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  1. I agree with this more at home than on the road. On the road in the MAC, I will take a win any way it comes. High scoring, low scoring, close game, blow out, great defense, soft defense, on the road you play the game the refs give you. And too often one half is officiated different from the other. At home, in theory, the Zips should be able to dictate more of what they want to do. And breaking the opponent's spirit early and getting playing time for the bench is a good goal.
  2. Would having Reece available today to battle Willie Jackson been the difference maker? Jackson ended the day with 23 points and 12 rebounds. I'm thinking maybe so.
  3. I guess no Reece today. Was that announcement made officially?
  4. I know Riak drives you nuts shooting the 3, but my take is if you want to attract bigs to your program who can shoot from range you have to show that you are willing to let them take those open shots. I do think Riak is on a pretty short leash though.
  5. I will add this tidbit because whenever Akron marketing comes up the issue of alcohol sales is usually a part of it. NIU does sell alcohol during the game, but you can't take it to your seat. At least the closer seats. They have tall tables you can stand at on either end of the floor. I don't know about the general seating higher up.
  6. Reece is walking so he should be fine.
  7. Our team is mentally tough guys. NIU got a healthy serving of home cooking (from the refs) and we are back up 21.
  8. I bet he rolled it on the edge of the court. About a 4 inch drop.
  9. Don’t expect to see Reece anymore tonight. He has ice on his ankle.
  10. I will be holding down the western flank for Zips Nation tonight. Go Zips!!
  11. I am thinking Gavin Clarke will be able to contribute right away as a true freshman. He just put up 29 pts. for Cleveland Heights the other night. So he is adjusting to tougher competition just fine.
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