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  1. I have a theory that Groce uses a theorem when it comes to shot selection and who is taking them. I have never heard him straight out say this, but contextual clues leaves me to believe that players earn their right to shoot in practice. Their practices are designed with competition built in and everything is graded out. I'm sure if Ali gets a rebound under the basket he is green lighted to go right back up with it. But I would not be surprised if the freshman, Riak, Sayles, Reece all have certain restrictions placed on them. Remember Groce a former math teacher and stat junkie. And my guess is that those restrictions were lifted for the freshman and walk-ons during garbage time.
  2. I have no class and I still can't attend. 😊
  3. He needs to be both, but wisely. Groce wants his point guards to able and willing to hit a long three if left alone. That pulls the defense out and opens the lane. But I agree with everyone's sentiment that LCJ isn't choosing his moment's intelligently and it often looks like he is just chucking it. He should always be considering time and score for starters. We had a point guard at Illinois who when left alone from 5 feet beyond the arc would make teams pay constantly. LCJ is not Brandon Paul. He's not nearly as strong and needs to shorten his range.
  4. This is exactly how I felt. I was thinking this is like watching a game at the Rec. Center on campus. It's good that Ali and X can bring the ball up the court if necessary, it's another thing for them to think they can run the offense. Get the ball to one of the guards and get back already.
  5. They need to change their pre-game meal. It's not working. Wow, that was like running in mud. I'm glad we were the home team.
  6. I noticed LCJ and Tribble out there together. To Tribble's credit, he is playing both point and off the ball. Impressive for a freshman.
  7. Indeed. @Let'sGoZips94 has been saying as long as I have been on this forum that it's guard heavy teams that go deep in the Tourney, and I agree. They were ice cold and yet they hung around with tough defense. The size of UNC made scoring in the paint difficult too. The Zips will have the pieces to compete with P5 schools in time, and I will have my bucket of popcorn ready.
  8. I understand that. It's a chance I'm willing to take. At some point, people need a visual to picture where this team is headed, because words are not cutting it. I think the Zips will surpass anything that happen before because Groce has a high ceiling when it comes to recruiting. Crucify me if you must, but our future is bright Zips fans!!
  9. Here is video of North Carolina v. The School Not To Be Named in the 2012 NCAA Tournament. UNC was without their point guard, but they were loaded with 4 and 5 star talent. Groce had one 4 star guy and a few 3 star guys. They fell just short, but this game helped land Groce a job at Illinois. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPdtdUeIeY8
  10. I think you put your finger on the biggest factor, system fit. I mentioned before that I thought Utomi was fun to watch and he anchored the scoring for us. But he wasn't a natural fit for this system. Also, I think we are inching are way up the ladder in terms of skill and athleticism with each class. Both of these players have plenty of room to grow, but Currie is good enough to have eventually started for Wisconsin (Wisconsin was making room for a couple of stud recruits) and Clarke I believe is a Top 25 point guard in the country (for this 2020 class).
  11. You have me thinking about this. Ha!! What do you think of this analogy? Guard = Soldier, Point Guard = General, Shooting Guard = Sniper, Combo Guard = Navy Seal. Some soldiers and guards are elite in their duties. It's the best I can do. 😀
  12. I was away from the action for a week and this game is old news now, but here is my two cents anyway. We are looking more and more like a John Groce offense. I love it!! Our guys are still getting comfortable with the fast pace, especially the freshmen. Way too many turnovers. And on one play Cheese found himself so wide open, he freaked. Instead of easing himself into a three or maybe a mid-range shot from the free-throw line, he drove the ball right into the defense. The comfort level, decision making and system complexity will continue to grow all season long. We have a legit stretch 4 with X. How exciting to add that dimension to our game. Reece is fearless. Tribble is getting minutes running the point from day one, awesome. When we start seeing all of our big men involved in pick and pop action, the lane will open up, and the half-court offense will be humming as well as our transition game. Something to look forward too in seasons to come. Baby steps. That said, we should expect some road kills out of this crew. I thought that maybe Ali Ali would redshirt, but he looks good out there for a freshman. Perhaps Tre Edwards is a redshirt candidate? Finally, I was all concerned about the West Virginia full-court press. Where was that I wonder?
  13. I am interested to see what wins out pertaining to their full-court press; LCJ speed or WVU size and length? If they are too slow in reacting to LCJ they could face foul trouble. And if we can handle the gauntlet, WVU can be exposed down on the other end by Riak or X. If we don't run the gauntlet, well it can get damn humiliating fast.
  14. The Zips schedule states that this game will be on AT&T Sports Network. Is that a cable or internet channel? Anybody know. And will it be available to the general public?
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