender and drive is vitally important. You can do this a number of different ways; being quick, shifty or strong. For that reason, I think Groce is going with a thunder and lightning approach like you often see with running backs. LCJ is the current lightning and 6'-6" Cheese is the thunder. I am going to say the ideal quick point guard is 6'-0" (range between 5'-10" and 6'-2"). LCJ is on the small side. And I predict there will be a new quick point guard added in the 2020 class this Fall. Maishe Dailey has played plenty of point guard for Iowa. I see him at 6'-6" taking over for Cheese for one season. Then either we pick up a new large point guard in 2021 class or maybe Mikal Dawson moves over from the shooting guard spot. Or maybe both. The ideal large guard would then be 6'-4" (range between 6'-2" and 6'-6").
  10. 2019 Offers

    That's a real bummer. He was a good one. And a great shooter. I read he wanted to play close to home. Nothing you can do about that.
  11. 2019 Offers

    This video is pretty good also. It shows more of Jonathon Dos Anjos game. He is wearing #23 Blue/White. There looks to be a bunch of talent in blue/white, but Dos Anjos is definitely a warrior with a high motor. Me likey.
  12. 2019-2020 Akron Zips Basketball- Looking Forward

    Small ball center, yes. Otherwise, Groce said he is a wing that will play some stretch 4.
  13. 2019-2020 Akron Zips Basketball- Looking Forward

    Very true. And I understand everyone's frustration with the offense to date while at the same time I see Groce game planning and culture building around the talent he has. Okay, I am going to go back to the scholarship chart and wait for further news like a kid waiting on Christmas.
  14. 2019-2020 Akron Zips Basketball- Looking Forward

    Just some light reading, enjoy. (Not my notes) https://app.box.com/s/vs4ceg7hm841ucz0a363
  15. Maishe Dailey

    Sure, Utomi is a loss. He produced a lot of our offense these last couple of years and now other guys will have to step up and fill the void. That said, replacing him with more mobile wings should pay huge dividends. Utomi is a natural spot up shooter. Hopefully, he gets a chance to shine in that role at USC. I will be rooting for our ex-girlfriend, Utomi at USC. He's still beautiful to me even if he shot-fakes 5 times before going up.