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  1. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    Thanks for the compliment, but ahhh no. I admitted to being a bit of a homer long ago. I just want to see this offense take flight. Remember Ohio had mostly 2 star and NR recruits. Baltic was a 3 star and Offutt maybe a 4 star. I want to see Akron landing 4 and 5 star recruits to apply to this offense. I have a dream... Edit: Cooper was a 3 star as well.
  2. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    You guys are all hitting on the right questions. NWAkron points out that stiff defense is our only route to victory, especially on the road. Last game we produced 6 points total from the center position. The rest of the MAC can read box scores too and that just adds more stress on our guards. When the Zips are on the same page defensively they are actually quite good and their Kenpom ranking (#57) bares that out. But they do have mental lapses and it's very frustrating to watch the opponent drive the lane untouched. But not only do I see "Angry Groce" flare up, but LCJ is starting to take over this team and holding teammates accountable. They know what needs to be done, but they are lacking consistency. If we are locking down so tightly on defense then we can not afford to take chances. I love the transition game, but most of it comes from steals from jumping the passing lanes. I am not seeing the guys gambling out there at all which is likely a coaching decision. It is very much like a defense in football ball-hawking when they are up by a comfortable margin. We do need to do a better job blocking out and everyone needs to put their body on their guy, but with this offensive style there is not going to be someone staying home under the rim to rebound. Our center on offense should be all over the court. For example, when Ohio had their run in the Tourney their starting center was 6'-8", Ivo Baltic, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alFzurcDB0E and you will see a similar skill set in Luka Eller, https://www.hudl.com/video/3/6276902/5aa83507478e590ee078ac4d a recruit who Groce is pursuing as part of his 2020 class. I will now go and give myself 1,000 lashings for linking to anything Ohio related. Please forgive me. Edit: I should add that our approach on defense, both attacking passing lanes and hitting the boards will have a lot to do with the opponent. If we are playing a team that likes to run themselves then you have to choose your battles and it often means prioritizing getting our butts back on defense asap.
  3. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    That was a scary fall by Ivey.
  4. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    Let's get that first road kill today!!
  5. Scholarship Chart

    This Scholarship Grid includes the 2017 - 2018 roster for reference. I had already forgotton all about Virshon Cotton so maybe this will be of value to others as well.
  6. Scholarship Chart

    You're welcome guys. It wasn't a completely selfless act. I have been looking for this grid myself ever since I arrived. I am willing to keep it going so if anybody has updates or corrections you are free to private message me.
  7. Scholarship Chart

    This should be good enough. A screen shot of all things. Who would have thunk.
  8. Scholarship Chart

    New scholarship grid, enjoy. Go Zips!!
  9. Jimond Ivey

    Oh, I definitely agree. But I am just saying that Ivey's game has improved so much even since last year when I thought he struggled driving the lane and handling the ball. So kudos to Ivey for putting in the work. ...and kudos to NWAkron.
  10. Jimond Ivey

    I remember before any of us had seen the new players, we were guessing what the starting line-up might look like this year. NWAkron thought I was crazy, but I wasn't sure at that time if Ivey was guaranteed a spot in the starting line-up and that maybe LePear Toles could beat him out. But I did say that leadership was needed and if Ivey embraced that role he would be fine. I have to say the growth Ivey has shown from last year to now has been amazing, both as a player and a leader. I am very happy for him.
  11. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    I have a mystery to solve. Not a big mystery, but still a mystery. Why did Ivey not start against NIU? He was back against Eastern Michigan. Usually if it has something to do with a violation of team rules a player will be forced to sit during tip-off, but would be allowed to start the second half. Ivey didn't start either half against NIU. So that's why I thought maybe Groce was shuffling his roster to maximize leadership/productivity. Say for example, that Sayles, Roscoe and Ivey really click together. Groce did that one year at Illinois with a bunch of young players. Anybody?
  12. Game 16- Northern Illinois Huskies

    That's right. The departure of Cotton feels like ancient history to me already, but really not so long ago in terms of the recruiting calendar.
  13. Game 16- Northern Illinois Huskies

    This is so very true. It doesn't make sense to not have a second point guard so it has me wondering. I watched Mikal Dawson highlights again and there is nothing there that screams point guard to me in terms of running an offense or ball handling. I see a shooting guard. But this 2019 class would be the right time to bring in a back up/alternate point guard. Thoughts?
  14. Game 17- Eastern Michigan

    Is it safe to breath?