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  1. I think we all agree here more than not. The challenge is landing these bigs. And even though I don't believe Groce will ever stop searching for bigs that fit the system, the truth of the matter is there are at least twice as many quality guards and wings out there than there are bigs. So even though the importance of Riak's presence is undeniable and there is an urgency to find our next Riak, we also need to get this collection of quality guards and wings playing at an extremely high level, ASAP. I believe this is a huge off-season for the growth of the program and you will see a much improved and expansive offense next season. Also we have all the pieces in the locker room now to win the MAC. It just comes down to how fast they mature and gel. And of course, staying healthy. And if Akron hits this level of success, landing quality bigs that fit our system will become much, much easier.
  2. I agree with your premise, very much. That is exactly how Groce and company like to play, running and spacing. However, there will be times when you need to have someone on your roster who weighs over 200 lbs. Teams like Eastern Michigan and Purdue (once in the Tourney) can eat your lunch if you don't have some balance to your roster. We should be fine for this year, but all some of us are saying is we need to address the Forward position with the 2020 class so we don't have a glaring problem down the line.
  3. According to Verbal Commits Akron did extend an initial offer to a 2019 Center, Abba Lawal (6-11) a couple of years ago. There must be something very wrong going on there. A kid that size doesn't go unsigned unless there are issues. Both Groce and Fulford are very resourceful recruiters. If they are coming up empty right now then there must not be much out there. They are not even going the transfer route with a big right now. Keep the faith.
  4. I think we all try to block the ugly Khadin Gueye event out of our mind (at least I do), but the fact is we should have had the services of a high energy 7 foot, 245 lb rim protector for the next 2 years.
  5. I couldn't agree more. I'm still disappointed on missing out on Jonathan dos Anjos. But the basketball gods could make it up to us with Luka Eller in 2020. I love this kid, a true Stretch 4. And according to the Akron website Riak is a Senior this year, so just more to your point that we have an urgent need.
  6. Another Newbie, welcome Bigzip1!! If what you say plays out, it will be interesting to see how long it takes for him to grab the reigns. I can see the potential myself and I also could see LCJ and Tribble on the court at the same time. Very exciting.
  7. I have to admit my knowledge of Buffalo's roster wasn't that good, but I agree with the concept of winning match-ups so I'll take your word for it. And yes, ideally these guys should be able to mix and match.
  8. I do think we will see this line-up at times during the season. Perhaps quite often. But as funny as it might look on paper, I think Williams would probably be the over-sized wing and Reece would be the under-sized forward. I believe Reece lacks a reliable outside shot. Thoughts?
  9. Roscoe did come alive late in the season, you're right. Banks was hitting his shots early in the season and then cooled off. Probably right about the time he learned his woman was pregnant. Anyway, the first question should probably be which of Banks, Roscoe and Toles are on the team when we arrive at 13 scholarship players?
  10. Welcome Alumnus!! I see Toles playing either shooting guard or wing depending on the line-up and opponent. Likely coming off the bench. And Williams is a natural wing. A very tall wing, who I expect to start and play some Stretch 4 as well. If I had to roll the ball out on the court right now I am starting LCJ, Banks, Cheese, Williams and Riak. Mostly because of their experience with the system and defensive rotations. But I think this is going to be a very competitive off-season and the maturation of these young guys is going to keep the line-up in play all season long. I see Reece, Tribble and Dawson especially pushing for playing time early on.
  11. I'm as lost as anybody, but K-lac was capable of fouling out of the game by the first TV time out. I do agree with your larger point however.
  12. It's almost as if Groce is adopting the NFL camp roster concept and will cut the team down to his 13 scholarship players right before the season. As to the lack of bigs, I wonder if he's striking out with his type of recruits. Quality bigs are hard to land anyway, but bigs who can run like deer and can shoot away from the basket are even less available. We might have to start winning big games with smaller than ideal line ups just to attract these recruits.
  13. University of Illinois football is no different than Ohio State in this respect. They are too scared to play and possibly lose to "little brother". I did notice that Illinois football starts the season off against Akron. I didn't bring it up earlier because I am not at all invested in college football. But I think Akron has a great chance of going into Champaign and winning. It wouldn't surprise me at all. So Illinois is willing to play and possibly lose to other MAC schools, but they won't play NIU for nothing.
  14. We all cringed last year when ever the ball was shot from beyond the arc. Let's hope that Tre Edwards can continue hitting them around 40.3%.
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