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  1. Buffalo- the next Cincinnati

    I found this section to be encouraging for Akron's OOC schedule potential. "Third, Buffalo is a professional sports town, but has no professional basketball. Oats’ salary reflects Buffalo’s growth in attendance, which should only improve as time goes on. Once the Bulls start bringing in quality non-conference opponents it will only get better. And because UB plays Division I football, the chance to bring in those opponents will increase. Top-tier football programs covet MAC teams for “buy games.” These $1-million plus paydays usually come with little leverage. Now UB can hopefully get a return home basketball game with some of those paydays vs. Big Ten, SEC or Big 12 opponents, which will improve the Bulls’ chances for basketball growth even more." Also, I was curious if there has ever been talk about a MAC Conference Sports Channel? I would think even a modest version could bring in good money for the entire conference. I would much rather that than supporting ESPN's streaming services.
  2. Scholarship Chart

    Emmanuel Olojakpoke (E-Man) departs.
  3. Scholarship Chart

    Daniel Utomi departs.
  4. 2019-2020 Akron Zips Basketball- Looking Forward

    Agreed. Also, let me add that Groce will have 2 full classes coming in back to back starting with the Fall signing period (Likely all high school recruits). And he has had more time to recruit these guys and build relationships with them. Consider the normal process takes around 3 years. It doesn't mean every player will work out. But it does mean that Groce has been able to size them up for longer in terms of their skill and temperament. And that usually leads to a much higher retention rate.
  5. 2019-2020 Akron Zips Basketball- Looking Forward

    I agree with all of that. This turnover is insane and I bet he isn't even done for the year. But this is the exception, not the norm. Transition.
  6. 2019-2020 Akron Zips Basketball- Looking Forward

    Even I have to admit that this is quite the list of departures. And if this rate continues long-term it would be impossible to create stability and a winning culture. That said, each of these cases fall into their own camp. I really wish Parrish worked out, he has tons of potential. And Lord knows we could use another center next year. Others were either not talented enough, had attitude issues and in the case of Utomi not the best fit for the system (though I can't say that's why he's leaving). I agree with LZlp that a lot of this is the nature of a program in transition, but attrition happens regularly anyway. Also, I would like to add that it is my opinion that coaches are now much quicker to part ways with players. I am witnessing it with the rebuild at Illinois as well. Right or wrong, new recruits may very well only have a single season to show their potential. The exodus should slow down, it will need to.
  7. 2019-2020 Akron Zips Basketball- Looking Forward

    We Homers gather on Thursday nights to provide fellowship and support through a 12 step program. Remember, admitting it is half the battle.
  8. MAC Hoops 18-19

    I actually caught that live. I'm learning guys.
  9. 2018- 2019 Season Post-mortem

    Just the official end of regular signing period. My bad, I should have explained that date. http://www.nationalletter.org/signingDates/index.html
  10. 2018- 2019 Season Post-mortem

    I hear you. Dawson screams shooting guard to me too, but he has more guard skills than I initially thought. And this wouldn't be the first time Groce turned his shooting guard into a lead guard. Now would he try to do that with a Freshman? Maybe not. But by dedicating Dawson as the back-up point guard you free up 6'-6" Cheese to put some time in at the three spot. That would give Groce more depth and maybe the ability to finally run wide-open with a small unit. We can only speculate so much at this point. Let's revisit on May 15th. Possible small/fast unit: LCJ Banks Cheese Reece Williams As for Sayles, what can anyone tell me about his second injury?
  11. 2018- 2019 Season Post-mortem

    Since Groce is still floating offers we won't know the final 2019-2020 roster for a month or two. But going off of what we know today I am going to slot Dawson as the back-up point guard purely out of necessity (Cotton left a mess). When I watch Dawson's high school highlights I see strictly a shooting guard, but this years clips show me that he can handle the rock in traffic and on the move. I think his defense and decision making are works in progress. And time will tell if he is capable of running the show which will all play out in practice battles that we will not be privy to. Also, I initially thought Dawson was going to start packing on muscle like Duvivier and Utomi. But that has not been the case thus far. So that shoots down my power-guard theory. Though I still think he could very easily turn himself into a fullback at any point. Speaking of the weight room. LCJ needs to live in there. Being short is no excuse for being weak. Life on the road in the MAC is not going to get any easier next year and he needs to be able to take a bump. Even 10 pounds added to his frame would go a long way. Just as long as he doesn't lose his quickness. 2019-2020: PG: LCJ/Dawson/Cheese SG: Cheese/Banks/Roscoe SF: Utomi/Williams/Cheese/Toles PF: Williams/Reece/Poke/Utomi/Sayles C: Riak/Reece/Poke/Sayles Reece is likely the first guy off the bench. Biggest concerns: Roscoe's shooting was a huge disappointment and Sayles lack of reliability/consistency. And the center position in general. Ali Ali (redshirt)
  12. 2018- 2019 Season Post-mortem

    When Akron announced the official signing of Mikal Dawson, Groce stated he is capable of playing all three guard spots. We shall see where he decides to play Dawson his first year. Groce likes to limit Freshman to one position since they already have a full plate.
  13. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    We are such underdogs in this one that we are kind of playing with house money. I would like to see them come out and play loose, fast and together. And let the chips fall where they may.