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  1. At this point, I will take sloppy basketball and love it. This is a good year to have the leagues MVP leading your team.
  2. I think I just watched that video 20 times and stopped it 100. I loved last year's team - no doubt, but it's fun to see the new comers as well. Go Zips!! And I think he says his celebrity crush is Lauren London. Is that right??
  3. It's slow so I thought I would share a highlight video I just found of Maishe Dailey as a high school senior. His time at Iowa was not very productive. Not exactly sure why. He does have a slender build for being 6'-7" and might have had trouble with the physical play of the Big Ten. As mentioned on this board before, Maishe actually played some point guard for Iowa. I think he could play positions 1-4 for us, even play point-forward. Yes, there is such a thing where with LCJ on the court Maishe could bring the ball up the court and initiate the offense himself. I am thinking he is likely to pick up for X at the wing and Ali will back him up (Damn, I liked X. Cool guy, great player). https://www.hudl.com/video/3/3482320/5721dcfdc124573b548627dc
  4. It will be interesting to see just how challenging an OOC schedule Groce puts together for this years team. When does the OOC schedule get released usually? Obviously, the virus has messed everything up.
  5. I am all for second chances (See Kendrick Nunn). We don't know what Michael Wynn did at Wake Forest, but he needs to take this opportunity seriously. Next stop, irrelevance.
  6. One of Groce's many metaphors or Grocisms is "Steel sharpens Steel". Who knows how it will translate on game day, but this roster is loaded with talent top to bottom. Granted some players are still early in their development, but there are the makings for some crazy good battles in practice. Go Zips!!!
  7. I see similarities to Tyler Cheese's game. https://twitter.com/MICHAEL_WYNN2/status/1257383041841930240
  8. He looks to be a tall, long rim protector like Riak. #21 Listed at 7 ft. Stats indicate that he's not a big scorer and doesn't even shoot from beyond the arc...yet. And has too many turnovers. https://www.facebook.com/eyblce/videos/2192739704309129/ Game film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMtPxtQ2BuE Home Team (Africa) in white, #21, comes in off the bench.
  9. https://twitter.com/mirambeaux09 Here is Anderson's Twitter account. That is his JUCO assistant coach in the picture. He put it out. I think I read somewhere else only 9.5 RPG, but I am not going to rain on his parade. Close enough I guess.
  10. I thought he looked familiar. We offered him initially coming out of high school.
  11. I am thinking 3 years of eligibility and can play right away.
  12. He looks better as a JUCO transfer (Averaged a double-double), but he still would have work ahead of him before he could run with the Zips. That said, he can shoot from range. He can put the ball on the floor and drive. And there is an athlete in there capable of dunking. He's not tall for a PF/C, but he is wide. Edit: Anderson played this JUCO season at 280 lbs. That's a load. Kostelac at 6-11 played at 250 lbs. It's always good to have an unmovable object on your team for rebounding purposes as long as he can run the floor. I would still like to see him down into the 250-255 range. Taylor Currie is roughly the same size as Sayles, 6-9, 230 lbs. And we still could use a tall, long rim protector like Riak at 225 lbs. I would take a chance on him. https://twitter.com/mirambeaux09/status/1106583811213660160
  13. I am not that familiar with the American East Conference, but I see they are home to the giant slaying Retrievers of University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
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